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Health and nursing informatics

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The incorporation of information technology and computer-based searches has enhanced adequate information access, retrieval, and dissemination. This has led to the creation of EBN (Evidence-Based Nursing). The incorporation of informatics has gone a long way in ensuring that EBN is achieved at each and every point when dealing with patients (Ball, 2000). This ensures that they have accessed the best healthcare practices that are affordable. Over the years, there are particularly many practices that have become overrated. This is because the same practices and procedures can now be conducted in simpler procedures at low costs. This has been discovered through nursing informatics. This shows that nursing informatics has contributed immensely to EBN and nursing research (Ball, 2000).
Once the nursing informatics has been employed in an instance or situation, it is observed that the general process of research is enhanced. This makes nursing interventions more reliable, quality and affordable to all the people who are accessing the healthcare. The interventions, in turn, make it possible for hospitals and healthcare centers to offer more to their patients. This does not threaten the quality of the services delivered.
In conclusion, nursing informatics can be considered a distinctive technology that has revolutionized nursing practices all over the world. This is through improved healthcare and nursing practices (Ball, 2000). The accurate data acquired ensures that it is possible to research the best practices and introduce them as nursing intervention strategies in any health care facility. This has expanded the horizon for nursing as a profession.

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