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Realism and liberalism

Realists place states in a position of having to observe the action of neighbors closely to effectively trying to resolve problems without regard to the moral concerns. Realists believe that the creep of morality into the international relations handicaps in a way that they fail to cope with the new conditions.

Paper #4

This soliloquy is there when Hamlet's father is dead and his mother marries Claudius, her husband's brother within a short span of time and Claudius takes the charge of the state as a King. This soliloquy and the feelings expressed in it are indicative of Hamlet's sorrow and depression that are there because of his β†’

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Biggest threats to the assets and inventory of companies

The problem is that often the biggest threats to the assets and inventory of companies comes from within. A third type of fraudulent disbursement scheme is the expense reimbursement scheme.

Boots entering china analysis

The company is dedicated to the provision of quality healthcare and pharmaceutical products to the local community. The company seeks to enter the Chinese market for diversification and the creation of new opportunities and pharmaceutical products.

Corporate social responsibility and sustainability

Entry into the Saudi Arabian market has necessitated the need to provide products which meets the need of the residents of Saudi Arabia. All the operations of the company aim at meeting the unique needs of both the Western culture, and the Middle East or Arab culture.

Statistics: correlation between retail online sales and total retail sales

Statistics: correlation between retail online sales and total retail sales To calculate the correlation coefficient for quarterly retail online sales and corresponding total retail sales for the recent few years, we use the formula: Let Xi be total retail sales, and Yi - retail online sales for period i. Correlation is widely used in the β†’

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Work experience at an alzheimers center

While I worked in the center I observed that the patients were normally aware of the condition they were suffering from. But these individuals could not cope up with it when the disease worsened and I primarily took care of the individuals who were in the latter stages of the disease.

Rising gas prices by jeremy w mattson

The role of market speculation in rising oil and gas prices: a need to put the cop back on the beat: staff report by the United States. The impact of rising gas prices on America's small businesses: Hearing before the Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship, United States Senate, One Hundred Tenth Congress, first session, β†’

Night, mother play scene analysis

Jessie is a divorced woman in her late thirties, who stays with her mother, who is deceased, and has some medical complication, and her son, who seemed to be her only hope, turned out to be a thief, which really hurts her. As such, on the fateful day, Jessie asks her mother where the riffle β†’

Employee assistance program

As a matter of fact, the supervisors in the company should encourage EAP and resorting to EAP when behavior of a person is not in line with his usual performances. Since the advice given is from professionals in the trade and they do not cost to the company or to the employee, the EAP will β†’

One page summary of latest technology in battery for electric vehicles

Latest Technology in Battery for Electric Vehicles Latest Technology in Battery for Electric Vehicles Electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular due to the certain positive features of the electric vehicles. Estimation of Residual Available Capacity for Lead Acid Batteries in Electric Vehicles.

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Fortified food product

The research indicates the nutrients of the fortified food. In terms of the vitamin fortifications, the milk product supplies a portion of the body's daily vitamin needs.

Print advertisement

One example of this would be a the image of a family standing around a BBQ with a father at the grill looking sternly out towards the reader utilizing a bold text indicating that home cooked is better than an expensive gourmet food. A final tag line should be given and an example of this β†’

Part 3

Improving Flexibility in Each Joint of the Body Improving Flexibility in Each Joint of the Body Some of the exercises used in improving the flexibility of body joints include Yoga, Pilates, Swimming and Stationary Rowing. Swimming is another exercise that is safe and efficient in improving the flexibilities of all the joints of the body.

Importance of mba degree

The degree broadens the minds of people on risks and profits that are involved in a business and how they are managed. Syracuse University is important and perfect in the development of skills that are needed in the fast-developing global economics.

