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Work and reward

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Work and Reward Work and Reward Adam Smiths opinion about the nature of people in relation to work and pay/reward in his 1776s ” The Wealth of Nations” was just right in its context. However, I find it hard to pass it for generalization to every employee. Even in todays employees work situation, different employees view work differently. Some use work as a way to helping them escape their stress while others work to earn their daily income.
Working for money is not always the wrong idea. Besides, no matter how one would want to work voluntarily, by the end of the day, the same person will need to pay bills and buy some lunch and super and contribute to the economic building. These are things that are only achieved by monetary compensation in terms of taxes and salaries/wages.
Our drive for money indeed I agree comes from our nature something that has been nurtured by our culture. Human nature is to be the best, powerful and in control. There is no way that this can be achieved without some form of economic identification tool to differentiate the poor and the rich. The rich then use the same to control others and by doing so, they become powerful.
Boredom varies with individuals; some derive this from doing a routine task. In fact, here I agree with Adam when he said doing the same thing leads to a monotony that others think is boredom while others find pleasure in doing nothing. So yes being bored is individual dependent but most often doing nothing leads to boredom because of lack of any challenge.
Learning to love whatever you do is the best and shortest way t job satisfaction. Through appreciation of whatever is available and learning about it naturally makes one love the job (Barry, 2015).
Barry, S. (2015). Rethinking Work. Retrieved September 20th, 2015, from http://www. nytimes. com/2015/08/30/opinion/sunday/rethinking-work. html? ref= opinion&_r= 0

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