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Education is the most crucial aspect of any person’s life worldwide. In the catalog, you will find a variety of different topics which will suit your academic needs concerning acute problems of education. For example, you can find essays about aboriginal education in villages and the influence of poverty on education. That issue provokes hot debates in the academic community and is constantly raised in students’ curricula.

Another essential feature of our texts is that they follow the global trends in education and discuss them. The central tendency is that education in the 21st century experiences the constant digitalization of the learning and teaching process. Essays provide reflections on the innovative trends of distance learning in a pervasive way.Β  Finally, one of the interesting essay topics reflecting modern global educational trends is girls’ education. Our database provides some inspirational essays about women’s struggle to get equal access to education.

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The investigation of the effects of conservation and tourism

The first general research article talked about the relationship between conservation, tourism, and economic development. The scientific article focused on marine mammals and its approach concurred with the definition of scientific research.

A case study of hong kong’s financial crisis

The reasons for the spread of economic decline in the countries were easily traced and the resulting effects were similar although varying in the degree of intensity. A clear difference between Hong Kong and the other Asian countries affected by the 1997-1998 economic crisis, however, was in the way that Hong Kong handled the threat β†’

Reflection essay on purpose of education

Shorris believes that with education in the humanities the students in his class will begin to understand that learning is their best tool for survival, not guns or knives. With the ability to ask questions people are able to learn more from their educators because when people are first introduced to a new concept it β†’

Social work – personal experience

My role as a Social Worker would be: Dare Francois is a young Haitian single mother in her ass she has come to my agency for assistance for herself and her daughter. As a social worker my main goals will be to work with her anxiety problem and panics attacks, keeping her current job, her β†’

Conceptual geometry syllabus assignment

A primary goal of Conceptual Geometry is the use of mathematical ideas in so Vying problems ranging from everyday applications to the real world and sciences. Required Hardbound Notebook, Materials #2 Sharpened Pencils, Eraser, Ruler._ Classroom Responsibilities: Students must be in their seats and be ready to work before the bell rings.

Hardsellling the homeless

Based on the ethical principle of utilitarianism and the general need for social responsibility, the institutions' move to campaign for education for homeless is called for. Though most of the recruits into the for-profit university programs are also motivated by the availability of funds rather than academic needs, stopping the funding may unfairly hinder education β†’

Transition from the learning of one genre of literature to another

This is the first challenge encountered during the transition from the teaching of poetry to the teaching of short stories. On the contrary, there is a lot of similarity between them, and some styles studied during the introduction to poetry were still applicable to prose, such as irony, symbolism, and satire.

Strategies for avoiding plagiarism

In comparison of these strategies, both strategies enable writers to avoid plagiarism in the work. In conclusion, writers should consider the effectiveness and importance of strategies used to avoid plagiarism.

Boston university as one of the institutions of higher learning

Therefore, the university has the best platform to enable the students to carry out their researches. Therefore, being in this institution will be a rare opportunity to be taught and supervised by the best minds that we have in the country.

How to improve literacy skills

The use of ICT can also be embedded in math lessons through asking students to use graphs and spreadsheet to feed the computer with information. ICT can be utilised in lessons through creation of podcasts or videos needed by students to find and view the information.

Structural frame of leadership

This enables the organization to define the authorities of different ranks and positions in the organization chart. What is the utility of the formal rules, policies, and procedures for teachers?

Planning a learning needs assessment

Some of the tools that can be used in Performing a Learning Needs Assessment There are several learning Needs Assessment tools that can effectively be used effectively by a nursing educator in performing an effective learning needs assessment. Tests: The giving of written pretests before a lesson is planned is a crucial tool that can β†’

Movers and shakers in education essay sample

A few of the requests included: accessing the quality of teaching and learning in primary, secondary, and postsecondary schools in private and public areas; compare American schools and those of other advanced nations; studying the relationship between college admission requirements and student achievement in high school; and defining problems in the educational system that we β†’

