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Editorial: lupus and the brain: advances in neuropsychiatric systemic lupus erythematosus

Editorial on the Research Topic Lupus and the Brain: Advances in Neuropsychiatric Systemic Lupus Erythematosus As systemic lupus erythematosus is a notoriously demanding disease, involvement of the nervous system, collectively termed neuropsychiatric SLE, represents the foremost diagnostic and therapeutic challenge for the treating physician. Value of multidisciplinary reassessment in attribution of neuropsychiatric events to systemic →

Toward a more nuanced view on organizational support theory

In particular, a high POS could be perceived by employees as an indication of incompetence or a lack of confidence on the part of the organization toward them, leading to a reduction of employee performance. Perceived organizational support and employees' well-being: the mediating role of organizational dehumanization.Eur.J.

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Editorial: function of renal sympathetic nerves

The aim of this research topic was to evaluate the efficacy and safety of renal denervation, to explore the contribution of both afferent and efferent renal nerve activity to hypertension and non-hypertension disorders, and to stimulate future research to better understand the function of the renal nerves and the effects of RDN by highlighting gaps →

Investigating cell death mechanisms in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis using transcriptomics

This was an important demonstration of the potential of this sort of study and whilst it depended upon a predefined group of cDNAs that were present upon the array, the results gave an overview of gene expression in the anterior horn of the lumbar spinal cord. Ultimately, a series of seven genes was identified as →

the merchant of venice in auschwitz: taking apart shylock using the scm and bias map

A tendency to see Shylock as the centre of the play, as opposed to Antonio, the Venetian merchant, appears in the historical record as early as 1598 when the play was listed in the Stationer's Register as " the Jew of Venice". He eventually saw Jean Gascon's production of The Merchant in 1970, at the →

Targeting nutrient retrieval by francisella tularensis

To meet the demands for high levels of amino acids for its robust growth in the host cell cytosol, F.tularensis triggers the host macroautophagy degradation machinery, which is required for optimal intracellular bacterial growth. It would be interesting to identify the bacterial factor responsible for triggering host autophagy, as this would constitute a promising potential →

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The theory behind the age-related positivity effect

This flurry of scholarship has provided overwhelming support for the basic concept but also has added to our understanding of the subtleties and limitations of the theory while enriching our understanding of the role of emotion in cognitive processing in both younger and older people. Our research group coined the term " positivity effect" to →

Editorial: trends in regulatory peptides

They highlighted the potential limitations in the characterization of biased agonists and provided a general approach to assessing biased agonists that should help the development of this promising new class of drugs. Neuropeptides represent one of the largest families of regulatory peptides and regulate many physiological functions in the central nervous system and in peripheral →

Editorial: hypoxia in kidney disease

In the 90's Fine et al.proposed kidney hypoxia as a mediator of progressive kidney disease. Since then, experimental and clinical studies have solidified the view that kidney hypoxia plays a critical role during the genesis and progression of both acute and CKD.

A key factor for psychosomatic burden of frontline medical staff: occupational pressure during the covid-19 pandemic in china

To identify the major source of the medical staff's psychosomatic problems in order to provide targeted mitigation measures, we systematically and completely compared the degree of seven psychosomatic problems in the different exposure groups, explored the risk factors for psychosomatic burdens, and analyzed the relationship between psychosomatic problems and medical occupation. Therefore, the MS in →

Breathe right

This means that there was an increase in the amount that the company was able to transact in a day. The company had to increase the amount of money that it spends in order to maintain the new operations at the various places where it expanded.

Editorial: frontiers in synaptic plasticity: dendritic spines, circuitries and behavior

The Editorial on the Research Topic Frontiers in Synaptic Plasticity: Dendritic Spines, Circuitries and Behavior More than a century ago, in 1906, the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was awarded to Camillo Golgi and Santiago Ramon y Cajal " in recognition of their work on the structure of the nervous system". These contributions present →

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Long term outcome and immune function after hematopoietic stem cell transplantation for primary immunodeficiency

Patients with ADA-deficient SCID often develop cellular and humoral immune reconstitution in the absence of conditioning, possibly because the local toxic effects of ADA deficiency on the marrow act as " auto-conditioning" combined with a selective growth advantage and permit donor stem cell engraftment in the absence of chemotherapy. The advantageous effect of conditioning on →

