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Personal letter of reference for scholarship

She embarked on her path to give back to society very early in life when at the age of 19 she began attending the University of Toronto both as a student and as a teacher of fitness classes there. Sahar lives her philosophy in her hard work to impact positively on the lives of everyone β†’

Heineken advertisement in gq

The imagery in the ad further reinforced this feeling of healthiness, with the Heineken having almost the exact same colour as an apple and being coated in water, something that is common in exercise imagery, implying that this will keep you hydrated and healthy. This ad is for young, stylish men, and it attempts to β†’

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The radiation therapists are also bestowed with the responsibility of ensuring that safety procedures are adhered to in a bid to protect both the client and themselves from radiation overexposure. They also ensure radiation machines are working correctly, determine the actual area for irradiation, check for computer setup to ensure correct calibration for correct doses β†’

Macroeconomic questions

Macroeconomic Questions The MPC for an economy is A) the slope of the consumption schedule or line.2. The natural rate of unemployment is the B) full-employment employment rate.6.

Breathe right

This means that there was an increase in the amount that the company was able to transact in a day. The company had to increase the amount of money that it spends in order to maintain the new operations at the various places where it expanded.


The basis of his friends' plan was the expectation of the people after Socrates had been unjustly sentenced to death. Therefore, Socrates would have disrespected the state because of the unjust sentence and made his own rational decision to escape.

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Shaping an individual as a person and as a learner

Shaping An Individual As A Person And as A Learner In the education setups, curriculum designs play a crucial role in the lives of the students. As a matter of fact, such a disposition as reflected by the curriculum objectives was followed by my science teachers in my middle and high school.

Theories in sociology

Emile Durkheim Emile Durkheim presented the theory of collective conscience that states that the society exists in a collective form because of the collective thoughts, principles and objectives of its contributors. Sociology emerged as a discipline in the 18th century because of the works of Auguste Comte, Max Weber, Karl Marx and Herbert Spenser as β†’

I need a topic for my dissertation

Research Proposal: Human Resource Practices of Selected High-Tech Firms at the Birmingham Science Park Birmingham Science Park presents an impressive list of tenants and this impressive research oriented park has links with other clusters of innovation in the region. According to Ting-Hua the Human Resource Department of a firm involved with innovation does make a β†’

Critical reflection journal. teachers and activism

The first question illustrates the positive effects that activism activities had on the education sector; for instance, the development of vocationalism. Secondly, activism improves the relevance of education objectives and activities in the society.

Is this religion absolustic or relavistic

At the conclusion of the conference an audience with the Pope was arranged for the conferees, and Hawking noted: He told us that it was all right to study the evolution of the universe after the big bang, but we should not inquire into the big bang itself because that was the moment of Creation β†’

Multicultural psychology: a perception of minority groups

As a psychotherapist he is interested in the dynamics of society and personality and the mechanisms of interaction between the two. I would be extremely focused on the fifth stage named " Learning Identity vs Identity Diffusion", because this is the period when the minority versus the majority social factors play important role in the β†’

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Trait theory or enduring

The approach does reject the idea of free will and believes behaviour is determined by the environment. The biological psychology school will vie Roberto's enduring behavior as having been inherited and that it has an evolutionary function.

Why i want to be a students of boston university

Given the chance to be a part of the school's glorious tradition, I hope to be able to contribute to its goal that includes research to attain academic excellence. My diligence as a student would be the virtue that I would want to exercise as a part of the institution's population.

Competitive profile matrix for amazon

The Amazon Phenomenon: Bookselling in the 21st Century The Amazon Phenomenon: Bookselling in the 21st Century It is evident at present that is synonymous with online shopping, in competition not just with Barnes & Noble's online bookstore, but also with eBay, Wal-Mart, and alibris, and others, with a broad inventory of items in addition β†’

The social exchange theory versus empathy-altruism hypothesis of social psychology

Wesley was able to genuinely help out Hollopeter due to genuine concern for the sake of his well-being in ensuring that he could not be run over by the train as he lay there on the tracks stricken by epilepsy. The altruistic motivation is the motivational state which an individual gains with the sole aim β†’

Case study example

He thought he had worked in the company with too much dedication, and when he did not see his efforts rewarded, he protested against the management. He lost all hope for building his career in the company, and therefore took the extreme steps which speaks of his low score on self motivation.

