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Electrical energy

Research proposal: Production and use of electrical energy in the UAE Justification Commercial and community development in the modern world relies heavily on the quantity and quality of energy in use. This proposal will investigate the extent to which the UAE has invested and concentrated on the production and utilization of electrical energy in an β†’

The superiority complex

The Superiority Complex Suketu Mehta in her article, in the TIME magazine takes the readers through the life experience of the people in America. Suketu Mehta is said to have made a significant impact in the social life of Americans.

Hills like white elephants

Hemingway developed the plot in such a manner that interlinks well with the characters in the story. After reading the story, one becomes convinced that the two characters are acting naturally in the story.

Financial statement summary of your analysis

05 in 2012 while in 2014 in decreased to 2. 76% in 2013 to 9369% in 2014 indicating a reduction in performance of the company.

Iraq, human rights and the experience of exile

The state of Iraq has been one of the places in the Middle East occupied by the Jews. The Jews have continued to seek refugee status in locations due to human rights violations such as Israel and mass exile to other areas.

Descriptive statistical processes

Descriptive Statistical Processes al Affiliation Descriptive statistical processes can be used in determining the relationship between the variables being investigated through the formulated research question. The second way in which it will be helpful in addressing the research question is by providing an avenue through which the data collected can be summarized.

Voice of protest by alan brinkley

As mentioned, Coughlin and the party had millions of followers, but rather than this being evidence of his success as a leader, it was a point used against him by critics, who viewed him as a dictatorial demagogue with radical views and ideas who had no room to be in the political scene of America. β†’

Terman’s torah garden

From the poem " The Torah Garden", Terman makes reference to a tradition performed among the Jews on the turn of every New Year " I sound the shofar for the New Year and in this suspended time, my life is focused in my mouth, lips on the ram's horn I purchased in Jerusalem,". In β†’

707 week 9

Mean, range, and standard deviation will be calculated for both self-efficacy score, age and educational sessions because the variables are measured on a ratio scale that allows for calculation of the descriptive statistics. Data points for using frequencies and percentages Frequency and percentage will be used gender, level of education, and area of residence because β†’

Taoism: harmony with the cosmos

A Critical Analysis of the Concept of Harmony of the Universe in Daoism A Critical Analysis of the Concept of Harmony ofthe Universe in Daoism Harmony or sacredness of the universe' is one of the central ideas of Daoism. But in Daoism, the universe as well as the nature is infused in the existence of β†’

Health insurance portability and accountability act

HIPAA is an endeavor to protect the confidentiality and privacy of the patient's health and illness-related information. Enforcement rule The provisions regarding the enforcement of HIPAA, violations to the prescribed standards and subsequent penalties are stated in the Enforcement Rule of HIPAA.

Theater art

Larry, the protagonist of the film, is climbing onto the roof of his suburban home to fix the TV antenna. Larry is in the centre of the frame and all the lines of the roof lead up to him.

Approaches to clinical psychology

Sigmund Freud was not the first to investigate the philosophical ramifications of the unconscious, but his early 20th century psychological examinations and development of psychoanalysis make him the progenitor of the psychodynamic counseling theory. Psychodynamic counseling treatment functions by determining the patient's underlining malaise as rooted in the complex interaction of conscious and unconscious forces β†’

Alcohol problem

What is missing from the quiz that you feel is important to include with the idea of alcohol consumption? This quiz could be given to all ages due to the generality of the questions.

Understanding human behavior and the social environment

The counselor also realised that he may not be in a position to determine the destination for all clients but it was important to become a companion to such people and he should be willing to share their experiences. The counselor's behaviour that may have changed as a result of working with Steve is related β†’

Hardsellling the homeless

Based on the ethical principle of utilitarianism and the general need for social responsibility, the institutions' move to campaign for education for homeless is called for. Though most of the recruits into the for-profit university programs are also motivated by the availability of funds rather than academic needs, stopping the funding may unfairly hinder education β†’

How educational requirements are changing to lower grades

It is also a fact that children are being enrolled to kindergartens at the age of four. What seems to be changing is the economy, and so is the education system.