Chinese student applying for a transfer to the university of miami

I am a Chinese who is currently enrolled in a community college, however, I am seeking a transfer to the University of Miami; this is because the University of Miami has a lot to offer in terms of academic, professional and even personal needs. Ultimately, the University of Miami promises to cater, not only for β†’

Respond to students with no more than 90 words and 2 references

Steven Coffman A major shortfall that characteristically shows up concerning the author's work has to do with the fact that not much background was given to the various levels of measurement of validity, namely nominal level, ordinal level, interval level, and ratio level. Though much detail was given on the merits of the nominal level, β†’

Education is power

Education is power because it gives people the ability to change their lives and the lives of others. I think Oprah would agree with the fact that education is power because of the opportunities that she has laid out to help young children get to the places they would like to be in their lives.

The singapores education system education essay

A great resonance between students and instructors will assist to guarantee the smooth execution and success of the programmes, whether it is national programmes and school enterprises. They must hold the passion, believe and motivate the kid to detect his possible and to be the best he wants to be.

Assignments: education and learners assignment

The form and content of the examination paper for both the October/November examination and the supplementary examination in January are exactly the same. In short, OBEY emphasizes not what the teacher wants to achieve, but rather on what the learner should be able to know, to understand, to do and to become.

Pedagogics as a system

The website can also be a means to give essay homework, and be used as the mode of submission for the students. So also, websites would be permanent and accurate documentation of discussions of the topics in my syllabus and the students can easily refer to it for further studies.

Psychological effects of bullying

The articles states that bullying has a long-term impact upon the individuals and it is very disastrous in the long run. First, he has defined the concept of bullying and has focused mainly on children.

A letter of intent to enter the university

So, my plan is to acquire the skills and knowledge that the undergraduate program in social work can offer in order to make a difference in the world. My educational background and my personal accomplishments support my decision to grab the opportunity and to pursue post-secondary education in Bachelor of Social Work.

What is academic integrity?

For me, I believe It provides and adds more value to your degree knowing you did it fair and honestly. As a student, it is best to trust yourself and to approach all your work honestly and integrity.

Diversity and learning

It has therefore become necessary to understand these diverse cultures, establish relationships with people from different cultures and strengthen ties with culturally diverse people in order to build communities that are sensitive to and have the ability to solve problems and improve conditions for all the people of the community. As a child who belonged β†’

Fashion institute of design and merchandise

The graduates from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise succeed in their respective fields and I also have the potential to go ahead and achieve excellent progress. I will uphold the name of the college and put in all my strength and knowledge during my studies and even after that.

African american adolescents future education orientation

Journal Critique The two journals that have been chosen for this research are: a) African American Adolescents' Future Education Orientation: Associations with Self-efficacy, Ethnic Identity, and Perceived Parental Support b) Utah's School Counseling Data Projects: A Statewide Initiative Both these articles deal with the rural are students and the issues that these students face due β†’

Teachers participation in educational innovation and research groups

Research programs allow the teachers to investigate the issues of their interest and then incorporate the outcomes of their research in their future teaching practice. It implies that the participation of the teachers in the educational research programs provides certain important benefits to the students, teachers, schools, educational institutions, and the entire teaching community.

Promoting reading development

The written ones can be used to test and improve the ability of the learner to capture English words at a personal level. Hillsdale, N.J: L.

Life is only getting tougher for college students

The main purpose to go to college is to expand the minds of students and to offer them the knowledge to attain good, quality jobs that they could not have received without a degree. The towering stack of student loans that the student is standing on represents all the money the student has already given β†’

University of washington admissions

One day, my parents told me that we were going to move to the United States of America, and I developed a strong feeling that my life soon would change forever. At home, my parents pressured me to study all of the time, but I was frustrated and wanted to return to Korea.

Green pastures

Green Pastures Green Pastures is a unique ministry program that has developed to help the families caring for children with disabilities. Green Pastures also provides assistance to families with disabled children in the local community to better help for an overall understanding and caring mentality for all disabled children.

