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A psychology essay is an essential part of many student’s education. It can cover various topics, from the history of theories to the reflective analysis of dreams or behavior. Whether a student taking Advanced Placement (AP) Psychology needs to complete a short paper or writing an IB (International Baccalaureate) extended essay to pass the exam, the structure and format are the same: introduction, body, and conclusion.

However, the choice of the topic will define the issue in the body and essay’s corresponding depth and volume. On this page, you can find examples of different psychology essays, understand their differences, and choose the appropriate topic for your level of assignment.

Where to Start

Before deciding on the topic of an essay about psychology and getting started, you need to complete several preparatory steps. First, you need to answer a few questions to determine the direction of writing:

  • Is this an essay for a class discussion or an exam?
  • Is this a short essay, an extended report, or one of a series of papers?
  • Is it a persuasive essay, reflection, or analysis?
  • Which branch of psychology should be considered?
  • What level of knowledge does the assignment require?

The answers to these questions will help you understand how complex and multifaceted the topic must be so that the information will be sufficient to cover the requirements of the instructions. Typically, university faculty or writing centers provide prompts and rubrics that indicate details required for discussion in an essay.

Can you start now?

No. The next step is to find sources and write an outline to help you build and organize a good essay and not get lost in large amounts of information. The choice of reliable scientific sources and their proper citation in APA, MLA, or other styles significantly affects the quality of the essay and the positive assessment of the work. Moreover, searching for sources will help sort out difficult, inappropriate, or incomprehensible topics and determine the main issue to study.

As a result, you will have a general picture of the future essay and a work plan that will help you focus on the arguments and write a good essay without difficulty.

Types of Essay on Psychology

Psychology is a science that studies various aspects of human behavior, mental aspects, and brain functions. Hence, science covers thousands of different topics that can be grouped into specific types or categories. From these categories, you can choose a topic for your essay.

Essays on the behavior and interaction of people in everyday life. In this case, the topics can include patterns of verbal and non-verbal communication, working relationships, types of temperaments, types of psychological resilience, or even study on dreams.

Essay on abnormal behavior. In this category, you can examine the signs, causes, or symptoms of deviant behavior, and analyze specific theories or case studies.

Essay on human development. Human development is also a broad topic as it is divided into lifetime periods and influenced by external factors. For this reason, you can choose one of the developmental theories or apply it to a case study to write an extensive paper.

Now you have an idea of ​​how to write an essay on psychology and how to choose the right topic. If you have not decided yet, look at the titles of the sample essays and use them directly or paraphrase on a topic that is convenient for you. In any case, using our tips, you can quickly write a paper, save it in PDF, send it to your professor, and earn a high grade. Our other academic writing tips articles will help you with this challenging assignment.

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3371 Informative Psychology Paper Examples to Help You Improve Your Performance

Is coming out as a sexual minority earlier in adolescence detrimental to psychological well-being

Rosario and colleagues carried out a longitudinal study to assess if the relations that exit between sexual minority statues and lower levels of psychological wellbeing are affected by the onset of adolescence. This implies that the formation of identity among people with minority sexual orientation was not related to psychological distress.

The history periods of panic buying

This kind of behaviour occurs due to a breakdown of co-operation and the emergence of competition. The emergence of conflict and competition with faced with a threat of scarcity cannot, therefore, be deemed to be irrational with the materialization of greed.

Descriptive statistical processes

Descriptive Statistical Processes al Affiliation Descriptive statistical processes can be used in determining the relationship between the variables being investigated through the formulated research question. The second way in which it will be helpful in addressing the research question is by providing an avenue through which the data collected can be summarized.

Hsco 508 db5

So, the degenerative spiral is there which means that both of them have been showing disgrace and discord in communication to each other. There was no compromise from either of the sides until Caleb's father tells him to try the 40-day experiment in which he was supposed to commit wholly to his life partner no β†’

Multi-cultural counselling

This presents problems to the psychotherapists as they try to counsel the immigrants as they try to understand the cultural backgrounds of the immigrants. Purpose The purpose of the study by Vontress was to study the scope and nature of the problem that psychotherapists face with cross- cultural counselling.

Are you more assertive

The problem was that every time I tried to force him to share the issues with his parents, he was aggressive on me. Therefore, I kept on insisting that he needs to see a counselor.