Peer review questions

Yes, the beginning of the story is a masterpiece to say the least. The theme of the story is clear.

Transition from the learning of one genre of literature to another

This is the first challenge encountered during the transition from the teaching of poetry to the teaching of short stories. On the contrary, there is a lot of similarity between them, and some styles studied during the introduction to poetry were still applicable to prose, such as irony, symbolism, and satire.

How to improve literacy skills

The use of ICT can also be embedded in math lessons through asking students to use graphs and spreadsheet to feed the computer with information. ICT can be utilised in lessons through creation of podcasts or videos needed by students to find and view the information.

Looking back over this quarter, what have you learned about one particular adventist belief that is new to you, or is a significant addition to what you have thought previously

One of the biggest and most obvious differences is the fact that those in the Adventist religion believe in the idea that Jesus Christ is the savior of humanity. That means that in Islam each person is in charge of clearing himself from sin, and that it cannot be done by simply accepting a particular β†’

Choosing a career as a vital decision in life

I consider my personal and academic interests important, as these determine the nature of the person I become, and the goals I will pursue. I also like the finance class that I take, and because of this interest in finance, I plan to pursue a finance course after completing my accounting degree.

Discussion thre

Ethics and Consent Ethics and Consent: Who should receive the experimental drug for Ebola? Consent and informed consent The distinction between consent and informed consent has implications for professional healthcare providers.

Business strategy briefing paper

According to the annual report of Royal Mail Group Limited, the company has enlisted its name in the ' FTSE 100 Index' during 2013. 2: Accident Frequency of Royal Mail in UK Competitive Rivalry In order to identify the competitive rivalry, it has been observed that Royal Mail has witnessed higher threats from its competitors, β†’

Juvenille ofenders in criminal court

This means that a new approach in reference to the transfer of the juveniles must be evaluated to ensure protection of the community is enhanced by the judicial system. Penology policies to counter this trend include reduction of transfers to adult criminal system by empowerment of juvenile courts to give adult sentences as well as β†’

Business and humanity

Business and Humanity Every business in the world follows certain principles and humans are bound to follow the principles to make sure the rights of others are not compromised. For this reason, ethical values in businesses are given extreme importance as this is the only way to ensure that the rights of others are β†’

The wechsler intelligence scale for children

Wechsler developed the WISC-III from the WISC-R which had been the most popular and widely researched children's intelligence test to date. The WISC-III has high internal consistency for all three IQ scores and the four factors, ranging from.

Advancement and equity for women in business world

This will enable firms to take advantage of the increasing capacity of talents in women. This reveals that women have the ability to increase profits and advance the performance of organizations from an exclusive perspective of leadership style.

Corporate governance models

SHAREHOLDER VALUE MODEL & STAKEHOLDER MODEL Below is a comparison of the two models of corporate governance: Shareholder value and Stakeholder.[Source: Governance Models] The shareholder value is designed in such a way that the only the shareholders and executives will earn high returns on the stocks they have invested. As the time passed and new β†’

The romance of tristan and iseult ( retold by j.bedier and translated by hilaire belloc)

The Romance of Tristan and Iseult The story of Tristan and Iseult is one of the most famous pieces of the Western literature which manifests a broad story about love and death and explicates the good and bad in romantic love. The context of the story also showed the whole theme of the story which β†’

Women’s suffrage discussion

Women Suffrage Women's suffrage is the right for women to vote and to vie for the public offices. According to Professor Kulhman and Woodsworth Ney, granting women the right to vote was progressive.

Fashion institute of design and merchandise

The graduates from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise succeed in their respective fields and I also have the potential to go ahead and achieve excellent progress. I will uphold the name of the college and put in all my strength and knowledge during my studies and even after that.

