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Good example of should we lower the drinking age essay

Supporters of lowering the drinking age chose 18 because that is the age the American youth become legal adults. According to Carroll 77% of Americans oppose lowering the drinking age to 18.

Gastritis: risk factors, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment case study sample

A small tube is inserted through the patient's mouth into the stomach to observe the inflammation in the stomach mucosal lining of the patient. Blood tests can be performed to investigate the presence of H.pylori, to get a blood cell count and to detect the existence of pernicious anemia in the patient.

Free alcohol and substance abuse among children: the effect of school-based health and education partnership program term paper example

Furthermore, the passage of the bill will authorize school health centers to assess, screen, and provide appropriate services alcohol and substance abuse among students. The reason is that the bill will have important implications for the health of students, especially in the context of alcohol and substance abuse.

Over 21 is not the answer

In 2008, over 120 college presidents came together to make a proposal for lowering the drinking age to 18." This, they suggested, would take colleges out of the untenable position of pretending that students under 21 are not drinking, and it would turn drinking into a public activity. It is not safe to assume that →

Free research paper on gustafsen lake

Moreover, the new program will also have to meet the needs of all the students in order to ensure equality in learning. The goals of this plan will be to provide awareness about the effects of alcohol and drug abuse among the youth in the reserve.

Effects of new alcohol marketing methods on youth population

The article consists of four main parts, which tell about historical milestones of alcohol advertisements and faces used in, evaluation of the advertisement methods in the last five years, newly produced alcohol mixed beverages and their impacts, and the academic examination and offers about restriction of the alcohol advertisement, respectively. In the end of the →

Tim shores

In this essay it will be discussed that drinking does not help college students, it increases fatalities in automobile accidents, and parents should be punished for giving alcohol to minors. From this essay, it is concluded that drinking does not help college students, lowers fatalities in automobile accidents and that parents need to be punished →

Life with father

When Njeri was 3 years of age she remembers this like it was yesterday, how her father punched her mother in the face while she was in her mothers arms. He worked so hard to get promoted when that promotion did not happen his family was the target of his domestic violence.

Facts about teenage drug and alcohol abuse: statistics and causes term paper

As one can clearly understand, the use of alcohol and drugs is widely spread among students up to the 12th grade and a large portion of the student body has dove into alcohol and drugs, which makes the problem more intense for the families all across the United States, among other countries. In order to →

Preventing injuries by providing information

As a result, alcohol related harm, among young people 16-24 years, is one of the leading causes of disease and injury burden in Australia and 52% of all alcohol-related serious road injuries are attributed to adolescents 15-24 years of age. It found that the burden of injury in Australia is high, and parent education and →


Acetaldehyde is present everywhere in the atmosphere and may be produced in the body due to the breakdown of ethanol. A, abstinence is believed to be the treatment of choice after suffering from alcohol abuse.

Effectiveness of bacterial disinfectants on surfaces of mechanical ventilators article review sample

The purpose of this article was to assess the rate at which bacteria contaminate the surface of ventilator equipment and other equipment being used by the hospital for the patients care. Aureus on the ventilator system was significantly decreased following the use of 75% alcohol aerosol.S.

Should the alcohol drinking age be increased or decreased argumentative essay

On that basis the main point of this essay is to show the advantages and disadvantages of increasing or decreasing of drinking age and prove why one is better than the other. In my opinion, the thing we do not want according to the present social, finance, and politic circumstances is that the legal drinking →

The effect of alcoholism on the family

The significant effect of the presence of alcoholic in the family has caught the attention of many scholars and institutions. Specifically, it aims to discuss the following: The parental behavior of alcoholics Spousal and childviolenceof alcoholics The biological effects on the child of alcoholics The psychological effects of alcoholism on the family members Considering the →

Alcohol essay 6

As it is usual for alcoholics to get insensible when they are drunk, they are not thinking of the safety of others and themselves. Excessive consumption of alcohol may result in consequences of one's health and, to a certain extend, the people around them as it is said " better safe than sorry", it is →

Good case study about employment law

The Supreme Court of Canada only recently released a ruling related to random alcohol and drug tests at the workplace in Canada. Concerning the Irving employee case, England reveals that the court established that the company was lacking insufficient evidence to support a random drug and alcohol test.