Aeromonas: a book review

ISBN: 978-1-908230-56-0 and 978-1-908230-57-7 " Aeromonas " is a new coming reference hardback and ebook that provides an overview on taxonomy, ecology, and pathogenicity of the genus Aeromonas, a group of bacterial species in the gamma subclass of the Proteobacteria. The first chapter Introduction and overview describes the roots of research and the increasing interest →

The face-name associative memory test as a tool for early diagnosis of alzheimer’s disease

The FNAME was recently adapted for the Spanish-speaking in the United-States, and its psychometric and demographic characteristics assessed in a Spanish sample by Alegret et al.and compared to those of the Wechsler Memory Scale. The results confirm the superior performance for face-occupation compared to face-name associations, and a correlation between performance in S-FNAME and WMS-III.

The power of asteroseismology for early stellar evolution

The distribution of stars in young associations gives the impression that there is an upper boundary in the Hertzsprung-Russell diagram, i.e, that pre-MS stars by their very nature are restricted to relatively modest luminosities and that the upper parts are unpopulated. Recently, a relation between the oscillatory properties of Scuti -type pre-MS stars and the →

Editorial: using small molecules to treat macromolecule storage disorders

The Parets et al.paper introduces a novel therapeutic approach for Alzheimer's disease: Instead of targeting the amyloid cascade, according to which proteolysis of the integral membrane protein amyloid precursor protein by -secretase is the culprit of AD, the authors focus on the changes in membrane lipid composition and structure as triggers of AD pathology. This →

Tbx1 functions as a tumor activator in prostate cancer by promoting ribosome rna gene transcription

In the present study, we investigated the clinical impact of TBX1 expression in human PCa samples and the biological role and underlying mechanisms of TBX1 in PCa. Immunohistochemistry was used to detect the expression of TBX1 and ki-67 with anti-TBX1 and anti-ki67 polyclonal antibodies.

morbillivirus -host interaction: lessons from aquatic mammals

And, if so, could CypB incorporation into the viral surface contribute, to some extent, to Morbillivirus prolonged persistence inside the host's brain, with subsequent development of human SSPE, canine ODE, and SSPE/ODE-like cases of morbilliviral infection in dolphins? Furthermore, both MeV and CDV, along with the more recently characterized Phocine Distemper Virus, have been shown →

The psychology undergraduate research conference: a pathway to publishing?

Undergraduate research conferences can offer students a forum for dissemination of their research findings and opportunities to " complete the research cycle" through to, in some instances, a peer-reviewed publication. Compared to the US, opportunities for students to present at undergraduate research conferences in the UK are limited, and the literature on such opportunities is →

Interferon α enhances b cell activation associated with foxm1 induction: potential novel therapeutic strategy for targeting the plasmablasts of systemic lupus erythematosus

In the present study, we investigated the effect of pretreatment with IFN on B cell activation and the effect of FOXM1 inhibitor on B cell proliferation and survival. Isolated B cells were labeled using CellTrace Violet Cell Proliferation Kit and analyzed via flow cytometry after the culture was prepared.

Resources: ch. 1 of contemporary nutrition, ch. 2 of visualizing nutrition, week one and week two individual assignments, wileyplus, iprofile

One should ensure that they choose healthy food as a way of ensuring a healthy diet. Nutrition density is tremendously essential in the determination of the various types of food that one should feed on to attain the required level of calories.

Book review: handbook of the economics of risk and uncertainty

Consider the future as a product of interplay between the states of the nature on one hand and our choices on the other. Addressing these issues, the Handbook of the Economics of Risk and Uncertainty consists of two masterfully crafted prefaces and 14 chapters written by leading economists in theory, empirical, and experimental economics.

Feasibility of de-escalation implementation for positive blood cultures in patients with sepsis: a prospective cohort study

One of the main concerns on the management of patients with sepsis is the increase in the number of infections due to multidrug-resistant pathogens which limits the treatment options. Hazard ratios and 95% confidence intervals were obtained using Cox regression in order to estimate the effect of therapy directed by blood culture on mortality and →

Human interest

The speaker's split feelings reflected in the broken form of the sonnet in " Human Interest" In " Human Interest" the speaker has split feelings about his dead girlfriend, which are reflected in the form of the poem. The break between those divided feelings is visible in the broken form of the sonnet.

