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A career in business is an integral and most important element of every human life. Aligned with your characteristics, aspiration, and purpose, a job with a fair salary, great work environment, and location will meet your expenses and bring joy in the future. Are you planning to apply for the MBA program at London Business School, Columbia University, or Harvard Business School? Or maybe you have dreamed of pursuing business management, ethics, accounting, or international business and becoming demanded professional by both small and large employers?

If so, our extended catalog of free and top-notch essay examples from across the world on Business and Career is here, ready to help you. Studying in business school requires dozens of complicated assignments to be written without plagiarism and delivered on time. If you want a sample or idea, browse this directory of essays on Business.

Career in Business

A great career path, no matter if it is physical therapy or inventory management, is associated with hard work, high determination, and clear planning. To be successful, everyone should follow their wishes and know what they want to achieve. The admissions office often asks for an application, personal statement, or career goals essay. The latter has to reflect your career path aspirations, your previous achievements, ambitions, and motivation. University personal statement is designed to expand on your skills and experience that fit the chosen specialization. Finally, prospective students write application essays to explain their decision to apply to a particular business school or university.

Such papers are of high importance since they affect the final decision of the college’s admission board. It should be both reflective, persuasive and appealing to the readers in order to convince them. An essay about a career must also contain a well-structured and detailed reflection on your choice. We know that sometimes it is challenging to gather thoughts at the beginning; thus, we provide you with sample essays and templates for your smooth academic start.

Business Essay Examples

Writing business essays always implies much time, research, specific methodology, and good analytical skills. Before making conclusions and recommendations, one should study cases, research databases, analyze them, and apply relevant business theories. Be ready to deliver a paper on topics like the business cycle, supply chain management, business ethics, market environment, or team management/communication.

Teachers usually significantly weigh individual or group writing assignments determining your final grade. The same applies to your scholarship that has a direct association with your grades. Some students struggle to comprehend and complete typical tasks due to a lack of time and experience managing multiple deadlines.

Nevertheless, our catalog represents a wide range of business papers, including business plans, case studies, thesis statements, and various research assignments to rescue you. You may find both short essays and long papers of high quality and different academic levels here: from college to postgraduate. They all meet academic format, citation style, and structure requirements, including outline, introduction, thesis, clear narrative, and conclusion.

Our writers also refer to and cite multiple academic and other peer-reviewed sources. You may also find these sample templates in pdf useful when dealing with small assignments, preparing for important exams, or writing your thesis. Primarily, a good manager or analyst should learn how to manage his own time and resources. Our service may help you to optimize your education and increase learning efficiency.

In this directory, you can find free sample essays, templates, and recommendations on various Business and Career essay examples. It will help you follow the academic format and structure and provide additional information on the topic. The latter may contribute to a comprehensive and well-structured business essay admired by your lecturer. Make your learning process more manageable by browsing and consulting this directory. Do not hesitate and check our essay samples if you need to write an excellent paper on business-related issues.

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Comparative analysis of csr activities of psus

The 1 MT phases of Bhilai and Rourkela Steel Plants were completed by the end of December 1961. The 1 MT phase of Durgapur Steel Plant was completed in January 1962 after commissioning of the Wheel and Axle plant.

Discovering creativity

Both the authors talked about the importance of creativity and innovation and the significance of change in yielding good results for the success of a business and personal life. The five-step methodology of disciplined dreaming helped me in understanding the ways to generate crative ideas and making them to realty in order to succeed at →

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The abc company key issues commerce essay

It also allows for the evaluation of employees and allows HR managers and group leaders to track the excelling employees, allowing for verbal or monetary rewards for outstanding performances; keeping the moral and the loyalty of the employees intact. Mostly a job description template firstly gives a brief introduction to the workings of the company →

The world’s financial system

In order to analyse the effect of the 2008-2009 financial crisis, this paper discusses three institutions, how they operated during the crisis and how they have progressed after the crisis. In the first half of that year the company announced a loss of $13.

Discussion questions

Fiscal Policies That Affect Economy A fiscal policy is a decision by the government either to spend or collect revenue with an aim of manipulating the economy in a desired way. The government releases lot of money for spending and reduces on taxes.

