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Multimedia and design

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Running head: DISCUSSION OF DESIGN Problems of Elements of Design School Problems of Elements of Design Design is the preliminary plans for a form or structure that will be used executed to create something. It is also a method to plan and fashion something skillfully and artistically with the intention for a definite purpose (Dictionary. com, 2012). Elements of design are apparent in all types of things that are created and there is in fact a distinction between good and bad design. It is apparent in everything that exists ranging from the design of a vehicle, fashion, websites, and interior decorating. There are elements of good and bad design. Ask any professional in any occupation where they build or construct something from scratch, there are right ways and wrong ways to utilize elements of design and they are not all based on what someone simply likes.
When looking at the fashion, someone can design an outfit but is it functional? Badly designed outfits will never be worn and are not ever going to be purchased if they do not include good elements of design. The same with a car. If the design of a car is based on what the creator likes, then no one would buy it. Design in these fields has to do with marketability and bad design can crush profitability. Interior design is another field where elements can create different moods. If a person mixes and matches fabrics and textiles all due to their own likes, the space can be overwhelming to be in or even evoke a negative response. When it comes to design in technology, while taking a look at a website, if a design of a website is not functional, no users will come visit the site. If it is cluttered and is chaotic, it is not appealing to anyone.
When looking at multimedia as a personal experience, it is all about using design of pictures, interactive features and other elements to create ways for people to get something out of their experience. When thinking of blogs, websites or social networking sites, it is a goal of multimedia techniques to intrigue others. It is a form of marketability and branding to enhance a persons visit. It is not necessarily for ones own use but for productivity and profitability increases in ways to increase others personal experience. It creates more of a personalized connection.
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