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Why a good manager is important? essay sample

So, why is that a good manager is important? A good manager is a person who will keep employees happy and motived as well as maintain the performance of the company at top level. A team with a good manager could set a level where they can always think outside the box by assuring →

Motivation and control: the police supervisor’s dilemma

It is not a clear cut relationship and it can cause problems within the organization and for the employees. The problem with this relationship is that while the people in charge of the organization want a specified amount of control, they cannot accomplish this without some repercussions. There is a dire need of safety and →

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Situation evasion

For a management to choose which set to use it must be aware of the variables that internally exist in its organization; the work force and policies to follow. Even as this developments crop up the organizations must be careful to infringe the rights of the workers or breach any direction that was stipulated in →

Theories of motivation research paper example

This paper will touch upon four such theories Maslow's hierarchy of needs, cognitive evaluation theory, equity theory and drive theory. Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Maslow's motivation theory is based on hierarchy of needs. Maslow gives the utmost priority to the lower section of needs and that is physiological needs of →

My motivation to further learn the english language

I was stressed because everything was in English, and I had to look for Arabic people, otherwise I would have been lost. I knew that I had made a major lifr decision moving here to America and if I wanted to continue living here I needed to communicate.so seeing the English letters a d not →

Motivation theories used in organisations

This worker friendly manner of running the organisation leads to motivation. According to Abraham Maslow motivation needs can be divided into a hierarchical levels which are physiological needs which involve the basic needs such asfood, housing etc, safety needs which include both psychological and physical safety , love and belonging which involves →

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What are extrinsic rewards?

Porter and Lawler followed vroom's ideas and further contended that people often determine efforts in work by judging the value of reward and the relationship between their effort and expected reward. Schuster and Zingheim coin the word " new pay" and link it to organizational and employee performance.

That moment of clarity

At a point, you will be in a state of flux as regards your purpose and decisions in life, and then, you will observe a ' moment of clarity'. Asides form the inconsistency human beings are prone to; it is just a norm of nature that chaos is inevitable.

The impact of staff motivation on organizational performance

Other authors observed that a motivated individual has awareness of the particular goals that have to be attained in particular ways and focus their efforts on attainment of these goals. Motivation theories Various theories have been proposed to explain the motivation of employees in organizations. Therefore, quantitative data in terms of a survey with →

Chores vs. allowance

Having to do chores for no reward does not motivate the child to the work they have to do. If the child was paid a few bucks a week, the child would be more motivated to take on theresponsibilityof doing chores that he/she will get paid a couple of bucks for. This says →

What is the meaning of compensation

Compensation can be given out to employees in the form of pay, incentives, and benefits for performing their job. A total compensation and benefits package aids the organisation in increasing and maintaining the individual's and team's morale, encouragemotivationtowards peak performance, achieve internal and external equity, and increases employees'loyaltyto the organisation. When employees see their compensation →

Developing a motivational plan essay sample

In order to develop a plan to motivate their employees, school leaders find themselves pondering and researching ideas related to motivation. Over time many of them come to the realization that they must answer questions specific questions if they are to develop a plan that works: A few of the questions they might ask →

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He was fired from various Jobs and was even told by one employer that " in the hotel business you need an aptitude, a flair? you have not a trace of it." From those humble beginnings, the " hotelier of kings and king of hoteliers" C Sara Ritz completely revolutionized the luxury hotel industry.

maslow’s hierarchy of needs essay sample

From the bottom up, the levels in the hierarchy are Physiological needs, Safety needs, Social needs, Esteem needs, and Self-actualization. Expanded Maslow's Hierarchy, developed in the sixties and seventies, includes Cognitive and Aesthetic needs after Esteem needs and before Self-actualization, and Transcendence needs after Self-actualization needs. Physiological or physical needs encompass the needs for →

What are the sources of external and internal motivation for people?

It can be yourpersonalityinterest or the value which you pursue; it's very similar with intrinsic motivation. The external motivation is to do something for other's sake. Motivation is not a donation from the public, it's a game, and the only player is you.