Management plan

Framing of the problem The problem identified here is the lack of recognition in a work place for the staff who pours out their efforts to bring out the best to the organization. Solution The best solution analyzing all the possibilities is that she has to stay back in the same organization till she shifts β†’

History, lyndon johnsons great society

LBJ who took the office of the presidency after the shocking assassination of Kennedy was a man with extraordinary ability to get things done by either pleading or threatening people. Economically, he pushed for economic act of 1964, which was aimed at fighting poverty, cutting tax, training for the poor and use of federal funds β†’

All by myself by mercer mayer

The tasks and items in the book are common to a child at this stage of learning, enabling them to recognize the words for items and tasks in their world. The repetitive nature of the text leaves the items and tasks highlighted in a sense for the child to recognize.

Data collection and analysis

It is important for the researcher to comprehend the principle of the research by designing or formulating a research question, which will be used to gather data from people. Further, the qualitative approach enables the researcher to assess the depth and intricacy of any phenomena when gathering and analyzing collected data.

Land use & religion

Land Use and Religion Introduction: The Religious Land Use and alized Persons Act, was passed and became law during the administration of President Clinton, and was meant to provide the right to assemble for worship, which lies at the heart of the free exercise of religion. Airmont maintains a zoning code that prohibits religious boarding β†’

The article of confederation as a guide for successful democracy in the united states

The step United States has made in terms of democracy is as a result of the article of confederation which was its first written constitution. The congress is composed of representative of various states that are a party to the article and this means that the diverse interests of each state is addressed.


The first things that I would like to do with an amount of one million dollar are spend it in such a way so that I can reap its benefits over a long period of time. 23 Feb.2014.

Development study

Development Study: Research Proposal " Development Study: Research Proposal" The research study that will be the focus of my Master's Thesis in Development Study will be tentatively titled " The impact of Ebola crisis on distribution and effectiveness of financial Aid in the West African countries". The world around is changing in a myriad of β†’

The guest

It demonstrates, too, a contributing factor to the downfall of colonialism: the occupying country's ignorance of and disregard for the culture of the occupied country. Balducci is a gendarme, which is defined in the Encarta Dictionary as " a police officer in France and French-speaking countries.

A randomized clinical trial of mindfulness-based cognitive therapy versus unrestricted services for health anxiety

The study is weak in the sense that it has a small group of participants that are used to test to methods of dealing with health anxiety. Therefore, the research can play a significant role in the clinical field of psychology when it comes to dealing with health anxiety-related issues.

Seeking an mba from the university of chicago graduate school of business

Bearing these in mind, here I am seeking admission into one of the best schools in the world, aiming to make a substantial contribution to the organization and further hone my skills for the years to come. With this, I am sure that I would be of assistance to my co-students as I am rated β†’

International business (ch2, ch3, and ‘gung ho)

Various responses looking for a 2 -3 paragraphs that summarize the movie and second part of the question: how is this relevant to the concepts of global business today. The movie tells the story of the challenges the Japanese executives, employees, and townspeople encountered during and after the reopening.

Salem manufacturing

SALEM Considering the case of Salem manufacturing company, it is hard to choose among the options of remaining unhedged, hedge in the forward market, hedge in the money market or hedge in the options market. Considering the Forward marketing hedge would not really be appropriate for this context as this is considered to be an β†’

Atlantic computer pricing strategy

The problem is to choose the best pricing strategy and convince Atlantic Computer's veterans to follow this new strategy. The proposed strategy will help Atlantic Computer to improve its brand image and competitive position on the market, but it will not have a great impact on sales and revenue.

Experiemental psychology – lab report example

While there is a slight differential, it was not significant enough to deem the results of the study conclusive that there is a marked advantage in word memory when heard through the right ear. It's possible that the simplicity of the word lists did not acutely test the right ear advantage strenuously enough to determine β†’

The professional working procedures in every organization

The old-age pension scheme, those who are of little value and have shown an inclination towards self retirement may also be considered for a layoff. The annual budget values must also be taken into account against the given set of a number of employees and the subsequent decision of downsizing.

139 quail wk3

The particular factor accounting for the quality of the product attracts customers interested in the given specific features. The market search enabled the company to establish the amounts customers are ready and willing pay for a particular product.