Is google making us stupid by carr

According to the article, the internet is making us more and more demanding. Thus, this article has persuaded me that the use of the internet and other related media to research for information is affecting the general thinking capacity of most individuals on the global scene.

Analysis of origins of totalitarianism by hannah

Hannah wrote an article censoring the government; this was because of the discrimination actions evident in relation to her employment. She claims that the government spread this hatred because of most of the Jews properties in Germany.

Aeorodynamic and myoeslastic forces

And this process is performed by vocal folds." this sound source is passed the vocal tract, consisting of the air channels between the vocal folds on the one end and the lips and the nostrils on the other end....and speech is the result of the generation of the sounds by the vocal folds and the β†’

Answer critical question about the acute effects of humor and exercise on mood and anxiety

The limitations of previous studies is the number of participants used and the elements which are being studied which is state anxiety. Question 5 The number of participants which was utilised within the context of this research appears sufficient to achieve the desired purpose of the research.


When she attempts to do this, she is not successful as she is stopped by the supervisor of the orphanage, Miss Hannigan. Conflict The main conflict in the story is between Miss Hannigan and the girls at the orphanage.

Research in sensys and competitor analysis

This represents a threat to Sensys Networks, as with the growth of federal interest in the deployment of ITS software, Sensys Networks must develop more quality marketing to make their own ITS products and other traffic-related software systems more competitive in pricing and in offering support and maintenance of these systems. Another competitor is TransCore, β†’

Accident victim interview

His paper describes an interview with an accident victim stipulating the events of the accident and the aftermath of the accident. The result of this was a big explosion that blew out the seals and transferred smoke, dust, debris, and lethal carbon monoxide to the working section of the mine.

Health care questions

In every marketing campaign, the most important sources of data to examine are the elements of the marketing mix: product, price, promotion, and place. Coye, Foege, & Roper identified leadership traits required in public health to ensure the development of health objectives in one's community, to wit: " the ability to see the big picture, β†’

Poster summary

The crucial stages in the process are design and development as well as marketing of the product. In the lean NDP process, the main objectives are to reduce costs and time for R&D, as well as inventory.

Your personal policy on the occupy movement

The organizers of the occupy Wall Street movement exercised their free will to protest the currently unpopular economic polices of the government. The people's protests nudge the deaf government leaders to revise their current economic policies.

Play at the theatre royal

The stage adaptation of the World War was more lighthearted and funny. Attenborough's film, however, had huge sequences of the war interspersed with motifs from the stage production.

Political compass

Recently the agents of political socialization especially the mass media, the processions and the use of information technology have been very helpful for me to create a specific political belief. Nowadays the nuclear expansion and the recent threats of it being stolen and use by the so called terrorists states of the world has been β†’

Business ethics; constitutional law; antitrust and monopoly

Constitutional law in the business world describes a body of the law describing the relationship between entities of the legislature, the judiciary and the executive. Bringing in new companies to try and balance the market is a difficult activity.

The evolution of groups

The next stage arrives when the members of the group start to discuss their purpose of being together. This is followed by the phase in which the group members increase their level of cooperation due to increased trust.

M5 reflection

M5 Reflection M5 Reflection Journal Entry Recruiting Effective Teachers As a school administrator, the topics discussed under the roles of the principals in attracting new teachers and retaining and developing them are the most relevant. The significance of this approach is that it facilitates teachers to develop a shared objective and vision.