Editorial: multiscale modeling from macromolecules to cell: opportunities and challenges of biomolecular simulations

This appears impractical at a first sight especially for the computation cost, which, considering for instance Molecular Dynamics simulations, can be roughly estimated as N D N t = where N D and N t correspond to the number of degrees of freedom and the number of timesteps needed to represent a system of size →

Dynamic expression of m a regulators during multiple human tissue development and cancers

Moreover, we recently performed comprehensive characterization of m 6 A regulators in 33 cancer types and found that there were widespread expression perturbation of m 6 A regulators in cancer. In this study, we performed a comprehensive evaluation of the expression of m 6 A regulators across multiple human tissues development and cancer.

Aboriginal health with particular referrence to aboriginal mental health essay sample

Consequently, the inequality of aboriginal health compared to that of the majority of Australians is predominantly located within and determined by the political and economic structures and institutions of the dominant Anglo-Australian society, from which the aboriginal population have been excluded. The adverse mental health of the Aboriginal population compared to the rest of society →

Commentary: playing the computer game tetris prior to viewing traumatic film material and subsequent intrusive memories: examining proactive interference

L, Tickle, H, Horsch, A, and Holmes, E.A.J. B, and Griffiths, M.D." Prevalence and characteristics of Game Transfer Phenomena," in Paper Presented at the ITAG 2015: Interactive Technologies and Games - Education, Health and Disability.

Commentary: switching to the rubber hand

The present study by Yeh and colleagues examines the relationship between executive functions like attention shifts and the experience of the rubber hand illusion, i.e, they investigate the role of top-down processes in the perception of the illusion. The referral of touch reflects the experience of a fusion of the visual and tactile stimuli, and →

Enhancement of closed-state inactivation by neutralization of s4 arginines in domain iv of a sodium channel

They inventively showed that sodium channel blockers TTX and -CTX, which bind to the outer pore in the selectivity filter region of the channel, affect the gating pore currents through domain IV, suggesting a coupling between conformational transitions in the selectivity filter and the movement of S4 in the voltage sensor of domain IV. Gating →

Brain-computer interfaces: a neuroscience paradigm of social interaction? a matter of perspective

Importantly, for BCI and for NSI protocols, these models have a twofold interest: In NSI protocols they can be used to explain and question the specificity of social behavior in terms of underlying brain mechanisms. Instead of considering the BCI user's brain as a black box and instead of taking a static machine's perspective, the →

Effects of memory training or task design? a commentary on “neural evidence for the use of digit-image mnemonic in a superior memorist: an fmri study”

The authors highlight the finding of frontal pole engagement in CL in the two-digit study and recall conditions and interpret it in terms of retrieval of the practiced digit-image associations. Neural evidence for the use of digit-image mnemonic in a superior memorist: an fMRI study.

Experimental and modeling investigations of miniaturization in ingan/gan light-emitting diodes and performance enhancement by micro-wall architecture

The influence of the size-reduction of the lateral mesa in two directions on the performance of the LED chip is separately identified. The individual role of the size-reduction in the lateral x- and y- directions is identified separately.

Advantages and disadvantages of telecommunications essay sample

Although humanity has benefited from the resources and convenience provided by telecommunication, contradicting these are the disadvantages of telecommunication if misused, brutalized and abused." Communication ties together the parts of the society just as the nervous system ties together the parts of an individual. Purpose of the Study The researchers aim to edify about the →

Fortified food product

The research indicates the nutrients of the fortified food. In terms of the vitamin fortifications, the milk product supplies a portion of the body's daily vitamin needs.

Noise induced hearing loss health and social care essay

This subdivision attempts to supply an overview of effects of noise on hearing, the pathophysiology of NIHL, early sensing and bar of NIHL and legal and societal and issues in relation to NIHL. The sum of TTS is straight relative to the strength of sound and continuance of exposure.

Getting a grip on problem gambling: what can neuroscience tell us?

