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A career in business is an integral and most important element of every human life. Aligned with your characteristics, aspiration, and purpose, a job with a fair salary, great work environment, and location will meet your expenses and bring joy in the future. Are you planning to apply for the MBA program at London Business School, Columbia University, or Harvard Business School? Or maybe you have dreamed of pursuing business management, ethics, accounting, or international business and becoming demanded professional by both small and large employers?

If so, our extended catalog of free and top-notch essay examples from across the world on Business and Career is here, ready to help you. Studying in business school requires dozens of complicated assignments to be written without plagiarism and delivered on time. If you want a sample or idea, browse this directory of essays on Business.

Career in Business

A great career path, no matter if it is physical therapy or inventory management, is associated with hard work, high determination, and clear planning. To be successful, everyone should follow their wishes and know what they want to achieve. The admissions office often asks for an application, personal statement, or career goals essay. The latter has to reflect your career path aspirations, your previous achievements, ambitions, and motivation. University personal statement is designed to expand on your skills and experience that fit the chosen specialization. Finally, prospective students write application essays to explain their decision to apply to a particular business school or university.

Such papers are of high importance since they affect the final decision of the college’s admission board. It should be both reflective, persuasive and appealing to the readers in order to convince them. An essay about a career must also contain a well-structured and detailed reflection on your choice. We know that sometimes it is challenging to gather thoughts at the beginning; thus, we provide you with sample essays and templates for your smooth academic start.

Business Essay Examples

Writing business essays always implies much time, research, specific methodology, and good analytical skills. Before making conclusions and recommendations, one should study cases, research databases, analyze them, and apply relevant business theories. Be ready to deliver a paper on topics like the business cycle, supply chain management, business ethics, market environment, or team management/communication.

Teachers usually significantly weigh individual or group writing assignments determining your final grade. The same applies to your scholarship that has a direct association with your grades. Some students struggle to comprehend and complete typical tasks due to a lack of time and experience managing multiple deadlines.

Nevertheless, our catalog represents a wide range of business papers, including business plans, case studies, thesis statements, and various research assignments to rescue you. You may find both short essays and long papers of high quality and different academic levels here: from college to postgraduate. They all meet academic format, citation style, and structure requirements, including outline, introduction, thesis, clear narrative, and conclusion.

Our writers also refer to and cite multiple academic and other peer-reviewed sources. You may also find these sample templates in pdf useful when dealing with small assignments, preparing for important exams, or writing your thesis. Primarily, a good manager or analyst should learn how to manage his own time and resources. Our service may help you to optimize your education and increase learning efficiency.

In this directory, you can find free sample essays, templates, and recommendations on various Business and Career essay examples. It will help you follow the academic format and structure and provide additional information on the topic. The latter may contribute to a comprehensive and well-structured business essay admired by your lecturer. Make your learning process more manageable by browsing and consulting this directory. Do not hesitate and check our essay samples if you need to write an excellent paper on business-related issues.

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19505 Informative Business Paper Examples to Help You Improve Your Performance

Zenith hdtv case hbr

This is all the households who do not have a TV current will buy a HDTV and any household that has a TV will replace their TV with a HDTV next time they buy a TV. The target market is any household that owns a tv and will replace their TV with a HDTV next β†’

Creativity crisis

When writing teachers have too much control over what and how their students are writing, all the motivation to write is defeated. When individuals are not able to to portray their creativity in their work, the assignment is not a creation, but a replication.

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Supply chain management solution for hindustan unilever : case study

Finally, the system was not able to handle the dynamic nature of the company's source-destination network, and adversely affected the demand-fulfillment rates. The key objectives of the initiative were: Implementation of a Supply Chain Planning and Optimization Tool.

Memorial day concert

On the day of the concert, all of the classes that were playing in the concert met in the gym. The rest of the practice after that seemed to fly by, and soon, the rehearsal was done and we were all headed back to our classes until the end of the day.

Why 3d printing is more than just a new way to make toys

When the process of 3D printing became known to the majority of the public in the past year or so, many people saw it as simply a new way to create colorful toys and decorations. Many people wonder: are these 3D printing practices necessary or beneficial as a whole, after considering the economic, medical, and β†’

Old national bank swot analysis

This been a huge blow to ONB and has caused ONB's competitors to try and entice away its customers with offers of free checking accounts. However, the marketshare of both ONB and Fifth-Third's competitor, Integra, has grown in the past year.

