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The u.s. warned against magnitsky sanctions

The United States of America legislators introduced a bill to block visas and assets of some Russians until people responsible for the death of lawyer Sergei Magnitsky were brought to justice. The president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev ordered the Prosecutor General's Office to conduct investigations into Magnitsky's death.

Constitutional law: consent to search

Constitutional Law: Consent to Search Consent to search is a civil or legal agreement to establish the individual's right to privacy. This is abuse to the consent search in reference to the Schneckloth v.

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Hamlet: a successful suicide by pollin

Hamlet knows that he has to achieve his goal of justification against the king and it is treason punishable by death. Hamlet confides in Horatio that he is forced to do so in order to preserve his own life.

Collaborative goals

I and my partner went to different places to question them but in the end we did not get enough time to collaborate and this led to a abrupt presentation. Intelligence of a friend can also result in disputes because it would lead to jealousy amongst the friends.

Humanities modern era

Violence has survived through all the ages in the history, yet it has become omnipresent in the present age because of the people's ease of access to the tools that can be used for violence. Islam and violence in the modern era.

Gender and race discrimination

Racism is a belief in human beings that, one person is superior to another due to the color of the skin and other physical attributes. Racism was more visible in 19th century, when Africans and Asians were tortured and degraded because of the color of the skin and physical attributes.

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Inventory accounting for product lines

The automotive body plans and kits are expensive items and since they can be easily tracked by their serial numbers, a First In-First Out the inventory costing method would be the most suitable one for this scenario. Since the prices of items generally tend to increase and selling the latest bought items first is more β†’

Under population, not overpopulation

Considering the growing trend of diseases like HIV and Cancer, increasing deaths through crimes and the rising lack of interest amongst the younger generation to bind oneself in the bond of marriage, a time may come when the population growth of the US, similar to some European Countries, would become negative. A greater demand for β†’

The best solution to the problem of the freedmen

But from 1670, when the African slaves started to enlarge Virginia's labor force, then the hold of all labors of Virginia continued to be a major relation of landowners. So for the better future people had to Virginia for was to be found to be lack of labor.

Chronic offenders

The re-analysis of the facts proved that the ' Nothing works doctrine' was wrong, a claim which was further boosted by Martinson's proclamation of the same in his paper in 1979, acknowledging the errors in the earlier reviews. They should engage in understanding the criminal mind of the offenders and try to find alternatives other β†’

Equal rights in whatsamatta university

Bollinger, the court ruled that the affirmative action admissions policy administered by the University of Michigan Law School did not violate the Equal Protection Clause because the law school had an interest in obtaining a " critical mass" of minority students. For Dwight Cracker: While the holding in the Bakke case appears to permit rationally β†’

I need a reaction paper for an environmental science class of one page

The documentary of Deborah Garcia further reveals that what is happening right now is a vicious cycle that does not stop in the problem of agriculture and the weighted hand of big corporations that control it. The irony of our consumption is that we would more than prefer to purchase organic food at possibly a β†’

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Sigmund freud

He was the first person to come up with the field of psychoanalysis as well as one of the first to start the development of the field of traumatology. Many of the fields of psychology did not exist yet, meaning that the psychology of that period was highly related to the biology and physiology which β†’

The math standards to the science curriculum

One of the first methods from the math standards that I would immediately adopt is the use of technology to help the student learn. The other technological part of the math curriculum that I believe would also help students in science class would be the use of computers.

Employment law 3

A persuasive indicator distinguishing an independent contractor from an employee is the degree of control exercised by the employer over the performance of the work.6. Which of the following is/are required in proving a claim under the doctrine of respondeat superior? A.

Daily plate

I know I can improve on the kinds of food I eat in order to have a more nutritious diet. I can plan accordingly so that the amount of food I eat corresponds to the food pyramid.

Art – american society

ENGLISH QUESTION I do not totally agree with Gottfried when he wrote that the " new American we see on the road now has the mentality of a hoodlum and the backbone of a coward". Each of the figures are distinct of each era and society in which they belong.

Business policy and strategic management

This constituency of " changing" consumers includes Starbucks' market segment and therefore the organization will have to redefine who their new target market is, and what their new behaviors are. How the effect of the recession will play out in the long run is difficult to project now, therefore Starbucks must increase its vigilance especially β†’

The first generation college student

As a FGCS, going to college is one of the proudest moments in my life because I know that I have the opportunity to improve the lives of my family members who never had the chance to attend college. According to Engle, FGCS face a lot of challenges in relation to staying enrolled in, and β†’

Discuss some christian and pagan elements in the epic beowulf

Grendel is cursed; he is called a pagan and sentenced to the tortures of the damned. Also, understanding of God the Creator in Beowulf is no less specific.

