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Global warming

Global warming Dear Mr. Al Gore, I have just recently watched An Inconvenient Truth (2006), the documentary film directed by Davis Guggenheim, in which the director offers a fairly straightforward adaptation of your elegant lecture on global warming by means of the comprehensive slide show. I’m greatly impressed with your skill as a public speaker, and share a high opinion about the strategies of public speaking you’ve adopted in order to make your campaign to educate people on the issue of global warming. In fact, the sober face you’ve assumed in this speech has had a major impact on the overall result of your speech, and your comparison of the issue of global warming to the threats of terrorism has an arresting impact on the audience. You’ve been greatly successful in offering appropriate illustrations, examples, and explanations all through your speech, effectively enhancing them with elaborate graphics. Significantly, the data you’ve provided throughout your speech have been concise and handy, ornamented with computer-model charts, photos, archival footage, and cartoons. The ultimate impact of using these tools in the speech is that the audience is easily persuaded by the seriousness of the issue as these dramatically illustrate the influence of the issue of global warming on the entire universe, and on the U. S. in particular. I’m particularly impressed with the pertinent point of your speech, i. e. the human beings have been destructively influencing the planet by way of manmade pollution and other threatening acts. However, I’m more impressed with the way you have been emphasizing the compelling case for decisive action, through your forceful words and effective mannerisms. In short, I’m highly convinced that you’ve secured a respectable place among the world’s most natural public speakers through your show of public speaking ability in this campaign. Work Cited “ An Inconvenient Truth.” Top Documentary Films. Feb 17. 2011.

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