Treatment plan essay sample

The goals are to prevent the trauma caused by hallucinations and migraine that happen very often, to restrain the phobia about riding in a car and other means of transportation, to become more social, and be able to carry on with his life and his family. Comments It would be beneficial for Larry to →

Portman analysis essay sample

Less returns to the employees Since this concept was new in the market so the customers did understand this concept in its right way which led to lower tips for the employees which led to more dissatisfaction among the employees as their pay structures were designed with expectations of very high tips. 4. →

Humanized robots essay sample

Description of the problem Helen Bowers is failing to approach her employees in a negotiable manner to work hard so that the productivity increases and the company may stand in market with the emerging international competitions with Japanese firms. Dedicated employees may work hard for the loyalty towards there firm but after →

David mcclelland’s achievement motivation theory

There is a strong need for feedback about achievement and progress, and a need for a sense of accomplishment. People with a high need for achievement seek to excel and thus tend to avoid both low-risk and highrisk situations.

Motivation proposition

The motivation factor is a crucial factor that outlines the theme and style of the organization brand. The importance of the motivation factor was instilling to portray a winning approach to the specific mechanics of the organization's organizational protocol to effectively inspire employees. The lasting impression of succeeding in representing the core →

The betari box-linking attitude and behavior essay sample

The longer you sit in traffic, the more frustrated you become and by the time you get to the office, you are in a negative mood. You also apologize to your colleague, and you offer to work with her on the report to improve it.

The implication of management theory to todays administrative function essay sample

It has three schools of thinking: Scientific management, which looks at ' the best way' to do a job; Bureaucratic management, which focuses on rules and procedures, hierarchy and clear division of labor; and Administrative management, which emphasizes the flow of information within the organization. This chain of command facilitates the control and order throughout →

My motivation to join the public health, health management and policy program

The Public Health- health management and policy program would provide me with a broader platform with which to improve quality of life experienced by the sick. The burning desire for health equity makes Global Public Health and Policy with the Queen Mary University of London my preferred course.

The three-component model of creativity essay sample

Amabile of the Harvard Business School titled COMPONENTIAL THEORY OF CREATIVITY, she proposes or puts forward the theory that " there are four components necessary for any creative response: three components within the individual domain relevant skills, creativity-relevant processes, and intrinsic task motivation and one component outside the individual the social environment in which the →

Does intrinsic or extrinsic motivation work? essay sample

Hence, the research question that our group came up with would be: " Does extrinsic rewards motivate people?" The objective of the report aims to gain a detailed understanding of the underlying reasons that motivates the employees by researching on their thinking and behaviours. The respondents are of both genders so as to avoid →

Motivational methods

The second is to be a respectful manager, and the last is to invest in your employees. In regards to praising and investing in your employees, it is the controlling side.

Drive by daniel pink

In the book, Drive, Dan Pink argues that it's time to get rid of the old operating system and replace it with a more scientifically accurate understanding of human behavior. It's time organizations move to a new mindset that embraces what Dan Pink calls Type I behavior (i.e., behavior fueled by the inherent satisfaction of →

The effects of motivation on work

As if this root meaning is not enough to grasp the idea, Psychologists define motivation as the process of which a person or animal move toward a goal, or away from a negative situation. There is no difference in the way motivation works when we are trying to achieve within the workplace or the motivation →

Motivation in the south african context essay sample

This essay will assist in understanding deeply the context of motivation, identify the challenge the South African workforce is experiencing and ascertain how the issue of motivation feature in this situation. Also exposing the theoretical and empirical issues that are core to the motivation challenge. A lack of motivation can lead to delays in the →

Tragic life of ella fitzgerald

From there it was all down hill for this sixteen year old and it was not long before she found herself in trouble with the law." You may be disappointed if you fail but your doomed if you do not try." These words spoken by Beverly Sills had to have somehow found their way into →

Pay is a good motivator

" Pay is a good motivator" is no longer agreed to, to some extent it does gives motivation but later it turns people to be greedy in all ways. Now it's generally a practice in every organization that employee get monetary rewards for their work but again those who deserve them do not get, so →

Motivation at alton towers

As Maslow's theory stated that the basic needs may be required before employees can be motivated to work, management are able to offer work to their employees to make sure that these basic needs are covered. Also, the managers at Alton Towers ensure that their employees are paid above the nationalminimum wageso usually; the basic →

Informative essay on motivational theories

These motivational theories include: - McGregor's Theory X and Theory Y. Maslow's hierarchy of needs Theory Herzberg Two Factor Theory among others. These papers are going to describe and compare these 3 theories and find the best theory to provide a good platform for employee motivation in a hospitalityenvironment. Herzberg two factor theory →