Procedural programming languages and object oriented programming language

Procedural programming is simply an approach to programming and the languages that support this methodology are called procedural programming languages, as is the case with object oriented programming languages. In OOP methodology a system basically consists on interactions of objects and each object has to perform its own responsibility after that the responsibility is delegated β†’

Institutional developments of congress

al Developments of Congress The article covers myriads of factors that lead to the al development of the congress body and how some of them later lost consideration thus leading to modification and expansion of the existing chambers. They also created a domineering force in enabling the formation of these committee members.

Some of the trades women practiced in early america on the colonial williamsburg site

Since women were expected to stay home and take care of their family, women acting as men changed the gender expectations in early America. Since women were involved in trade activities this changes the perception of women.

Soc week one discussion

Conflict perspective Conflict perspective is the view that conflicts are the main element of social life and that they determine the distribution of power and resources, and the direction of social change. An example of the manifestation of this perspective is the view that there is imminent clash of interests between employees who work to β†’

Mass incarceration: the new jim crow

The New Jim Crow is ideally the incarceration of many black men due to drugs to deny them the right to suffrage. The article consults many sources and statistics to argue for the discriminated position of the African American in the New Jim Crow society that is color blinded to notice.

Legalizing marijuana

Bans on the use of marijuana do not lead to a decrease in consumption, but they lead to the formation of organized crime and smuggling and they infringe on the rights of citizens. Use of marijuana as a means of relaxing is purely a personal choice, therefore, the prohibition of marijuana possession and control of β†’


In some cases, fast-food items or ingredients are pre-made and therefore it may not be possible to be customized according to the requirements of the customers. Many people perceive that fast-food items are unhealthy due to some of the ingredients like ajinomoto Opportunities The majority of the students are from China and hence, a Chinese β†’

Human anatomy and physiology

In 1978, when the first US patent was issued, the primary mode of transfusion was for " whole units" of blood, including platelets, plasma, red cells, white cells and other factors. Red Blood Cells: One of the Formed Elements in the Bloodstream Red blood cells are one of the formed elements in blood.

Responding to a bioterrorist attack from the department of health and human services

Responding to a Bioterrorist Attack from the Department of Health and Human Services Q How should education of the public be managed with this potential threat? A. How could the use of BoTox be a point of confusion to the public? A.

Restaurant field experience report

During the period that I was an assistant Manager I also learnt how to provide directions, coach and feedback for the team members. I also learnt how to solve Conclusion During the whole period that I worked in the restaurant I had good time with the team members.

What is indian philosophy is there indian philosophy

In Indian philosophy, the main schools of thought are divided into two: the orthodox and non-orthodox schools. Further, Indian philosophy also incorporates the sceptical and materialist philosophies of Carvaka in addition to the religious schools of Jainism.

Promoting reading development

The written ones can be used to test and improve the ability of the learner to capture English words at a personal level. Hillsdale, N.J: L.

How to think theologically (httt) chapters 2,3 reading responses

Hermeneutics is the branch of knowledge dealing with the interpretation of texts. Seemingly, Christology is the branch of theology concerned with the nature and role of Christ.

Schedule and cost control techniques

This section is divided into two sections or two sub activities of go-live and post-live issues mentioning the fact that first phase of the project will look into the issue related with making the new email system live and useable for users whereas the second sub-activity will look into the post-live issue in order to β†’

Indifference curve

The figure below show the indifference map having with three indifference curves: The slope of the indifference curve is called the marginal rate of substitution. Hence, indifference curve is an important tool in the hand of firms to assess customer demand.

Summery of audio lecture

Summary of Lecture of Ramiro Salazar The speaker, Ramiro Salazar, the Director of the San Antonio Public Library, provided pertinent issues relative to Library Administration, particularly focusing on areas such as planning and preparing for the future, development of strategic plans, and strategic plan recommendations based on his capacity as director of the public library.Mr. β†’

Business problem-solving case does big data bring big rewards

DOES BIG DATA BRING BIG REWARDS? al Affiliation) Key words: Big Data First Posting Topic: Big Data Implementation Process Even if a company has a lot of funds, the benefits of a big data system can only be experienced if the appropriate structures are in place. The factors include-identifying and managing the complexity of the β†’

Nursing research class ethics

It is about preserving life of an individual to the maximum extent possible. Since abortion is such a complex issue in our society, it is also about setting aside our biases or issues, focusing the experiences or feelings of the individual who had an abortion and extend help which will maximize benefits to the individual.

