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Midterm two

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no. Philosophy Aristotle argues that happy life that nature intents for man are that lived in accordance to man’s virtue and within his politics. Aristotle compares politics to the inferiority of women and holds to the fact that women are left out in politics. He argues that people can only participate in politics if they are happy and virtuous (Connors 132). He believed that politics and ethics are closely related that the virtuous and ethical life is only available to people who take part in politics and that the main purpose of political community is moral education. Plato on the other side argues that the best rational political order leads to harmony and unity in a society. He says that behaviors of people determine the outcomes of any political endeavor. If dialogue is initiated, then there is the belief that there would be some political order (Kennedy 152). Plato insists that justice is the best character that leads to a political order. Plato’s argument seems to be best since it urges people to prepare and ensure that everything is in order before politics is initiated. On the other hand, Aristotle argues that only the happy and virtuous people can participate in politics.
For both ideas of Aristotle and Machiavelli, there is belief in a spectrum of some diverse categories for exercising social development and organization. Both believe that social organization can function as an on-going negotiation of time among the individuals with desperate aims. It can also function as a partnership that aims at persuading common goals (Gross et al. 78).
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