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Global competitive dynamics

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Global Competitive Dynamics College: Introduction The resource base of a country of a country influences its competitive capabilities in terms of industrial performance as a whole. The manufacturing sectors of different nations are the most hit by this phenomena. The table below illustrates the degree of different manufacturing industries from the highly concentrated to the highly fragmented. Given also is their ranking per revenue based on the manufacturing sector that they belong.
Table-(Industry Week, 2013).
Revenue ($ billions)
Boeing Co
United States
81, 698
74, 694
United Technologies Corp
United States
57, 708
Lockheed Martin Corp
United States
47, 182
PepsiCo Inc
United States
65, 492
Coca-Cola Co.
United States
48, 017
Anheuser-Busch Inbev SA
40, 442
LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton SA
37, 041
105, 072
Procter & Gamble Co.
United States
83, 680
Wesfarmers Ltd
60, 570
Dow Chemical Co.
United States
56, 786
Nestle SA
101, 027
Archer-Daniels-Midland Co
United Kingdom
89, 038
Unilever Group
67, 648
Bunge Ltd.
United states
60, 991
From the table above it is very evident that the United States overly performs better than any other country in the world in the the manufacturing sector like aerospace, beverages and chemicals. This would be attributed to the fact that the United states is well endowed with resources including primary demand drivers like high military domestic budget, threat of international warfare, demand for alternative and new commercial travel and profitability drivers like availability of technical expertise and accurate long-term contract prices in case of aerospace manufacturing.
Therefore, from the illustration of the United States and performance in aerospace manufacturing, it is evident that the resource base endowment of a country influences the global competitive dynamics of its industries in any given sector of the economy especially the manufacturing sector that solely depends on availability of resources to thrive and prosper (Global Edge n. d.). Thus, resource and capabilities of a nation influences the competitive dynamics of industries in the manufacturing sector.
Global Edge (n. d.) Your Source for Global Knowledge. Retrieved from http://globaledge. msu. edu/industries [Accessed: 6 March 2014].
Industry Week. (2013). Advancing the Business of Manufacturing. Retrieved from http://www. industryweek. com/resources/iw1000/2013? page= 2 [Accessed: 6 March 2014].

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