Education management systems

Though these are the traits that have helped me to bring out the best in the field of my operation, I am also aware of a lot of missing virtues in me. Being away from home for considerable period of time, absence of emotional bond with the friends and relatives is the major lacuna in β†’

Explain how psychology can be used for social change

Social change results from relative deprivation of individual or collective interests of a society and the outcomes which emanate from such deprivation. Deprivation is a psychological attribute which causes changes in the perception of an individual resulting into varied outcomes of behavior which include; violence against self, violence against the society, non-violent person and social β†’

Culture intelligence

Culture plays a crucial role in the economy of a country and helps in promoting a suitable business environment. In a corporate environment it is very essential for people to open up to new cultures and practices.

International law questions

Once the corruption is in the body politic, it grows rapidly and infiltrates the other organs in the states. Corruption often derails the progress of a country preventing it to attain its full potential; in the process it eats away the moral and ethical foundations of countries.


According to the Christian worldview, the origin of Christianity developed with the end of Judaism during the first century. Paul, Christianity has a foundation in the body and the soul of Christ Jesus, believed to be the son of God.

The storm by kate chopin

A small portion of the story happens at Friedheimer's store, the house Clarisse is vacating, and Alcees house, but Calixta and Bobin ts home is the most important setting when Bobin t is absent. The Storm is a story about human beings' innate sexual tendencies and reflects the sexual reservations of Chopin's time.

Us history question

Consumerism What was consumerism and what do you think were some of its important effects on American society and politics between the years of 1920 and 1945? Work, Consumerism and the new Poor.

Gods and goddesses

He holds the view that Gods and Goddesses in the myths were based on historical events and the exaggeration of the exploits of kings and queens over the time placed them in myths. The myths, in spite of relating to any nation or religion serve as device for human integrity and social welfare.

Journal 2 :

Main Argument The creation of public sector knowledge networks and the promotion of knowledge sharing initiatives help facilitate the transition from a " need to know" to a " need to share" network culture for organizations. Transition from a passive to active approach in public management would greatly complement the adoption of information technology solutions.

Dynamic programming: resource allocation

This report analyses the benefits and limitations of dynamic programming method as well as it explains the concept of dynamic programming with the help of an example. Benefits of Dynamic Programming The main benefits of dynamic programming are as follows: One of the major benefits of using dynamic programming is its simplicity and this is β†’


The compatibility of Apple computers can be estimated from the figure below: In the graph given above, it can be seen that iPod and iPhone are two products of the Apple Company that are 100 per cent compatible in the market. This essentially means that the most popular products of the Apple Company are its β†’

Currently israel controls palestinian water, what rights does israel have to manage water crucially needed or the palestinian people

Despite Israel owning the land the water comes from, water is a negotiating tool to stop conflict in the region, howbeit ineffective. Israel has recently reconfirmed its intention to implement the decision of the Local Israeli Assembly for Organization and Building to give a piece of land from the Hadera area to build a desalination β†’


As a matter of fact, the genesis and evolution of Western philosophy starts with Plato before graduating to later thinkers who followed and built on the foundations he laid. However, the application of the dialogues is not restricted to philosophy.

Merger in the business world

While the list of factors that influence the success or failure of mergers can be varied, they can be broadly categorized under the following heads: Evaluation of possible synergies and due diligence: Both the merging entities should do a thorough, independent, and detailed evaluation of the possible post-merger synergies. Adapting to a new culture: An β†’

Jim collins good to great

To simplify the criteria of the companies' belongingness for such was through the survival of its stock prices in the past 15 years. One is to answer the who and the what of the approach for the acquisition of greatness of a company.

Overview and history of the dam sector

The sector of GCC acts like the government partner and counterpart of the SCC to implement, execute and plan wide sector security programs. Specific plan The Dam sector plans to identify policies, strategies, and measures that are appropriate to guard its assets.

Eastern religion thought

Religions of the Nearer, Middle, and Further East show the increase of religions to quite a large number and thus the expansion of the religious culture. Ritual work in the new age stresses the material world by stimulating the forces of mind and imagination so as to have control over matter.

Is cphl214 a philosophy course or what

This is a logical error, for philosophy is not the only thing that is of no practical use. The final paragraph, the assertion that philosophy professors are " worthy of imitation" is arbitrary and subjective.