Positive behaviors of adolescents in a juvenile deliquent program

The find out how to deal with situations that began their criminal behavior and how to find other solutions besides crime. Parents play a very big role in how their juveniles work out during the process of rehabilitation.

Personality case study essay sample

The test are good for helping counselors understand what is going on in a subject's life. Being able to use these test to help see a subject's types of skills and traits can help improve the way a psychologists can help a subject.

Ethics awareness inventory

In the graph below, the red line represents the median score of the the 945 adults who took the assessment and my score relatively goes with the trend. In judging people, I do not judge the act alone but rather tends to " contextualize" it of what motivates the person to do it and what β†’

Any thing

Thirteen Thirteen film portrays the life of a thirteen-year-old girl, Tracy, in the peak of her adolescent life. This is in order for the adolescents to conform and comply with the societal ways of life.

Black cat

The development of the narrator's character is shown when he was once friends with the cat, but ever so slowly the friendship took a turn for the worst. With that thought in the mind of narrator he believes once he removes the eye, the cat will no longer have the power to look deep within β†’

Children of lesbian and gay parents

This example seeks to exemplify that sexual orientation encompassed by parents negligibly counts. Therefore, I strongly entail the conviction that children's development lies in numerous aspects apart from sexual orientations encompassed by custodians.


This makes me doubt that ethical orientation of volunteer work is a relevant approach to the motivation for volunteering. The question whether volunteering is a conformist practice dictates the dichotomy of ' self' and ' others' and directs attention to the moral problems of self.

Industrial organizational psychology – leadership and group

Behavioral approach of leadership tends to encompass the study of a particular behavior of the leader. The theory states the actuality that the behavior of a leader is the best determinant of his or her degree of success and is also considered to be one of the best predictors of individual leadership impacts.

Psy paper schizophrenia assignment

During early childhood and adolescence, environmental factors can further damage the brain and increase the risk of schizophrenia, or lessen the manifestation of genetic or neurodevelopmental defects reducing the risk of schizophrenia. The duration of the symptoms and the severity of manifestation of one or more of symptoms of Criterion A are relative to the β†’

Discussion 2.1

But if positive changes make us happy and more confident, negative things are those we must learn how to face.C.S. In case unexpected things are happening with the one part of your life it's better to face those problems while other parts of your life are fine and stable and can encourage you on dealing β†’

Sex and drugs in psychology

Sex and Drugs in Psychology Reaction Paper The use of drugs in the field of psychology is not a new practice. What is reality, however, is that there are individuals on both sides of the issue in terms of the advantages and disadvantages of the use of sex and drugs in psychology.

Developmental psychology (101 psychology text i use for this class- psychology 9th edition by david myers. copyright 2010 by worth publisher, newyork, ny

Developmental Psychology The of the show I watched was called Bob the Builder, Bob on the Run. The show also manipulates Piagets stages by incorporating children in the show doing a man's job, characters taking softly and a majority of the characters are always compassionate to others.

The art of public speaking

This can help you to know what to convey to the audience. This help you to focus your mind on the topic but not thinking about what or how will the audience judge you.

Mr. jones

Jones becomes a victim of the bipolar-I disorder due to the stressful life situations. Jones expresses the bipolar condition in a very good way.

People behaviorally cope with stress in a variety of maladaptive ways. as noted by sigmund freud, individuals often cope with stress by engaging in defense mechanisms

This paper will examine denial as a defense mechanism, and an example of an individual who did not know they were using it to cope with the situation in the life. If an individual does not want to admit they are having a problem, and it is right in front of them, it is said β†’

Define the biological influences of psychology

The principle of cause-effect is apparent in the study of motivation and behavior: motivation is the cause or the " why", and behavior is the effect. Need Theory - A need is defined as a specific state within the organism that may activate behavior to satisfy the need; they are often related to the depletion β†’

The philippine educational system essay sample

From the beginning of the periods when the Philippines was colonized by Spain, and then the USA, academic psychology, or the psychology taught in schools, was predominantly Western in theory and in methodology. For instance, in the area of personality, the Western approach in research of not being enmeshed and bound by the culture being β†’

Assessment paper

At SCVI, the role of testing is to determine what the needs of the students are, and to be able to effectively meet those needs. She thinks they need to look at the whole school and see what is going on.

