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Cyber attacks on energy and financial sector – thesis proposal example

US Financial and Energy Sector are vulnerable say a group of former US officials indicating the weaknesses of the system due to lack of proper legislations and inability of US to handle such cyber attacks in appropriate manner1. One such aspect of security risk is the cyber attacks on the energy and financial sector of β†’

Organizational behavior principles

Consistent with the definition of George and Jones, the project team was established for a certain goal and that is to " realize process gains". A research conducted by the Filine Institute concluded that the most essential factors in determining the performance of a workgroup which hopes to achieve a certain goal is good communication β†’

One dogma of police ethics: gratuities and the democratic ethos of policing

This paper re-examines the public discourse on the moral hazards of the acceptance of gratuities offered by certain segments of the general public and how it affects all the police force members. Brandon del Pozo who is a member of the New York Police Department entitled as " One Dogma of Police Ethics: Gratuities and β†’

Hsco 508 db5

So, the degenerative spiral is there which means that both of them have been showing disgrace and discord in communication to each other. There was no compromise from either of the sides until Caleb's father tells him to try the 40-day experiment in which he was supposed to commit wholly to his life partner no β†’

Consumer psychology

It is apparent that the level of ambient distraction enhances the performance of innovative tasks and increases the buying possibilities of original products. The social structure of a community is shaped by the emerging groups of an adolescent who respond to new concepts that satisfy them in the market.

Julius caesar by william shakespeare

Despite this, the overwhelming consensus of opinion is that the Folio text of Julius Caesar is the 'best-printed play'. In this play, the audience can note that the whole play is built around the use of blood imagery.

Corporate services & real estate

I have a background in research field analyzing and interpreting the stock market and also I am currently a volunteer in high schools as a mathematics tutor. I also have an interest in sports that has enabled me to learn about the importance of being a team player.

Luxury cruise ships

Most luxury cruise ships are usually small in size in order to personalize the experience for guests. The vast variety of facilities, in addition to the personalized services that are offered on board contributes to the high cost of luxury cruise trips.

Riordan manufacturing staffing strategies

Hence getting the right candidate for the job is the most important strategy of an organization. In today's world, one of the most difficult challenges an organization faces is the ability to find the right employees to do the job.

The civil liability convention and the fund convention

Any individual who has received more than 150 000 tonnes of crude oil, as well as heavy oil in one year, and is in a member state of the 1992 Fund Convention is liable to contribute to the fund. In any calendar year, any person of a member state who has received contributing oil of β†’

Romanticism and romantic period

Romanticism and Romantic Period The beginning of romantic period was marked by the publication of " Lyrical Ballads" accredited to William Wordsworth and Samuel Taylor in 1798. The nature and exoticism references are amply scattered in the story with descriptive details of the new and the old surroundings the difference and preference for the β†’

Business management and leadership – leading (u4gp)

Based on the short and long-term effects of the crisis, what could the company have done differently to either avoid or better manage the crisis? According to Mallenbaker, " The features that made Johnson & Johnsons handling of the crisis a success included the following: They acted quickly, with complete openness about what had happened, β†’

Two approaches to globalization

The rationale behind this is that extending a successful product at home into the global arena can considerably increase the profitably of the firm. The success of Starbucks and The Body Shop serves as good examples of how companies can profit in making global brands.3.

Morning meeting at the cafe

The man was dressed very neatly, and at first, I thought that he came on a date; it was too early for that though, and I put that thought to rest. As I looked around, I noticed that everybody who was at the cafe at the moment also was watching the man and his son.

Information resources in toxicology

In the case of acute toxicity, oral chemicals that are lethal or toxic when ingested require the " DANGER" signal word appear on their label of the container. Standardized hazard statements, such as " Extremely Flammable Liquid" or " Fatal if swallowed" appear on labels that have the " DANGER" signal word.


The text becomes pertinent as it addresses not only the effectiveness of the methods of teaching but the very idea of methods which are used to teach diverse students groups. But now ELT has evolved into important method of teaching to foreign students and become controversial as its theoretical aspects obstruct learners' ability to communicate β†’


Sampling methods Random Sampling Random sampling involves the assigning of a sequential number to the items of the universe. This will increase the viability of truth and validity of the data and provide a misrepresentation of the facts.

Legal education

With my dedication to the subject and commitment on gaining in depth knowledge in the field, I have worked hard during my college years, reading a lot of books on various laws, apart from those in the syllabus and interacting actively with my faculties. Hence I expect that at this juncture, if I pursue my β†’

Slavery and the making of america

The shifting attitude of the American nation, namely the white population between 1863 and 1877, helped the African Americans win their fight for freedom on a recognized scale. Slavery and the making of America.

