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Structural frame of leadership

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Structural Frame of Ledership I. D. Number: Term and Year Structural Frame of Leadership Whatis the organizational hierarchy?
Organizational hierarchy is aimed at clearly defining the relationships that exist inside the organization. Except the most powerful leader or oligarchy inside the organization, every entity is placed below some other one. This enables the organization to define the authorities of different ranks and positions in the organization chart. Members in a hierarchic organization primarily correspond with their immediate overseer (upward communication) and/or with their immediate assistants (downward communication).
2. What is the utility of the formal rules, policies, and procedures for teachers?
In any educational organization, discipline is important. Since teaching staffs are the most important employees in an educational organization, their responsibility to maintain this discipline is greatest. The teachers must enforce and exhibit productive, ethically acceptable activities. If formal rules, policies, and procedures are provided to the teachers, they can manage their responsibilities better since ambiguity regarding division of labor will be controlled. Rules, policies, and procedures will act like guidance for the teachers.
3. What role does accountability play?
Since the beginning of human civilization, corruption has been a significant problem. Corruption in the form of bribery, espionage, theft, forgery, etc. can be seen in modern day organizations as well. However, if accountability is enforced onto the management of an organization, they will be compelled to handle their subordinates in more responsible manner. Accountability helps to foster transparency.
4. To what degree does the structural frame fit the needs of schools?
Education is a process that involves evolution of human mind. If a structural frame is rigidly imposed on the educational system, the necessary room for innovation and experiment will be lost. And this will be a colossal loss for the schools, since schools are like the laboratories of education and ethics.
However, a certain degree of structured approach is necessary for the schools too. Structural frame, when applied to a school, can define the hierarchic relationships better and help to resolve conflicts among peers by setting up clearer codes of conduct.

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