Brain-based learning

Brain-based learning usually enhances the natural learning of the brain and it mainly revolves around our current knowledge in regard to the actual system and the functional roles of an individual's brain at various stages of development. Although scholars have identified several theories in regard to the brain, brain-based learning is a theory that everyone β†’

Selection process design

Selection and hiring process Shortlisted candidates will be contacted and taken through a series of tests and interviews to determine the best. These persons will be expected to integrate different cultures into our school system since the school has a lot of diversity making them to have a better chance in the hiring process.

Psychology of sexual behavior

The main goal of the research was to determine if the students would end a relationship with someone who was unfaithful and if they had actually done so in the past. This study was concurrent with the view of society, in that most people seem to view infidelity as wrong and would not stay in β†’

What are the factors associated with online purchases

Purpose of the study The major purpose of this undertaking was to obtain the factors that affect the behavior of people with respect to online purchases and to give a deeper insight into the whole picture. The study was intended to give recommendations on the on the ways to improve the behavior of people and β†’

Social cognition & design

Science has already proven the influence of priming and spreading activation on advertisements to consumers' eating behaviour. This is a great opportunity for Wendy's to increase its revenue by investing in advertisements that employ positive priming by means of spreading activation.


Reflections put us in touch with our feelings, and with the use of EQD stack of cards, we better understand our emotions as we reflect to what extent we felt any of the 52 emotions, 26 positive and 26 negative. As complex beings, our emotions tend to be complex and emotions exist for the welfare β†’

Personal and social adjustment

The importance of the elderly goes beyond the borders of the family. Importance of the elderly to our families, our culture and institutions The elderly of the citizens are an important parcel of our social structure.

Dance movement and art therapies

Robbins explores the concept of therapeutic presence, and the therapist's ability to maintain it.therapeutic presence requires openness and awareness of the space between therapist and patient, therapists in order to find more successful interactions with patients. The end goal remains the same; to provide a transitional space that can shape the ongoing therapeutic evolution that β†’

Boman irani as viru sahastrabudhhe (virus)

As we know the main behavioural characteristics of type A personalities are: * Exaggerated Sense of time urgency * Competitiveness * Multi-tasking These all can be seen in his personality very clearly.* He was always seen racing with time. He also used to wear the tie with a hook which saves the time to make β†’

Behaviorism, criminology assignment

Watson criticizes the subjectivity and mentalist of the psychology of the time and advocated behaviorism as the basis for the objective study of behavior Watson emphasis on the importance of environmental events, his rejection of covert aspects of the individual, and his claim that all behavior could be understood as a result of learning became β†’

Individuality vs conformity assignment

We see the nonconformity in Thoreau, the strive to conform in Gatsby and the struggle to do come an Individual In a place of discord In Fahrenheit 451. He did not want to follow in the American dream of a white picket fence, instead he wanted to create his own dream.

Speech acquisition

Discreteness-refers to the discreteness of the sounds used in language. In my opinion, duality and productivity represent the most important properties of the human language.

Human diversity: definition and evidences

Hence, in order to further understand the concept of diversity it is best to define the term in consideration of humans and also identify evidences of diversity present within cultural groups. Hence, in this sense, diversity in humans, through a biological perspective may be defined as differences in terms of the expression of genes which β†’

Sleep terror disorder

Sleep terror is one of the common problems among children of this age group." Sleep terror disorder is defined as repeated temporary arousal from sleep, during which the affected person appears and acts extremely frightened. Fever, lack of sleep, stress and other emotional problems are believed to the reasons of sleep terror.

Introduction to cultural anthropology, unit 3, question #2

According to Karen Duffy and Eastwood Atwater, authors of the book entitled Psychology for Living, chlamydia is a " bacterium that is spread by sexual contact and affects both males and females". For men, the most common symptoms of chlamydia is discharge from the penis and burning during urination.