Truth in politics

Philosophers in Plato's Republic are the only ones ideal to rule because they love and search for the truth - as opposed to the other two classes, the people who are mainly concerned with honor, and the masses, who are concerned with money and the indulgence of physical appetites. The purpose of striving for the β†’

A multicultural virtual team (slp)

The few things that were required of the team were: keep a market survey of the number of customers keep a market survey of the demand of the cosmetics 3.promoting the products The team took the survey and found out that score was highest in the norming section of the questionnaire. Many thought β†’

Film school

And me, the viewer, gets swept into it all of this action as a participant, cheering on the sideline hoping to get invited to play. As I grappled with the traditional majors and careers that were expected of me in Korea, I always came back to the choice of filmmaking.

Fieldnotes write up on the solano canyon community garden

As if to be one with real nature, I could sense that the majority of us had been drawn to its beauty featured in the well-tended beds of flowers and vegetables that are further enhanced by the refreshing swish of the river's noise from the background and the accents of blithe mosaics on walls, benches, β†’

The dammed human race

Hence, I disagree with Twain's view because I believe that humans are superior to all animals because only men save money and food to prepare for the emergencies and only they have moral sense to use it for good and prevent wrong actions. I believe that humans are the most superior animals firstly because the β†’

Cask of amontillado and the tell-tale heart

In the story, " Cask of Amontillado", the use of flashback is to put stress on the episode on which the total mystery of the story is banking upon. Montresor's motive of the murder is for the readers to solve and detect the mystery without a detective in the story and hence, the use of β†’

Surveys of anxiety and phobia vs fears

1) Psychodynamic perspective is that anxiety occurs due to imbalance between the id, the ego and the superego. Cognitive perspective is that anxiety occurs as a result of negative thoughts that are unintentional and develop when the person encounters anxiety provoking situations.

Business writing class members respond to postings

Business Writing Response to Sharon's Post I think that imagining a counterargument to your point of view or argument is a good way to test the thesis you are writing. Other than write with the thought that you are going to be contradicted, it is important to write using lines of argument that seek to β†’

Analysis of regeneration novel by pat barker

To different characters in the novel, it may be said to depict variable meanings based on the excruciating struggle of each individual in coping with the trauma in the battlefield where soldiers were ill-fated and those who managed to survive had suffered dreadful neurological incidences some of which Dr. To the poetic Siegfried Sassoon, regeneration β†’


Reason or the ability to discern what is right and wrong is enough for Thoreau or anybody to know and be confident that what he is doing is right. The above explanation is the reason why it is possible for a person to know for certain that what he is doing is morally correct.

West and the world

The decolonization effects which included fear of the external actors in so far as the future new possibilities and nationalism for the liberation process. The authors explained the effects of decolonization by focusing on the impacts colonization on countries.

The vernon john story

The Vernon Johns Story: Transformation of Baby Dee As a daughter who eventually withstood criticisms and ordeals that confronted her father in the process of initiating Civil Rights Movement for the black people who had been subject to racial injustice by the coexisting white community during the 50s, Baby Dee may be claimed to have β†’

How do you view the world today

The World Today The World Today Personally, I view the world today as a global village with modernization at the center of this development. However, increase in pornographic content on the internet and the effect this has on children has made it difficult for most people to appreciate, fully, the role of the internet to β†’

Acute coronary syndrome

Acute coronary syndromes are medical emergencies because half of the deaths due to a heart attack occur in the first 3 or 4 hours after symptoms begin, the sooner treatment begins, the better the chances of survival.2. Patients at risk for ACS, primary care physicians, and other healthcare providers should consider discussing the appropriate use β†’

Cultural differences and e-learning

The pitfalls of e-learning center around the culture of the learner, as different cultures have different norms and values, and these affect how the learner uses and receives e-learning. Because of the sensitivity to culture that is necessary for e-learning to be successful, e-learning systems must adapt to different cultures.

Location of economic activity

This is followed by the collection and classification of the data. Data collection is followed by the formulation of invariance hypotheses and theory hypotheses.


On the contrary, some religious behaviors and practices may become a threat to the society and general relationships of people holding different religious views in the same society. This may result in conflicts based on religious aspect and views among people in the society.

The junto club: ben franklin

This is because debaters in this school of thought hold the view that the Title IX really came as an Act that was going to open up the educational system to an era of fairness and open participation. What this means to the educational system is that the Act came in as a way of β†’

Battle of the bulge

Battle of the Bulge The Battle of the Bulge was the last attempt for success by Hitler against the allied forces during the Second World War. The Battle of the Bulge was planned in extreme secrecy and most of the activities for the preparation of the war conducted during night time only.