Essay on defining stereotype

Most of the time, people do not realize that their perception is influenced by such conventional concepts and that it is leading them to being judgmental and prejudiced. As teenagers are expected to behave rebelliously, they start believing that such behavior is a norm for their age.

Research paper on underage drinking

Alcohol usage among the youth is becoming a drug of choice and this has resulted in the emergence of dire consequences to the society. This is because of the fact the alcohol impairs the judgment of an individual which is more dangerous to the young drinkers.

Essay on alcoholism in the native american society

He conveys alcoholism as a source of domestic conflicts, Loss of potential and lives, and the disintegration of the moral fabric within the Native American Society. Before he starts to engage in alcohol, he is the favorite of the whole reservation due to his great skills in the game.

Example of coffee and caffeine essay

The way the coffee is made, plus how the coffee drinker likes their coffee makes it alluring. This paper will look at the alluring of coffee about benefits and problems that coffee and caffeine can bring.

Research paper on alcohol and domestic violence how alcohol abuse has increased domestic violence

The paper analyzes and discusses the effects of alcohol abuse and domestic violence in addition to determining ways in which alcohol leads to domestic violence cases. The City is known to suffer from the highest rates of drug abuse and majority of violence case reported in the region have been linked to the abuse of →

Free case study on mock grievance

The decision of suspension and last chance letter, taken by the company was very right. Any employee who is under influence of drug/ alcohol can be a cause for a huge damage to the company.

Sample essay on mdma and alcohol

The rest of the alcohol travels to the intestines with the rest of what is being metabolized and is absorbed. MDMA attacks neurons in the brain, causing the release of serotonin and dopamine while alcohol is absorbed into the bloodstream, causing incoherence.

Alcoholism and spiritual influence health and social care essay

The AA outgrowth as a personal transmutation potent vehicle has besides been committed and vastly influential, as it brings in the term spiritualty to the spotlight of the mental wellness professionals every bit good as the general populace. In add-on, in a sample of 101 doctors indiscriminately selected in a group of those monitored by →

Alcoholism people

According to Donald, family studies have repeatedly confirmed that the risk of alcoholism is higher among parents, siblings, and children with relatives that are alcoholics. With any substance that is introduced to the body, it becomes familiar with it and can withstand more of a dose that normal.

Riley warner

The first main point of not lowering the legal drinking age is teen depression. The second main point of not lowering the legal drinking age is health problems.

The destructive growth of alcoholism in america

Hence, according to the History of Alcohol, "[i]n 1920 America saw prohibition in an effort to prevent the social problems caused by alcohol abuse." Thornton, an economics professor, expressed that during 1920-1933, " national prohibition of alcohol [in the US was a] 'noble experiment'- undertaken to reduce crime and corruption, solve social problems, reduce the →

Course work on algebraic exponents and polynomials used in real-world applications

For example, if a person is brought to the emergency room with a high blood alcohol level the dosage of medication will have to be determined based on the alcohol concentration in the blood.Dr.E.M.P. Medical uses are more difficult for the layperson to understand because they have not studied the subject in terms of dosage, →

Alcoholism among the youth

The legal drinking age should not be lowered due to the fact at a younger age; people are less tolerant and less capable of controlling their reactions to the alcohol, potentially putting their lives and the lives of others in danger. One of the largest arguments in favor of lowering the drinking age is the →

Example of warrantless searches term paper

The paper will provide a succinct historical analysis of the development of the topic and will review the position of the Supreme Court with regard to the matter. The suspect went to court and argued that the police did not have a warrant that allowed them to search the vehicle.