History of abnormal psychology assignment

This paper endeavors to examine and illustrate the unique and extensive history of the discipline of psychology that has made such a great impact in the understanding of mental development, cognition deficiency, disorders, and ailments. In other words, the correlation of abnormal psychology and psychosocial model relates to Erickson's theory of psychosocial development and the β†’

Influence of historical events/ interviewing vs testing

Early Psychological tests and measurements led to the mental test movement by indicating that uniform processes and procedures could assist in disclosing the extent and nature of indications of the brain-wounded and mentally sick patient. Berrios and Hodges assert that a subjective testing method is a method that puts the character of the individual into β†’

Decoding the new mtv-speak

Throughout the article " Decoding the New MTV Speak" the made fun of the new billboard MTV advertising campaign. The target demographic of MTV is not people in their 40s.

Strengths and limitations of assessment methods essay sample

Choosing the most appropriate assessment methods is vitally important, to help and support the learner and to ensure the job of the assessor is as straightforward, reliable and problem-free as possible. In selecting methods of assessment the main aim is to choose methods that most effectively assess the objectives of the immediate area of study, β†’


Mirror-Tracing-Activity Mirror-Tracing-Activity I successfully completed the mirror-tracing activity, which involved tracing the diagram of a star while at the same time looking at my hand as a reflection in the mirror. As I practiced to mirror-trace the star, I generated a motor program that specified things such as direction in which to move the pencil β†’

Psychological development: mother teresa

The psychological development of Mother Teresa during her life span has a number of influences both hereditary and environmental Mother Teresa Mother Teresa, at the age of 12, felt the strong calling " of God. Mother Teresa's environmental influences on her moral development are her parents, her schools, the nunnery, and her fear, and love, β†’

Commercial on broadcast television book that im using at class-psychology 9th edition by david g myers. copyright 2010 by worth publishers, new york,ny

Commercial on Broadcast Television The purpose of the commercial is to stress on the importance of considering weather patterns when thinking about auto insurance. It is not advisable to mention the name of the product once in a commercial, but the commercial was short hence the limitation.

Online surveys

Online surveys are methods of research conducted on the internet by way of positing questionnaires on the website or sending to the emails of the potential respondents. Online surveys also limit the ability of the researchers to reach population without knowledge and connection of the internet.

Love-mike mays

The effects of surgery seen in May and his responses to seeing the world around him can be related to the responses shown by a child, but the important thing here is that the learning stops to a great extent after the critical period has passed, and so the child will learn to deal with β†’

Method paper

More people spend a significant portion of their time gazing at the screen of their phones or tablets just to see the latest update in social media. In view of this, this research paper asks: What is the relationship between students' academic performance and their involvement in social media?

Social psychology

I also expected that some of the onlookers would come to me, and tell me that I had forgotten to wear the pants. I came to understand that people were good observers, and that they did not accept things that went beyond the conformity of social rules and norms.

Allpied behavioral analysis assignment

In Cameron case his intelligence may not be affected however, his working memory that is the basic component of intelligence is the one being affected. A cognitive behavioral therapy may assist the Cameron to manage his impulsive behavior, focusing in encouraging and rewarding appropriate behavior.

Variable forms are difficult to acquire

The mainstream view of acquisition of variation is that during the early years of childhood, the main period of acquisition, most of the linguistic input comes from the primary care givers, i.the mother and father. In general the standard view of variation in language acquisition is that because children are aiming for the perfect grammar β†’

Anxiety in public speaking

The credibility and validity of the message being passed are dependent on the fluency of the speaker in narrating key points from the topic. D, & Sellnow, D.D.

The report

There is resemblance of the information contained in the text to information used by other authors and students. This indicates the lack of originality of the ideas, concepts and statistics used in the text.

Interviewing and observational strategies

The first stage in the interview and observation process is centered on the establishment of rapport with the client, as well as structuring. These stages rely heavily on listening and observation on the part of the interviewer, and will help us to gauge the wants and needs of the client so that the process may β†’

Using empirical evidence to support your arguments, discuss the role of psychological factors in the acquisition and maintenance of panic disorder

The Role of Psychological Factors in the Acquisition and Maintenance of Panic Disorder Panic disorder is defined as a " heterogeneous disorder" whichis associated with a number of somatic, cognitive and physiological symptoms characterized by " unexpected", persistent panic attacks. The main theories and assumptions explaining the acquisition and maintenance of panic disorder are cognitive, β†’

Darley and latane

The experiment showed if the bystanders were concerned with the other bystanders, than to the actual victim involved in the emergency. The reason for him not listening to the discussion is to take away the actual experimenter from the scene of the emergency.