In this study similar to the study by Potenza et al.no behavioral differences were found for the PrG group compared to the HCs, which may be related to power issues due to the smaller sample sizes of fMRI studies in PrG and PG compared to neuropsychological studies. Compared to the small number of neuroimaging studies →

Using inquiry-based learning to enhance immunology laboratory skills

Students with the lowest grades on entering university and who engaged in inquiry-based learning in their first year showed the greatest improvement in their final year marks compared to the highest-achieving students, suggesting the inquiry-based learning approach assisted students to become more engaged in learning, and more confident in accessing research resources to assist their →

Neuroendocrine associations underlying the persistent therapeutic effects of classic serotonergic psychedelics

In early studies, LSD has been shown to be effective in the treatment of alcoholism and it improved affect and sleep while reducing pain in cancer patients. The role of 5-HT1A receptor activation in neurogenesis has been associated with the therapeutic effects of antidepressants.

Editorial: alveolar macrophages in lung inflammation and resolution

In the lung, there are two distinct macrophage populations: alveolar macrophages, which are in close contact with the type I and II epithelial cells of alveoli; and interstitial macrophages, which reside in the parenchyma between the microvascular endothelium and alveolar epithelium. This collection of published articles is comprised of a series of reviews and original →

Editorial: forces in biology – cell and developmental mechanobiology and its implications in disease

In the past three decades, the authoritative concept that " phenotype can dominate over genotype" by Mina Bissell and others have further underscored the overarching role of tissue and cellular mechanisms in health and disease. Oliveira Silva et al.describe the molecular interactions and transport in the osteochondral interface and discuss the potential of using contrast →

Traditional chinese medicine decoction combined with antipsychotic for chronic schizophrenia treatment: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Specifically, the purpose was to obtain evidence of the effect and safety of TCM in the adjuvant therapy of chronic schizophrenia and validating evidence-based medicine for its treatment. This study is a meta-analysis of the efficacy and safety of TCM in the treatment of chronic schizophrenia, excluding human studies.

Part 3

Improving Flexibility in Each Joint of the Body Improving Flexibility in Each Joint of the Body Some of the exercises used in improving the flexibility of body joints include Yoga, Pilates, Swimming and Stationary Rowing. Swimming is another exercise that is safe and efficient in improving the flexibilities of all the joints of the body.

Risk attitude, investments, and the taste for luxuries versus necessities

The other two measures were simply the mean responses to the difference items and the gamble items, where one indicates that the subject accepted the gamble or thought that the difference between the intermediate and high amounts was larger than the difference between the low and intermediate amounts. It is unlikely that this result is →

Effect of a 12-week concurrent training intervention on cardiometabolic health in obese men: a pilot study

The same exercise intervention was offered to the participants of the control group after completing the intervention. A dynamic standardized warm-up was performed before the beginning of the main part based on mobility and activation exercises, and a cooling-down protocol was conducted at the end of the training session.

Is there really a loss of agency in patients with apraxia of tool use?

In this context, an outstanding issue is whether loss of agency is an ignored dimension of apraxia and particularly of apraxia of tool use or whether loss of agency and apraxia of tool use are two independent syndromes based on distinct neurocognitive mechanisms. However, to our opinion, the link between apraxia of tool use and →

Sex differences in right ventricular dysfunction: insights from the bench to bedside

Proper RV function is crucial for optimal cardiovascular health, and RV dysfunction results in poor outcomes in two RV-centric diseases, pulmonary hypertension and arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy/dysplasia. The survival difference is predominately explained by enhanced RV function in females, which accounts for 39% of the difference in transplant-free survival between men and women.

White matter abnormalities in patients with parkinson’s disease: a meta-analysis of diffusion tensor imaging using tract-based spatial statistics

To eliminate the inconsistencies between these different studies, coordinate-based meta-analyses on DTI studies were carried out, and decreases in FA were found in the CC, the left middle cerebellar peduncles, the left IFOF, and the right inferior longitudinal fasciculus of patients with PD compared with that of HCs. We reproduced the FA reduction of the →

Editorial: e3 ubiquitin ligases: from structure to physiology

The topological nature of the assembled ubiquitin chain largely dictates the function of the ubiquitinated protein and the cellular outcome. M, and Deshaies, R.J.