The warn act and notice of termination

The District Court agreed that the decision of the DOJ to indict the company rather than individuals was not foreseeable, that that the mass client defections were not foreseeable, and that Arthur Andersen could not have reasonably foreseen the sudden turn in their business fortunes. As a result, the trial court found that the exception →

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Tourism critical thinking example

The importance of the building's design and maintenance to a positive guest experience In hospitality industry, having appropriate building design and maintenance would help the organization when it comes to providing positive guest experiences. On the other hand, the four major factors in relation to the building's design and maintenance are the exterior envelope, Mechanical →

Kea strategists case study

They also made sure that the localization of where the franchises where built were adaptable of its offerings to the tastes and preferences of consumers in deferent countries. KEA has strategy in order to decrease its production costs since KEA planned to reduce the price of their products by 2 to 3 percent every year.

Case study iv analytic report – outsourcing

During the Inhalant evaluation of the possibility of outsourcing, Schaeffer determined what the benefits would be of having a vendor manage their IT. If they tried to adopt the third alternative, of only outsourcing the IT for the Retell division, it would negate all of the time and cost savings of the consolidation of the →

Travel out from other travel services such as

A wedding day is a once in a lifetime event, and you deserve the best treatment possible, such as traveling in style and in the best limo with the color, style, and size that you select. You will also need to select a limo that will come with the best-in-class amenities such as mineral water →

City of sunderland college

Synthesys acts as the software platform that allows the college to better assist its students via an information line, to recruit students via the mobile call centre and allows students on the course to gain call centre skills, and expose them to the real world of call handling. Reflecting the high numbers of call centres →

Business studies essay

Use a variety of ratios to show the financial state of Domestic Dog Homes. Use a variety of ratios to show the financial state of Domestic Dog Homes.

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Religion of scientology

The auditing process therefore, requires the ability of the auditor to communicate and be understood by the recipient. The auditing process requires active participation of both the auditor and the preclear in a bid to heighten the self-determinism of both parties.

English 4

Keeping a job is a bit harsh for us, therefore, if we go to college or university we have more of a chance to recognize our society. To conclude, taking a job after high school, college, or university does have advantages and disadvantages.

The tatas

He was appointed as the chairman of the Tata group in the year 1991 and has been responsible for transforming the corporation of the Tata companies into a global affair for the purpose of creating welfare within the country. Strategic acquisition helped in the expansion of the company and was the catalyst that provided the →

Research report on edith wharton

Wharton's " frame" takes the form of a narrator who introduces the end of the story and then provides a " vision" of prior events that becomes the story proper. Edith Wharton's Letters from the Underworld: Fictions of Women and Writing.

Analysis of the nightingale and the rose

The fairy tale of The Nightingale and the Rose, by Oscar Wilde published in 1990, is a story of the consequences of not appreciating creation. All of the pain and suffering that this nightingale and the mother endure is a major sacrifice that they make.

Cause & effect essay: natural disasters and their causes

These take place in many different countries all over the world, particularly during the summer months, and can be caused by a range of different things. The two natural causes of wildfires are the sun's heat and lightning strikes, while they can also be caused by campfires, smoking, fireworks and many other things.

Business models

This implies that the corporate governance procedures and values are not adhered to in the process. Audits can evaluate and assess the risks that are likely to occur in the operation process.

Space facts

Scientists discovered a massive reservoir of water floating in space. Did you hear NASA is developing a 3-D printer for food?

A pest analysis of entrepreneurship

They choose their hours and never have to report to a boss because they are the boss. By focusing on the political agendas designed to help entrepreneurs and small business owners succeed, they can take advantage of these services, like investment tax credits and deductions.

Iraq culture

Iraq Iraq Discuss the location of Iraq in the Middle East, compare it to other nations in the Middle East. Another major difference in the culture of Iraq and America as shown in the Hofstede model and which surprised one is in the power distance dimension.

The original football

The Origins of Football The most popular sport in the world is football. Football in Egypt Egypt was first to play the game of football and competition was not the key point.

