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Counter-terrorism: constitutional and legislative issues

The paper ” Counter-Terrorism: Constitutional and Legislative Issues” is an outstanding example of a politics essay. A simple definition of the term terrorism is the forceful employment of brutality, destruction, and savagery. Terrorism comes from the term terror, i. e. it is an act of proliferating the feeling of horror, fear, and panic among people. I personally feel that terrorism is beyond the physical devastation it makes. The main aim of such an act is to mentally impair and emotionally weaken its opponent. A terror attack always aims at producing the shock and dreadfulness among the people so that it is never forgotten. There is a constant fear among people in the modern world, as now terrorism has equipped itself with sophisticated technology, intelligent thought-process and the ability to rupture the defense systems. Apart from killing the ‘ n’ number of people it leaves a lot many others emotionally and psychologically scarred. Therefore it is more than what we see; it is more about how it alters our feelings. I feel the main aim of a terrorist activity is not only making its impact big but pronouncing it to such a level that it is recalled from time to time. One of the perfect examples that simplify the thoughts stated above is the collapse of World Trade twin towers in the United States. The intensity of this enormous transgression was so massive that everyone in the world, who had the knowledge to understand it, can recall it by the mere mentioning of its date, as commonly called- 9/11. The immediate response to it from the US government was to tear down everything that influenced the terror attack. Al-Qaeda and Osama bin Laden is behind the attacks were demanded by the US government. As they were not handed over or found either, US military attacks overthrew the Taliban rule of Afghanistan, later on, followed by the execution of Saddam Hussein. There have been many controversies flowing around the incident since it took place. But the part that captures most attention is the international and national response received by America’s consequent actions. Initially, a majority of people were in favor of the war that America raged in Afghanistan. But lately, the scenario has changed; now the majority thinks otherwise. It was established in a “ 24-nation Pew Global Attitudes survey” in June 2008 that majorities in 21 of 24 countries wanted U. S. and NATO to dismiss their troops from Afghanistan as soon as possible. The pressure from the protestors has been mounting ever since against not only the war but there have been many demonstrations against George W. Bush. The main reason for this is the civilian casualties suffered by Afghanistan. It is true as long as people responsible for it suffer, there is nothing wrong. But at the same time when lives of innocent people have been abused, then it can not be termed as justice. So many civilians are dying almost every day, in this on-going battle of the terrorists and the governments. It is the common man that loses the most, no matter who wins; as most of the burden of devastation is generally gulped by the public. The method of responding to terrorists like this does not serve the purpose, as they themselves do not care about the general public. But such instances do provide them with vast opportunities of exploiting the innocent sufferers and bending their minds to fulfill another 9/11.

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