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Business analysis of apple, inc

As a percent of revenues, this was among the biggest increases by any company in the Computers and Peripherals industry. Apple's current technology advantage is that the user experience is consistent and not compromised since they control the handset design end-to-end.

Rosa parks free essay sample

Then a white male passenger came on the bus and the bus driver told Rosa Park to give her seat up for the white passenger but Rosa Park did not give up her seat so she got arrested by the police and was sent to jail. For 381 days African Americans boycotted the buses to β†’

Boots entering china analysis

The company is dedicated to the provision of quality healthcare and pharmaceutical products to the local community. The company seeks to enter the Chinese market for diversification and the creation of new opportunities and pharmaceutical products.

Corporate social responsibility and sustainability

Entry into the Saudi Arabian market has necessitated the need to provide products which meets the need of the residents of Saudi Arabia. All the operations of the company aim at meeting the unique needs of both the Western culture, and the Middle East or Arab culture.

Review of a&p free essay

i chose the short story, A&P, by John Updike.the most interesting fact in this story is how choices effect your future consequenses.for example, when Sammy quits his job trying to impress the girls that had been kicked out.it caused his family to become angry at him, and he lost his job obviously.the story is about β†’

My year

My hopes for this year is to pass everything and that I do not have to take any classes next year and like I said hopefully get b's but atleast get c's. This year I like my teachers, well most of them atleast, their really nice and easy going.

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The reservation nightmare

He called to BBC Travel services, searching for a flight reservation then after a while a recorded voice answered, presenting the company and saying that the call will be recorded, then next he was asked if the trip was related to a company business, personal business, or group travel, he pressed 1. Then a voice β†’

Crisis management cases

Crisis Management Cases Coca-Cola, Belgium Issue: On 14 June 1999, in a move that was to cost more than $200 million in expense and lost profits and cause damage to he brand image of the trade-marked products of The Coca-Cola Company, the Belgian Health Ministry ordered that Coca-Cola trademarked products be withdrawn from the Belgian β†’

Thinking about the future

I refuse to struggle the same way when I have the opportunity to do something great. I feel life has equipped me to handle college by giving me a tremendous motivation to go to college, having strong academic ability and working just as hard outside of school as I do in school.


This is because it lies in the middle of the other two measures in the year 2000 and year 2009 hence it has got high chance of being equal to the true value. The range of GDHIP in the year 2009 is greater than the range of the year 2000.

Sdc trailers

Robert Patton, I T Manager at SDC, said: " We spend a great deal of time examining ways of improving our trailer designs whilst still being able to meet customer needs, and the most important aspects to the design are the weight, strength and cost of the trailer". Just one seat of AutoDesk Inventor and β†’

Global management case study: elektrobit

She used that newfound knowledge to combine the best of both worlds.' In America we are ere fond of technology, and you barely see anybody or pick up the phone to call them," Padlock says. To avoid that, Electronic employees who accept an international assignment have to sign a contract before they leave that spells β†’

Tea: life before the tea bag

This was when the Chinese court learned to take advantage of the power they held over tea and manipulate these far off tribes with the flow of their tea. 6 Before tea even began to travel, the first region to have a taste of the wonder of tea was China.

Oak knoll redevelopment plan

This prime location grants the site an advantage as either residential or commercial opportunity in the future.) Background and history of the site and the community The Oak Knoll Naval Hospital was established in 1942 during World War II to treat wounded American soldiers from the Pacific theater. 4) Economic profile of the community The β†’

Firearms in the united states

The research utilizes the benefits of using comparative case studies in the topic of discussion, which concerns the reduction of firearms in the United States. This study has also found out that, in th event of trying to reduce gun violence, the debates concerning gun policies have been affected by the interpretation of the Second β†’

Looking back

This school year has been my freshman year and the first of my high school career. We do not realize that when we are hoping for the year to be over, we are all going to miss it.