Why reading is important

Maps can tell exactly where I am, and if I could not read the place I am in, I could not be able to tell exactly where I am. If I could not read, these things would be a struggle.

Analysis odwalla case

Odwalla case assignment The major aim of any company is profit maximization besides upholding the values of the company. The manner in which the case is handled is also a clear indication of how important the company values its customers.

Nrpc case study

They Include: Take on debt to fund the purchase The advantages to this is it is the easiest method for National Railroad. A disadvantage to using federal funding would be grant money may not be available in the future.

Historical figure

Jackie Robinson Robinson was a great ball player and deserved to play, but he also showed he was strong and heroic. If we met, I would talk to him about baseball and all the hard times he went through while playing.

Analytical reflection analysis

A medical malpractice suit arises when harm is caused to the patient by the carelessness and neglect of the doctor and staff. A lawyer who fails to disclose any material that their client has the right to know, is breaching their relationship.

Advertising ethics case study

Advertising ethicsis a branch of business ethics that is aimed at the reduction of deceptive elements in marketing. When one researches a case about ethics in advertising, he should explain the definition of this term and think about the cause and effect of this problem.

Descriptive essay: why i love south africa

I know that as a Saffa I am being subjective but then again, I have seen the aspects that visitors to the country do not usually see and I still love the place, warts and all. Like so many of my countrymen, I had to learn to embrace difference but now I never want to →

The news behind the news

The brother did not have his hands around her neck and the news made it sound as if he was trying to kidnap her. He was not trying to check her out he just wanted to bring her to her mother in the car line but he did anyways and as soon as he got →

New forms of rocket propultion

4 kw is divided by the speed of light, the force exerted by the sun is about 9 newtons/square mile. Parabolic mirror The bottom of the spacecraft is a mirror that focuses the laser beam into the engine air or onboard propellant.

A framework for online internal controls

To enable auditors and accountants understand the objective and purpose of internal online control, it gets categorized on the frameworks of Committee of Sponsoring Organization. Security policy is the online equivalent of the control environment and risk prevention.

High school student

One of the events that can be explained is when Manfred is trying to chase after Isabella but stops when the " moon presented to his sight the plumes of the fatal helmet, which rose to the height of the windows, waving backwards and forwards in a tempestuous manner, and accompanied with a hollow and →

Introduction to philosophy of religion

The existence of the name of God shows that God exists. If God did not exist, it would be impossible to conceive the existence of God.& The ontological stand is the most maligned argument.

Narrative essay: success story

She would seen the inside of the hospital mental ward by the time she was four, and was put in charge of her mother's medication during outpatient recovery before she was nine. Meghan was mature beyond her years by the time she was eleven, but she grew up too quickly, gaining habits that she was →

Sports utility car (slav)

The community backlash intensified when Propose shift from the German handcrafted heritage of the brand desolateness manufacturing processes for the new model. Questioned Brand Credibility Analysis of the Cause and Effect of Each Issue 1 _ Entering an Intensely Competitive Market The SUB market all over the world presented an impressive increase in demand and →

A case study of derivative disclosures during

He issue of disclosures of derivative or the transparency of information for the parties involved in the derivative transaction still exists. The proposal in US legislator Ninth regards to the financial reform with regards to derivatives can be a great help in providing a solution of transparency of information.

Analysis of rosemary’s baby and religious faith

Furthermore, in Rosemary's dream we perceive how she is in conflict with the beliefs towards religion and her agnostic point of view. She did not read it because at that moment the existence of God did not mean much to her.

A christ figure: an in-depth analysis into lord of the flies

Jesus died because he believed in his identity as the son of God, and Simon died because he adhered to his idea that they were the ' beastie.' This was Simon's ideal from the start until the end. In William Golding's masterpiece, Lord of the Flies, Simon's resemblance to Jesus Christ is irrefutable in the →

Benjamin franklin’s statement

This paper review aims to give an examination about the concept that rising up as soon as possible from the moment we woke up is really a good attitude that every individual should have or whether this concept only adds up to the misery and burden that they feel. The concept of rising up immediately →