Breakfest at tiffanys

By subjecting the characters of Joe Bell, Mag Wildwood, Rusty Trawler, Jose Yberra-Jaegar, and Fred and Doc Golightly into analysis, the readers will see how every one of them has contributed to the story of the heroin Holly Golightly as seen by the character's constant but sometimes uninvited companion, the narrator. The man Holly was β†’

Food journal analysis #1

As for the rest of the food, which is only 1 yoo-hoo chocolate and 1 plain milk chocolate- the former is good for the body because it provides calcium, and was also the only dairy product I ate during the day, and the latter belongs to the fats, oils and sweets group, which is permissible β†’

Erectile dysfunction & gender identity disorder

In this particular case, a differential diagnosis is helpful because the inability to achieve an erection is caused by a myriad of factors, ranging from daily routine, to physical ailments, and to psychological problems. Understanding the root of the problem, which is frequently caused by issues outside of the man's sexual life, will enable doctors β†’

Da vinci’s the last supper – image analysis

The overarching visual message contained in the painting depicts the moment when Jesus informed the apostles that one of them would betray him. In the painting Judas Iscariot is depicted as the shocked and withdrawn.

Finicial evaluation of techologies

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Natural magic

Modern science today would prove most of the knowledge of these fields as superstition, but there should be some credit given. Alchemy can be linked to the modern science of chemistry.

A letter of intent for dental school

The seven semesters I worked in the UG biomedical engineering research lab; my presidential UG research award and the poster presentation at the BMES conference always led me to believe the fact that ' medicine' would be my choice of career. Being the secretary for the student club for a year gave me the opportunity β†’

Discuss your academic interest and career goals and describe your view on how our college can facilitate your success

I believe I will be quite at home at your institution of higher learning and that I will be a positive tool towards making the university more of a success story. I would like pursue a specialty in the field of health which would lead me to the above career.

Question set 4

He quite often visits the Walmart shops around the country to understand the needs or the problems of the employees. He made a very fundamental mistake as a leader; he had a mindset that whatever he is doing is going to be the best for the people of Newark.

Using miekleys checklist in evaluation

With regard to activities the book has a lot of that in the activities, listening and speaking sections of the different modules. The instruction in the book tells the students to read for comprehension of the text.

Review of the teen age brain

On the other end of the story teenagers are also charged as being in the most careless time period of their lives where they feel whatever they do is justified and that they have a right to do what they please. Yet in a highly individualistic society as that of the United States of America, β†’

Group discussion

Auditing al Affiliation) Importance of Independent Auditing Audit reports provide the company shareholders with a proficient, independent view as to whether the annual accounts of the company reflect a fair and true interpretation of the financial position of the company and whether the shareholders can rely on the annual accounts. As a result, the auditor β†’

Elements of design

In the example of the ' Greed is Good' scene in Wall Street, the production designer is responsible for creating the atmosphere in which the speech will take place. The scene is simply one of a stockholder's meeting, and nothing more.


Also the rate of the incarceration of the black males in United States has increased far more than the rates of incarceration of black males in South Africa. The issue of discussion is whether incarceration can be applied for all the crimes and are the nations ready to bear the cost for high rates of β†’

Kill a mocking bird

Research on To Kill A Mockingbird When I first read it at 11, I was simply absorbed by the way it evoked the mysteries of childhood, of treasures discovered in trees, and games played with an exotic summer friend. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Rereading: To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee The Guardian, Saturday 10 July β†’

Reflections on the theory of moral sentiments

Introduction of the subject, scope, and type of book The book, " The Theory of Moral Sentiments" by Adam Smith was published in the year 1759. The book, however, from the secular point of view, is the foundation stone for the later works of Adam Smith on the subjects of ethics, philosophy, psychology, politics, justice, β†’


Abstract: The results of this study reveal that members of the gay community with a history of childhood sexual abuse possess a greater likelihood of contracting HIV and demonstrating symptoms of trauma triggered by anxiety. Childhood sexual abuse, attachment, and trauma symptoms in college females: The moderating role of attachment.