Selection process design

Selection and hiring process Shortlisted candidates will be contacted and taken through a series of tests and interviews to determine the best. These persons will be expected to integrate different cultures into our school system since the school has a lot of diversity making them to have a better chance in the hiring process.

Corporate accounting

Acquisition Premium and Goodwill Acquisition Premium and Goodwill on Acquisition An acquisition premium is the variation between the real cost paid to own an organization and the approximated real value of the purchased business before the acquisition. Goodwill on acquisition, on the other hand, is the price the purchasing company parts with for the target β†’

Dietary supplements summary

Dietary Supplements Dietary supplements are minerals, vitamins and other less familiar substances including amino acids, botanicals, animal extracts, enzymes and herbals that add to diet. The U.S.regulator of food and drug substances, Food and Drug Administration, FDA, does not consider dietary supplements as drugs but foods, thus not subjected to regulations governing drugs.

Women may feel more pain than men do

Women May Feel More Pain Than Men Do Pain has long been associated with the female gender more than with the male gender and the capability of eithergender for bearing the pain has always been unknown. This research employing a 10-point Likert scale studied the electronic records of over 11000 men and women and found β†’

Explain a paragraph from ciceros invention

In the exordium, Cicero manages to capture the audiences attention through introducing the plight of the under age defendant in court. In confirming the case, Cicero indicates the importance of his arguments when he highlights the need of protecting innocent men fort the good of the society.

Malaysian banks

Bank Negara Malaysia is one of the banks that is compliant with sharia. One of the focal points to understand is the fact that Bank Muamalat Malaysia Berhad for instance charges interest that is contributed as a service fee.

Unit 3 discussion board

However, there are various indicators which contribute towards the overall performance of the nursing homes. One of the most important barriers in performance evaluation of those nursing homes is the fact evaluating the performance is multidimensional in nature and there is no single measure of the performance evaluation.

Journal#1: how did participation in the group shape your identity as a woman journal#2: feminism. journal #3:the mass marketing of a sexual identity for young

I think that it is necessary to educate males teaching them to love and respect women, who are their mothers and wives. We are to preserve the culture and knowledge of the civilization developed by men, who like to fight and are in constant search.

Final project

The interview remains in court in the morning until 1 pm after which, he gets in his office for the paper work. What he said in reply to those questions is mentioned in the text below: To possess the basic skills as an associate in a firm, one needs to have basic understanding of legal β†’

Manu sports academy

The problem that Tom Owen faces with his MANU Soccer Academy business is that it has reached its limit in the number of children that are aware of the academy and purchase the programs and materials that Owen has to offer in Fort Collins. It is clear that the marketing needs to change in order β†’

My future in safety management

There is a demand for safety specialists with the understanding of management issues; this will only increase my marketability within the career field I have chosen. I think having the chance to supervise and oversee safety programs and make a difference in my field is inspiring.

Contract and agency business law

Why? In the case study, the Executives of ABC made an offer to their employees about them staying and continuing working in the company despite the present conditions as the company would soon be merging with another company and the employees would benefit from the merger or sale of ABC. However, despite the fact that β†’

The meaning of a poem

Take the poem of Charles Bukowski, for instance, entitled " Let It Enfold You", the poem is a perfect example of a creatively thought of and selected choices of words that conveyed a specific meaning when taken as a unified literary work. To reiterate, the poem is actually a perfect example of a creatively thought β†’

Case study: out-of-town brown and the besieged probation supervisor

In the context of the case study, it can be stated that boot camps can be used as a form of intermediate sanctions. The purpose of a policy draft for Collier County Probation Department is to make sure that it provides sensible and correct reactions to media investigations.