Foreigners in american culture

Foreigners in American Culture Foreigners in international environments are required to try as much as possible to understand the attitudes, beliefs and cultural backgrounds of their new environments. Individuals who have cultural intelligence are not familiar with every culture but they are able to observe and read situations and people in order to make β†’

Reflective summary

Nevertheless, the introductory courses have been very useful in setting a foundation and the diversity in the contents of the course has illuminated my enthusiasm. C, Doerner, E, Jones, J, Kaye, N.

Marketing: personal sale

The best way to close a sale is to give a choice between Products A, B or C so that we can assume the sale is already done- the customer only has a make a final decision as to what to buy rather than whether to buy or not. It means doing the job in β†’

Discuss the values and attitudes of chouinard and the patagonia company and how the company’s perfomance is being affected

He does not just reckon to whatever the company has been using for years, instead continuously fins a way how to make their methods better and in favor of the environment. He projected a new insight on how to better make use of the natural resources but not entirely consuming it and eventually succeed.

Stress disorders

Among many of the dreadful experiences, one was that in which he was driving with his two siblings, and they got shot by a soldier, while he managed to escape. The incident has shattered his personality altogether, and he may take years to compose himself.

The salem witchcraft trials

One of the ways in which the Salem Witch Trials influenced the interactions between religion and the US legal system is by strengthening the US legal and court system. According to Wilson, " Because of the changes that followed the Salem Witch Trials, prosecution came to involve the subtraction of religious institutions from participating in β†’

The american indians in the war of 1812 and removal of the elwha dam

Why? The most memorable part is how the fall or death of the hero could become the end of his entire dream. Does the author provide the reader with a sense of completion at the end?

Working in an oil company using education in engineering – resume/cv example

I have been involved in Flow assurance, business development, project management, and petroleum engineering activities in the companies where I have worked before. For the past year, I have been engaged in fieldwork activities related to petroleum engineering and engineering research.

Mason and shepherd facing some delicate legal and ethical issues

Sheila's starting a business with this kind of products circumvents the Non-competition clause, and, inevitably, leads to the circumvention of the Non-solicitation of customers clause. Another clause which is violated by Sheila is the Assignment of Developments clause, which stipulates that any development that " relates to the business of the Company or any customer β†’


Control is established with the use of friendly voices, the use of Disney images to ensure more visitors and the use of Disney characters to entice children. The control is seen through physical coercion and threats to be deprived of the pleasures of the facility.

Fighting south of the ramparts by li po

The short poem " Fighting South of the Ramparts" is a reflection on the futility of war by a man who has seen too much suffering in the world. In the title and the four opening lines of the poem Li Po emphasizes the vast extent of China, since he mentions the Ramparts of the β†’

The car radiator

The geometry of the fin determines the amount of heat loss from the car engine to the atmosphere and hence determines the performance of a car radiator. The performance of the heat exchanger increases with an increase in the number of Mussels.


5; CI 1. 06 to 1.20 P

Chaos organization and disaster management

The book scrutinizes the disaster behaviors of the Israelis, since the Gulf War and beyond the social structures, which hold back the response to disaster and the performance of disaster management organizations. The book also discloses the gap that exists between the organizational perception of disaster and the victim, and demonstrates the influence the wider β†’

Will paying more produce better quality

Quality and Paying More for It My definition of quality is that everyone involved in the healthcare system that affects healthcare performance are engaged in making, monitoring, evaluating, and improving quality standards and competencies, so that patients can obtain safe, effective, patient-centered, timely, efficient, and equitable care. Class PowerPoint Presentation.-." Chapter 14: Quality Management β†’

Why do you want to be a teacher

I have a yearning for teaching, learning, and getting the first-hand experience of people, which the reason I am interested in an admission for education majoring in media and technology. The success of a student in education major lies in the ability to read and integrate skills such as computer operations and a liking for β†’

Analysis of out of body experience your brain is to blame article

This chapter of the article focuses on the response of the body from a stimulus induced in the brain externally. It is a creation of the brain in response to certain trigger or stimulus induced to the brain or from the internal body senses.