U06d2 legal reporting

In order to ensure that the general public is provided with the best levels of safety and highest levels of quality in terms of health care, the government and the American Medical Association together have developed numerous laws that are mainly to protect the general public and ensure that all the processes and events are β†’

Newly diagnosed with multiply myeloma, information on your planned treatment with lenalidomide 2

Figure 2: Image showing a destructive lesion at the diaphysis of the humerus Treatment The aims of treatment of multiple myeloma include controlling the proliferation of the cancer cells, maintenance therapy, symptomatic treatment and relapse therapy. The treatment of multiple myeloma.

Kramer vs kramer

On the other hand, Joanna Kramer decides to walk out of the relationship in an effort to realize the person she left behind when she decided to get married. She comes back to claim her son's custody, and this brings out a significant decision from the court.

Cis computer class

For input to the computer system, input devices are used and for data output, output devices are employed. In addition to input devices, we also require output devices, which can present the data that the computer system is manipulating in the form of useful information.

How the battle of gettysburg changed the civil war

The military situation in 1863 was crucially influenced by the Southerners' defeat in the bloodiest battle in the history of the American Civil War the three-day battle of Gettysburg. Meanwhile, in the Western theater of military operations, the troops of Generals Grant and Banks gained absolute control over the valley of the Mississippi River, dividing β†’

The position of medical assistant

I am looking forward to discussing my application further with you at your most convenient time. I will also follow up with your company next Tuesday via phone call regarding my application.

Restricting students access to non-educational sites – thesis proposal example

For example, the implementation of ways such as putting age limits on their websites for individuals to be allowed access to the sites. School administrators will also be encouraged to advise students on reading academic materials to enhance the improvement of students' performance.


The result was out fashioned in the form of " KATRINA HEALTH" which was initiated as on online service to help people affected by storm, working with health professionals to gain some sort of access to their lost medical history they were using before storm and to retrieve it, thus they will be cured accordingly β†’

Docosahexaenoic acid and periodontitis in adults

The strengths of the study included verified adherence, consistency in outcomes and control procedures which were predominant throughout the study. The purpose of the study was to provide another option for treating periodontitis.

Predicting individual and group behavior

Harmon and the likes wants namely; additional pay for the extra task delegated to them and flexible time allocation that would facilitate the research hence improving the schools instructional platform. The best leadership style would be to create a uniform work value and ethics that involves an interactive session amongst the staff in decision making β†’

August comte

Auguste Comte Auguste Comte was a famous French philosopher who is deservingly considered to be one of the " fathers" of sociology. The main idea of Comte was to restore the society, which was damaged by French Revolution, with the help of science and his positive philosophy.

Trauma and consequences

As elaborated by Jackson-Cherry and Erford, the diagnosis of ASD is possible if the related symptoms occur within a month of a traumatic experience. This is due to the fact and understanding that Maryam began displaying traumatic symptoms such as anxiety, sleeplessness, nausea and increased use of alcohol and related substances before the setting in β†’

Difference between gpfrs and spfrs

Regardless of the information required they must implement an accounting system to assess the financial performance, assess solvency and liquidity, provide information to the relevant parties, to understand the reasons for any changes, guide the management in the decision making process and control the operations, and to enable the management forecast the financial position and β†’

Building a power base

I am no exception to this and so I have to behave in a manner that shows that I understand what is expected of me. To show that I have the ability to become a supervisor, I have to ensure that I know the hospital rules and follow them effectively.

Catcher in the rye chapter 14

He is not donning a real uniform, but pieces of it, which shows that he might not take his job as seriously as he may let others believe". This quote is made after the scene in which Holden imagines what he would do to Maurice if he had the chance, and the things to make β†’

Gun violence

One of the solutions for it is to treat gun violence as a serious crime and imprison the perpetrators in order to seclude the deviants from the public. We should also study the situation that led to the use of a gun; if the gun was used unnecessarily, then the person should be taken to β†’

Cyper ethics

Cyber Ethics Homework Section Response to question 2 In his book, On Liberty, Mill explains " tyranny of the majority" as a scenario whereby, decisions made are in accordance with the will of the people or those who succeeded in making themselves accepted as the majority. He explains that this is as a result of β†’

How congress works or how a bill is passed

He developed strategic plans for the defense, signed a number of economic acts, signed an act to reduce pollution and resolve energy and environmental crises and done almost everything to implement his agenda. To implement their agenda they worked hard and signed may act, bills and agreements in favor of the United States.