Any thing

Thirteen Thirteen film portrays the life of a thirteen-year-old girl, Tracy, in the peak of her adolescent life. This is in order for the adolescents to conform and comply with the societal ways of life.

Dangers of technology in this century

Indeed, looking at the history of man since the industrial revolution and the Renaissance period, there is no doubt that technology is more of a driver to humankind. But it is perharps the story of the ' Little Red Riding Hood' that should warn us given that holders of technology may rarely be challneged, and β†’

Hiv in india

Notably, the prevalence rate of HIV infections in India decline between 2000 and 2011 but started rising in 2012. As seen above, sexual transmission of HIV infections in India is the greatest cause of the current prevalence rate in India.

Enhancing knowledge and skills in engineering by pursuing a masters degree – resume/cv example

It might not be as grand, popular, and even remarkable as the Great Wall but it will stand as the fulfillment of my aspirations and will serve as a witness to the long years I have labored in acquiring knowledge and skills in the field of engineering. These years have introduced me with the basic β†’

Boston university as one of the institutions of higher learning

Therefore, the university has the best platform to enable the students to carry out their researches. Therefore, being in this institution will be a rare opportunity to be taught and supervised by the best minds that we have in the country.

Outline at least one of the arguments that you believe are made in the video you selected. in your outline

Barack Obama Debate on the Death Penalty: Argument Outline Professor: Institution: Course: Date: The argument is centered on the death penalty which is a controversial issue in the United States. Despite their different points of view on whether abortion and death penalty are synonymous in that both entail taking away human life, they both come β†’

Online job placement websites

The website has a place where users can register as members and create accounts. The website has a place for users to register as members and create accounts.

Background memo

Such occurs when P3GM invests in technologies and dynamic media, which facilitates in the streamlining of asset management and triggering the attainment of a sparking positive environmental, social and economic vitality. Further, the company ensures that the operations are simplified and have the potential of attaining the desired strength for their success to be realized β†’

Historic preservation and the imagined west

Historic Preservation and the Imagined West Historic Preservation and the Imagined West The historic districts of Denver, Seattle, and Albuquerque may not be what they seem. There still is a large population of Hispanic people in the Albuquerque area and most of the culture of the city is affected by the Hispanic culture.

Industrial organizational psychology – leadership and group

Behavioral approach of leadership tends to encompass the study of a particular behavior of the leader. The theory states the actuality that the behavior of a leader is the best determinant of his or her degree of success and is also considered to be one of the best predictors of individual leadership impacts.

Reflect on the dicourses around the term ‘terrorism within australia

In his rhetoric, former President Bush asked, ' Why do they hate us?' While the word " they" was originally pertaining to certain Islamic extremist groups, it came to a point that in the minds and opinions of the average citizens of the Western societies that such judgment fell on the Muslim people and culture β†’

Punk in fashion

of the of the Concerned 2 May Punk Fashion Punk is a subculture that gained popularity amongst the young people at some time in the late 70s. The primary intention of the punk fashion and dressing code was to use fashion to make a statement.

”standardized tests: shouldn’t we be helping our students summary

Importance is put to these tests because the government, through performance-based bonuses and intervention or closure threats on schools, pressure teachers and administrators to help students get high standardized test grades. In addition, not only are the time in the classroom compromised by mere teaching of memorization, even out-of-classroom learning such as field trips and β†’

God in america: a new adam

The documentary presents the divergent conflicts of faith as the basis of the rising conflict. According to the documentary, the Church in England acted in contrary to the true Christian traditions.

Arts and crafts movement in america

In the United States, the term American Craftsman is used to indicate the Arts and Crafts movement, especially the style of architecture, decorative arts, and interior design that had been in existence in the dominant era between 1910 and 1925. The Boston Society of Arts and Crafts, established in 1897, was one of the several β†’

Assignment 3: selling executives on project management

However, the executive exhibited nervousness in supporting the project management because they could lose their hegemony as result of shift in the balance of control in the cooperation, grounded under the faintness of management board of the corporation; hence they were not prepared to embrace the consultant's notions that will ruin their reputation. This could β†’

Hinduism vs sikhism

The lack of a founding prophet for Hinduism is partly due to the fact that it is so syncratic and has grown and developed a host of deities over the intervening centuries. Hinduism on the other hand does not believe that a central and supreme God rules the universe; rather, the pantheon is populated by β†’

Criminological theories

This kind of behavior can be linked to the social learning theory of criminology that explains on people committing crime through the people they are associated with. The article gives scientific evidence to explain the working of the male brain so as to understand Tiger Woods behavior.