College students: propensity to drink and drive

Its shown in the National Survey of Drinking and Driving Attitudes and Behaviors that persons driving within 2 hours of consuming alcoholic beverages in the year 2008 that do it most fall in the ages of 21-24. 8 million college students reported driving under the influence of alcohol in 2010.

Example of report on procedure

The general formula of an ester compound is as follows: The experiment aimed at preparing esters from alcohol and carboxylic acids and identification of the characteristic odors of the ester prepared. The test tubes were removed from the water bath and the smell of the vapor tested.

Youth, alcohol, and drugs

Youth, Alcohol, and Drugs Drugs as well as alcoholic beverages are one of the many things that have a negative outcome on young people. These causes can lead one to drugs and the effects that most of these drugs have on human body are devastating and can be worse for an adolescence that is still →

Arguments for a lower drinking age 18 years essay examples

It is also clear that individuals below the age of 18 are physiologically in the process of maturation and therefore are likely to develop complications as a result of alcohol consumption. This brings us to the conclusion that the minimum drinking age should not be lowered to 18 since it is more beneficial, responsible and →

The prize winner of defiance ohio

Although he disagreed with his family all the time, the children learned to be patient with him, through their mother. In the end, she changed him out of his wrong habits and made him love to be hopeful.

Analyzes the real and potential threats of the problem for the united states and research paper

The threats and effects of alcohol and drug addiction in the US are evident from the nature of criminal activities, overstrained healthcare sector, environmental destruction and loss in productivity of the people in the society. The addiction to alcohol and drugs is a potential threat to the level of criminal activities in the US and →

Essay on drugs and alcohol

This includes the type of substance, the frequency and other questions pertaining to the habitual use of the substance. Studies show that individuals, teenagers in particular, who are exposed to environments where drug or alcohol abuse is rampant, the risk of developing a substance abuse problem is higher.

How does alcohol affect our society and our health?

The highest percentage of Alcohol is normally in spirits and the lowest is in beer. The question is, " If alcohol is a killing drug, should it be advertised in the manner of making one think it tastes great and will make you stronger? ".

Slide 6 (treatment barriers) dissertation samples

On the first RQ/H1 mention that " the hypothesis was developed based on the fact that all states were included in the survey and that geographic data was collected. Upon further investigation of the codebook, the researchers mentioned that the data was coded to protect the participant's privacy.

The american diabetes association recommends that people with diabetes who need essay example

They do not take in the proper amount of nutrients and mineral and thus have abnormal bone density levels, which can affect the healing of bone and connective tissue. The glycemic index for sucrose is low because the sucrose is a disaccharide made of one fructose and one glucose molecule.

Example of argumentative essay on marijuana

By a careful consideration of the benefits and effects of marijuana as well the benefits and effects of other equally harmful but legalized drugs falling in the same or almost the same category with marijuana, it can be argued that marijuana should be legalized. The most formidable arguments siding with the legalization of marijuana are →

Research paper on why is this still a problem

In the process of presenting a suggestion or idea to the person who has the power to implement it, the procedure of presentation influences the decision maker's acceptance or rejection of the idea. That shows that in the span of two years more people continued to die due to accidents caused by drunk driving, →

Alcoholism and its effects on the family

The said disease is said to be distinguished by periodic or continuous intake of alcohol, without worrying about the adverse effects the addiction may incur on the individual. The normal signs include problems in the stomach and in the intestines, ulcer, nausea and vomiting, deliriums, and the urge to have more of the habitual vice.