Pricewaterhouse coopers finance department

The clients of PwC firms all over the world select us and judge the quality of our service by the people they meet and who serve them on a day-to-day basis". Each PwC firm is dedicated to recruiting the best people, helping them develop their skills and competencies, and enabling them to realize their full β†’

Chic case study

In spite of being the highly successful organization in the field of providing health services and health insurance; CHIC felt the necessity of new medical guidelines to assist the physicians in providing better services to patients and lowering the costs of action. The development of teams within the organization and providing benefits for the extra β†’

College health issues

Those are important things to figure out and solve but college newbies should start eating a little healthier so I am here to talk to you about the health issues in College such as weight gain, poor health, and lack of energy, how they affect you, and ways to prevent them. Not getting a good β†’

Compare and contrast of music and poetry

In both Jar of Heats, and The ways of love the authors write centrally around love, though they both share an experience of losing a loved one, the reaction and tone of both works are vastly different. Both the poem and the song express that the subject has lost a previous love, and they both β†’

Unique super shop business plan

Here we all will work as a group & contribute capital and management expertise to the business enterprise and perform Jointresponsibilityfor the operation of the business and for its debts. Business description General description of the venture: for making a profit, we are some friend launching Unique Super Shop so this is the general partnership β†’

Personal and professional development portfolio business essay

Use past experience for future plan Acquired and improve effective leadership skillsDevelop positive attitude towards clientsUse the available resources to the maximum to fulfil the goalsGet the knowledge to help me reach towards my visionDevelop work ethics and adopt the organisation cultureGain enough experience to achieve satisfactory resultsBe a responsible and trustworthy person I came β†’

Jack nelson’s problem

Lack of a formal communications strategy guideline, lack of practical job descriptions, and lack of coaching were leading to the problems of high turnover and lack of knowledge about critical issues. A survey of employees and HR professionals revealed that 98 percent of respondents believed communications were critical to the business.

Threats tough competition

Puma is also trying to address the third world markets by producing products dedicated to these countries; this is exemplified in the limited edition shoe it designed with the AJAX flag colors. In my opinion it is not PUMA's insensitivity that is at question, but its failure to know the cultural differences when addressing a β†’

Case study on bailment

There are three main types of bailment which are divided according to the characteristic of benefit: the first one is the type of bailment, which offers benefit for both the bailor and the bailee; the second type is the benefit exclusively for the bailor and finally, the third one is the benefit for the bailee. β†’

Obstacles to healthy growth

Research studies indicate that the development of motor skills in children is dynamic. However, elementary school children lack enough time to develop their motor skills due to the long periods of time they spend sitting in class.

Anxiety answer sheet diagnosing tina

Based upon your review of Titan's symptoms and the diagnostic criteria, could Tina be diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder or not? This perspective might explain that her GAD is related to her exposure with the anxiety of her husband's sickness and death in a high-stress environment.2.

One price dealership

The current vision of the world involves the increasing wish that people to buy cars in similar ways as they buy other goods i.e.paying the price tag on the car rather than huggling with the sales attendant on the price of the car. Political factors that will affect the opportunity include the degree at which β†’

Business ethics – the enron scandal universal ethics point of view-

The Enron Scandal Affiliation: The Enron scandal remains a historic event in the world of business. The accounting fraud that would eventually come to be known as the Enron scandal was a creative, institutional, and systematic plan.

Abrams and kipling

The article further clarifies how inclusion in the academic world brings about exclusion from renowned sect of the family and friends in the neighborhood. The article further highlights on the one on one analysis of higher education in relation to social exclusion.

Henry v is primarily concerned with war and the glory of war, we can learn little else from the study of this play

Henry knows the importance of leadership, that if he is a good leader he will gain the respect and love of his men who will in turn fight hard to win the battle and so Henry will gain glory and power. Henry however is mourning the loss of his men and carrying them himself back β†’

Public-private partnership in infrastructure development: indian experience and options assignment

The main focus of this paper is to assess the global practices towards PPP in the infrastructure development and the Indian experience in private participation in infrastructure development. To develop the Indian infrastructure to a world class and to remove the infrastructure deficiency in the country, the investment requirements are mammoth, which could not be β†’

Preserve the luxury or extend the brand

Preserving the luxury does not meant that they have to let go of Claire's idea of extending the brand. Sticking to their two brands, this may not be enough to secure the chateau in the long run because new wine makers with cheaper wine are already coming in the market.


In the 48 continental states, there are 5, 500 gray wolves and 100 red wolves today, states Wolf.Org. According to the National Wildlife Federation, habitat loss and overexploitation are major threats to wolves.

