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Brain-based learning

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The use of current neuroscience research to approach instructions comprehensively is referred to as brain-based learning. Brain-based learning usually enhances the natural learning of the brain and it mainly revolves around our current knowledge in regard to the actual system and the functional roles of an individual’s brain at various stages of development. The techniques of education that are friendly to the brain apply neural research to establish effective instruction in order to create a framework that is biologically driven. This particular theory also aids in describing repetitive learning behaviors. Brain-based learning also integrates newer academic concepts such as styles of learning, experiential learning, mastery learning, cooperative learning, and movement education among others. This article explores brain-based learning, the theory that everyone does learn. Although there is a wide range of theories that an individual is expected to learn, brain-based learning is common to everyone.

For quite a long time now, there have been primitive debates on how the brain operates. The theories of brain that existed in the 1970s did not have much to offer. Over time, Paul McClean developed a theory that explained how a brain evolves in three portions. The brain-based learning theory is guided by core principles. It holds that the brain can manage several activities owing to its parallel processor nature. In regard to this theory, the brain is divided into three parts although there are two types of memories: rote and spatial. When an individual is learning, brain-based learning theory deduces that the entire body is engaged. Any form of learning is from the mind to the body. Stress inhibits complex learning while challenge enhances it. The theory holds that education is developmental and each brain is organized in a unique manner. To most individuals, meaning matters a lot as opposed to mere information (D’Arcangelo, 2000).

Brain-based learning can utilize both art and music. One of the major elements of brain-based learning is the assertion that emotion is always followed by attention and both art and music are somehow emotional and are therefore conduits for connecting and remembering information. In three diverse ways, music can reduce stress and improve learning. Music can use melody to encode concept and to energize or calm down. Additionally, music can be the source of energy for the memory, when it acts as a primer. Brain-based learning mainly uses art to provide an avenue of emotional and expression connection. It is crucial at diverse levels such as in technology when a learner is creating presentations in powerpoint and displays in multi-media. Given that art can aid in creating deep connections of emotions and help in retrieving the memory, a portion of educators tend to think it is supposed to bear the name fourth R (Jensen, 2000).

Although scholars have identified several theories in regard to the brain, brain-based learning is a theory that everyone does learn. This theory is vital in enhancing the natural learning of the brain. Additionally, brain-based education is very useful in describing learning behaviors that are repetitive. This type of theory is guided by several theories that guide a learner to understand it better. It asserts that education is developmental and any form of learning emanates from the mind to the body. In the same vein, brain-based learning utilizes art and music in most of its applications (Caine et al., 1999).

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