Practical 5

Lining in the stomach and the dilution of drug content by the saliva and enzymes found in the saliva such as amylase will also lower the content. The blood concentration of nitrofurantoin at peak, subsequent to an oral dose of 100 milligrams nitrofurantoin, is less than 1 micro grams per milliliter, and may be unnoticeable; β†’

Trait anxiety between gifted and nongifted students

General Trait Anxiety between the Gifted and the Non-Gifted Students: The test is held to find out the level of anxiety that is established to exhibit their special qualities which is gifted and is there in them by birth and which is acquired by aiming and targeting by non-gifted students. A significant difference is being β†’

Value alignment

Individual and Organizational Values al Affiliation Individual and Organizational Values There are value ments that could be considered distinct and unique for the individuals; and those that could be encompassing and analogous with an organization's value systems. From the value statements, of the individual and that of the organization, it could be deduced that when β†’

Legal environment of business w 1

From this perspective, it would be argued that have a U.S.constitutional right to have access to all forms of healthcare would help in realizing the implied constitutional provision on right to life. Based on this, it will be concluded that there is the need for U.S.constitutional right to have access to all forms of healthcare.

Giant dreams, midget abilities by sedaris

Despite the importance of music in our daily life, it will always remain a fact that not everyone has the talent to become either a successful singer or a musician. Since my mother paid a piano teacher to drop by our house every Saturday afternoon, I was left with no other choice but to participate β†’

Diagnosis and treatment

The symptoms in such cases may be slightly different from those of the adults, the effect of the disorder being more on the physical health than on the emotional condition of the individual. The Current Trend in Diagnosis of Depression Disorder: As a recent trend developed in the diagnosis of psychological disorders like depression, telehealth β†’

Project module 2: insights group

And difficulties in measuring the tightness and firmness of the use of adhesives in binding materials unlike in the use of bolts and nuts. More importantly, the use of adhesives in vehicles reduces the cost of production as the energy used in binding materials using adhesives is less compared to the energy used in other β†’

Psychology erikson’s theory

PSYCHOLOGY Explain three basic principles of Eriksons theory of development Successful completion of each and every stage results in acquisition of basic virtues and a healthy personality. Erikson argue that these crises are psychosocial in nature because they engage psychological requirements of the individual conflicting with those of the society The theory holds that personality β†’

Explain harlem (aka a dream deferred by langston hughes.) what is the main idea (theme)of the poem identify and discuss each of the five similes

A simile is used in the first verse of every question." Like a raisin in the sun", " like a rotten meat", " like a syrupy sweet", " like a sore" and " like a heavy load" are the five similes used in the poem. The third possibility is that it may turnout to be β†’

The literary genre of epics and classics

The Literary Genre Of Epics And Classics The literary genre of epics and classics deals with the theme of love, war and adventure, derived from folklore and mythology. The second part deals with the similarity and response of Gilgamesh and Achilles, on the loss of their companions.

Hum m3 kj

In addition to that, emotions are directly influenced by the values which a person adheres to since a particular emotion might show that a person was not able to comply with the value. The next test dealt with my ability to take perspective on a single issue and it shows that I am able to β†’

Consolidation and reflective statement on personal learning preference workshop

Reflective and Theorist Learning of Reflective and Theorist Learning Development can be undertaken in many different was. One should underscore the need to be a reflective learner, but not doing reflective learning.

Crml reseach assistment 1

Through descriptive research, the important variables; dependent and independent will be established, which will aid in conducting the research. For instance, through quantitative research, the study will try to prove the hypothesis, " Individuals from richer families tend to be victims of kidnappings while individuals from less privileged backgrounds tend to be the instigators of β†’

Sculpture course paper

Her art was inspired by her traumatic past in which she struggled with themes of sex and the body, depression and violence, marriage and motherhood, and aging and childhood. This gave her room for exploration of her relationship with her mother in her characterization of the giant spider.

