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Organization diversification

Background The four functions of Besix Construction Company and its management, planning, organizing and its control is through the Besix Group that owns this company. The Besix Group consists of a number of companies actively involved in Belgium and internationally in the sectors of construction and real estate.

Puck the good one

Puck the good one He is the " shrewd and knavish sprite", that all other fairies fear for his foolishness and games. He is a loyal subject and good follower of his King, and with quite good intentions, as he tried to put the flower's juice in Demetrius eyes so that he could be kind β†’

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Told in the third person point of view, the main character is directly described by the narrator as calm and quiet in the opening of the story. As the story unfolds, the candidate for the art scholarship who had all the reasons to rejoice because of the preparations told to her by her teacher and β†’

Should social security be eliminated

This is a very great way of providing social security to people. This means that social security is very vital to people's lives because they find means to help themselves in the future.

App5hintonn epi2

Epidemiologic Research Potential Biases or Sources of Errors Childhood leukemia and pesticides The potential bias in the cohort study will possibly caused by the given margin of error and the classification of exposure as to high or low. Upon the other hand, if the margin of error is assumed at plus five units in the β†’

Assume the responsibility of the director of environmental protection agency (epa). list the most important actions for dealing

ACTIONS FOR DEALING WITH WATER AND AIR POLLUTION Introduction Water and air are two of the most precious gifts of nature. Dealing with air pollution The first action to deal with air pollution would be centered on industrial pollution as these accounts for the worse cases of air pollution.

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Organizational trends discussion

The use of high performance teams is a great way to achieve that goal. It is imperative to obtain the best possible performance from the workforce of the organization.

Why there should be prayer in public school

Nicholson Why there should be prayer in public school Interestingly, the same reason why prayers are banned in public schools is actually the same reason why prayers should be allowed in public schools. Inhibition of prayers in public schools would be a violation of the First Amendment.

Stock performance trends

After April 2006 the stock is yet to catch up with the index. While during the period of December 2004 to August 2005, the stock kept following the index, after August 2005 and till July 2006 the stock even outperformed the NASDAQ 100 index.

Development of the human spine

One of the first structures to appear during embryogenesis, the spine develops from the mesoderm layer and shares a common origin with the skin, muscles, and gonads. The parathyroid hormone promotes the resorption of bone and the release of calcium into the bloodstream.

Future of nevada

Las Vegas, a found in the Southern Nevada looming with bright lights, and huge casino buildings is considered as one of the most renowned citiesin the world with booming populations. Vegas on the other hand can have a plenty of options to dislodge its old belief of growth and nurturance.

The centrality of forgiveness

The Centrality of Forgiveness of Affiliate The article " The importance of forgiveness in African American struggles for freedom" by Robert Gould underscores the importance of forgiveness as an approach towards freedom from oppression that is holistic in nature. In essence, Gould refers to forgiveness as a form of healing for both the oppressor and β†’

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Swot anaylsis on france

The political framework is semi-presidential i.e.both the prime minister and president show involvement in the workings of the system. The President is the Head of State, controls the armed forces, appoints the prime minister and can dissolve the National Assembly thus concentrating most powers to the President.

Models of organized crime

Models of Organized Crime Executive Summary Models of Organized Crime Executive Summary Organized crime is a term used for a transnational group that indulges in running a faction of centralized institutes. There are two models that seek to explain the presence of organized crime in society: the bureaucratic/corporate model and the patrimonial/patron-client model.

Anxiety in public speaking

The credibility and validity of the message being passed are dependent on the fluency of the speaker in narrating key points from the topic. D, & Sellnow, D.D.

Who’s to blame for prisoner abuse

The thing to blames is the lack of efficiency and inaccuracy in the prison monitoring system in the US government. It is very unfortunate and shameful to realize that the prison officials and superiors are involved in such heinous acts regardless of the age and mental fragility of the young inmates.

