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Operational management discussion

OPERATIONAL MANAGEMENT DISCUSSION LECTURER: OPERATIONAL MANAGEMENT DISCUSSION The current healthcare dynamic is largely focused on the need to providing customer based services, whiles focusing on the role of information technology to do this (Meredith and Shafer, 2014). With this dynamism, there have been several changes to how various stakeholders operate in terms of capacity, scheduling and location planning. Today, capacity building has become largely focused on the need to recruiting, motivating and retaining highly skilled, competent and self-motivated worker base that can meet the demands of modern dynamic society (World Health Organization, 2009). Scheduling has also been enhanced through the functions of various programmable information systems. What is more, there has been the creation of the new concept of user-based scheduling whereby it is possible to make scheduling arrangements that fits the needs of different customers. Before, it was common that service users would be piled up in waiting for their turns to receive service. This has however become a thing of the past. With the current healthcare dynamic, there has also been an all-new and important concept about location, commonly referred to as virtual location. Virtual location refers to a situation whereby service users are able to receive services and care without the service provider being there in person. This has been done on the wings of the technology of multimedia communication such as video calling. Without an iota of doubt, the current healthcare dynamic has been a positive development that has helped service providers within the various stakeholder bases to be more effective and efficient. However, such effectiveness and efficiency will not happen to anybody but only to those who put their houses in place to embrace the changes (Meredith and Shafer, 2014).

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