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Drugs college essay

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-/Niko Da Dealer/-“ Put your hands up in the air and surrender yourself!” The Police had caught me red handed dealing drugs to Ceaser he was a scummy addict he is a regular costumer of mine. But there wasn’t much of a chance of me getting caught I mean the police officers that were here where fat I mean they literally had donuts lying in their car. As I had an adrenalin rush I could hear the sirens and I knew pretty soon they would call for back up, the next thing I heard wasn’t the type of backup I thought would come but instead they brought in a K-9 unit.

I was still on the run I thought I could take a shortcut by cutting through the alley way but as I exited….. BAM I got hit by a black 4×4 and I was on the floor, I got up pretty fast cause the person was driving slow. When I got up the person got out of their car and said“ I’m so sorry errr what can I do for you?”“ Can you give me a lift?” said Niko“ Where to?”“ Umm can you drive me too my warehouse?” said Niko“ Sure” As we were driving to the warehouse we were tuned into some radio station and they were talking about the recent police chase about a guy that was on the run.

As I finished up at the warehouse I needed meet up with my rival CJ he is always making more money than me so I thought I could put a tracking device in his car. So I met up with CJ and I was talking to him he really annoyed me so I wasn’t in a good mood and something REALLY crazy happened a car came drifting out of nowhere and hit CJ, he was down on the ground but even though I hated him I decided to help him out I called an ambulance and left the scene cause I was still a wanted man. THE ENDMORAL: Always Help Someone Out Even If You Hate Them

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