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Character student council

Being on student council has taught me how to be an effective leader. Student council is the under belly of work, the leadership skills that cannot be taught, but must be learned through experience. Being Vice President of student council has taught me many things and transformed me into a stronger leader. The best thing it has taught me is how to be ambitious in what I believe in.

It has taught me to take action on whatever I set my mind to. The leadership skills that I acquired while running meetings have been very beneficial. It has taught me organizational skills when planning events, and also social skills when speaking with staff and peers. I have learned how to work with a budget. I have learned publicity skills when making posters and banners to encourage the student body to come to events. I have learned how to make the hardest or simplest decisions that will be the most beneficial for everyone.

It has taught me how to put others first, and how to represent myself in a respectful manner to others. In my opinion, these are the qualities a leader should have. The goal of student council is to express themselves in the group so as to be effective. A leader cannot achieve alone. As part of a group, we open our ears and envision possibilities to improve Buffalo Grove High School.

In order for any group to succeed and attain their goals, it needs cooperation and teamwork. I’ve learned that teamwork is probably the most effective element in achieving a team’s goal. During Student Council meetings, if ideas are circulating within the group, it will be easier to improve and come up with an even better one. I believe that by serving my student body on student council I have gained many of the important qualities that it takes to be a leader. My definition of leadership is being able to inspire others, motivate, set a vision, communicate, respect others, and lead by example.

Next year, I intend on running for student council President. I am going to work diligently this year as Vice President so that when elections come around, I will have showed others that I have an honest understanding of who I am, what I know, and what I’m capable of. To be successful you have to convince others that you are worthy of being followed.

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