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Aetiological myth

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Origin of the Sun and the Moon al Affiliation) Introduction Many people are puzzled between the various theories that exist about the origin of the sun and the moon. Despite there being many scientific theories explaining this phenomena, there are many myths that try to give an explanation of the two. This essay will cover a myth about the origin of the sun and moon. These two features existed long before humanity and therefore the myth will give explanation to the society about their origin and existence (Reichl, 2012).
Long before the existence of the human race the sun and the moon existed under the control of the creator. These two big features lived harmoniously over the decades. They were friends and loved to work together. Unlike today when each work at its own specified time, they used to work at the same time. Both the sun and the moon provided light and heat to the earth during the day and at night. After many years of living with harmony, conflict arose between the two features. The conflict arose due to the pride each feature had, each one of them wanted to control the other.
In a move to end this conflict, the creator came up with a decision that the two features had to fight for the supremacy. Both the sun and the moon agreed the creator’s decision and fought for three days. The sun became victorious beating up the moon to the extent that the moon fell down on the ground.
The outcome of the war meant dominance of the sun over the moon. The creator rewarded the sun’s victory by allowing shining and providing light during the day while punishing the moon to only provide light late at night. The moon has spots due to the dirt it picked when it was knocked down on earth. In summary, this is the reason why the sun occurs during the day and the moon at night.
Reichl, K. (2012). Medieval oral literature. Berlin: De Gruyter.

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