Soma drug in brave new world critical thinkings example

The text is informative with regard to the state of mind of the people within the society and how the use of drugs to deal with challenges in societies has become a rule rather than the exception. Based on Huxley's use of soma drug and the social concepts that the author discusses throughout the novel, →

Current event analysis essay sample

It should also be appreciated that the event occurred in the wake of a rising call for the strengthening of the provisions of the SEC with the ultimate view of developing a progressive tax regime. It is the expectation of the company that it would reach out to the market through the introduction of the →

Kayla goad

Michael is very supportive of this vaccine; he feels that if the effects of this vaccine work, it will have an impact on all the alcoholics everywhere. The purpose of this vaccine is to give alcoholics an instant and excessive hangover if they drink even an insufficient amount; it sends a biochemical messenger to the →

Literature review on sociology

In the FT study conducted, the percentages of those who went through the therapy successfully were derived from the actual cases that were used in the study. This is information is in congruent to the results discussed at the end of this article after the results of the study are presented.

Free essay about moral panic

The effect of the moral panic is usually the disappearance of a social behavior, discrediting of the behavior by the general public, anger, anxiety, fear or the disappearance of the behavior from the face of the earth. This shows that they can rarely be a consequence of underage drinking and the whoopla is merely meant →

Example of my experience with alcoholism essay

Although it was clear to others that I had a problem, because I would not acknowledge my addiction to alcohol, no one could help me. I made inappropriate comments to some of the female teachers and was generally a nuisance.

Brooklynn broadwater

Salinger uses Holden's attraction to older women to demonstrate the extent of his depression and need to have someone to give a listening ear. These quotes all show that his use of alcohol, sexual relationships and the lack of family all contributed to Holden's depression.

Example of flight some musical thoughts essay

When all is said and done and it seems that Denzel is off the hook, he decides to confess and inform us and the court that he was drunk while piloting the flight that crash landed. At the beginning we tend to dismiss the Denzel as irresponsible for his relationships and the way he consumes →

Drinking motives in alcohol use disorder patients

A study published by Tragesser and Sheer detected the impact that drinking motives could play on the association that exists between personality disorder symptoms and alcohol use disorder. The results from this study showed that there was a higher rate of AUD among males compared to females in the younger adult population.

Alcohol essay example

Alcohol is one of the lightest forms of addictive substances, but still the danger of becoming addicted is huge, especially if drink alcoholic beverages on a usual basis. For many people it is the only way to buy a little happiness for the money, and the value of this happiness depends on the amount paid →

Acoma origin myth essay samples

They emerged from the underground and were given a basket with small carved animals and seeds and were informed by the spirit that the components of the basket would help them for completing the world. One of the sisters Iatiku then made the spirits of seasons, with the first being Shakak the spirit of winter, →

Research paper on social norms paper

Most of the students that have been victims of crime in campuses tend to report of being intoxicated at the time the crime was committed. Further, substance abuse increases the aggressiveness of the students who in the end may engage in violent activities such as fights looting and destruction of property.

Example of analyzing the prevalence of substance abuse among teens in usa essay

Considering the implementation of the legislation that prohibits alcohol and drug use among adolescents below the age of 21, the extensive research conducted by the National Institute on Drug Abuse or NIDA reflects the massive problem of AOD use among teenagers in USA despite the intervention set by the American government. As stated in a →

Report on drug alcoholic offenders group therapy

The proposal will entail the group type, population; serve the number of sessions, number of participants, and the goals of the therapy in order to develop and apply the plan o provide the adequate counseling to all the patients. During the meeting, an informed consent form will be provided and that will state what the →

Example of research has identified five key qualitative factors that influence the quantity research paper

Such is the case of beer and the women's market, as marketing initiates gradually enact a complex change in the social structures that surround the production, purchases, distribution and consumption of beer. In order to make thorough, meaningful and precise recommendations as to the proper targeting, positioning, and development of a new beer brand targeted →

Term paper on psychological criticism alcohol abuse and alcoholism as compensation in ernest

The psychological structure of these characters is equally marred by their profuse alcoholism and debauchery, and their ultimate tragedy is that the all but subtle myth of the generation they belong to would keep them in a perpetual state of psychological hell. The emptiness and lack of faith in the lives of Jake Barnes, Lady →

Alcohol abuse and treatment: nwhic (excerpt)

The physical effects of drinking may carry on into the next day when the drinker may experience a hangover. Treatment for Alcohol Abuse Successful treatment must address all of the effects of alcohol abuse, both the physical effects of alcoholism and the psychological effects.

