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The singapores education system education essay

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In the twenty-first Century Competencies and Desired Outcomes ofEducationmodel, the purpose is for our kids to go a confident individual, a autonomous scholar, an active subscriber and a concerned citizen. He is person who is resilient and can believe and communicates efficaciously. He must be able to reflects and take ownership of his acquisition, person who is a squad participant who take enterprises and strives for excellence. He must be rooted to

Singapore and is concern with assisting others around him.

Looking at the Primary School Curriculum ( MOE Corporate Brochure, 2013 ) , we can see that it is in line with the 21st CC and DOE model. In its nucleus is the acquisition of life accomplishments and values through Character and Citizenship Education ( CCE ) , Civil and Moral Education ( CME ) , Social and Emotional Learning, National Education, Physical Education and Project Work where our kids

learn assurance, finding, resiliency, duty and how to work with others. Hence, besides theacademictopics like English, Mother Tongue, ScienceandMathematics, the kids besides take up topics like Art, Civics and Moral Education, Music, Social Studies and Physical Education.

So, how can the kids learn these nucleus values and life accomplishments which are important to their hereafter success? Who can learn them so that they may understand the importance and internalize them? Unlike the academic topics where trials and scrutinies can be used to measure the kids ‘s accomplishments and cognition, there is no manner we can entree values. To help the schools, the Ministry of Education ( MOE ) has come up with the 5Ps attack towards the instruction of CCE. They are Purpose, Pupil, ExPerience, Professional Development and Partnerships.

The Purpose of learning CCE must be clear and endorsed by everyone in the school. This will assist to incorporate the CCE programmes into the school course of study. In order for the programmes to be effectual, it needs the right school civilization and a ‘whole-school ‘ attack.

Pupil is the Centre of the instruction system. So whatever we do, it must be pupil-centric. As each student is different and from diverse background, schools need to understand the students ‘ profile and their challenges before any programmes can be successful for them. A great resonance between students and instructors will assist to guarantee the smooth execution and success of the programmes, whether it is national programmes and school enterprises. Students must be taught to hold the right mentality and attitude towards larning. In making so, they will hold the desire to larn, either independently or with others. As they work with others, they learn to portion and attention for others. They will larn to stand house for what they believe in while esteeming the positions of others. Though NE and CME activities, they will be proud of their individuality and as a Singaporean.

Teaching CCE is non easy and it can non be taught as a topic on its ain. The students need to Experience it themselves either through academic, Co-Curriculum Activities ( CCA ) or other activities. While it can non be taught on its ain, it must be infused intentionally into the course of study and non taught merely when there is a docile minute. There must be a calculated attempt to include CCE in the lesson program and learn them during lesson. And whenever docile minute arises, instructors must be able to catch it and show it to the students so that they experience it.

The 4th P is Professional Development. In order to accomplish 21st CC and DOE, we must besides hold twenty-first century Singapore instructors. He must be an Ethical Educator, the Competent Professional, the Collaborative Learner, the Transformational Leader and the Community Builder. TheTeacherGrowth Model ( TGM ) is a professional development theoretical account which encourages and supports instructors in womb-to-tomb acquisition. Teachers must fit themselves with new cognition to maintain abreast with the currentenvironment

and engineerings. They must scrupulously include and infused values learning in their activities. They must hold the passion, believe and motivate the kid to detect his possible and to be the best he wants to be.

The 5th P is Partnership and it refers to Home-School-Community partnership. Home is the first topographic point where the students learn values. Once they start schooling, household and school need to join forces to reenforce these values at place and in school. Communicationand coaction with the Community is besides of import as they can supply avenues for schools to hold CCE programmes.

From the above 5Ps attack, we can see that there are many stakeholders involved in the CCE journey. Not merely does it affect the students and instructors, it besides requires the support from spouses like the parents orhealthprofessionals, chief, MOE headquarter ( HQ ) , community, alumnas, school consultative commission and the industry.

Parents and health professionals are the 1s who are responsible for the upbringing of the kids. They are the 1s who can put good illustrations for them to follow from immature. By being caring and responsible, they excessively will larn these values. Parents and health professionals can play an active function by being interested in what the kids are making at place, in school and outside school. By being involved in their life, it ensures that they do non allow acquire into the incorrect company and larn the incorrect values.

Principal sets the way for the school. He can make an environment that is supportive of the 5Ps model as he translates policies into action programs. He is besides the nexus between parents, alumnas and community. Besides back uping CCE programmes, he needs to take by illustration through both his professional and personal life. Once a individual is in authorization, he can non be unseeable as whatever he does, compensate or incorrect, will set him in the spotlight.

MOE HQ sets the strategic waies for schools. They need to listen and join forces with schools and other authorities bureaus to explicate policies and patterns. In order to implement the programmes, it requires the support and cooperation from the instructors and schools. They besides need to back up the instructors and school in footings of resources and preparation required to provide to the demands of the diverse scholars. MOE non merely gives out awards base on academic accomplishment, it besides give out the Edusave Character Award which recognise pupils for outstanding behavior.

Communities like SINDA, CDAC and MENDAKI play an of import function in assisting students and their households who need aid. They offer scholarships and bursaries to pupils to assist them in their instruction journey. This inculcates the value of giving back to society and encourages the students to be involved in community work.

The Alumni is a great platform to learn the students about trueness and duty. The old male childs and misss are links to the school ‘s history. Turning up in the same civilization, they can be wise mans and function theoretical accounts to the students. Some alumnas besides give out scholarships and bursaries to meriting students.

Business and industry can supply chances for students to see working life. They can work with MOE HQ and schools to invent preparation programmes which are relevant to the work force. These concerns can be spouses in the Work Attachment ( TWA ) programme where instructors can use and take up work fond regards in the private or public sectors. This helps to develop the instructors professionally so that they may heighten the students ‘ acquisition.

Although there is a model for CCE, it needs the cooperation and committedness from all parties concerned. We can accomplish more merely when all work together towards a common end.

As a beginning instructor, I feel that the most of import and most ambitious undertaking will be to make the right environment for acquisition, construct resonance with the students and set up unfastened communicating with the parents or health professionals. I would besides necessitate to construct up my teaching resources within a short period of clip. Bing rawness, supportive and understanding wise mans and co-workers will assist to do the acquisition curve less steep. Taken from a quotation mark by Jim Rohn, “ Character is n’t something you were born with and ca n’t alter, like your fingerprints. It ‘s something you were n’t born with and must take duty for organizing. ” Personally, I feel that, at the primary school degree, this duty comes chiefly from the parents and health professionals and instructors who are in direct contact with the students every twenty-four hours. They play the most of import functions in instilling the correct values which are critical to their success in work and life.

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