Companies that outsource outperform peers

The LogicaCMG study, " Outsourcing for Corporate Value", analyses historical stock market data of companies that have announced outsourcing deals against companies in the same sector that have not announced deals. The first part of the study investigates the correlation between the announcement of an outsourcing deal and a company's market valuation one month after →

Soren chemical

The urgent challenge which Sorer Chemical needed to overcome is to convince retailers that the product had the potential of significant growth in the market. It is as a result of this that the marketing efforts were faced with the dilemma of promoting Coracle within the market, which they had little understanding of, unlike the →

Leader and pioneer in industrial distribution

I hope to be able to graduate with a degree in Industrial Distribution and then return to my home country armed with the knowledge that I know will help me establish my future business as a leader and pioneer in industrial distribution. I am a student armed with the will to overcome failure and the →

Business & society case study

The market stakeholders in this case have a higher gravity of impact due to the financial and economic importance in the Disneyland in which there are various stakeholders having transactional and economic interest towards on the area. Stakeholders Interests The directors and the executive agents of the company are responsible for the integration and the →

The walmart

The company is the world's second largest public corporation, according to the Fortune Global 500 list in 2013, the biggest private employer in the world with over two million employees, and the largest retailer In the world. Another threat to Wall-Mart appears in the form of resistance in the form of community opposition.

Amazon.com: the brink of bankruptcy assignment

The companybegan to sell music products and videos, and within two months of these additions, Amazon became the number-one seller of books, music, and videos on the web. Bezoscould be combined to create an effective mission statement, as follows: The mission of Amazon.com is to leverage technology and the expertise of our invaluable employees to →

Points about a crafting business

This is entrepreneurial in the sense that it involves looking to the future and seeing things before they are actually present. Another reason this is considered a battlefield is that organizations are competing to win the same thing, namely the consumer dollar.

Case study luggage concierge

What reason to market globally does the Luggage Concierge and UPS alliance serve? Explain There are many reasons for the Luggage Concierge and UPS alliance to market globally, but the primary reason Is to bring In more revenue.

School budget cuts

This affects the future because the students are the future. So by schools cutting all this they are also cutting out a better future for the students.

School bullying

There is a difference between teasing and bullying! Teasing is little things here and there that do not hurt a person.

Competitive advantage of google+

The company provides its market with the best quality search engine compared to the others, ensuring that the market always prefers the search engine. Technology investment has been the other factor that the company has applied to gain a competitive edge over the other companies providing search engine services.

Communication and business

Though the company's products and services are diversified, the company relies on positive communication to its customers in order to build a good rapport in the society. The aim is to communicate the name of the business to the society and educate them on the building materials and services of which the company is involved →

My journey of my personal style and growth in writing

I will also talk about my early understandings at the beginning of when I started the first semester of creative writing, then as I developed into a more experienced writer I will reflect I what I thought I did well. In the end I was extremely happy with my progress throughout the poetry unit and →

Custom gear inc edited

Then the gear will sent to the Grinding Centre which the gear will do the finishing by put on the gear teeth and the surface of the gear. 2 Lack of Order Size Policy Custom Gear also took a variety of order size starting from 1 unit order size up to 1000 units in the →

Parcc, partnership against readiness for college and careers

During the test the folders on the home screen of the computer started to change to funny sayings. This is to long for an internet based test even with the writing portion of the test.

Coca-cola india

Case study: Coca Cola, India Case study: Coca Cola, India At Coca-cola India, the company focuses on refreshing the world, inspiring moments, and creating value that makes a difference. The company made its entry into India through Coca-Cola India Private Limited; Coca-Cola India PVT is a wholly owned subsidiary of the company.

Henkel financial statement analysis

Total operating cycle of the Henkel in 2007 was 114 days, of which 77 days had been financed by the supplier, and 37 days by the company. The bellow table indicates quick ratio to be more than 1 in 2007 and 2010, which is good for Henkel.

Words better left unsaid

Also, if the writers of our textbooks did not know how to write a proper historic essay, the students of the generation would be completely lost to the history that lie behind them due to the disorganized and unhelpful manner that such information would be presented. Also, the essay format helps one gather their ideas →

Europe versus america

The United States comes to the rescue of its own father countries to help bring a decisive victory to the bloody and vicious World Wars of the early 1900's. Cars dwindled from the roads, factories and plants became more efficient, and the masses started to do more in the way of conservation.