Presentation for literature class

Clearer and more logical structure which makes it easier for readers to understand and grasp what I am trying to convey 2. Danny and Emily's mother both try to rectify their actions even in misguided ways 2.

How reading, critical thinking, and writing relate to one another

This is done by planning lessons that are active, creating thematic units, and through developing authentic assessments that evaluate learning processes as well as a mastery of content Part 2: What Differentiates Academic Writing from Other Types of Writing This comparison is similar to comparing the contenting and format of a formal letter to the β†’

Good rhetorical knowledge essay example

The writing context affects the analytical text because the analysis has to be in line with the writing context. The strongest part of the analysis is the introduction because it encompasses all aspects of the analysis.

Workforce education

Abstract An adult education philosophy, or philosophical orientation, is the categorization of an individual's beliefs, values, and attitudes toward adult education and what the purpose and outcome of adult education should be. The traits of thebehaviorist teacherare close to those of the liberal, in that the behaviorist " manages" the learning process and directs learning.

Debeers case study/pov

Though DeBeers essentially pioneered the entirecultureand reputation of the diamond, the legwork was already done for emerging and junior companies trying to get in on the train of success and profit that DeBeers had trekked alone on for nearly a century. For example, we will turn to what the present economies of countries where DeBeers β†’

Career goals and learning plan paper assignment

I learned the art of listening at a very young age and I am glad that I adhere to it. I pick a time to complete my work and as each task is completed I mark it off on the syllables as done.

Certificate in teaching in the lifelong learning sector essay sample

The two types of assessment which I use are internal and external and the concepts of assessment which are commonly used in my teaching environment are Norm referencing, criterion referencing, formative and summative assessment. Peer and self assessment Throughout the PTLLS and CTLLS course I have been impressed by the use of peer assessment and β†’

Lesson plan on critique

Moreover, the activities listed in the lesson plan maximize the engagement of the students and assess the mastery of objectives by the students " Students are provided this time to begin reading the text and prepare questions". Weaknesses of the lesson plan The lesson plan provides a clear evidence of insufficient, minimum information to the β†’

Academic redshirting by judy mollard

Weaknesses of the Article In my opinion, one key weakness of the article is its failure to include the most recent studies on the subjects discussed. Finally, another key weakness of the article is that it did not summarize the overall implications of the key trends on education in the United States.

Motivating and lying

Lies Used for Motivation In a very competitive world, a person often needs inspiration and motivation to be able to provide the desired outcome which is required in a particular task. However, when the falsehood of the statement is exposed, either the person whom the message was addressed to will feel betrayed or used depending β†’

Mba as a particularly important goal

My work is appreciated and I have gained vast experience in technical field1 and would like to enhance my knowledge in finance now. I had been motivated by the desire of attaining excellence in business field and have reached the present position with that in mind, and to reach here, I had disregarded lucrative alternatives β†’

Developmental assets in education

According to Dewey and Tufts, the best kind of help to others, whenever possible, is indirect, and consists in such modifications of the conditions of life, of the general level of subsistence, as enables them independently to help themselves. In the bid to bridge the gap, the school makes use of varying useful alternatives that β†’

Current state of education in nigeria

Education fosters the worth and development of the individual, for each individuals sake and for the general development of the society/nation iii. Provide the child with basic tools for further educational advancement, including preparation for trades and crafts of the locality.these goals from the basis of primary education in all the states of the federation β†’


Activity 2 Based on the findings I made in activity 1, some of the actions that I will take when planning activities for Jacob are enhancing the classroom to ease movements, improve the kinds of toys that Jacob plays with and also establish games that could improve the cognitive development of Jacob. When enhancing the β†’

Corolla case study

Dependency on growers if the product that the grower supplies is not grown and packaged in accordance with the established specifications, then C&C is not supplying the quality of product as pictured in the catalog and the customer does not receive what was ordered. That would solidify C&C's role as the market leader in premium β†’

Private educational sector performance appraisals in mauritius business essay

The chief purpose for this homogeneous attack was that instruction to be dispensed in a unvarying mode for the benefits of criterions and the society at big The subsequent study of the Bureau in came in the way of reforms with specific conditions of service for nucleus intent to better and achieve aims in the β†’