What is success? a narrative review of research evaluating outcomes of antibiotics used for treatment of clinical mastitis

Like most bacterial diseases, the magnitude of the inflammatory response is dependent on virulence of the pathogen and is regulated by the ability of the host to mount a rapid and effective immune response. While there are some exceptions, it is difficult to justify the use of antimicrobial therapy for treatment of non-severe cases of →

Alternative medicine and placebo effect health and social care essay

Hui et Al.'s work supports the biological foundations in the usage of stylostixis, but besides recognises the of import function of emotion in the therapy, which would supply grounds for the use of the placebo consequence. By researching the biological and psychological grounds, one can understand the use of the placebo consequence in this type →

Electromyographic patterns and the identification of subtypes of awake bruxism

All volunteers signed a statement of informed consent in compliance with Resolution n 466/12 of the National Board of Health, and this study received approval from the human research ethics committee of the Center of Health Sciences of the Federal University of Pernambuco. Arrangement of adhesive EMG electrodes;Positioning of the EMG equipment over the anterior →

Five things you should never assume when it comes to your business

Do not assume you are better than the competitionIt goes without saying that you should strive to be the best in business. As I said, it is vital to make the distinction between an assumption and just a guess.

Response to commentary: hand and grasp selection in a preferential reaching task: the effects of object location, orientation, and task intention

A review of articles within the psychology and motor neuroscience area utilizing the term " joint action" reveals a myriad of uses of the term, along with a plethora of experimental techniques to examine the concept. At the heart of Brattman's description of Shared Cooperative Activities, were the following tenets: both actors must intend to →

Frontiers in brain imaging methods grand challenge

At the heart of this growth lies the development of brain imaging methods, including new methods for data acquisition, new approaches for the modeling and analysis of data, and new software tools. We hope to see a greater focus on the impact of improvements of acquisition and processing methods, and more work on how to →

Editorial: innovative approaches in computational structural engineering

The Research Topic " Innovative Approaches in Computational Structural Engineering" aims to provide a forum for the presentation and discussion of state-of-the-art innovative developments, concepts, methodologies, and approaches in scientific computation applied to structural engineering. The contributions come from 58 leading researchers and professionals from 10 countries around the world who are actively involved in →

Time to redefine organic agriculture: can’t gm crops be certified as organics?

Despite the backing of a large section of the scientific community, the idea of GM organics has failed to set roots in the mainstream agricultural practices, and, therefore, a sustained campaign in the form of providing further supporting arguments and evidence is needed for its wider acceptance. Thus, on the one hand, the use of →

Interest of fdg-pet in the management of mantle cell lymphoma

This retrospective study showed that FDG-PET detected at least one pathological site in all cases of MCL Indeed, existing data in the literature confirm this observation and show that FDG-PET at diagnosis in patients with MCL has a high sensitivity in the detection of lesions in nodes and spleen. Mato et al.confirmed this prognostic value →

Online self-presentation strategies and fulfillment of psychological needs of chinese sojourners in the united states

The purpose of this research is to study the logical relationship between online self-presentation strategies and the fulfillment of psychological needs of Chinese sojourners in the context of American and Chinese cultures and to further understand the characteristics of the psychological effects of Chinese sojourners' online self-presentation behavior in intercultural contexts, so as to provide →

Porous optically transparent cellulose acetate scaffolds for biomimetic blood-brain barrier in vitro models

The functionality of the BBB is mainly attributed to: the tight junctions among the endothelial cells of the vases, which remarkably limit the paracellular non-specific crossing of substances through the barrier, the basement membrane, a non-cellular component consisting of extracellular matrix proteins which provides support to the cells of the neurovascular unit and contributes to →

Electronic health record essay

Her list includes the following.from the IT section.a Clinical Nursing Informatacist- chosen for a forte in how nurses interact with package and what is required for nurses to efficaciously care for patients.and the Director of Clinical Informatics- chosen for an overall cognition base of the infirmaries information sciences resources and demands including what package and →

Editorial: epitranscriptomics: the novel rna frontier

Editorial on the Research Epitranscriptomics: The Novel RNA Frontier From the formulation of the Central Dogma of molecular biology to the discovery of novel non-coding RNA classes, the focus of Genetics involved DNA variants with the scope of elucidating biological pathways perturbed in disease. The aim of this Research Topic was to collect both original →