Introduction of the company or organization business essay

By using this concept, we suggest the Hyundai Company to fulfill the job satisfaction of employees to resolve the conflict that company facing. This method used is because it involve the both parties Hyundai Motor and their employees to join together and identify the problem and create the best solution.

Sweats galore

Michael can purchase the equipment at the beginning of 2008, and the owner is willing to give him terms of 50% due upon purchase and 50% due the quarter following the purchase. Jane has encouraged Michael to ask the sweatshirt supplier for terms of 40% of a quarter's purchases to be paid in the quarter →


BRAND The brand of Vionnet has a long history, which started in1912 with the creation of the fashion house by Madeleine Vionnet. Despite the entire couture industry is directed toward meeting the desires of those customers who can afford luxury clothes, in terms of affordability, the creative director of Vionnet and its owner Goga Ashkenazi →

Unit 3 assignment-marketing strategy (asus computers)

The prices of the products offered by ASUSTek are some of the most competitive in the market. The company has special branding criterion that indicates the label and the unique features of the products.

Easygroup’s planned entry into the uk cinema market

The easy group is quite truly a genuine conglomerate because it owns several businesses such as Easy internet cafe, Easy car, Easy jet, online and hotel ventures and has now planned to add new ones such as Easy cinema in the group's business portfolio to increase annual revenues of the group. Also, the easy group →

Lost sales forecast

48 May 2.32 2.39 2.57 2. 37 July 2.13 2.27 2.40 2.

Of mice and men: lennie, crooks, and candy

You do bad things and I got to get you out" George explained to Lennie at the beginning of the story, and he went on to say, " You crazy son-of-a-b****. So, not knowing much about him as a person the only conclusion to be made is that he was left behind because he was →

Union demands

Melton began a behavioral pattern that was hurting the employees because he was making inquiries to several employees about the dealings of the union with the janitorial workers. Some of the claims of wrongdoing by the union in regards to the actions of the company included: Repeatedly interrogating employees about union activities.


This implies that there is a one-to-one correspondence between characters of a text and a character code this is namely the fundamental difference between the encryption codes. The idea of encryption is to prevent viewing of the true content of a message to those who have no means of decrypting.

Interpretation of…

To get ideas for my writing, I try to think of my past and ways I can relate to what I am focusing on. For example, in the nature essay, I was able to reflect it about myself and how I have grown.

Do not homeschool

What if you did not have a football team, or did not have to sit and wait for the school bell to ring, or did not have tons of school friends? It is illegal to pretend to be a doctor or nurse without a degree, so why are parents who are untrained or do not →

Reactive change management key to success corporate world business essay

This construct appears to be helpful in reacting to a alteration in the lifecycle of goods or services produced by the company and alterations in the fiscal stableness of the company. Evaluation of the alterationThe Change Agent The designation and analysis of alteration agent comes out to be the most of import factor while pull →

Values promoted by modern television

The purpose of this paper is to examine the values modern television programs and advertisements are promoting and to investigate the harmful effects television may cause to the physical and mental health of its viewers. Children are prone to use information that get from television as a background for establishing their own values and notions →

Teen ink persuasive essay on the environment

The Earth, our one and only home in the universe, is steadily being destroyed by the very people that inhabit it with the release of thousands of tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, which leads to climate change. There are a number of things we can do to slow down the heating up of →

In the world of paleontology

This essay will help a beginner to learn about the profession by giving a bit of detail that includes further information about paleontology, information about the dig sites/how the operate, and the schools that allow the study in paleontology. A paleontologist will uncover and study the fossils that they retrieve, they also travel the world →

Satire essay- standardized testing

And when we ask why the response is always, " Well it will not be on the test this year". What more could we hope for from the future of this nation?

Teaching the birds and bees in school free essay

To help avoid the increasing teen pregnancy rates, I believe the education systems should start to increase the education levels on sex to the students if they really want to get a message out there. Parents are the ones to agree on the situation of eliminating sex education in school.