Bradley effect

Bradley Effect The Bradley effect, also known as the Wilder effect, is a theory that refers to a tendency among white voters to either say they are undecided about whom to vote, or to say that they will vote for a non-white candidate, but then vote for the white candidate during the elections." The Bradley β†’

Pedagogics as a system

The website can also be a means to give essay homework, and be used as the mode of submission for the students. So also, websites would be permanent and accurate documentation of discussions of the topics in my syllabus and the students can easily refer to it for further studies.

A letter of intent to enter the university

So, my plan is to acquire the skills and knowledge that the undergraduate program in social work can offer in order to make a difference in the world. My educational background and my personal accomplishments support my decision to grab the opportunity and to pursue post-secondary education in Bachelor of Social Work.

Definition of success

Success is doing work as best as one can to achieve the goal set by the superior and feeling happy. Fame, Fortune, and Ambition: What Is the Real Meaning of Success?

Discussion 2.1

But if positive changes make us happy and more confident, negative things are those we must learn how to face.C.S. In case unexpected things are happening with the one part of your life it's better to face those problems while other parts of your life are fine and stable and can encourage you on dealing β†’

Findings on e-procurement in india

How e-procurement can be used E-procurement can be used in numerous ways in a fast-growing organization in its quest to hasten business operations. In addition, an organization can use e-procurement for e-informing, that is, gathering and distributing resourceful purchasing information both within and outside the organization.

Wal-mart control mechanism

Due to increased public awareness of environmental issues and market saturation, the US market for the retailer is beginning to slow in growth." Wal-Mart International is growing much faster than its U.S.stores; according to its Feb. More controversial is Wal-Mart's control of wages and benefits to its employees.

Obamas support for gay marriage

Obama took responsibility for supporting gay marriage that is central to the gay community. The causes of the problem are the risks of supporting a controversial position during the campaign period and the duty of reducing prejudice against gay people in general through supporting their marriages.

The coast guard academy and what you will get as a cadet

This has meant that I will take care of the important factors within my stay at the Coast Guard Academy which will pave the way for my success in the times to come. This will be the basis of my success at the Coast Guard Academy in the days to come.

Intent letter for admission to phd

My personal experience of the people who have been victim to exploitation by the vested interests, both in the developed and under-developed nations, has greatly contributed to my expanding interests in the international laws. My short term and medium term aims and objectives are to gain experience in the field of international law and human β†’

Global competitive dynamics

United states 60, 991 From the table above it is very evident that the United States overly performs better than any other country in the world in the the manufacturing sector like aerospace, beverages and chemicals. Conclusion Therefore, from the illustration of the United States and performance in aerospace manufacturing, it is evident that the β†’

Motive to get a bachelor of science degree in healthcare radiation technology

I have discovered that career of radiation protection technician for nuclear power plants does not provide me with a sense of purpose and gratification I believe I would receive by knowing, at the end of the day, I had made a difference in someone's life. As I mentioned, I enjoy learning and expect to accomplish β†’

Five advertisements

The major companies that are involved or seek this form of advertisement are innovating companies who are ever forced to show the customer the evolution the company's product. Institution Advertising This form of advertisement usually tries to develop a good will as opposed to selling any of the company's specific products.

Assaultive offenses

The man also came back the second time still uninvited and this time he also found the husband was in the shower and he escaped with other valuable possessions in the house. The news article says the camera recorded the man brutally beating the woman severally and seriously assaulting her.

China may emerge as the world’s largest economy by 2020

Impact on world trading system: The main impact on the world trading system is that China will have more say in the system and WTO." China has been a member of WTO since 11 December 2001". China will be the largest exporter and importer of goods in the system.

Using population-based data on alcohol consumption and related harms to estimate the relative need for alcohol services in victoria, australia

The paper focused on the isolation of the data, evaluation, and presentation of the findings in a manner that address the articulated to the work. Sampling The identification of the data to be utilized in the development of the work focused on the areas centralized by the identified sources.

Interdisciplinary analysis of one or two poems of your choice

30th July The Essence of Love The poem, The Essence of Love which is composed by Aaron Guttery is a poem that has meaning beyond the poem for example the theme of love which has been analyzed is a help to lovers. The theme of love, which is one of the virtues that is needed β†’

Eco map for early childhood development

In the map, primary care for Allie is provided by Judi and Jodi. A social coordinator always interacts with the family and is helping obtain a wheelchair for Allie.

