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Sex and drugs in psychology

Sex and Drugs in Psychology Reaction Paper The use of drugs in the field of psychology is not a new practice. While sex based therapy may not be as commonly talked about in mainstream media, its use in psychotherapy is not a new concept either. What is reality, however, is that there are individuals on both sides of the issue in terms of the advantages and disadvantages of the use of sex and drugs in psychology. In the early days of psychology, drugs were tested on humans and became a form of laboratory experiment. The Good Friday Marsh Chapel Experiment back in 1962 actually induced a psychedelic trip with LSD on half of the participants in the study. The issue was to ascertain the effects of various drugs on people and, in reality, if drugs could actually achieve a greater good. Some psychologists today actually believe that drugs, when not abused, have a use in everyday life. This is not to refer to legal or prescription drugs, but to some of those very drugs that are today consider illicit and illegal. Drugs have enabled individuals to be cured of certain ailments, escape reality, and have enabled states of euphoria to be induced. The issue with making such drugs legal on a grand scale, however, is that it could encourage abuse. This is a primary reason why they have remained illegal in much of the world. Teenagers, for example, are naturally encouraged and have limited self-control. It they are tempted to try certain euphoric inducing drugs and they become hooked, the results could be disastrous. Used in moderation and for specific purposes, however, many would argue contain to negative consequences, and could even prove beneficial in certain situations. Drugs, and to a smaller degree sex, have been used in spiritual and religious ceremonies of various sorts. In many tribal religions, drugs are used as a hallucinogen designed to bring the worshiper into closer harmony with a spiritual being. Seldom causing any harm, these hallucinogens have served to bring individuals into a more deeply religious state whereby they can get in deeper touch with both their mortal and spiritual being. Some would call this is a false religious experience that negates the power of the all-might, while others would call it a natural remedy given by a spiritual being to allow us to draw closer to our spiritual side. It is difficult to refute either side of this issue, so the debate rages on. Of course, not all drugs are created equal, and not all people react the same way to various drugs. For this reason, many argue against the use of drugs of any sort. They are simply too risky and lacking in any definitive proof of benefits, the argument goes. In the end, however, there is risk associated with most aspects of life. If drugs can be provide some relief to the daily emotional and physical troubles that plague so many, then they could be a viable solution. Another powerful argument against the use of drugs in psychology is that it negates the natural part of the human body. When ingesting drugs of the nature discussed by psychologists, individuals figuratively transform themselves into another person. The line can quickly become blurred between our true self and our drug-induced being. Naturally, others would argue that this is good in many respects, as drugs have been shown to actually change people’s behavior for the better. Consider the schizophrenic person who could turn violent if it were not for various drugs that he or she was taking. Many such drugs would be considered illegal for the average person to take; yet society (namely owed to psychologists) have enabled their use in certain situations. Given this reality, the position on whether or not drugs are useful in psychology becomes even more muddled. Through it all, however, there is little argument that drugs have had a positive effect on many people, and that absent them the consequences could have been dire. Finally, sex and drugs and in psychology will continue to be debated. Sex is a powerful force by which we express our love and intimacy with another person. Sex can also be a destructive behavior that, if addicted to, can destroy relationships and the individual person. Sex should be seen as a pleasure, but should also be respected for its unique ability to tear apart lives. Similarly, drugs can be seen in much the same manner. There are instances where drugs may positively help us to escape the reality of this world for a time and, upon reentering, renew our focus and clarify our goals. On the other hand, when abused, drugs also have the potential to destroy the life of the individual and anyone that they are close to. The choice of using drugs and sex as a tool in psychology, therefore, should be considered largely situational and open for debate.

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