Psychoanalytic approach to personality

Psychoanalytic Approach to Personality Name University Date Psychoanalytic Approach to Personality There are many notable psychologists but most of them have their own theories pertaining the different topics and the topic of personality approached by psychoanalysis, we have Freud, Alfred Adler, and Carl Jung on the list whose theories have a bit o similarities and β†’

Bronfenbrenner analysis

The model is depicted in layers which refer the levels of the environment and the child is the center of these layers. And, at the age of 17, her mother remarried for the third time to a man who thought he was still a sergeant in the army.

Cognitive dissonace

The next topic for discussion focuses on the definition of the consonant and dissonance cognitions, and their use in cognitive dissonance. Festinger states that when a person holds an opinion or attitude on a matter of importance and is exposed to a communication that supports a contrary opinion, the result is cognitive dissonance and the β†’

Analysis of marshal’s character

It is not difficult to notice his self-assertiveness as he talks to his sisters. However, the food is not pleasing to him and he refuses to take it.

Theory comparison questions essay sample

During this stage of her development, Chrystell's parents provided a positive and supportive environment for her to explore her imaginative growth. This constructive act of letting Chrystell choose led her to a favorable resolution of this stage of psychosocial development, leading to a sense of pride, because the option to choose her play activities allowed β†’

Environmental factors

On the other hand, punishers are environmental responses that weaken the behavior and decrease the probability of the behavior being repeated. The most commonly used technique is the reinforcement of desired behavior.

Week13, health promotion and communication. psychology

I went to the health professional who admitted me to the hospital and started the treatment. In short, there was lack of communication between the health professional and I and this led me to non-comply with the treatment process.

Paper topics

The participation of psychologists in these committees has been arguably immoral despite the absence of the provision of the twin roles in the act. The Morals behind the Involvement of Psychologists in Disciplinary Committees The paper will examine the role of a psychologist in relation to the morals behind their decisions when participating in disciplinary β†’

Social that the situation controlled the individual,

Baron, Byrne, and Suls define social psychology as " the scientific field that helps to understand the creation and causes of individual behaviour in social situations". In 1770-1831, Hegel introduced the idea that the society has specific links to the evolution of the social mind, leading to the concept of a group mind, which is β†’


These kinds of parents are responsive to the child's wishes and needs. THE SOCIAL CONSTRUCTION OF DEMOGRAPHIC VARIABLES AND PARENTING STYLES IN TRINIDAD.

Social workers responsibility: the vitality of mental health

She should encourage Helen's daughter to give Helen the company of her grandchildren at least if possible. Helen's daughter can either take her to New Zealand or come back and stay with Helen for the rest of her life if possible.

Self-concept and self-schema

RUNNING HEAD: SELF-CONCEPT AND SELF-SCHEMA Self-Concept and Self-Schema Self-Concept and Self-Schema As d in the textbook " Social psychologists are interested in who we are. Self-Concept and Self-Schema has a more profound meaning than self-esteem whereby self-esteem is the assertive component of self-concept.

Soci 200 db3

The United States preaches freedom of religion and expression, especially when that expression is not disruptive, damaging, or harmful to others, however practicing what they preach sometimes slips through the cracks. That said there should be a place for all of the belief systems and for the expression of those religions.


A Study about the Relationship between Extraversion and Health, and Extraversion and Creativity al affiliation: A study about the relationship between extraversion and health and extraversion and creativity Extraversion is one of the most central dimensions when considering personality traits. In introversion, the behavior of the individual is more solitary and, reserved as opposed to β†’


The formative evaluation process will help in gauging the importance of the tests. This aids in perfecting the formative process.

Attribution theory/heuristics

QUESTION ONE Attribution theory is a concept that allows people to make sense of their surrounding on the basis of what they consider is the cause of a phenomenon and its effect. In making an external attribution, the cause of the behavior is in relation to the task, people or the surrounding environment.

Sleep deprivation & classical conditioning assignment

The independent variable in this experiment is sleep, and the dependent variable is cognitive ability. In the second part of this experiment the subjects would be exposed to a 24-hour period of sleep deprivation.

The concept of leisure

The concept of leisure will change in the coming years with the advent of technology. Younger people find leisure in technology and the internet.