Human resources

Minimum Qualifications The minimum qualifications required for application to the LAPD are as follows: the candidate applying must be at least 21 years of age at the time of entry into the academy and must have a graduation degree from a US high school or an equivalent degree from a US institution or a 2/4 β†’

Dual process theories of reasoning and judgment

In response to Cognitive-Experiential Self-Theory precluding such concepts as d by the text as, " No matter how small the probability of a new terrorist attack on the 11th day of the ninth month of the year may be, for example, many people will nevertheless refrain from flying on that specific day. They believe that β†’

Euthanasia as a mercy killing

A doctor's participation in the process could be by inserting a needle intravenously into the terminally ill patient who themselves activate a switch that dispenses the fatal dose or to prescribe a fatal dosage of drugs with the specific intent of ending the life. The regrettable reality is that most people in America die a β†’

Gifted young children: a guide for teachers and parents by louise porter

In this book, the author has drawn the audience's attention towards the possibility of giftedness in children that generally display the signs of delayed development. In order to create a better understanding of such children, the author identifies certain signs of giftedness.

Fin unit 4 individual project

The growth rate, market trend, the labor cost and the etiquettes along with other influencing factors to be considered when doing business in China have been studied in this paper in order to develop suggestive mechanisms for the Multinational Enterprises to operate a sustainable business in the host country. The import and export framework of β†’


Criminal Research on Kidnappings CRIMINAL RESEARCH ON KIDNAPPINGS The goal of this research is to prove the hypothesis, " Individuals from richer families tend to be victims of kidnappings while individuals from less privileged backgrounds tend to be the instigators of kidnappings". Research Variables The variables in the research will be of two types the β†’

Unit 3 assignment-marketing strategy (asus computers)

The prices of the products offered by ASUSTek are some of the most competitive in the market. The company has special branding criterion that indicates the label and the unique features of the products.


Millimeters of mercury is the measure used to represent blood pressure readings; and the normal blood pressure reading in adults is found to be 120/80mmHg. In case of hypertension, treatment is provided to reduce blood pressure and thereby to avoid higher risk of complications.


However, it is vital to point out that victims do not report crimes to the police due to the fear of being punished by current and potential criminals. On the other hand, some victims are too worried to give evidence in the court after long and persistent persuasion to charge an offender on the part β†’

American government

Byrne, The unfinished agenda of Brown v. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons.

A prayer for owen meany by john irving

The idea of incompleteness is significant with the characters and objects because it defines the idea of everyone living a life that seems incomplete because of the inability to live with different ideologies. This links to Owen Meany and his main expressions of life and the belief that he is always incomplete.

Discuss the impact of the u.s. occupation and the immediate conditions of the dominican republic’s political and economic condit

Occupation on the Immediate Political and Economic Conditions of the Dominican Republic The 20th history of the Dominican Republic was heavily influenced by the nation's interaction with the USA, which left a significant imprint upon the development of the nation. The refusal of the Dominican government led to the direct intervention of the USA, with β†’

Human trafficking in the united states and is human trafficking related or associated to poverty

Running Head: HUMAN TRAFFICKING IN THE UNITED S Human trafficking in the United s and is Human trafficking related or associated to poverty?[Author's Name][Institution's Name] Human trafficking in the United States and is Human trafficking related or associated to poverty? The purpose of the research is to identify factors of poverty and their relationship with β†’

Four phases and rhetorical purposes

Phase 4 ads are used to draw the campaign to a close by providing a reflective, thoughtful or dignified view of the candidate leaving the impression that he has the qualities of a leader and has the vision to move the country, state or city to progress. The rhetorical approach used by the ad was β†’

Biotechnology and reproductive rights

A doctor can use his or her own judgment to balance the principles of ethical health care in the best way that suits the condition only in exceptional cases. In the health field, beneficence refers to taking actions that cater best for the interests of the patient.