Should the united states reinstate the draft

First of all, I believe it is important for the US to reinstate the draft considering the demands of the new world situation following the Cold War. However, is it completely correct to ascertain the view that the United States should reinstate the draft?

Oppian law

The state passed the Oppian law to tap into the riches held by women in order assist in repaying the losses incurred during the war. In this essay, we are going to discuss Livy's account of Roman women demonstrating against Oppian law and Baldson's view of the Roman women in relevance to the Oppian law.

Select an organization that has a web presence and analyze the organization using elements listed below from chapter 3

Since that time, Gillette has lived to be one of the best organizations that deal with production of razors and blades in addition to other shaving commodities. The organization has branches in various countries to ensure that there is a continuous supply of products to their customers.

What are the risks when building a new stadium in london

WHAT ARE THE RISKS WHEN BUILDING A NEW STADIUM IN LONDON By School We will describe 5 risks related to building a new stadium in London, for example for Chelsea. In this connection the managers of the construction project should organize the support of the local authorities in such a project.

Decoding the new mtv-speak

Throughout the article " Decoding the New MTV Speak" the made fun of the new billboard MTV advertising campaign. The target demographic of MTV is not people in their 40s.

Chip conley: measuring what makes life worthwhile

Chip Conley unravels his story and the lessons he learn through listening, perseverance, and understanding and willing to prosper, it is easy to expand a business empire. As a leader, it is wise to realize that for a business to work, the human aspect has to be respected and so should the hierarchy of needs.

Evaluate various organizational perspectives

Epistemology in regards to an organization investigates the extent of human knowledge, its acquisition through different forms of investigation and inquiry. The multidisciplinary aspect of organizational theory makes studying organization theory fascinating and challenging.

Mba as a particularly important goal

My work is appreciated and I have gained vast experience in technical field1 and would like to enhance my knowledge in finance now. I had been motivated by the desire of attaining excellence in business field and have reached the present position with that in mind, and to reach here, I had disregarded lucrative alternatives β†’

Speech on culture ( nursing been my culture )

It is not hard to imagine the situation: nurses are human just like the rest of us the fact that there is terrible suffering and pain all around them is something they will eventually adapt to after a certain amount of time.2. Conclusion: A: Nurses have a lot in common and must help each other β†’

Deductive reasoning video

If you hit a glass with a feather, the glass will break According to clip, black child is first shown provided with researcher's 1, followed by following statements respectively: 3. Conversely, child's conclusion to researcher's 2, 4, and proposition " Dawn hit the glass with a feather", is: 9.

Rule of law

Police are not expected to " cut corners" to achieve their mission and this principle is covered by the " Exclusionary Rule" of law which prohibits collection of evidence in violation of the constitution and Bill of Rights. Rights of the accused are protected and it is possible to present stronger cases leading to a β†’

Statement of intent: applying to chapman university school of law

After having recently enrolled in the Chapman University School of Law, I acknowledged that with my previous academic orientation and thrust in business ventures and entrepreneurship, the most strategic move would be to delve into the JD/MBA Program which aptly increases significantly one's employability, marketability, core competencies, and indelibility as a high achiever. More than β†’

Ratio of profitability and liquidity

Liquidity Ratio In examining the liquidity ratio between these organizations there are a number of metrics and considerations. In examining the current ratio between these organizations it's clear that ARM Holdings current ratio of 2.

Companies conflict resolution in focus group

All types of relationship, personal or professional, come across conflicting situations at one time or other and to maintain a semblance of peace and harmony in the relationship and developing situation thereon, it is important that the resolution of the conflict be done at the earliest. Thus, the best way to tackle workplace conflicts is β†’

How a younger generation is reshaping american politics

This can be blamed on the level of civic education done to ensure that youth understand about voting rights and the need to make a difference in the way the nation is operated. This is based on the methods used to reach the youth and their readiness to engage in elections.