Compare/contrast buddhism teachings to catholic or other christian denomination

Christianity, on the other hand, is a faith inspired by the life and revelations of Jesus Christ, whom the followers believe to be the Son of God. According to the Roman Catholic tradition, the New Testament serves as the definitive compilation of the teachings of Jesus Christ, a faithful adherence of which is said to β†’

Analysis of the poem what its like to be a black girl by patricia smith

The poem tells a story of an American who is at crossroads without a clear identity in the society; she struggles to define her identity from the mixture of several cultures, upon which she realizes it's futile. The first line of the poem by Morale holds the tone and mood of the entire poem." I β†’

Acc501 – accounting for decision making, mod 3 slp

ASPCA and the Implications of Financial Decisions of the of the ASPCA and the Implications of Financial Decisions Introduction Finance is the lifeblood of any organization, and this is as true of non-profit institutions as it is of enterprises run for profit. Three Relevant and Non-Relevant Costs in this Decision Relevant costs related to the β†’


Most of the entrepreneurs collect money from the investors for the expansion process of their business through the public issue of the company shares. In order to gain the confidence of the potential investors it is necessary for the founders of the venture to prepare their company for the analysis and evaluation by potential investors.

Bipolar disorder: a combination of medication and psychotherapy

Bipolar disorder manifests itself as either Bipolar I which is a typical combination of episodes of mania and sometimes depression, as Bipolar II which includes episodes of hypomania and depression or as Cyclomania in which the individual experiences swings between mild symptoms of mania and depression. Treatment Given the variety and complexity of the symptoms β†’

Control a people’s language

This means that people using the language share a common understanding of the signs and words used in the language, which aids in understanding what other people communicate. Consequently, being in control of the language used by people means that one gets the potential to influence how the people express their ideas, feelings, and thoughts.

Infant eyes baby eye movements

Normal development of the eye would go as follows: Between birth and 3 months of age, the baby may not be able to exactly focus clearly on a particular object, and at this stage of life the baby's eyes may not always be in proper alignment with one another as the baby has not fully β†’


By studying logic, individuals can understand how to look at both sides of an argument to make a decision. Unlike with the Casey Anthony case, where I can be proven right because she is receiving a trial, prayer, faith, and opinions are not logical.

Two page summary on chapter 3

This paper outlines what Peter Drucker in Chapter 3 of his book The Effective Executive: The Definitive Guide to Getting the Right Things Done has to say on the importance of an executive focusing on contribution towards his organization. Development of others Key Points in What Can I Contribute?" What can I contribute that will β†’

Are humans unique

The PBS documentary titled " Ape Genius" delves in to the dynamics of the genetic relationship between human beings and apes that also forms the basis of the theory that human beings had in fact evolved from apes. The researchers discuss the theory of the ' Triangle', which is a term used to refer to β†’

The american family threaten by unemployment

Your full full January 02, Research Proposal Research Paper Topic: ' The Impact of Unemployment on the American Family' Abstract The research paper will be about the impact that unemployment puts on the American families. New York Times, 28 Dec.2011.Web.

Adult education and postmoderism

Creating connections between each individual and the learning, and each individual and every other individual in the learning environment, promotes understanding of the lessons and allows learners to both make it personal and to add to it as they see fit. A synthesis of feminist theories looks at how women have been conditioned by the β†’

The plans for future

The course on Corporate Reorganization will assist me in identifying major failures of businesses that have taken place throughout the history and it will even help me analyze how corporate governance and better corporate practices can assist organizations in avoiding such failure and save one self from entering the phase of bankruptcy in case of β†’

One mans experiment with the location awareness lifestyle

In reading this article, I was impressed to see all of the capabilities of technology with apps such as iWant, GasBag, and Wiki me, but I also feel like there is an overload of it right now. By the end of the piece, Matthew Honan seems to agree with this somewhat when he nearly gets β†’

