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Computer-based inventory system essay

Computer-based system is a complex system wherein information technology plays a major role. It makes the work easier, faster and more accurate. Due to that fact, the automated scheme has become essential to small and big companies for they are expected to give the best services possible. Nevertheless, some businesses still prefer sticking with the system that is not integrated with technology. Probable causes are computer illiterate staff and lack of funds.

Companies, especially the big nes are recommended to switch from manual to automated systems because this will improve the efficiency and productivity of the business which will uplift the industrys reputation. One of the most sought after automated systems of different companies is a purchasing and inventory system which comes hand in hand. A purchasing and inventory system is very important in every organization because a good purchase and inventory management can create excellent productivity.

Primarily, i6nventory ork consists of input, output and restock. Input is a process of buying new products into the inventory and replacing the old products with the new ones.

Meanwhile, output is a procedure of taking out the products from the inventory for sales or usage and refill is a process of increasing the number of existing products in the inventory in order to fulfill the insufficient products or escalating demands.

Most of the retailing market is using traditional way in the inventory management system where person is assigned to check and record the stock by hand using pen and paper. It is where operations with regards to all the stock will be archived. Investing in one will provide the company a bigger chance of acquiring more customers because of their fast and reliable services.

It will also ensure the accuracy of their operation records which can be bestowed to the customers and partners upon request. This will develop trust between the company and the clients.

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