Case study in iran abo and breast cancer

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the coloration between ABA blood groups and the prognosis of breast cancer and the subjects for this controlled study was in Ark city, Ark, Iran. The study suggests an association between ABA blood group and the prognosis of breast cancer.


With only this stilted knowledge, it is only natural that the result is unfair treatment of the culture. Indeed, there are so many divisions that art is one of the only things that can tie us together.

Mini case study essay

I ' m convinced that we have to drop our prices by 40% to 50%-and soon." Big Fish in a Small Pond Hargrove snatched a stack of cocktail napkins to mop up the cola, but his eyes never left Sanchez's face. Neptune had emerged as the supplier of choice to the best restaurants within 250 β†’

The walk

I take the long way to get to the kitchen so I could procrastinate and not hear the words, the words of dread for the past year. I numbly walk through the hallway, and get to the door.

Why gmos are good.

Some say that because of gmos people are making herbicide and pesticide resistant crops, which makes people more prone to add more pesticide and herbicide which can poison people and or leak into the water lines. And with disease resistant crops you could lower the chance of food poisoning from diseased foods.

Business paper assignment

Document the details of these positions and what you will need to do to eventually apply for any of the above. You will need to specifically document the tepees you will need to take to apply to an internship through Monomer's Office of Career Advancement.A.

Impact of culture on international business

In 2005, on the part of the human resource, climbing at the corporate ladder was hard at Apple Incorporated due to external business and economic conditions. In addition, any form of dissatisfaction on the part of the human resource would probably create a fast-pace domino effect due to culture that is strongly adhering to horizontal β†’

Mark twain free essay

Later he developed skills in to becoming a Journeyman printer, which after made him receive a job with his brother Henry as a printer and and editorial assistant where he was promised $3. Later in June, Mark visted his sister and found a job in the composing room of newspaper.

Advantages and disadvantages of mba program

Even though having an MBA does not guarantee a high-paying job, and despite the fact that an MBA does not even guarantee a job or a career, many employers will consider hiring an MBA qualified person for a higher-paying job over a person without qualifications. The weight of debt a graduate is left with is β†’

One point away from perfection

It's true that we have gotten used to the idea that we want to do well in school it's been drilled in our brains, so that even if our parents are not forcing us, we still have an instinct to get competitive and want the best grades in class. A lot of times, it's hard β†’

Business intelligence in the company’s management practices

The success of the company has flourished from the hard work of team members and strong leadership throughout the company. Each region in their company has a regional trainer who is responsible for overseeing the orientation and training of all new and existing Whole Foods Market team members.

Garnier case study

The company is famous for the introduction of the biodegradable products which reduce the negative impact of Garnier on the environment and the quantity of wastes in the form of the empty containers of cosmetics and shampoos. Garnier is one of the successful brands of L'Oreal and it is interesting to learn about the company β†’

Uncovering the freshman myth

According to Roots of Action.com, unrealistic expectations of college experiences have been on a rise in the last decade. Abby, a college freshman, says, " For the sororities and fraternities, there are required GPAS and every Monday after chapter, all members have study tables where we all just do homework.

5 surprising disadvantages of swot analysis

In SWOT analysis, you are expected to categorize attributes in only one of the four categories. Although this can be a selling point for the analysis, it's also a hindrance.

My future plan

Well, I have 3 reasons on why I want to, and it's that: it can get me the things I need, can get me a job that I want, and can help me with my other future plans. That goes to my first reason, and that it can get me more education, which is good β†’

Lsp 5 ethics – discrimination and affirmative action

It has several departments like many other companies including Human Resources, Finance and Accounting, Marketing, Safety and health, distribution and logistics, and of course the main department which is the core of its existence that is the Engineering and production department. According to the company's website the employees working conditions are perfect because they have β†’

Generic strategies model by charles o. godornes

In differentiation strategy, businesses create value to their market by offering products which are unique in features and in characteristics; these are products that meets the customers' preference and satisfaction by charging customers with a premium price. Because T shirts is not technology, thus they should lower their product costs in order to create value β†’

Perceptual biases (business administration)

Despite the difficulties of making predictions, many people confidently make assertions about what will happen in the future because of various types of biases, constraints, perceptions, and expectations. The key in many situations is to objectively understand how and why people have certain perceptions.