Psyc 430 : depression

Explain how a behavioral therapist would treat Ellen for her depression and suicidal tendencies. Explain how a cognitive therapist would treat Ellen for her depression and suicidal tendencies.

Key study skills tools to achieve academic success

Exploring the relationship of creative thinking to reading and writing. Wang explored the relationship of creative thinking to reading and stated that when people read when not under pressure they tend to read broadly and dont concentrate on all major points.

Dispositional, biological and evolutionary theories of personality psychoanalysis

The dispositional theory postulates that personality is a function of the organization in a particular individual who's psychological and physical systems determine how the person thinks and their behavior. Although the three theories are different in applicability, it is plausible to say that they are ideal in relating personal behavior and personality.

Evaluating interview strategies

Since CI examines organization as well as the context of the memory therefore it can be said that CI is beneficial in examining the accuracy of the information provided by the witnesses and victims. Unlike CI technique, polygraph testing is dependent on the accuracy of the equipments used instead of the competence and proficiency of β†’

A fortress of tranquility

It is the beach somewhere in a deserted region and the vegetation is scarce there. There on this beach lit by warm silver sunlight sitting on the sand I can feel how waves touch my feet gently and how my feet leave footprints on the wet sand.

Section 2 reading

First is the reduction of destructive emotions such as fear and anger, the goal here is to allow the person to have a clear awareness of the emotions rather than suppressing it. The tranquility factor refers to two kinds, namely tranquility of the body, which refers to mentality, and the tranquility of the mind or β†’

How the theme of conformity is explored in peter weir’s assignment

The theme of conformity is introduced In the very opening scenes of the film. He wants them to understand that there is more to life than obeying the orders of others, and In this way the film deals with Weir's common theme also explored in Witness and Galileo; the quest for personal freedom, and the β†’

On self – subject (life span development)

Additionally, I will analyze my school and health records with the view of obtaining relevant information on the process of my development. Social Development I have several friends and am considered a darling in my family.

Perception theory in pract assignment

To start this assignment, think of an example from the workplace that illustrates human perception and at least one common error of perception. Given that perception is unique to each person, explain the differences you observe in hindsight of the situation; relate these to attribution theory and perception.

Non conformity in “the wave” by morton rhue assignment

It shows the consequences of conformity when it is pushed to the limit and it also proves that conforming is not necessarily always for the best. But the only thing you are not conforming to is dressing like a select group of other conforming kids.


A person will be reading a text and forming images, which are easier to remember than reading text and trying to memorize the text. After memorizing the pegs and forming visual images of each noun, I will be able to recall an image when I hear the letter.

Selective attention essay sample

They were shown a warning stimulus near the fixation point followed by a target stimulus, which was a letter displayed to either the left or the right of the fixation point. The Psychology of attention.

Example of essay on psychology

The sleepwalking occurs because of the effect from the brain due to the disability of the immature during the sleep period. The sleep terrors occur due to restless of the individual that affects the brain of the discrete.3.

Answering questions separately based on book paths beyond ego section 4 readings

Legalization of all drugs would lead to destruction of the society's morals, and the society's level of health would depreciate. It is less likely that an educated person and an uneducated person will have similar opinions on the use of a drug.

Addressing professional challenges

Forensic Psychology Forensic Psychology Forensic Psychology is the link between the justice system and psychology. Psychology and law: The state of the discipline.

Comparing the different learning theories and creating a class lecture to discuss one of the learning theories in detail

Learning of the of the Learning is the complete process of obtaining information and data, updating previous information obtained at an earlier point in time and using these bits and pieces of information to make decisions and obtain more information. While on the other hand, in classical conditioning only one stimulus is used to conduct β†’

Movie sicko

Movie Sicko of Affiliate The revelations by Michael Moore in the documentary Sicko brings into perspective the sickening and repulsive realities of an American health care system that is bent on maximizing profits at the expense of the health of millions of Americans. According to Straub, one of the important factors in the provision of β†’

Critically evaluate the role of neural structures in subserving

The formation of the top of the brain includes the left and right cerebral hemispheres that are covered by a thin cortex, the cerebral cortex. The parts of the cortex that receive information from the body or the environment are located in the back of the brain.

High school life

I was a happy-go-lucky before, but the moment the door of high school opened and avowed for me, I knew I was out for stars; even for the moon. It is buried in the very core of my heart.