Intrinsic and extrinsic motivation essay sample

The purpose of the research was to analyze and evaluate academic performance of students during their second year of university, and examine dependence between motivational orientations, stress and adjustment. The academic motivation scale, based on a 28-item measure of motivation, was used as the main method of the research which helped to determine three types →


Motivation is related to these concepts, and " it is responsible for the choice of a particular action and the effort expended on it and the persistence with it.". More specifically motivational psychologists want to examine what the individual is doing, or the choice of behaviour; how long it takes before an individual initiates the →

Ctv newsnet case analysis

By means of OB analysis, we found that Haines' dispositional characteristics such as low emotional stability and lack of conscientiousness, heavy workplacestress, and different attribution processes conducted by the anchor, her coworkers and the audience may all be causes of that crisis. Therefore, we suggest that CTV Newsnet could deal with its →

Motivation vs psychological contract

In companies, apart form the contract of employment also can be found an unwritten psychological contract, which is very important to keep a good relationships between the employer and the employees. Sometimes lack in fulfillment of mutual expectations can cause tensions and misunderstandings, or even dissolving of the contract of employment." The significance of the →

Theory, explanation and illustration of motivation and related subject research paper

Conditioning is something that has widely been studied in pychology and is related to motivate. One type of conditioning, " Operant conditioning" is a term given to a system of learned behavior 1937 by B.F. If, for example, every time one read The New York Times a man appeared with a bowl of Fruit Loops, →

Sources of motivation paper

An external factor to becoming motivated to cook one's own freshly baked bread is having the goal to learn how to bake the bread and then market it in a way to bring in extra income. In addition to biological, psychological and environmental variables to motivation, it is also said that motivation can be intrinsic →

Expectancy theory of motivation

Expectancy theory is a theory that states people will be encouraged widely in which they believe their attempts will bring them to a good performance and more rewards.' Expectancy theory says that people will be motivated to the extent to which they believe that their effort will lead to good performance, that good performance will →

Referent and expert power

Transactional leaders is more of management leadership style by telling what they wanted the employees to do and give clear structure and expectation to their followers what is expected and required to do the job with fullresponsibility Reward for success of compliances and effort and punishment forfailureto motivate employees to achieve short term goal and →

Answers to discussion questions

Using the Job Characteristics Model, analyze and discuss the work design implications of The Coca-Cola Company's approach to creating jobs for improved performance. In the ' job characteristics model' originally proposed by Richard Hackman and Greg Oldham , it is assumed that certain job characteristics lead to specific psychological states that, →

Motivation – process theories

Expectancy theory [also called VIE Theory] is associated with Vroom, Porter and Lawler and it suggests that effort is linked to the desire for a particular outcome, and moderated by an evaluation of the likelihood of success. The goal-setting theory posits that goals are the most important factors affecting the motivation and →

Yes you can

If you feel that you are great at something and that it's something that you love to do, then why let anyone or anything stop you? There will always be naysayers or roadblocks that will try to hinder your success but, you must stay persistent and keep at it.

Leadership, management and supevision

Chapter 4: Leadership, management and supervision Chapter learning objectives Upon completion of this chapter you will be able to: * define the term leadership * define the term management * define the term supervision * explain the difference between a leader and a manager distinguish between the role of the manager →

It group at kma case

In addition, and John's professional relationship with the Japanese management team has not been developed to Makoto's standards. If Makoto were to hire an outside candidate for the Systems Administrator positionPallavi, he may find someone with a more appropriate skill set.exceed the level of John's competence quickly due to her experience and →

Life is a beautiful gift

It's a pity that this is not everyone's understanding, and then years pass, and people cannot find their place in life. The life is very different. The first component the assessment and expression of emotions is in any interaction.

