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Iraq culture

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Iraq Iraq Discuss the location of Iraq in the Middle East, compare it to other nations in the Middle East. Iraqis located in the Middle East, bordering the Persian Gulf and situated between Iran and Kuwait. Its border countries are Iran 1, 458 km, Jordan 181 km, Kuwait 240 km, Saudi Arabia 814 km, Syria 605 km and Turkey 352 km (Central Intelligence Security, 2012). Its terrain is composed mostly of broad plains with reedy marshes along the Iranian border in the south and mountains along borders with Iran and Turkey (Central Intelligence Security, 2012).
2- Analyze the culture of Iraq using Hofstede’s dimensions of culture.
Using Hofstede’s 5-D model, one can see that Iraq’s culture gives emphasis to hierarchy (Geert Hofstede. com, n. d.). They respect authority and follow it. In terms of the individualism dimension, Iraq can be considered a collectivistic society (Geert Hofstede. com, n. d.). Loyalty in the family is given much importance. Each individual is responsible for their fellow members in a group.
In the masculine/feminine dimension, Iraq scored high which implies that it is a masculine society (Geert Hofstede. com, n. d.). Those who are leaders in the organization must be decisive and assertive (Geert Hofstede. com, n. d.). Competition, performance and success are relevant in the society.
Iraq has a high preference for avoiding uncertainty as evidenced in its high score in uncertainty avoidance dimension. Iraq is guided by strict codes of behaviors and beliefs and any changes in these codes may not be welcome. Iraqis value hard work, precision and punctuality (Geert Hofstede. com, n. d.).
Iraq scored low in the long term orientation dimension which means that theirs is a short term orientation culture (Geert Hofstede. com, n. d.). Moreover, they respect and value their traditions. They do not feel the need to save as their orientation is geared on the present. There is also strong social pressure to meet the standards of other people.
3- Describe the elements of Iraq’s culture that you learned that were surprises to you compared to the American culture.
Compared to Iraq’s culture, the Americans value innovation. They always want to have the latest and most modern technology. On the other hand, Iraqis are more conservative. They stick to tradition and would find it difficult to adhere to any changes in their lifestyle. One is surprised how Iraq’s culture values their family, religion and their traditions. They are strongly bound by the Muslim religion. They give importance to cooperation unlike the Americans who are more individualistic. This can be observed in the higher score of America in terms of the individualism dimension as compared with that of Iraq.
Another major difference in the culture of Iraq and America as shown in the Hofstede model and which surprised one is in the power distance dimension. Hierarchy is given much importance in Iraq unlike in America. In Iraq, subordinates are expected to follow their superiors without questioning them. On the contrary, America values equality; thus, showing a low power distance score. They may respect authority but if they think that authority is not right, they will question it and voice out their own opinions.
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