Being a modern-day woman

I managed to work my way back to health and now, at the age of 43, I am in the pink of health and able to continue all the activities that I did prior to my stroke. As a mother, I will not be able to look my children in the eye and insist that →

Chemistry complications

One solution to this problem would be to extend the class by a year to properly include all of the material and align us with other schools across the country. This year, regardless of how early I begin studying for a test, it seems impossible to be prepared because of the quantity of the subject →

Small businesses and it’s experience of various challengers

Microsoft office charges 50 GB for 25 dollars per year in the provision of the system and having thirty employees results in the business to spend 300 dollars to acquire the service totaling to a storage space of 600GB while Google drive charges almost the same amount but with a higher storage space of 1200GB →

Gamma’s case study

You may know that one of the definitions of management is to cope with, to deal with, to handle, to manipulate. List these under the ' Outputs' heading to the right of the box in Figure 9.2.

Fair trade case study

Background to changing to become a Fair Trade producer / grower Tommy and his family have been farming on the same plot of land for many years. Fair trade organizations also help to reduce the chain of trade, so that there are no middlemen that may rip the farmers off.

Memorial hospital case study

When a hospital does not take health needs as the number one priority and focus on dollar and cents instead, one feasible result is poor service which leads to decrease of patients and revenue, increase of malpractice risk and damage the hospital profit at the end. The president appears to recognize that the hospital has →

Carbon…essential for life?

She believes that carbon is essential for life, which it is, but she argues that no amount of carbon dioxide is too much, we could produce all the carbon dioxide we want without harming the environment. While others say that while carbon is a pollutant, it does not decrease the fact that is essential.

A7-chpt 9

0 Application The idiom ' Web 2. They increase the application of Web 2.

Oprah winfrey biography

Even as young as she was Oprah knew she wanted to be " paid to talk" but her grandmother would not let her speak to adults and if she disobeyed she would get whipped". Oprah says she loves her father for being a big influence on her to get educated and explore.

Existential crisis

We learn and execute the Pythagorean Theorem because of its cultivating power an intimacy with the Pythagorean Theorem is not the end goal but rather, a tool in the work of sculpting minds. Perhaps an understanding of Socrates and Shakespeare will not equate to money in the bank.

How to recruit and retain volunteers

Due to the importance of volunteers non-profit organizations have to develop strategies to recruit and retain volunteers. The top managers of a non-profit organization have to learn how to recruit volunteers and to retain them.

New hire communication worksheet

The purpose of the message the HR employee is tasked to write is to orient new hires to the company cuture process, procedres and general information. The purpose of the message is to introduce the new hires to this unique way of doing things by the company.2.

Case study on computer ethics

It is possible to define a few classes of problems that are analyzed in the field of computer ethics. Computer ethics is a good subject for research if you are interested in IT and law.

Bricks in the wall

I tried not to " do anything to contradict that image" and as a result, I developed what psychologist Carol Dweck calls a ' fixed mindset.' Eventually, with the strain of entering high school also snapping at my heels, this frame of mind caused me to develop soaring levels of anxiety as well as Obsessive →

An analysis of the financial implications of fraud on business failure; the case of refco inc. usa

A critical analysis of the principal methods used in falsifying the company's financial statements is crucial in providing a clear picture of the role played by financial information in the failure of Refco Inc. Thus an introduction to the term " Round Trip Loans" and its relevance in the Refco debacle is provided in the →

I want answers

My question is why do people say that cats have nine lives? My first question was why do people say that cats have nine lives?

A disappointing ending

However, you get some big joke to end the play and it leaves you feeling extremely unsatisfied; like you went to Olive Garden and ordered an expensive meal that's supposed to be " the best". This humor in the beginning and middle of the play is to keep it moving and give the audience some →

Economic discussion

This trade diversion is against the very basic intent of Article 24. It aims at imposing the same tariff on goods regardless of which country supplies them and that purpose is not only defeated but restricts global economy to flourish.

Leadership theory

The company does not only top in the competition because of its good market share in the industry but most particularly because of its application of certain strategic leadership principle, which is the main subject discussed in this paper. In its broader sense, Schultz was combining the basic principles of leadership from the point of →