Management techniques

The management techniques are important to learn, and master these techniques so that the organization gets the most that they can from the manager, and the employees. Without the knowledge of organizational behavior and how to motivate employees, understand the organizations dynamics, become a goodleader, and lastly how to communicate effectively through the virtual world, →

Boundaries of teacher in terms of the teaching cycle

I would deliver the theory, view videos and show practical examples and give the learner the opportunity to carry out the task themselves. I will allow my assessment of the group to determine the ice breaker to use, but my objective will be to run an inclusive training through the distribution of →

Deming’s 14 points

In order for the leader to center his attention to the quality of the system he needs to know the system, the leader has to be updated and knowing of all that goes in the workplace. Deming also made it clear that supervisors should not act as managers rather leaders, he felt that this was →

Frederick herzberg came up with his finding

After analyzing the gathered data, he came up with the six top factors in the workenvironmentthat cause dissatisfaction, or the hygiene factors, and the top six factors that cause satisfaction, or the motivation factors. When the following factors are absent, there is dissatisfaction: Company policy, Supervision, →

Hiring an intern: 6 things to know before saying ‘you’re hired!’

Her father took a job out of town and was left with a tough decision: Do I end things now and miss out on two potentially good months of a relationship, or give it a shot? As I learned through hiring my first intern this summer, internships are a lot like soon-to-end high school relationships: →

Essay on motivational theories

He prefers dealing with facts and people, and making decisions on the basis of personal values. He prefers dealing with patterns and possibilities, especially for people, and prefers to make decisions on the basis of personal values.

Example of what stands out most to you from malcolm x’s essay article review

Malcolm started with the task of learning the dictionary from A-Z; he stated " He never knew that so many words existed ". The will to learn and to start reading and writing is perhaps the most significant part of the essay and is the part which impresses one the most. Malcolm X is definitely →

Analyze the motivation letter essay

It is my dream & ambition to be admitted and pursue my post-graduate study in the field of counter-terrorism & international security in order to develop a career that leads to working across the world. I am graduated from Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra and received my degree in Bachelor of Arts withMathematics & Economics →

Motivation at pizza

Motivation will compel a person to think " If I cannot, then I must" and will cause them to do whatever it takes to become successful. You will be inspired to get what you want regardless of what people tell you that you can not do. I have personally seen people apply the motivation factors →

Physcology paper

Body The first Human behavior is learning this in association with the relationship I am relating it to can be summarized by a first impression, but goes on throughout the course of the whole relationship. It was always funny to me to watch my grandparents in this light as my grandfather was always a bit →

The paths of life essay sample

Often times I ponder on my past and think of events that I could have change and why I would have changed them. Then I remember, had I changed the past and chose different paths of life, I would not have the life that I live right now. Without the twists and turns in →

Growing pains essay sample

The ideas of how to help company get out of dilemma occupied the proscenium of his mind. Analysis of the case: Until 1990, the expanded business had not changed Waterway's informal work style and Maher had not been motivated to push any harder even though sales and revenues had increased with the market.

Motivation letter and study plan essay sample

Discuss the three components of an attitude. The three components of an attitude are cognitive, affective, and behavioral.a) The cognitive component is the opinion or belief segment of an attitude.b) The affective component is the emotional or feeling segment of an attitude.c) The behavioral component of an attitude refers to an intention to behave in →

Journeys involve new experiences and personal growth

A film called burlesque also shows Ali's growth as a performer as she learns and practices at the club which reflects on her growth. The life of Pi trailer depicts a journey that is unexpected with new experiences and shows the personas grow in wisdom and knowledge. We also see how this →

Motivation in multinational companies

The paper will conclude with the answer of the question " Is American theory universal or it might not applicable to European perspective, and why?" Characteristics of US-based MNCs In general, the characteristics of the MNCs are based on the type of the organisation but there are some common characteristics can be found in →


You have to believe in yourself, congratulating yourself when you do something good. You have me to hear your voice.

Performance management essay sample

Performance management based on a mutual relationship of trust and open communication will mean that the whole company benefits and that both employers and employees experience the satisfaction of best possible performance and ultimately contribute towards sustainability of the organisation. 1. It is a process which contributes to the effective management of individuals and →


Motivation in this field of study is also further categorized into two types, the Intrinsic Motivation and Extrinsic Motivation. Intrinsic Motivation In understanding human motivation it appears helpful to consider the nature of the driving forces which have a huge deal to do with the aforementioned concept. Extrinsic →

Internal motivation and achieving goals

Both internal and external motivation determines whether a person will achieve their goal; however, only the compelling force of internal motivation ignites the burning passion of one's aspiration into the inferno of success. Internal motivation is the flame of success because it provides the embers of longevity and practicality that external motivation does not. Internal →

Research paper on individual differences in motivation theories

However, despite the massive support for motivation theories that conceptualized individual differences, the systematic study of various individual differences in motivation signifacntly slowed down in the 1970's and 1980's. INDIVIDUAL DIFFERENCES IN TRAIT MOTIVATION: AN EXPLORATION OF THE RELATIVE INFLUENCE OF MOTIVATIONAL TRAITS AND GOAL ORIENTATION ON GOAL SETTING PROCESSES.