Postmodernism- derrida, foucault and rorty

of the Philosophy of the Concerned 4 December Postmodernism- Derrida, Foucault and Rorty Though Derrida, Foucault and Rorty tend to differ in an array of ways, still their postmodern views do evince a similarity in the sense that their philosophies do starkly come out as being a potent reaction against the salient philosophical values and β†’

Diversity and learning

It has therefore become necessary to understand these diverse cultures, establish relationships with people from different cultures and strengthen ties with culturally diverse people in order to build communities that are sensitive to and have the ability to solve problems and improve conditions for all the people of the community. As a child who belonged β†’

African american adolescents future education orientation

Journal Critique The two journals that have been chosen for this research are: a) African American Adolescents' Future Education Orientation: Associations with Self-efficacy, Ethnic Identity, and Perceived Parental Support b) Utah's School Counseling Data Projects: A Statewide Initiative Both these articles deal with the rural are students and the issues that these students face due β†’

Bacterial meningitis

In order to create better awareness about the disease among students, the college is conducting a screening program that will provide educational information about meningitis to students and queries related to the symptoms and nature of the disease will be clarified. After infection, the organism attaches to the mucosal lining of the nose and throat β†’

Introduction to construction management

I have enjoyed every design class in my education life, and just thought of it in a serious way when I registered in this class. I made a critical decision of majoring in Mechanical Engineering Technology to discover new ideas in construction management, and to fulfill my graduation requirements.

Students should not do h.w after school day

One should do them before the school day ends, meaning that the school management and teachers should create a time slot before the day ends in which the students can do and complete their homework. Currently, most of the students are willing to do their homework within the school day, and not after.

Swimming pools

HOUSING AND HABITABILITY SWIMMING POOLS Beaches are one of the best ways to relax and release all the tensions. Having fun and relaxing the muscles is the best way to release the stress.

Assessment paper

At SCVI, the role of testing is to determine what the needs of the students are, and to be able to effectively meet those needs. She thinks they need to look at the whole school and see what is going on.

Preamble of the united states’ constitution

Conclusion Preamble of the United States' Constitution Introduction The preface of the US' constitution grants citizenship rights to Americans. The preface of the US constitution guarantees freedom and posterity to all American citizens.

Interpreting research questions using manova

The paper explores variables, level of measurements of the variables, number of analyzed variables, and a summary of research questions and findings in the articles. The set of independent variables consists of the types of care services as offered by the care facilities that were involved in the research.

In mid-nineteenth century american literary fiction, characters often face the idea of a wall that human beings place between themselves and others both literally and symbolically

We note that the symbolic wall Roderick built around himself served to protect him from outsiders such as the temperamental adults in his childhood. Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter, further portrays the various kinds of walls put up by people in the community to distance themselves from the rest.

Thomas aquinas

Because of his great contributions, he was referred to as the Doctor of the Church and was considered the greatest philosopher and theologian. Conclusion Aquinas had to undergo and overcome a lot of challenges to be the philosopher that he was.

Historical systems of power, governance, and authority

It took lot of effort and commitment on the part of Indian population to resist British rule. At last British rulers agreed to the demands of both political parties and elections were held in order to determine the future of India.

Auschwitz – a new history

As a result of his doubts, Cole visits the Auschwitz in Poland and interviews museum curator, Franciszek Piper, and from the interview that is exclusively found online, a lot of inconsistencies concerning Holocaust claims are revealed. Piper asserts that the "gas chamber" was originally an air raid shelter which had walls and a "chimney" added β†’

The institutions of money and banking in antebellum america

The paper " The Institutions of Money and Banking in Antebellum America" is an outstanding example of a book review on finance and accounting. A clear introduction on the banking system by giving basics on the roles of banks and how they operate captures one attention.

Tesla motors – evaluating a growth company

Tesla Motors. Calculating the current market value from these figures gives Tesla's market value as being around $31.35B.

What are the factors associated with online purchases

Purpose of the study The major purpose of this undertaking was to obtain the factors that affect the behavior of people with respect to online purchases and to give a deeper insight into the whole picture. The study was intended to give recommendations on the on the ways to improve the behavior of people and β†’

Ruins of the second gilded age

The prices on the house dropped by half and the bank foreclosed on almost nine homeowners in the area. The picture essay was to be a reality on the image of the bust in real estate.

Presentation for literature class

Clearer and more logical structure which makes it easier for readers to understand and grasp what I am trying to convey 2. Danny and Emily's mother both try to rectify their actions even in misguided ways 2.

A respond to this article (from the point of graduate student view)

With this mindset, this education system will try to use the students' research to solve the difficult issues in the system. To achieve this, the various institutions have to have in mind the target entities of this education system.