Children and iq testing

Therefore, it is vital for teachers to identify their students' strengths and put more emphasis on their weak areas. Therefore, through this they can assist their fellow students in conducting their assignments and meeting the teachers' objectives.

Education common core standards debate

Barriers to implementation of CCSS initiative The United States department of education was not directly involved in the formation of the initiative, but it has been trying to compel the states to adopt and implement the initiative. This has led to the state of Indiana turning down the CCSS.

Appraisal and synthesis of the study

If the endpoint were relevant to the health of patients or populations, well defined and measured The relevant conditions of the patients were all detailed in the study of population inclusion and exclusion criteria. The endpoints are relevant to the health of the patients and the statistical analysis will clearly define and measure the outcomes.7.

Application for the georgetown university

Application for the Georgetown University The way contemporary global organizations manifest increasingly interconnected links in terms of trade, universal values and beliefs, and political ideologies has provided the impetus for one's decision to pursue higher education in the field of Foreign Service. I am fighting the odds by pursuing Foreign Service, especially in my β†’

The role of women in the economic growth of the us

The paper " The Role of Women in the Economic Growth of the US " is an outstanding example of a business article. The role of women in the economic growth of the US is increasing.

Thurgood marshall

I have taken Sandra Day O'Connor as my favorite judge because of her relevance in American judiciary as the first female Supreme Court Judge and her important verdicts with respect to abortion, cases involving minorities, etc and her impartiality in giving verdicts. Conclusions Sandra Day O'Connor was the first female Supreme Court judge in America β†’

Applied molecular biology

The most common type of non-Hodgkin's lymphomas, out of the many subtypes, is the diffuse large B-cell lymphoma. With the complexity of the classification system of the NHL, it is known that the NHL categories have multiple disease subtypes each with separate molecular defects and clinical outcomes.

Hayman said to invest in gm as bass bets on detroit

Hayman Capital shows high confidence in General Motor's equity that Bass considers as the most forceful risk/reward situations of any large cap in the world. Relationship to class material: The contents of the article are in perfect coherence to a finance course.

Big sky big money

This information is very pertinent and all people not only in the affected regions or this country but to the world in general. It is important and necessary for the public to be vetting the aspiring politicians about their sources of finance in detail before being elected into office.

Civil rights era

Transformations and their Impact on Development Decisively, the Montgomery Bus Boycott is one of the major inspirations of the series of changes that are there in the African American history of civil rights; essentially, because the government of the United States and the white people experienced the heights that the black people were willing to β†’

Implementing strategy and leadership ethics

Therefore, leaders have the mandate of articulating the culture, making it real, and transferring it throughout the organization. Such organizations are complex in terms or character of the employees and a fascinating folklore.

In memoriam by tennyson

The poem truly draws out the painful state of the poet caused with the death of his friend and the various political situations existed during the 19th century. Some critics are of the opinion that the poem exposes Tennyson's struggle with the Victorians' growing awareness of another sort of past, especially the vast expanse of β†’

Journal 3

I believe that a teacher must guide her in their learning, being more of a helper and mentor to them to encourage their growth. I learned that being a helper or a mentor to children can be a smoother and more effective way to assist in the learning process of children.

Who needs romance by kelly desrosiers

This is the best point of view for this story as the narrator is the protagonist and gives the reader a very intimate view of her thoughts. The strength of the story is the easy flow of the narrative and freshness of tone.


Engineering and Construction Materials Markillie highlights the role of digital transition in the manufacturing sector and the third industrial revolution. Markillie emphasizes on the introduction of 3D printers among other new automated set of machines applied in manufacturing.