Juvenile justice laws

Juvenile Justice Laws The role of Juvenile Justice Workers and practitioners in the effective implementation of the Juvenile Justice laws has often been emphasized and it is their prime duty to ensure that the young offenders follow all the strict rules and laws that apply within the field. In ensuring the strict observance of the β†’

The internet has changed the way we access information, bringing the world to our desks. what are some of the strengths and weak

Internet As the world struggles to keep up with the quickly advancing technology in the world, the technology provides a tough race to beat. These costs, however, are small in comparison to the numerous benefits of internet research, in terms of both quantity and nature.

Selection of insulation materials for a civil engineering structures

As such, glass wool or fiberglass as they are commonly referred to is easy to cut and install and together with the attribute of being dense and thin with a reflective aluminum foil, they are better insulation materials. It is, therefore, necessary that the material is not compressed as this may remove the air that β†’

The many faces of affirmative action

Johnson introduced the Affirmative Action program in 1965, it was hailed as a concrete step in redressing the wrongs perpetrated by 200 years of slavery and created an avenue to the new equality of civil rights. Affirmative Action is a laudable program that has provided significant justice for women and minorities, compensates for centuries of β†’

American history since 1865

of the of the Contrast the approaches of Hoover and Roosevelt to fixing the depression. Roosevelt was more concerned about the general public and believed in the notion of relief, recovery and reform.

Government impact on economy

The role of the government in the employment environment is very evident but the real question here is how much role should the government play? It is very clear that the government should and must take a hands-on approach to macroeconomic policy to affect the employment environment.

Brick and mortar vs based businessess

Traditional business vs online business: Traditional business is often conceived as the typical brick and mortar business i.e." a business which requires an actual building to conduct operations from". Traditional businesses have conventionally faced a decline with the evolution of online business trends.

Management (how to be an efficient leader)

Running Head: ASSIGNMENT Assignment in APA Style by Question In order to be an efficient leader, a manager in the business organization should posses the three essential management skills identified by Robert Katz namely conceptual, technical, and human skills. Conceptual skill is the ability of the manager to view the company as a whole as β†’

Romantic impression

It was not so much the idea of a trip or even watching a play that attracted me, I was nervous and thrilled to be seeing the inside of a university for the first time. The slamming of locker doors and the click of locks reverberated all around me as I walked down the brightly β†’


It is one of the main functions of the brain which is used on a daily basis and the more it is used and manipulated, the stronger it becomes in terms of retention of information for a longer time and comprehension of the same. Procedural Memory This is a long term memory that is intrinsically β†’

Week13, health promotion and communication. psychology

I went to the health professional who admitted me to the hospital and started the treatment. In short, there was lack of communication between the health professional and I and this led me to non-comply with the treatment process.

Science and politics

Running head: SCIENCE AND POLITICS Science and Politics Insert Insert Affiliation Science and Politics Science has gone hand and hand with politics and public policy since after the colonization period. It is well known that despite the various differences between the political view on this and the scientific one, politics have been mediating the science β†’

Educational leadership

In chapter five of the book, Warren describes aspects of the lives of successful individuals and their corresponding strives to attaining success. The perceptions of the leaders make it possible for them to act and behave responsible to their employees and their organizations.

Psychology big 5 theory

What does the Big 5 actually mean Neuroticism: relates to the experience in unpleasant emotions such as anxiety, anger, or depression Extroversion: relates to energy, motion, and the tendency to seek stimulation and the company of others. In the context of the question of setting up a dating service with similar and contrasting traits, the β†’

Virtual recruiter system

Propose Solution One of the best solutions to improve human resource recruitment and the management system of XYZ Corporation is the implementation of a virtual recruiter system. The basic purpose of this system implementation is to improve the process of recruitment.


Fiber What is the function of fiber in the body? " Dietary fiber from whole grains...helps reduce blood cholesterol levels and may lower risk of heart disease. Retrieved January 7, 2010, from American Heart Association.

