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What are my virtues

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Teacher According to you, what is virtue? 98 Virtue for me is an ideal character that I must strive to achieve to become a betterperson. To achieve it, I must abide by a set of rules or ethics that would guide my conduct and demeanor to become virtuous.
2. List five (5) virtues that are critical to you and are present in your daily life. Critical means those virtues that must be present in your life. For example, Professor Chang believes punctuality is a virtue, but is it a critical virtue? Probably not.
The critical values that are present in my daily life are integrity, fairness, trustworthiness, keeping ones promise and honor.
3. For each of the five listed above, please reflect on how you developed these virtues; for example, was it religion, community, family upbringing?
Those values were developed by the combination of family upbringing and community. My parents first taught me to be a good person, to become worthy of trust and be responsible member of society. These values are consistent with the values upheld by society at large and thus, reinforced by the community by getting favorable responses from teachers, friends, acquaintances and other people I interact with.
4. None of is successful all of the time modeling our virtues. What are some obstacles to walking your talk?
I have to admit that sometimes, practicing those virtues could be difficult. The most common obstacle is expedience of an option or a way out which is not consistent with the values of keeping my word that I strive to practice. For example, it is extremely difficult to keep a promise I made to my parents that I will wake up by 4 a. m. because of an errand that I had to do. It is however very easy to make that promise but when the time comes that I have to keep the promise, I am often tempted to renege it because I am still sleepy. But I woke up anyway.

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