Drug use research paper

Socio-economic status- Poor as well as the socially unstable use more of tobacco. To improve economic, health and social outcomes of drugs by preventing use of harmful drugs.

Free essay on environmental science

Sea ice is a very good condition for survival of benthic plants and this is because it provides nutrients and enough light. Melting of sea ice makes it fall to its floor and then becomes a source of food for benthic plants and this food is later absorbed into the plants' food web.

Gut permeability alterations mediated by bacteria and links to alcohol dependence essay example

The study entitled " Intestinal permeability, gut-bacterial dysbiosis, and behavioral markers of alcohol-dependence severity" by Leclercq et al: E4485-E4493) explores the possibilities of links between alterations in gut permeability, composition of gut-microbiota, as well as the activity of the gut metabolites and the increased depression, anxiety, and alcohol craving in alcohol-dependent subjects. Gut bacteria have →

Essay on drinking alcohol

Drinking alcohol on a social basis may not be considered as a danger to the individual's health or social relationships. Alcohol abuse may be the stage to recognize that alcohol consumption is interfering in the person's lifestyle.

Consume excessive amounts of alcohol essay sample

In this study, the dependent variable is the excessive alcohol consumption of males between the ages of 18 and 65 that did not exhibit an addictive personality. In conclusion, based on the results of the study, there were no correlation between males that consumed excessive amounts of alcohol and social stability with having an " →

Causes and effects of fetal alcohol syndrome essay example

As a depressant, alcohol affects the psychological and brain cell development of the foetus. The main and most dangerous effect of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is brought about by the fact that alcohol is a depressant.

Sample research paper on substance abuse

In understanding addictions, a look into the phenomena of tolerance and withdrawal becomes important as it explains the extent of the addiction and also gives clues to the possible solutions that can be used to cure the person of his or her addiction. Major stages of smoking behavior and the major biological, psychological, and social →

The legal drinking age

There are many other viewpoints to both sides and in this paper we are going to explore both sides to the story Some believe that the legal drinking age should be lowered and we are going to explore why. Now there are two sides to every story and there are those who feel that the →

Example of essay on advertisement analysis

The chic and beautiful woman drinking the new Diet Pepsi is also too skinny, based on the parts of her body we can see in the ad. Therefore, the ad wants to pass on that a woman is attractive if only she is skinny, and of course drinking Diet Pepsi.

Free medical ethics case study sample

This can be seen to direct medical practitioners on the best cause of actions to take to ensure professionalism of the field. In this case, the most appropriate party would be a person who is friends with both Jenny and Cindy.

Research paper on hygiene and infection in hospitals

Environmental health considerations such as sanitation facilities and adequate water supply to patients, visitors and health care staff are paramount in the maintenance of hygienic conditions and prevention of infections. These are the also known as hospital-acquired infections and entail the infections absent from the patient at the time of admission.

Drunk driving research paper sample

Drunk driving, if not immediately remedied by the government with stricter policies and guidelines to punish and educate drivers about the hazards of drunk driving, it is likely that drunk driving related cases would consistently increase and kill more innocent passengers and drivers all due to being under the influence of alcohol. With the statistics →

Free rewriting 1 essay example

These events have led to the planning approach by the company to evaluate, analyze and select the measures to compact and face the challenges. It has also failed to advertise and promote its products.- Should Absolut Vodka re-launch a mixer product in the global FAB market?