What are the major foreign policy issues facing syria today

SYRIA: POSITION PAPER The Syrian Arab Republic remains at the forefront of numerous Arab causes in the Middle East and has been one of the most ardent supporters of the Palestinian right to self-determination in the face of historical Israeli aggression and extremism. The time has come for Syria to return to the international stage β†’

Social cognition & design

Science has already proven the influence of priming and spreading activation on advertisements to consumers' eating behaviour. This is a great opportunity for Wendy's to increase its revenue by investing in advertisements that employ positive priming by means of spreading activation.

3m and its unique culture

3M and its unique culture Attributes of 3M's unique culture and the benefits to the company 3M Company is the largest manufacturer in Minnesota and is ranked as the 110th largest U.S. In order to slim the potentials of failure, 3M has created an Audit Team that looks on the probability of success of a β†’

Education and learning

At CSU, I graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Information Technology in 2009 and am currently doing a PhD and teaching the following subjects: IT Project Management Introduction to Information Technology Introduction to Information systems Business Information Systems Enterprise Information Systems Social Aspects in Information Technology Information Systems Education I worked with a number β†’

Accounting practical set

Even if there is profit in the income statement, investors need to look at the cash flow statement to measure actual cash balance of the company. 7 Introduction This report will provide an analysis of the cash flow statement and income statement.

A statement of purpose graduate school

In the current environment of advancing technology, GIS plays important role in the development of nations which is especially true for UAE where expertise in the area is the need of the hour. My master's program in GIS would equip with excellent academic qualifications and skills that could be judiciously exploited for the advancement of β†’

A family trading company

Taxation PART A a) i) The transfer of the business to Sonya involves the disposal of business to own child. In addition, the family must own 75% or more which includes the individual's own 10% throughout the 10 year qualifying period.ii) The transfer of the business to the local businessman is also qualifying since Sonya β†’

Work and reward

Work and Reward Work and Reward Adam Smiths opinion about the nature of people in relation to work and pay/reward in his 1776s " The Wealth of Nations" was just right in its context. Besides, no matter how one would want to work voluntarily, by the end of the day, the same person will need β†’


The two researchers present two cases studies that are subjective in order to explain the misunderstanding that mothers had regarding breastfeeding, which is despite the availability of resources and education on the subject. The researchers noted the presence of a divide in understanding the breastfeeding approaches that Amanda was taught while in hospital and putting β†’

High frequency trading

This will enable the government to provide the stock exchanges with the required platforms that will help reduce the market instability through the proper utility of the incentives provided. The government needs to play a huge role in defining the risk controls that ought to define the participation of all trading stockbrokers.

Healthcare law & ethics class – online discussion

Sound Medical Treatment As per the medical principles of ' beneficence and non-maleficence', the physicians are required to use the treatment that is best to their knowledge for saving the lives of the patients and provide them with relieve from sufferings and pains. Ultimately, to the best of the physician knowledge, the treatment would not β†’


2) Walter Gropius Walter Gropious was noted as an American-German architect who was born in the year 1883 and identified to be one of the leaders of modern functional architecture. Land of Amber Waters: The History of Brewing in Minnesota.

Partnership in fundraising program

Following are some of the questions that I would like to ask before we can form any partnership: Would you be offering any discount to people who will be raising funds for us? Will you be offering them traditional doughnuts or will you be reducing the quality or quantity so that you can give the β†’

Abstracts for articles

Abstracts for Articles Article 1: Pilot Fatigue in Short-Haul Operations Powell that there is little research done on the subject of fatigue in short-haul pilots and their article seeks to evaluate how factors such as duty times, number of sectors, flight time and others effect fatigue levels. From more 1370 pilot responses, the β†’

Pharmacology practical

1017-0. The literature value of IC50 is 0.

Describe trs riches heures du duc de berry in detail and state why you chose it as well as its relevance to the times and to the themes of the cantebury tales

The fourth field has already been ploughed and a tree with bare branches may be seen right at the centre of the field, with a smaller tree along one of the borders. There is a narrow stretch of green lawn on the outskirts of the wall surrounding the harvested field with the tree, leading on β†’


The media is abound with the tales of heroes that have fought the death traps and conquered the destructive forces that have come to harm the people and threatened the existence of this world. Our voice of conscious and parents are perhaps the major angels in our life who are sent by God to show β†’

I will attach the topic and instruction

During the year 2011when the new voter-identification law was passed in Texas, the Republicans who govern the state politics expressed their joy about the new law. They accused the Republicans of exploiting the voter-ID law to create hurdles for the poor citizens of Texas and the minorities.

Budgetary planning

It is to be remembered that such budgets help to augment the performance of the employees and thus increase their productivity as well. Hence, it is crucial for an organization to plan budgets in a way so that it can be utilized for the purpose of motivating the employees.