The things they carried by tim obrien

Therefore, the most effective realization of the work may be that it is a collection of individual stories with a beginning, middle, and end, distributed in different chapters which can be successfully organized under the label of a novel, as the individual chapters form a united whole in the overall effect. To conclude, The Things β†’

Authentic assessment: five appropriate uses for authentic assessment in the classroom

Authentic assessment is used in the classroom to ensure that the students have an understanding of the constructive theories they have learnt in class and whether they can actually understand them. Finally, authentic assessment in a classroom is used to ensure that all students undertaking the task have an understanding of the subject matter.

Worldcom and reliant should be charged with felonies

In the cases of WorldCom and Reliant Energy, the losses were massive, widespread, and accomplished with the company's officers knowledge that the activity was illegal. With respect to the USDOJ's definition of corporate crime, in the case of Reliant Energy and WorldCom, the companies were liable for the actions of its officers due to a β†’

Discussion board questions 1

Power, as Russett, Starr, and Kinsella defined, is the ability to have an impact on the behaviour of other actors, mainly to affect the opportunities available to others and their willingness to select specific courses of actions. Non-governmental organizations are another kind of non-state actor and they seem to have relatively less impact on involving β†’

Constitutional law: pam v. state x

According to Ranjan, " The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America...filed suit in the District Court of Maine". From a purely procedural context of the case, the court should not base whether the prior authorization of these drugs a function of part of State X's program is legal or not.

The executive order 9066

As far as the legitimacy of this order is concerned and its place in the constitution of the United States, the constitutionality of the order and the establishment of the internment camps was immediately called into question as soon as the order was signed and forced to be acted upon. By order of the president: β†’

2-page review addressing the theory of operation and performance of reciprocating engines

The comparison of volumes in the cylinder space when the piston is at the top and when the piston is the bottom are some of the valuable information studied during the course. The reciprocating engine is also referred to as an internal-combustion engine because it involves the combustion of a mixture of fuel in the β†’

Arming against hitler: france and the limits of military planning by eugenia c. kiesling

Author's prime focus, at the beginning of the research, was to look into and dig out the reasons of military failure at strategic planning level but eventually the study focused on more important part of the determination of strategic choices made by the French top commands. This book requires a careful study and an in-depth β†’

Marketing debate and discussion

The entire process involved between the production of products by the producer and the consumption by the final consumer sums up the marketing process. This raises the cost of marketing, and as a result of failure to deliver; more efforts are required to counter and correct the effect of the former promotion by both the β†’

Case study: housing recreational areas and bathing facilities disaster sanitation

Then, the residents need to be oriented on the dangers of lead and molds and how to properly remove them from their homes while the city health and sanitation department will deploy personnel to professionally remove the peeling lead-based paints. The grant will be used to rehabilitate the entire complex to make it compliant with β†’

Children growing up

It is quite evident that modern lifestyles have greatly changed the face of family life with the main focus on children up growing. It is therefore correct to state that modern lifestyles mean that many people have little time for children, thus many children suffer because they do not get as much attention from their β†’

Honeymoon by james patterson

In other words, the unpredictability of events in the book is what I like about the novel. To start with, the title of the book is misleading.

Intellectual property rights protection in china

of the of the Concerned 12 January Intellectual Property Rights Protection inChina With the globalization of the world economy and the emergence of China and India as the primary consumer hubs capable of consuming respectable amounts of goods and technologies created by the Western firms, sanctity of intellectual property rights in countries like China is β†’

Ideas and imagination on wallaces poem

He uses simply the surroundings for his work, he wrote for something which is very natural, in which this things might be the crafts you will ever see everyday. His mind analyzes everything, as he puts his ideas about the subject he is pertaining to in the poem.

Introduction to risk assessment – hazard identification

Most of the time we relate risk to natural disaster, which is unpredictable and we are unable to identify the major destructions happed after this. The general lack of pesticides and their harmful affects is adding to the already aggravated issue.

Narrative about a fictional town named mcminden

Town Of McMinden The sociological perspective is a broad aspect of the of sociology. The concept of sociological perspective is being followed generally in the town as it is followed everywhere in the world.