Editorial: novel strategies for anti-tumor vaccines

This Research Topic was intended to focus on several aspects of anti-tumor vaccinology and particularly on ways to increase the potency of anti-tumor vaccines by acting both on facilitating tumor antigen selection and presentation to cells of adaptive immunity and on reducing the effect of suppressive mechanisms on these immune responses. Identification of the optimal →

Statistical learning across development: flexible yet constrained

Teinonen et al.examined statistical learning in sleeping newborns by presenting a continuous stream of three-syllable words in an artificial language similar to that employed by Saffran et al, in which the only cues to word boundaries were the conditional relations or frequencies of co-occurrence between syllables. In the auditory domain, Saffran et al.found that both →

The future of genomic endocrinology

From the early days of molecular endocrinology, when techniques such as Southern blotting were used to detect large deletions, through the introduction of PCR and sequencing with the identification of variants in single genes, and finally to the present day when the focus is shifting to whole genome sequencing and identification of epigenetic influences on →

Commentary: possible involvement of lysosomal dysfunction in pathological changes of the brain in aged progranulin-deficient mice

A commentary on Possible involvement of lysosomal dysfunction in pathological changes of the brain in aged progranulin-deficient mice by Tanaka, Y, Chambers, J. Further to this, the role of heterozygous GRN mutation in late onset neurodegenerative disorders appears similar to the relationship between GBA, another lysosomal gene, and Parkinson's disease.

Editorial: novel mechanisms involved in urinary bladder control: advances in neural, humoral and local factors underlying function and disease

Editorial on the Research Topic Novel Mechanisms Involved in Urinary Bladder Control: Advances in Neural, Humoral and Local Factors Underlying Function and Disease Urinary bladder dysfunctions affect the daily life activities and well-being of millions of people worldwide, leading to social and mental discomfort. L, and Geerling, J.C.

Metagenomic analysis of the microbial communities and resistomes of veal calf feces

To compare the fecal microbial communities of veal calves at different ages, the 24 metagenomes were divided into two groups: fecal samples that were collected from calves at early stage of production soon after they were brought onto the farms and fecal samples from the same cohort of calves at slaughter-age/late stage of production. Similar →

Endothelin-1 exhibiting pro-nociceptive and pro-peristaltic activities is increased in peritoneal carcinomatosis

The aim of this study was to investigate whether EDN1 plays a pro-nociceptive role in the mediation of visceral pain in PC, and therefore determine if inhibition of the EDN1 signaling pathway could provide a potential new therapeutic target for the treatment of visceral pain in patients with digestive tract tumors associated with PC. A →

Editorial: the tumor necrosis factor superfamily: an increasing role in breast cancer

Editorial on the Research Topic The Tumor Necrosis Factor Superfamily: An Increasing Role in Breast Cancer The Tumor Necrosis Factor superfamily comprises TNFSF ligands and their cognate TNF receptor superfamily members. Nat Rev Immunol 3: 745 56.doi: 10.

Enteric phageome alterations in patients with type 2 diabetes

The biological characteristics of phages endow them with the capability to regulate the abundance of their hosts, thereby affecting the structure of the microbiota through the cascade reactions of both positive and negative interactions among the bacterial communities. In addition, whether the changes in the phageome are assciated with the changes in bacterial community was →

Bioprospecting of novel extremozymes from prokaryotes—the advent of culture-independent methods

Some halophiles, such as Halobacterium and Haloferax, were found to accumulate polyhydroxyalkanoates, which are a family of biopolyesters with diverse uses in the medical, environmental, and industrial fields. However, the high stability of halophilic enzymes toward salt is associated with tolerance to low water activity, such as in mixtures of aqueous and organic or nonaqueous →

Monocyte/macrophage inflammatory response pathways to combat francisella infection: possible therapeutic targets?

Although known to infect a range of host organisms and cell types, F.tularensis has evolved to successfully infect human monocytes/macrophages where the bacteria escape the phagosome, replicate within the cytosol and then move on to other cells as the infected cells die. With Francisella in particular, the more virulent F.tularensis Schu S4 has been shown →

Virtue ethics and integration in evidence-based practice in psychology

One of the groups are given the treatment, the other is not. Evidence-based practice in psychology is defined as ' the integration of the best available research with clinical expertise in the context of patient characteristics, culture and preferences'.