Freud and the ideas of the enlightenment

Hence, the connection between Sigmund Freud and ideas of enrichment as adopted in the old irrationalism. Both Sigmund Freud and the old irrationalism that manifests enrichment lay their foundation in metaphysics or in awareness of the unique individual experiences.

Popular literature

Angels and Demons book analysis Angels and Demons has been ranked as a best seller is a fictional thriller by Dan Brown first published in 2000, this book tells the story of an American symbolist, Robert Langdon, on a quest to investigate and reveal the reason behind the murder of a popularly known physicist and β†’

Critical school

This technique is used to illustrate a familiar world or concept using familiar words from the point of view of another in order to force the reader to perceive or to think about the familiar world or concept in a different perspective and oftentimes in more complex terms. In the story, the horse narrator forces β†’

Online surveys

Online surveys are methods of research conducted on the internet by way of positing questionnaires on the website or sending to the emails of the potential respondents. Online surveys also limit the ability of the researchers to reach population without knowledge and connection of the internet.

Underdetermination and holism

Undeterminism and Holism A critical look at the problem of undeterminism shows that it is not right to dismiss the problem of undeterminism as a mere case of philosophical doubt. This fact from the history of the growth of science shows us that the issue that the problem of undeterminism of scientific theories raises is β†’

Method paper

More people spend a significant portion of their time gazing at the screen of their phones or tablets just to see the latest update in social media. In view of this, this research paper asks: What is the relationship between students' academic performance and their involvement in social media?

How tea party could drive gop to disaster

The convergence of the pro tea party Republicans on a single candidate will likely offer trouble to the anti-tea party Republicans and the Republican Party. On the other hand, Romney could get nominated and he could lose the election which would trigger the tea party Republicans to push for a more conservative candidate in the β†’

Promoting partnerships for healthy youth

The author clearly stated that the purpose of the project was " to deliver a school-based health promotion program...the aim of the program was to increase nutrition knowledge, promote a healthy body mass index and encourage a healthy body image among children in grades four through seven, residing in a small rural community in southwest β†’

Health sciences, medicine and infection control

Health Sciences and Medicine The term infection control can be defined as the various procedures and polices put in place to reduce the risks of infections from spreading from one patient to another, especially in hospitals and other health care facilities. Infections that are contacted in hospitals or other health care facilities are known β†’

David cole interviewing dr. franciszek piper

The point Cole tries to make here is that most of the evidence and facts about mass homicides at Auschwitz were either incorrect or exaggerated by the Soviet Union to serve their propaganda during the time of war and how on a larger scale, facts and figures of war have been manipulated in favour of β†’

Effect of a low-glycemic-index diet during pregnancy by r.moses

In fact, the sample size is one of the strengths of this study which contributes to the studies' reliability. Fetal size is the indicator in the principal findings, thus this meant that the study continued until the time the women gave birth.

Chinese diasporas: identity and its influence

According to Yang and Welch, most of the Chinese intellectuals work in universities in diaspora mostly where they took doctorate degrees. He observes ICT has improved economic and social and created a new generation of Chinese in the overseas who are utilizing global information to make an impact in building of the national image and β†’

Describe a friend

And he does not just watch it when it comes on, but he also tapes the show so that he can watch it over and over again. Even though everyone knows that Arence is there to watch The Simpsons, sometimes other students will approach him and ask him to turn the channel to another show.


They would not find an excuse to do away with the aspect of unionization that has been a source of bane at the organization. Managers have a duty to avoid unionization especially if the organization does not believe in such a philosophy but it is always good to come out cleanly for the betterment of β†’

Theory of operation and performance of turbine engines

Theory of Operation and Performance of Turbine Engines Understanding how the turbines engine works forms the main theoretical concept that defines the performance and operation the turbine engines. The most significant information concerning the turbine engines with respect to their operation is the process that happens in the internal engine and the sections of β†’

Skepticism and religion

However, after a proper investigation, I was meant to understand that indeed there are some churches that are out to confuse people and reap at the expense of the followers. Moreover, it was pointed out that some of the Christian based churches perform fake miracles just to draw the attention of the believers and to β†’