Influence people to strive willingly for group objectives in your organization essay sample

This can discourage the others who are working hard and over a period of time the objectives will be difficult to achieve as demands increase and the efforts are submaximal from the team. With this I will hope that the objectives of the team are attained with passion and determination.

Contemporary theories of motivation essay sample

Some of the much known contemporary theories of motivation are discussed below- Cognitive Evaluation Theory: Cognitive Evaluation Theory simply states that if an extrinsic reward added to a behavior that was done by a person who already feels intrinsically rewarded will often decrease that person's motivation to continue that behavior in the long run. →

Compensation as an important motivator for organization

In order to receive the incentive there were requirements; you need to be a full time Compensation-Bemires 3 employee, employed for the last three consecutive months and be actively employed at the time of payout, which was quarterly. There are alsogoalsthat need to be reached in order to collect the incentive →

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

The paper continues to explain all the levels of the hierarchy of needs and give practical application of the needs. Alderfer tried to simplify Maslow's hierarchy of needs and below is a diagram that shows the ERG theory by Clayton Alderfer.

Ctthe impact of school on the behaviour of teenagers

ctThe Impact of School on the Behaviour of Teenagers You think that the Impact of School on the behavior of teenagers starts in High School? The most lasting impact of early education appears to be children's aspirations for education and employment, motivations and school.

Why i deserve an opportunity to study engineering at university

Looking into studying at University in the industry of engineering to build upon an ambition, and potentially start a career as a maintenance/civil engineer. Minded with a methodical approach to working and an eagerness to learn and develop personal skills in a practical setting. In addition to that, I had the opportunity to do a →

Essay on why do we write

The art of writing does not have any relationship with the nature or predisposition of a person in relation to the dominant values of life skills. The need to write and produce a magnanimous piece is inherent in the writer.

Case anaylsis motivation

Chaney, a meeting should be established with him to discuss his performance. The first question to start out with is to make sure that Joe realizes there has been a problem with his performance at work. In the case of Joe Chaney, there is a problem with both ability and motivation

Money an effective motivator at work

But due to inherent complexities in human behavior and values, there is no simple nor single motivator or reward that is really quite effective in an organization, including money. Motivators, on the other hand, refer to rewards that move the worker to better achieve personal and organizational goals through better performance. Due →

Motivation strategies followed by domino pizza

He has mentioned in his theory that this category is grounded in the need for people to develop their potential and it is obvious that Training courses develop potential of the individuals to a large extent). Team spirit is an important factor to make theenvironmentof the workplace enjoyable. The manager/franchisee keep on organizing social events →

Quiz & exam study guide

The final exam is built on three levels of knowledge.- Knowledge and Comprehension: This level deals with knowing and remembering facts, such as principles, methods and concepts.- Application and Analysis: This level deals with the use of abstract ideas, rules, or generalized methods and the understanding of relationships between elements or parts.- Synthesis and Evaluation: →

A thief of time is procrastination edward young

After recognizing the self-defeating behavior I had to come up with an intervention, I hope that I would have learned that by procrastinating, I am only limiting myself and that I am engaging in what is known as the self-handicapping strategy. Therefore, I decided to sign a contract and remind myself that this is significant →

Biological and humanistic approaches to personality essay sample

According to Orana , Maslow's hierarchy of needs is a theory that is considered to still be valid today in the areas of management training, personal development, and the understanding of the motivation of humans. The bottom part of his pyramid of needs covered our most basic of needs such as food and water, →

Motivation is atracting essay sample

Motivation is a passion for achievement for its own sake, not simply the ability to respond to whatever incentives a company offers, is the kind of motivation that is essential for leadership. Giving or developing skills, care, knowledge, support to the employees are the types of non-financial reward might a company use to motivate →

Motivation affects learning

The management that provides opportunities for the employees to grow and develop will be more successful as the employees will be challenged to do better. Employees can also feel their value when they are motivated accordingly and when they are given programs that would make them feel they deserve the jobresponsibility. In →