Gilded age and industrialization

The gilded age was a time in the 1890s when there were several railroads built and led to the establishment of the enormous initial concentrations of money, produced the first big corporations, and created vast treasures. As a result of this mode of transport, several companies were connected to the available raw material and human β†’

Are you more spiritual than religious

In the context of spirituality, a man is said to regard a personal relationship with God in a level that far exceeds obedience to the established set of laws in religion. By being spiritual, I am motivated to go by the natural course of acting righteously because I have confidence in knowing that a loving β†’

Summary of article diversity does not apply to companies’ executives

Summary of article Diversity does not apply to companies' executives Carol Kleiman, in her article Diversity does not apply to companies' executives, examines how far the concept of diversity has gone into the hiring practices of companies in the United States. In this context, Kleiman defines diversity as 'the equal hiring and promoting of women, β†’

Information and system security

These differences lie primarily in the approach to the subject, the methodologies used, and the areas of concentration. Information security is the ongoing process of exercising due care and due diligence to protect information, and information systems, from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, destruction, modification, or disruption.

Advantages of married lilife

13 May, Advantages of married life: Marriage is one of the most important institutions which lay the basis of society. Married life is the solution to most of the problems of the contemporary society that include but are not limited to depression, dreadful diseases and infections acquired through sex with strangers, and sufferings of single β†’

Eisenhower’s farewell address

He knew that for America to be strong it needed both a powerful military and also the social and cultural programs that made it a beacon of freedom to the world. He believed that too much power in the hands of the military-industrial complex would have negative consequences.

Health care system and the lifestyle of the americans

Sociology According to functionalist theorists, both race and ethni has a functional relationship and combination of both of these concepts lead to the creation of a harmonious society and for the creations of a society it is necessary to assimilate both the racial and ethnic minorities. On the other hand the Pluralism rule of politics β†’

Low risk 3

On the contrary, Marcus Aurelius believed that the person who caused the event was the only, and the only one, reason of the event. Furthermore, it was in the philosophy of Marcus Aurelius that a non-educated individual should not suffer from the lack of knowledge.

The vietnam war as one of the most divisive periods in the us history which polarized the society and brought a premature end to the nixon presidency

The Vietnam War is one of the most divisive periods in the history of the United States which polarized the American society and disrupted the political atmosphere ultimately bringing a premature end to the Nixon presidency. In conclusion, the article highlights the disastrous consequences of the Vietnam War; the unethical and immoral agreements and policies β†’

Batard in tribeca restaurant review

The article by Pete Wellsoug in the New York Times describes Batard in Tribeca is an ideal place to dine and eat dinner with specials on Wednesday. The menu change reveals the restaurant ability to adapt to its customer's needs.

Personality types

The objective thinking of the INTJ can help when the study material is precise and systematic material that they take to naturally, and are able to study efficiently. It is advisable that in such situations they be encouraged to discuss their concerns with the teacher, and can thus feel motivated to work.

Critical issue in globe health

Critical Issue in Global Health: Bill Nye in his video about poverty clearly suggests that poverty is not an issue which does not have any solution. Duflo also suggests the same idea as offered by Nye in her ted talk that there is not much change made by foreign aid which is why poverty is β†’

Education on occupational health and safety issues

9 % in total of cases. 2 % respectively with total recordable cases of 0.


Franciszek Piper David Cole Interviews about Auschwitz and its gas chambers are quite informative. Therefore, from the interviews of David Cole, it is quite evident that Auschwitz divided in its three sites was used for massive killing.

Teacher collaborationcommunication

In an interview with a K-12 teacher at Richwoods, several insights were drawn out about teacher collaboration and this include activities usually teacher engage with that fosters collaboration, the benefits teachers, the direct impacts of collaboration to students, ways how to create collaboration and how school administrators plan as well as implement programs which heightened β†’

Life sketch

Since the day I arrived here I have worked very hard to get to where I am now. I am telling my story because I want you to understand it is not because of public assistance or handouts that I am where I am now, it is through my own hard work and determination.

