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Selection process design

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SELECTION PROCESS DESIGN Recruitment strategy Park height school is a charter high school located within the urban centre with a vast population. The school has a population of 314 students whose parents are majorly engaged in work class families. However, the parents are well concerned by the performance of their kids. Thus we wish to recruit 5 open positions within our school to enable us achieve our academic excellence as advertised in the job reference above. Interested applicants can hence fill in the forms in our website or hand delivery to our offices clearly stating the job applied accompanied by the letter from the previous employer.
Job specifications, skills, qualifications and responsibilities
Relevant certificates and testimonials must be attached in the applications for the subject applied.
Must be honest, punctual and have integrity on how to deal with students
Must not have involved in criminal behaviors such as fraud, theft in the last five years. This would lead to automatic disqualification since it is against the school principle.
Be flexible to any other duty that might be assigned by the relevant department.
Selection and hiring process
Shortlisted candidates will be contacted and taken through a series of tests and interviews to determine the best (Arthur, 2012). Discipline, work ethics will be critical to any successful candidate. Successful persons will be offered recommendation letters and hired for probation of three months which will finally lead to permanent placement.
Individuals with experience in schools with multi-cultural, race and tribes are highly encouraged to apply. These persons will be expected to integrate different cultures into our school system since the school has a lot of diversity making them to have a better chance in the hiring process.
Arthur, D. (2012). Recruiting, interviewing, selecting & orienting new employees. New York: American Management Association.

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