Characterize both sides of only one aspect of the international debate concerning global warming

Whilst this may seem to be absurd, it is a fact that we are now living in a world that is characterized by extreme climatic changes as a result of the effects of global warming. The melting of ice as a result of global warming results in increases of more water to the ocean and β†’

Pepperdine university: christian values and teachings

It is a non-profit center located in rural Beijing, and because of the lack of funds and resources, the equipment present was very old and the children were deprived of many facilities. The teachers helped us introduce ourselves to the children and tried to convince them that we were here to play with them.

Mental health:psychology

A Critique on Epidemiology, public health and the problem of personality disorder The paper entitled Epidemiology, public health and the problem of personality disorder written by Jeremy Coid was noted to be presented at the second conference of the British and Irish Group for the Study of Personality Disorders, University of Leicester, indicating that it β†’

How did the relationship between individual and state change over the course of the twentieth century

History The Relationship between Individual and over the of the Twentieth Century The rift between the individual and the state before 1787 was well depicted in France. After 1789, there were bids to improve the relationship between the leadership and the subjects such as the proclamation of liberty, equality and fraternity of the citizens.

The american healthcare sector

The importance of the healthcare sector in any country cannot be gainsaid as far as safeguarding the health of the nation is concerned. It is noteworthy that the condition of the American healthcare system is not desirable.

Limits to the popes power according to luthers theses 5-8 and 13

This means the Pope has no power to remit the penalties owed by the souls in the purgatory since the penitential laws do not apply to them. Therefore, the Pope has no power to free the dead from their penalties, as God is responsible for this.

Evaluation of justice in the united states

The impartiality of the system makes it acceptable to the people of the United States. Justice is best served by the system in that the Supreme Court is independent of other arms of the government.

Todays current family topics the child in family/community relationships

Challenges facing Canadian family today al affiliation: The challenges facing the Canadian family today The paper is based on a television show, Toronto: CTV Television where a combination of families discusses some of the challenges that single parents face in Canada. In the panel, there is the representation of all the interest in the society.

Oakland a’s

S, include, the association of baseball to the country's culture and tradition, its impact on American society, and the fact that the country has literally grown up with that sport which makes playing baseball, second nature to the Americans. The Haas family controlled the Levi Strauss & the late 1980s bought the Oakland A's β†’

Report of apics meeting held on 13th september

With advancement in market demand and the circumstance, there is a need to transform the approach to planning. This include business plan which supplies commodities to the market, the availability of materials and the cost.

My education in information security

In 2011, between the month of March and May I was an intern in Hwadee IT Corporation. The experience in the Corporation was an eye opener as I learnt the security of basic communication platform.

Details of f.b.i.’s kavanaugh inquiry show its restricted range by shear, stolberg, haberman, & schmidt

Owing to the directives of president Trump, the president indicated that the FBI was free to investigate the judge; however, the case took a twist as emerging contours indicate that the case has limited scope. The request by the white house to have the FBI provides its finding shows how the case has taken a β†’

Bmw films

21 million units, which is the evidence of nationwide acceptance, recognition and inclination of customers towards BMW's brands. Also, the growth rate increased because it helped removing ambiguities about performance of company's brands in the minds of potential customers.

U02d2 stark 2 legislation review

The fundamental reason to develop Stark II was to ensure that over utilization of the health care items are not made, and to provide the patients with a choice of health care that they can use, rather than limiting them to a single provider, or health care organization. The Sarbanes-Oxley Act: The SOX law was β†’

Project paper and feasibility paper

The primary dependent variable is underage drinking which is caused by the teenagers' desire for social acceptance, their psychological problems, poor family environments and their natural curiosity to try new things, all of which leads them to drinking. The primary independent variable is desire for social acceptance because drinking is such an important part of β†’

Employment law for managers ( see assignment criteria )

For one to be eligible to the claim that employee must have completed the qualifying or probationary period if the employer is small business type or six months in case the employer is a large enterprise. Dismissal is simply the termination of one's employment at the will of the employer and this does not include β†’