Global issues in higher education

As I considered the school that would build my dreams and inspirations with my mind building games capabilities, and my talents to bring out the psych and inspiration in my fellow students. I like the drive that I see around and I want to be an alumnus of it and the school a part of β†’

Major characteristics of qualitative research education essay

Therefore to transport out his research qualitatively, the research worker would wish to utilize instance survey as the method for the research worker to carry on this research. Fraenkel and Wallen suggested the same and as follow; Participant Observation, the research workers really take part in the state of affairs or puting they are detecting β†’

Needs of ifrs education in india

To broaden the pool of trained resources, it is important to incorporate IFRS training in colleges, universities, and the professional accounting syllabus of the ICAI. This paper throw lights on importance and need of IFRS education in India, the extent to which IFRS are recognized around the world and explore the possibilities of implementing IFRS β†’

Admission essay for pace university

I could attest such remark with the comments that my previous professors gave me here in Pace during my freshmen up to the present, and even my grades during my past high school and elementary education. She always wanted me to have the best and quality education that I could ever have and I see β†’

Language development and reading disabilities

A series of research have always been carried out to develop and identify the key factors that can facilitate language development in the bid of curbing reading disabilities. Of all the suggestions on language development, the recent research by Adriana and Anne tend to be the best because it explored language development in a natural β†’

Cultural geography assignment

The university is known for various awaited events that are open to the public and some exclusive to the Thomasian community. UST, being the oldest University in the Philippines and in the whole of Asia, has laid its foundations in the field of teaching through the centuries.

Realistic educational curriculum essay sample

By the end of the class we planned to stay in the same room because according to the students there will be new section that will use the classroom for the first subject. It is not our fault, we came to school in the designate time but unfortunately the principal is not around.

Molson coors case study

Major classifications of an income statement are: Income from continuing operations before tax Discontinued operations Net income from continuing operations Other revenues and expenses Operating income Extraordinary items Net income before extraordinary items Net income Cumulative effect of change in accounting principle B. Minority interest: the part of the net income destined to the minority β†’

The history of challenging behaviour terminology education essay

In every behaviour classified as " challenging", there are three characteristics in common, which: impede the individual from learning, developing and succeedingis harmful to the person himself and to othersputs the individual at high risk for later social problems and school failureIndividuals that fall under the category of " Challenging Behaviour" often find themselves rejected, β†’

Gifted young children: a guide for teachers and parents by louise porter

In this book, the author has drawn the audience's attention towards the possibility of giftedness in children that generally display the signs of delayed development. In order to create a better understanding of such children, the author identifies certain signs of giftedness.

How i have changed since college started assignment

It is of the first decade of life through which the deciphering of right and wrong is the ultimate essence of maturity. I have learned of the importance of a sound mind in the midst of all of my troubles.

Assignment 11 (775)

Arnold The author of this article provides new insights into methods of improving the learning process through the increase in curricular articulation and integration across subject areas in schools. As prescribed in this article, integration of instruction requires the collaboration of all aspects of learning such as organization and management, instructions, curriculum, assessment and the β†’

Case study: flying start at virgin blue

This also applies to the deregulatory changes and the elimination of these barriers that exist in deregulatory framework and this result in the creation of various opportunities as regards various reallocations of available resources and hence this could lead into market equilibrium. This paper will focus on the case study of Flying start at Virgin β†’

Research theory discussion 1 wk4

Theory plays a crucial role in any research as it connects different research and simplify research model in the formation of hypotheses. Particularly in scientific research, like in physics, theory provides a simplified model of the research work.

Ptlls course

In the teaching and learning context, teaching roles essentially differ from other professional roles. In the teaching and learning context, primary responsibilities work to the best interest of student welfare.

Educational trip essay sample

Yukihiro Mimura took over as the new president of DASH together with his vision for the company, " to become the number one engineering company in the Philippines". Through the years the Shipbuilding Division has gained its reputation as the company's pride in the field of competitive ship engineering and design.