Dementia, treatment decisions, and the un convention on the rights of persons with disabilities. a new framework for old problems

In the last two sections, I will demonstrate how the main provisions proposed by the CRPD and the Committee can provide a better solution to the problems emerging in relation to healthcare decisions of people with dementia, and show how the problematic aspects of the CRPD model can be attenuated and are, in any case, →

Bovine genomics by james e. womack

James Womack is a member of the National Academy of Sciences USA and a recipient of several prestigious international awards including the CIBA and Wolf prizes for his contributions to the advancement of animal health and agriculture. Bovine Genomics is not only a collection of book chapters covering different topics of the bovine research; the →

Sameness and the self: philosophical and psychological considerations

As we will see in the section titled Types of Self and Types of Personal Diachronicity: Evidence and Certainty, criterial emendations are particularly complex when the object of a sameness judgment also is the one making the judgment i.e, the sameness of one's self. In addition to judgments made by the self-as-subject of the self-as-object, →

Distinguishing target from distractor in stroop, picture–word, and word–word interference tasks

In the Stroop task the target is usually the font color and the distractor is the written color word, for the PWI task the target is a picture and the distractor a super-imposed written word, and for the WWI task the parti-cipants are presented with two words and need to respond to one based on →

Editorial: assembly of the photosystem ii membrane-protein complex of oxygenic photosynthesis

The first of these by Cardona considers the origin of the PS II reaction center D1 and D2 proteins that bind the majority of the PS II redox active cofactors, he also considers afresh the origin of the two chlorophyll-binding proximal antenna proteins, CP43 and CP47 as well as the origins of the additional membrane-spanning →

Cynandione a alleviates neuropathic pain through α7-nachr-dependent il-10/ÎČ-endorphin signaling complexes

In addition, intrathecal injection of cynandione A in neuropathic rats markedly stimulated spinal -endorphin expression and alleviated mechanical allodynia and thermal hyperalgesia, which were blocked by the microglial metabolic inhibitor minocycline, the -endorphin antibody and -opioid receptor antagonist. Furthermore, the spinal glial IL-10 and -endorphin pathway has been revealed to be associated with the antinociceptive →

Neuromonitoring in neonatal-onset epileptic encephalopathies

In a group of 76 pre-term newborns with neonatal seizures, Pisani et al.found a significant correlation of birth weight, seizure onset, neurologic examination and EEG with neurodevelopmental outcomes at 1 year of age in neonates with status epilepticus compared to the pre-term newborns with seizures but without status. The prognostic significance of prolonged epileptic discharges →

Translational issues with the development of cognition enhancing drugs

00146 Franco and Cedazo-Minguez, in their review, raised the issue that animal models have a poor predictability with respect to drug development in the field of Alzheimer's disease. We recently conducted a study in which we tested the effects of a PDE5 inhibitor in enriched and standard housed animals.

Perceived health promotion practice of nurses in saudi arabia essay sample

Facts Sheet: Perceived Health Promotion Practice of Nurses in Saudi Arabia The purpose of this report was to investigate the perceived health promotion practice of staff nurses in Saudi Arabia. Policy-makers in Saudi Arabia need to consider providing appropriate training programs for nurses to introduce the wider concept of their health promotion role.

Navigating beyond “here & now” affordances—on sensorimotor maturation and “false belief” performance

To explain this unexplored possibility and theorize the distinction between here & now and counterfactual navigation, we need to look to neuroscientific evidence for affordance tracking and decision-making, default systems and self-projection and lastly the maturation of sensorimotor priors. If sensorimotor processes ground a complex and dynamic tracking of current affordance relations of self and →

The antibiotic resistance “mobilome”: searching for the link between environment and clinic

The antibiotic " resistome" is the collection of all genes that directly or indirectly contribute to antibiotic resistance, both in the environment and the clinic. It is clear that the environmental " resistome" is a substantial source of resistance genes, and it has been theorized that antibiotic-producing organisms in the environment are the source of →