Response paper

Most of these studies do not only relate to the effects of the civil war on the American nation, but also the ramifications that the war created to industry and international trade. Since the author considers the structure of the cotton industry in the three phases mentioned earlier, he provides a clear understanding of the β†’

Napoleon as an irreplaceable leader in french history

In addition, Napoleon's passion for his work and country comes out in the letters and utterances he makes to his brothers and soldiers. Napoleon wishes to have the memory of his brother whom he refers to as a dear friend, thus he requests for his portrait.

What is morality db unit 5

It is a concept in which logical reasoning and evaluation is given preference over the ethical concepts. David must acknowledge that no rules have been violated since the president is his boss's ex-sister-in-law, and hence, he does not need to inform the company about the discovery.No 3.

The uniform crime reports (ucr)

The Uniform Crime Reports Number What is the purpose of the Uniform Crime Reports? The purpose of UCR is the production of crime statistics that are reliable for the administration, management as ell as operation of law enforcement.

Us airways flight 1549 accident on the hudson river

US Airways Flight 1549 Accident on the Hudson River US Airways Flight 1549 was a commercial flight which took off from the New York to North Carolina on 15th January 2009. Indeed the US Airways Flight 1549 was due to a bird strike which happened at the north end of the George Washington Bridge only β†’


The three potential suppliers for all these items would more or less be the same. For bringing in a water dispenser a local agent would be hired from the market.

Give recommendation to partners

15 b) Interest Earned = Future Value for the Certificate of Deposit Present Value for the Certificate of Deposit = $30. This clearly indicates that the Certificate of Deposit is a better short term investment opportunity for the organization than the high interest saving account.

Norms and roles

With regard to the formal roles, I mainly deal with organizing the work and ensuring that there is coherence once it is completed. According to Rob and Prusak, this ensures that the work done is reflective of the social diversity and therefore comprehensive.

Gemeinschaft and gesellschaft

In addition, there is the motor vehicles department and there is the banking system. It is in the center of the state and also a central part of the central county.

College and occupational stress

How and what you eat is not related to the level of stress experienced in your life.4. To stop smoking, you need a structured plan and draft the support of many people in your life.6.

And the earth did not devour him

John Supervisor And The Earth Did Not Devour Him 11 May Literature: AND THE EARTH DID NOT DEVOUR HIM Introduction This essay offersanalysis of two topics from the book," And the Earth Did Not Devour Him". Community and the Family Theme This book tells the story of a young boy whose background is of Mexican-American β†’

Human activities on environment

In the last century, homo sapiens have become superspecies with the evolution of technology as a result of which, humans have started to meddle with the natural balance of ecosystem. DDT produced in the 1940s for killing insects on the crops led to biomagification and reduction in the number of birds in later years as β†’

Alternative fuel sources for automobiles

The greenhouse gas spewing combustion of current gasoline powered vehicles would be a thing of the past. 26 May 2011." Natural Gas Vehicles".

Therapists view of psychotherapy

In the process of analyzing the obscure emotions of the patient, the therapist can link them to the actual relationships that they cause, for example, one's animosity to food or alcohol. The transformative impact of Roger's therapy is that there is an unconditional positive attitude to the client " not as a scientist to an β†’

Bill of rights of u.s. citizens

Bill of Rights of US Citizens al Affiliation: Bill of Rights of US Citizens Freedom of religion, speech, and press; rights of assembly and petition These rights prohibits the government from interfering with people's believes, rights to expression, and assembly. The Bill of Rights Primer: A Citizens Guidebook to the American Bill of Rights.

The ed sullivan show and the sounds of the sixties

Section 4: The Doors' response to the act of attempted censorship on The Ed Sullivan Show turned into their own favor because they proved themselves as a group who do not give up so easily and they are someone who represents themselves and their work the way it is rather than modifying it on external β†’

Egoism and relativism

Explain And Evaluate Relativism With Examples The theory of relativism states that actions as well as decisions that may be ethical for a particular society are not necessarily ethical for another society or group. Relativists are of the position that no actions and decisions are universally ethical or unethical and vary in compliance from one β†’


That would act as a form of marketing and it would attract customers to the business. The wiki can be critical to the employees as it would offer a platform where they can communicate with the customers, thus making them understand what the business is all about.

Vw’s resources

VW's Resources VW's Resources Based on the resources and capabilities in Table 5. Based on the market research, VW should disseminate the information gathered to the research and development department so they can make the necessary adjustments in the automobile designs of VW.

