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A truck collide

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A call to the National Weather Service at Fargo’s Hector International airport also yielded that a narrow band of storm clouds rolled across central North Dakota, dumping just a tenth of an inch of snow. The NWS spokesperson Todd Drizzle said, “ We got a bit more than we expected,” adding that forecasters had expected ” mere flurries.” D. B. Dotty, 124 W. Breedlaw Road, who also witnessed the accident, testified that the ground froze fast the previous night to near zero. “ The concrete was so cold this morning that instead of melting, the snow turned to ice. Nobody expected it. It got slick all of a sudden,” She said.
When I arrived there, motorists had fled the scene of the accident and backed up half a mile on both sides of the scene. Responding also to the accident were a water-tanker truck, a paramedics unit, a rescue squad, two fire engines, state and county troopers, and a tow truck. The other car driver John Washburn, a 22-year-old undergraduate at North Dakota State University, was unhurt after driving his white Geo Metro into a mailbox on Poplar Avenue. Mr. Washbum regretted having pulled off his snow tires the previous week. “ I guess I’ll wait a few more weeks next year. Sure stinks to get stuck in the snow,” he said. A police spokesperson observed that most of the 60 accidents occurred between 9 a. m. and 1 p. m.
A 69-year-old woman loses home and burns to a consuming Fire.
Melinda Frades, a 69-year-old woman has lost to fire home and small barn at 384 Serramonte Ave. The estimated value of the property was $1. 2 million. The fire began at about 4 p. m. at the bottom of a hill near the highway and spread up to the top, where it reached the single-story ranch-style house. According to Woodside Fire Capt. Jan Spiegel, it looked like it might have been something somebody threw from a car, although this is yet to be established. When I arrived at the scene, Melinda, who has lived there for 22 years, sat on the rear bumper of a paramedics van drinking water and was staring disconsolately at what was moments ago her home. In utter confusion, she said that she was returning from a shopping trip when she saw the smoke and called 911.
Busy firefighters were moving here and there with shovels, making sure that they put out the fire completely. However, it was observed that a brick fireplace, strips of metal roofing, and a toilet were the only things that were salvaged from the fire. In an exclusive interview with Spiegel, I learned that no one was at home during this tragedy except Frade’s dog and three cats that were then missing. Spiegel said that investigations were underway to establish the cause of the blaze. After fighting the fire in what looked like a lifetime, the firefighters contained the flames at 5: 30 p. m.  Large clouds of dirty black smoke were blowing across the highway; causing backing up of traffic in each direction.
A call to the National Weather Service disclosed that winds blowing at 5 mph from the southeast increased the speed to 15 mph, which made the situation even worse. In fact, one firefighter was treated on spot for what the paramedics called heat exhaustion. I learned from the call I made late yesterday that she has been released. Several neighbors were evacuated in the process. As Frades stared sordidly at the hot spots in the smoking rubble and unwittingly observed  the twisted pieces of metal roofing squeaking  in the wind, she said, “ Kind of old to start all over.” With this, she kicked at a metal dog dish.

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