Original sin in the maltese falcon

In this fashion, the movie depicts the framing of Spade at the hands of Wonderly who is nowhere to be found. Spade provides Gutman and Cairo with the bundle that turns out to be a fake replica of the Maltese Falcon.

Los angeles against the mountains by john mcpee

These methods sometimes are effective and can redirect the flow to prevent the damage to the property but then again, one can never be sure how long they will last with the uncertainty associated with the momentum of the debris flow. Such measures are effective only to the point where it can guarantee that it β†’

Comparing two poems

The different visualizations of death as a final event of life reflect Dickinson's imagery of death both as a contented journey to eternal happiness and at the same time, absolute helplessness of man against it. The poet's imagery of death as a journey is also an effort to demonstrate that death is a natural culmination β†’

Poetry slam

With these differences, is poetry slam considered the evidence of the progressive evolution of poetry or it is completely a new trend of art borne by commercialism A significant matter to discuss to discern answers in the issue is the nature of the subject. Whatever it may be, it is apparent the existing relationship of β†’

Love styles by john lee

John Alan Lee's theory on love is appreciated by many including Susan and Clyde Hendrick, who developed a Love's Attitude Scale based on Lee's theory Love means different things and emotions to different people and one person's love could be meaningless to another. It is told that in personal life 'he followed the advice of β†’

Herbal remedy

Once the homepage of NCCAM is accessed, select the link to Herbs At a Glance, which is on the vertical bar at the left side of the homepage, under the title of Health. Salient information gleaned from the garlic webpage Garlic is a plant in the form of bulb that belongs to lily family.

Data table analysis

This paper analysis the various design elements of the data tables from the perspective of accounting, form an entity relationships diagram illustration using the existing data tables and suggests improvements for the data tables. Inventory data table of the Kudler's helps every person to read easily the table and enables them to easily explain the β†’

A trade environment and the rights of patients – dissertation example

This dissertation endeavors to examine the tension between intellectual property law and the right of the patient to health care, and to explore the specific ways that the latter can be compromised by the former. 6, Symposium of the Law in the Twentieth Century, pp.

Socrates’s wisdom

The story Socrates tells in the Apology about Chaerephons visit to the oracle constitutes a defense against the earlier accusations made against him. Socrates relays this story as a defense against the earlier accusations levied against him, as he indicates that in reality he is not questioning the nature of the gods.

Project manager work

There are quite a number of parameters that ought to be carried out such as installing the water system into the house, the sewer system as well as the water heating system. When installing a water system in the newly built house, the major considerations that ought to be taken into account include the following: β†’

Protein article

Amino acids are involved in the formation of DNA and RNA which forms the backbone of the human genome. In conclusion, protein requirements depend on the age, sex and weight of an individual.


Teams in the organization are another important channel that provides the management with different ideas of achieving certain goals in the organization. The source of idea explains to the management the effect that the idea will have on the organization and how to implement the idea in the existing procedures.

The wechsler intelligence scale for children

Repeating the examination with modification might also skew the data due to the time need to administer the test and the fatigue of the child. The prevention of bias in the administration and scoring of the WISC-III is one of the most important rights all test takers should be guaranteed.


This historical description acts as a warning both to the current and future generations on the consequences of war. In conclusion, this book gives an insightful analysis of the end of the World War II.

Current economy and the great depresson

Current Economy and the Great Depression The Great Depression of 1929 was one of the worst economic periods in the world. The economic downturn soon spread to the rest of the world due to the relationship of the US with the Europe's economy in the post World War 1 period.

Socrates discourse

In the very beginning of his apology, Socrates does away with an immediate rancor against his oppressors, by declaring the charges attributed to him as the outcome of a timeless conflict of ideas and values, thereby elevating his trial to a level much above the task of meting out justice to a common convict. In β†’

Relative space in the known material world

At one meter divided by one thousand, we find the millimeter. At one meter divided by one million, we find the micrometer.