How were muslims influenced by american movies

It is a traditional viewpoint, that adopted American way of behavior is changing the values, which the elder generations of Muslim people used to have. The history of American-Muslim relationship Before talking about how exactly the way of life of Muslims were influenced by America, it is essential to trace the history and roots of β†’

Paraphrase of the passage

This necessitates the institutions of higher learning in this case the universities to always ensure that the basic training in computer use especially for those who are illiterate is done. The training ought to ensure that the targeted students get a mastery of use of what is considered basic skills in computing for example the β†’

Samsung strategy

Samsung had become the dominant player in the global memory chip industry and was able to increase the gap from other competitors in terms of technology and market share by following the below strategy. Since Samsung was able to create and maintain technology leadership it was able to earn a very high premium at the β†’

Case study on agency theory

The second party of agents has the duty to represent the ideas and interests of the principles to the third party. One of the most popular case study topics in college and university is agency theory and corporate governance you can choose it for your paper.

Big love

The love between a man and woman, the love between women, " the love between families", love of religion, etc. The Hendricksons', the family on the show, was the ideal American family.

Diversity and ethical codes assignment

In regards to ethical codes, first and foremost, within the progression Of forming decisions concerning ones professional behavior, a psychologist ought to think carefully about the ethical code, as well as relevant laws, and the rules of the psychology board. 02 denotes according to the American Psychological Association on the condition that the psychologists ethical β†’

Retail packaging

The reproduction of all the color hues is one of the major disadvantages of this type of printing. The digital printing method is the best if the business was to incorporate larger production of the folding cartons.

Organizations size perception

Most Interesting Idea: Organization's Size Perception Smelser and John have discussed a number of ideas including the social and economic perspective of organizations. It is captivating that Smelser and John perceive the size of an organization to be affected and determined by various aspects including activities distribution in time and space.

Anne frank: a realitistic experience

Most of us have heard about the book: Anne frank- the diary of a young girl. Anne Frank was among the Jews and the most discussed Jewish victims of the holocaust.

Your personal policy on the occupy movement

The organizers of the occupy Wall Street movement exercised their free will to protest the currently unpopular economic polices of the government. The people's protests nudge the deaf government leaders to revise their current economic policies.

International business (ch2, ch3, and ‘gung ho)

Various responses looking for a 2 -3 paragraphs that summarize the movie and second part of the question: how is this relevant to the concepts of global business today. The movie tells the story of the challenges the Japanese executives, employees, and townspeople encountered during and after the reopening.

Argumentative essay onjunk food in school

Eating junk food in school will give us a habit of eating junk food all the time. We definitely do not want school to be the place where students get sick because of junk food.

Cultural analysis of a country

Once we have understood the product, we need to get a better understanding of the nation and its culture in which the market is located. The first thing that is important in the cultural analysis is to understand the brief history of the country.

Case study on basf

BASF is known to be the largest chemical company in the world and the choice of its production is enormous. The activity of the company started in the second half of the 19th century with the massive development of the chemical industry.

The negotiations

As a result of the cultural difference, the Chinese expected the Canadians to relate and enjoy fellowship before any business would be transacted. As a matter of fact, the Canadians wanted to close the deal and proceed to their own private tour of the great wall.

Several studies

They believe that there is a need to first develop insights regarding the social context of sexual harassment. Thus, there is a need to further study and develop interventions for cases of sexual harassment in the industry.

Yeats case study

The details discussed included YVC's management team and employees remain intact, and also a grant of five-year options to purchase 80, 000 shares of TSE International stock at 90% of its market price at the close of the acquisition. To further our analysis, we calculated an exchange ratio for YVC's and TSE's current market prices, β†’

Information technology at amazon

The survival of the company depends on the creativity of its personnel in the upcoming markets. The challenge of competition is the major one, and it resulted in the reduction in the profits recorded.

Week 3 dq part 3

The contract in discussion is a void contract as the father was drunk and was making an offer to a minor. Breach of contract is a legal offence which holds the party liable for the crime and is chargeable in court.