Business proposal

June 6, Thisproposal is about a request for a gym facility for the employees that would enhance their health and productivity in the organization. The Benefits of installing the Gym facility Setting up a Gym facility will encourage employees to exercise regularly.

The paradox of white space

The paper " The Paradox of White Space" is a wonderful example of an assignment on design and technology. White space helps increase the readability as it makes the document easy on the eye.

Describe state plans and discuss what must be demonstrated by the states, including the process, to be an approved osha state plan

These ensure that the plan belongs to the citizens of the state. For a state to be an approved OSHA State Plan, first, a state must put the necessary measures and assure OSHA that within a period of three years, it will have implemented all the structural elements that are significant for an appropriate occupational β†’

Vygotsky’s approach to children development

It develops and improves the mental processes of a child because it allows him to coordinate the mental and physical systems of one's development. It is also needed to improve the social activities of the child.

Financial and strategic planning

Stability trend of the hospital ought to be drawn to portray the hospital's capability to stay put in operation. This is linked to administrative trends that have characterized the hospital's management and operations.

Role of hr and social media

Role of HR and Social Media Use of social media has facilitated human resources management in a variety of ways. Social media helps managers know the social and private activities of the candidates so that they can make informed decision while trying to recruit the most eligible person.

Unit 2 bus

According to Hill & Jones, a case study offers a suitable way to examine how a companys past policy and configuration influence it in the present and to chart the critical incidents in its history that is, the events that were the most unusual or the most vital for its development into the company it β†’

Safety with guns

But the correct answer is since the correct thing to do would be to stop firing, point the gun in a safe direction, and call or wait for the range officer to give further orders and if needed clarify as to why someone else gave the order. The correct answer to the question is since β†’

Latinos in television

This is because media is a manifestation of the beliefs and opinions of the society. Racism is particularly common as roles in television and the portrayals of minority races is usually against the minority race.

An advantage and a disadvantage of a large, public company because of its corporate form of ownership

For instance, a key benefit that can be seen is with regards to the fact that the initial public offering in stock price of Twitter has progressively risen since its first offering. However, tangential to this, a noted drawback that the authors of several articles have noted has to do with the fact that Twitter β†’

Shareholders vs. stakeholders theory

The very purpose of the firm, according to this view, is to serve and coordinate the interests of its various stakeholders. It is the moral obligation of the firm's managers to strike an appropriate balance among the five interests in directing the activities of the firm.

Divorce undermines families

It is vitally important for parents who are having a divorce, to be honest with their children. These people can help both children and parents deal with the trauma of divorce.

Jay greenberg

Jay Greenburg The young and extremely talented composer, Jay Greenburg, was born in 1991 in New Haven, Connecticut Jay Greenberg Showing a knack for music at a very early age, Jay started playing the cello when he was only three years old. In 2009 Jay's work was even commissioned and premiered at Carnegie Hall for β†’

The china job in campos beverages

Supposing that Michael does not want to move to China, would he be willing to stay with Lafleur Would he like to try out other opportunities in New York Karen and Michael need to have a discussion on what they think is important. Besides, he can negotiate with Pierre to ensure that he would have β†’

General george washington calls for a standing army, 1783

General George Washington recommends that for a future military system to have the ability to counter react to a surprise attack from the European powers. This is in line with the military whose overall goal was to maintaining the peace and tranquility of the American people.

Walmart – shrm

The human resources team is very effective in choosing the right people for the job, however in terms of the management of the employees there is a clear lack on the part of the team. SHRM and WalMart: The HRM team of the company does not contribute to the overall strategic growth of the company.

Should marijuana be legalized or kept illegal

We conclude that cannabis use is prevalent among the chronic non-cancer pain population, for a wide range of symptoms, with considerable variability in the amounts used. The marijuana positive effects as a medical treatment for people with serious medical conditions were clearly demonstrated in many types of research.

Accountability in reporting memo

These activities caused the public to demand accounting information from government entities and non-profitable organizations. It became mandatory for governmental entities and non-profitable organizations to adjust their financial accounting policies so as to satisfy the demand of the public.


The use of social entrepreneurship can help themarketing efforts of a company. To offset that image the company is applying social entrepreneurship to inspire customers to purchase Starbucks products.

Terrorist organization from columbia

The group aimed to represent the rural poor of Colombia, as well as those which suffered oppression from the wealthy and elitist members of society. The FARC is an organization that aims to liberate the rural poor, as well as opposing the stand of the Colombian government of relying on foreign aid, such as the β†’