Pre-service teacher institute

It aims to offer the following: explanation of how academic and personal experiences have led me to pursue a career in teaching; what I hope to accomplish through the Pre-Service Teacher Institute and how I will use the Pre-Service Teacher Institute experience in the K-8 classroom; how participation in the Pre-Service Institute will enhance my β†’

A case study of a dying monopoly

The Russian state is the owner of fifty one per cent of the stocks and holds sway over the policies and direction of the company, strictly controlling the direction of development. The Kremlin disputes the existence of a monopoly and it is common for the government to make use of Gazprom as a weapon of β†’

Effective methods of learning

Kinesthetic learning style is the most preferred learning style according to the scores of the VARK analysis. Learning method embraced by this type of learners involves the engagement of the body to facilitate connection to what they are listening to in class.

My high school experience

In my case, I saw my high school life as a time for understanding my peers and using the knowledge that I gained to help me chart my path in life. I did not feel that I was at par with my classmates in the economic aspect of life which is why I did my β†’

Apple value driven management: a case study

For instance, one of the company's founders, Steve Jobs, has greatly influenced the management style of the company that has worked very well in catapulting it way ahead of its competitors. The employees must be committed value improvement in their specific areas of work and the company in general.

The systematic phonics case education essay

Harmonizing to Pearson, " Man-made phonics was the chief method of learning since the beginning of twentieth century, this type of learning comprises exercising of larning missive names, sounds of letters and after so intermixing of these ". The interviews conducted gave wide scope of future considerations to schools since students shared their likes and β†’

Strategies to success assignment

To reach this goal, within the next five years, I have to make several changes in my personal and academic schedule; I have decided to adjust my daily schedule, to sit at the front of the classroom, and to take notes more effectively. I compare and review the recorded lecture to my handwritten notes.

E-books, libraries, and hard cover books

This will be the main point for this paragraph and will expound the main in details. The concept of e-Books being software will also be discussed before the paragraph is concluded The fifth paragraph will be a solution proposal to break the impasse between librarians and publishers.

Critical thinking

During the course, I learned that critical thinking is important for a student in deeper understanding; people making judgments in critical situations and society need the concept of risk management. Thus, it is evident that there is need to practice critical thinking in our daily lives.

Skywest case study

Among the pressing challenges are; the increasing and fluctuating cost of fueling the jets, the prohibitive costs of acquiring funds to purchase new jets, the intense competition among the major players, the dwindling market of business and leisure travelers, regulations that have increased costs, and the effects of September 11, 2001 terror attacks which has β†’

Bed bath & beyond’s (bb&b) plan for growth case study

Explain the concept of value from the perspective of a Bed Bath & Beyond customer. A Bed Bath & Beyond customer receives value from the perspective of deep and wide assortments, one-stop shopping, excellent customer service, the ability to shop in a store and the Web, fair return policies, speedy checkout, and fair prices.

Educational leadership

In chapter five of the book, Warren describes aspects of the lives of successful individuals and their corresponding strives to attaining success. The perceptions of the leaders make it possible for them to act and behave responsible to their employees and their organizations.

System description case study

The process flow of the production/delivery system would be as follows: Customer enters the McDonald Outlet -> Occupies the seat after waiting -> Orders the items from the menu to the Front staff -> Front Staff passes on the orders to the kitchen staff -> Orders is prepared by the kitchen staff -> Food item β†’

How to write a thematic essay

The task of a writer is to focus on one particular aspect of a topic and present it clearly at the beginning of the essay. The lead-in or introductory part is of the utmost importance as it gives the target reader the understanding of the information that will be delivered further in the essay and β†’

In class assignment

Chicago Public Schools incorporates a wide variety of schools, the four main types being district schools, selective schools, magnet schools and charter schools. I think that these charter schools should limit the number of students they expel and suspend.


Many children tend to be influenced by the peer pressure but books have been cited as one source of information on how such children can control their changes and feelings. This helps them to define their character and enable them to control the changes.