Abnormal psychology and perception

Abnormal psychology and perception Abnormal psychology To the editor, I read your article on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and believe that your author's approach to the article is overly simplistic, and could mislead the public on the disorder and its causes. One of the bases for the article's simplicity is its narrow approach to understanding β†’

Pascal’s wager

It should be noted that it is not the intent of this paper to judge Pascal's wager in an attempt to evoke an overall belief or disbelief in god; rather, the purpose of this analysis is to weight Pascal's wager on the scales of rational and philosophical thought. If one believes Pascal's wager then they β†’

Ece440 week4discussion

It provides a new way of examining the society based on the planning required to ascertain the impact that data has in determining a program's quality and the role of the instruments and techniques used to attain the required level of organization. The important step is to carry out comprehensive assessments that allow for multiple β†’

German civilization: jewish assimilation in germany

He was a of law in a German university who strongly identified himself with the Jews. He encouraged the Jews to stick with their own Jewish culture and take pride in it.

The red tent, by anita diamant

The Red Tent depicts the story of Dinah, which is one of the key references found in the Holy Bible book of Chapter 34, " The Genesis". One of the most essential themes that are explicitly emphasized upon is the fact of that she is engrossed in all her memories.

Book report

The one key point that the book insists on is the idea of not making bad decisions that affects the ability to play the favorite sport. The chapter reviewed that the book is to build the mental muscles of athlete in many fields.

Financial markets

The analysis of these companies is also presented in terms of return per share and percentage of return on Investment. The basis for increase in the prices of Yamana Gold was that the gold prices in the international market were increased between January to April, which resulted improved the performance of Yamana Gold and resulted β†’

Analyse the ofsted report in light of what you have observed to be current practice in your school

This project highlights the use of computer instruction files, the benefits accrued, levels of application in both GCE and GCSE, challenges faced in the implementation of the project and the recommendations made to the national curriculum developers as well as the individual schools. In secondary schools, a range of ICT courses in Key Stage 4 β†’

Logistics – fedex distribution systems

Figure: FedEx International DirectDistribution With reference to the above graphical representation i.e.' FedEx International DirectDistribution', it can be viewed that the distribution system of FedEx comprises three steps that include packaging of the shipment received from different sources, making transportation of goods with the help of different means, as well as the concluding step is β†’

Presentation critiques

The theme of the presentation included the aspects pertaining to the importance of ethics and being civilized as an engineer. The approach of the presentation was generic so as to be beneficial for the diverse nature of the audience.

Killing eating habit in america

Excursive calories thus increase chances for Triglycerides and the indigestible amount of cholesterol that accumulates around the liver and the abdomen, which in turn create avenues to chronic diseases that claim numerous life's for American citizens. Besides, junk foods are often processed from a centralized processing plant that is susceptible to the spreading of germs β†’

Hcm621-0804a-01 ethics, policy, and law in health care management – phase 3 discussion board

The issues involved in limiting both patients' choices for providers and latter's involvement in health plans of patients: The issues involved in limiting both patients' choices for providers and vice versa would be in terms of a perceived compromise in quality and standards of health care provision since individualized client attention and monitoring would be β†’

Identify how a uk company could convince shareholders and the regulator that it had complied with the five main principles of the uk corporate governance code

Identify how a UK company could convince shareholders and the regulator that it had complied with the five main principles of the UK Corporate Governance Code. The first principle of the Code pertains to the role of non-executive directors in a company.

Cognitive dissonance (social and cultural contexts of behavior)

On that basis, Professor Pausch is not actually in a state of cognitive dissonance as he states in lecture. In conclusion, it can be said that Professor Pausch was able to reduce cognitive dissonance, by being capable to reduce the dissonant cognition.

Head on tylenol by h.winter

The book provides a user-friendly step by step workbook like approach to the five steps of the nursing process. Pharmaceutical marketing principles, environment, and practice, available through Medical Databases online, Pharmacology Databases, accessed 20th Oct.2011.