Short essay on decisions

I am going to college for sure, but the next decision has been a topic of debate within my own mind for the past year, where do I go for College? Distractions are a dime a dozen, but my drive and motivation is unmatched so I need to go somewhere that I can shine and β†’

The leader as communicator

A leader plays most a crucial role in the organization and is highly responsible for leading other staff members of the company, for which they need good communication skills to interact with other individuals. From the above discussion, it has been noticed that for leaders it is highly important to develop communication skills in order, β†’

Johnson and johnson narrative essay

Mothers are the main purchasers of baby products, which make a significant contribution to the company's sales while the nurses are the first assessors of the performance of the products that the patients use on a daily basis. The initiative has greatly contributed to the increase in the number of nurses in the United States β†’

Rjet financial analysis task 4

Traditional costing is the process of coming up with unit cost by dividing total cost to make the product by the direct labor used to make the product. You can now be able to determine the profit for each of the splits by subtracting the unit cost from the sales price.

Criminal punishment

Strategies to Address Overcrowding in Prisons in CaliforniaAccording to Dungan, the state of California has been in the headlines for a very long time not because of producing one of the biggest movie actors of all times as its governor but due alarming rates of congestion in the state's prisons. The number of the inmates β†’

Erg incorporated

Emergency Response Guide Introduction ERG or Emergency Response Guide is the guide for the initial phase of the hazardous material and dangerous good transport incidents, and is designed for the first responders and is brought in use by the emergency response personnel such as police officers, firefighters, etc. Explanation Emergency Response Guide is considered to β†’

Psychoanalysis of ta- na- e- ka

The reason why I choose this story to analyze is because I am interested in the existence of the old tradition of Indian living people within the modern culture which is very contrast with the tradition itself. So, in order to understand and comprehend the characteristic of Mary, I would like to do the Freud's β†’

Pestle analysis: environmental factors affecting business

In business analysis, the word ' environmental' can sometimes be used refer to all external factors that affect a business, from Political to Legal, and everything in between. However, in the context of PESTLE analysis, environmental factors which are also sometimes called ' ecological factors' refer to variables regarding the physical environment.

The professional working procedures in every organization

The old-age pension scheme, those who are of little value and have shown an inclination towards self retirement may also be considered for a layoff. The annual budget values must also be taken into account against the given set of a number of employees and the subsequent decision of downsizing.

Cross cultural aspects of business

Eiffel Tower is a belief in the superiority of one" s own ethnic group or culture. Is the member of a group.Ill.

Problems people had to face when they started living in large numbers

Some of the farmers also grow the crops in seasons such that there is a period of cultivating land, planting and also harvesting. Solutions to these problems Some of the things that could be made to improve farming include: Control of pests and diseases.

139 quail wk3

The particular factor accounting for the quality of the product attracts customers interested in the given specific features. The market search enabled the company to establish the amounts customers are ready and willing pay for a particular product.

The system that couldn’t deliver

It Is therefore Important for managers to prioritize the relative importance of maxims to ensure that the most equines and IT executives can work together to identify IT maxims.3. A firm's view of infrastructure should change together with it's strategic context and business maxims.A.

Is this an expository essay?

Thus, this thesis will be as follows: " the piece currently under analysis, and currently being read by the previously established readers, is, in fact, an expository essay as it was made to be an expository essay exploring itself not for the purpose of understanding but of meandering and wriggling around a writing prompt" or β†’

Drugs are bad for health

I am here to persuade you that drugs are bad for you, and your heart. She was crying and screaming.

The subconscious bias

The title of the book " Blindspot" is a metaphorical way of referring to the section of the mind that contains our hidden bias. The automatic side of the brain is the subconscious side, and the reflective side is the conscious side.

Pestle analysis: legal factors affecting business

This combines a number of different techniques PESTLE analysis being one of them to identify and evaluate the various external factors that affect a business. They are simply the factors that affect businesses as a consequence of, or in direct relation to, governmental laws.

Business logic

Software Development: Software development is the process of transforming business requirements to into piece of code called Software. Conduct the preliminary analysis: in this step, you need to find out the organization's objectives and the nature and scope of the problem under study.

Case study – edp

MANS: An entrepreneur Is a person who organizes and manages a business undertaking, assuming the risk for the sake of profit. 2) he should be innovative in his ideas and approach so as to take smarter and more informed decisions and risks.) he should have the ability and the capriciousness to organize these ideas and β†’