Today’s education system

It was arranged in the rational civilization of the enlightenment and in the economic fortunes of the industrial revolution. The rational theoretical account of the head stated that the existent intelligence consist of capacity of deductive logical thinking and cognition of the classics, what we come to believe asacademicability.

Informative essay on education

Today I am going to express my views on the topic: Role of Parents in Children's Education." I want my child's education to be holistic! " " I do not like cramming and the loads of homework." " I want my child to grow in astress-freeenvironment." " The curriculum must stimulate reasoning and analytical skills." β†’

Authentic assessment: five appropriate uses for authentic assessment in the classroom

Authentic assessment is used in the classroom to ensure that the students have an understanding of the constructive theories they have learnt in class and whether they can actually understand them. Finally, authentic assessment in a classroom is used to ensure that all students undertaking the task have an understanding of the subject matter.

Market models of education – pros and cons

The authors of the chapter in question argues that even though these online courses might have their place in providing for a higher level of education with respect to the social sciences or to the hard sciences, argues that the provision of online classes in terms of teaching creative writing skills is doing a strong β†’

Programs for nurturing creativity

Some of the programs employed in nurturing creativity include odyssey of the mind, future problem-solving and talents unlimited in terms of the best target group. Odyssey of the Mind Odyssey of the mind is one of the programs that have been extensively employed in nurturing creativity among the kids.

Sam 322 unit 3

The growth of the fitness campaign and participation in physical activity is one of these sub-disciplines. The recognition of physical dormancy caused by sedentary lifestyles as a chief health issue is a third sub-discipline that fostered the growth of exercise science and physical education.

Distance learning – rhetorical analysis assignment

Reid claims that the traditional system of education is well on the verge of being swept away by online learning. The author of this article takes the side for distance learning.

School days assignment

I knew my father wanted me to start going to school every day. Also, I wanted to make my father proud of me for going to school.

Nayar of india outline essay sample

In this research paper I plan to identify their primary mode of subsistence, the aspects of the culture, and compare and contrast the culture to my own. The Nayar of Indians is Christians and Muslims.

The difference between a figurative and a literal analogy

The two types of analogies are Literal Analogy and Figurative analogy. If the purpose is to give logical reasoning and sound conclusion, Literal Analogy is better.

What does education mean in a persons life

From all areas of the spectrum, education is important and you should do the best you can. So, whatever you think education is, do not forget that our life skills are just as important as our academic achievements.

Career demand, salary, and education persuasive essay

But you want to be in a place with a lot of manufacturing job opportunities. They also want you to take aphilosophycourse and a lot more electives.

Essay on cdos risk management

The main characteristic is that the credit risk is transferred by a derivative but the originating bank retains the underlying pool of assets in the balance sheet. In the case, RBS sells a portfolio of loans to the SPV SEQUILS.

Higher education – people who can pay for it

Education should not be only for those people who can afford, but it should be for all the people who would like to fulfill their dreams as it is said of the people, by the people and for the people. And inspite the statement that higher education should be for rich people I think more β†’

Horace mann essay sample

Horace Mann was a Massachusetts politician who used his influence and power to shape the first board of education in the United States and to advocate for the implementation of the first tuition-free, tax funded public school in the nation. His educational theories and improvements to the educational system in the 19th century were unequaled β†’

Human dignity and diversity

Yoshino a young lawyer and gay person argues the hypocrisy of law and society in acceptance of human being with certain ' unwanted' traits like gayism and differences in culture. The society although impliedly and by the law in support of human rights fails to comply to its promises in action.

Learner-center educational plan

Proctor et al discusses the requirement for planning, and opens with the idea that no planning can take place without a clear idea, on the part of the teacher, of what the children in the class are going to learn. The planning process requires the identification of the learning objectives in detail; in reality, meeting β†’

Modern education is a needs in the future

The development of modern education in our country will give a huge impact in education sector especially to the students in primary school, secondary school, IPTA and IPTS. From this we can see that the developed education will give a lot of beneficial to our country in all sectors.