Example of research paper on teenage alcoholism

With the parents already notified prior to the baseline measurement, the researchers arranged the sample in two groups depending on the cluster size and the proportion of students who graduated in the previous year. According to the researchers, most of the campaign to employing various components, like posters, t-shirts, and radio to reach the target →

Good research paper on first argument

The significance of raising the drinking age is to reduce the number of deaths in American roads that occur as a result of carelessness from the youths who are believed to have not attained the right age to handle their alcohol life. Explanation to this counter argument and the evidences is that, technologies are believed →

Teaching project for teenage drug use course work

Public health nurses would play a fundamental role in treatment and prevention of substance abuse and alcoholism in the community The nurses would help in providing treatment to substance abusers and helping them to break the bad habit. Finally, the public health nurses would help in educating teenagers in the community on the effects of →

Sample research paper on drew barrymore: battle with drugs and alcohol

This paper discusses the psychological aspects of Drew Barrymore in light of etiology of her drug addiction and alcoholism. When she started to confess, " I am Drew and I am an alcoholic addict" with seriousness and genuine acceptance, was the start of her internal treatment.

Example of essay on prohibition vs. bootlegging and gangterism

With the likes of Al Capone and other rich gangsters, the law was paralyzed by corruption, which saw even law enforcers being involved in the activities of criminal gangs. Bootlegging and sale of alcohol became a monopoly for the rich.

Legal age to drink: should it be changed?

She explained to her daughter the differences in alcohol contents and the importance of not drinking on an empty stomach. And as public-health scientist with a daughter heading to college, she has professional and personal concerns in regards to the dangers of alcohol.

Good example of the united states of america should not lower the minimum legal drinking age to research proposal

It is for this reason that many people are for the idea that the MLDA should be revised from the current 21 to 18. In sharp contrast, the opponents of such a move argue that maintaining the MLDA at 21 helps in the preventing of alcohol-related deaths and also control binge drinking.

The scene research paper examples

The school administration recently called me up for a meeting to discuss the child, and they confessed to me that they are equally worried about the drastic change in character of the boy's behavior as well, and the school counselor advised me to observe the child closely in the next few weeks and present to →

Alcoholism issue within college society

According to Louis Joylon West, M.D.a professor and Chairman of the Department of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences at the UCLA School of Medicine, the attributes that define an addiction, in this case alcohol, include craving, tolerance and withdrawal phenomena. Abstinence does not educate our college students of the dangers that are caused by the use →

Research paper on the disadvantages of bottled water and tap water

A lot of money is spent in the manufacture of water bottles, and processing of water as compared to the treatment of tap water. The environmental problems associated with bottled water and the economic cost of producing it can be used in improving the quality of tap water.

Alcoholism in youth

It seems that what is expected has not been achieved neither been integrated in mind and heart of the youth, being dubbed to as hope of the motherland. It detriments the physical and mental components of a person and causes the brain to change in some point that the person becomes dependent and abusive.


Those are the types of arguments the proponents for the eighteen drinking age will generally give, but there is more to consider when it comes to the topic of alcohol. What we should be looking at instead of lowering the drinking age is to educate the youth about the dangers that come with alcohol consumption; →

Deficits in memory of those with korsakoffs syndrome research paper samples

The way to evaluate these is by looking at the types of learning used within the researches, in this way they will help identify which are the mostly impaired memory processes in patients diagnosed with KS. Route learning in amnesia: a comparison of trial-and-error and errorless learning in patients with the Korsakoff syndrome.

Cigarette ban: a case to consider essay example

Perfectionism according to the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy has a variety of meanings. This line of thought can lead lawmakers into deciding that even if the public is against a certain law in a democracy, that lawmakers still have a moral responsibility to enact it for the greater good of the people.

Free trainspotting essay example

Although the novel was set in the 1980s, the author uses several aspects in the novel to allude to situations that are evident in the modern society thereby asserting the relevance of the Scots in the contemporary society. Ah hate the Scots" The colorful observations made by the character in the novel offer a very →

Jordyn starr

In the United States 18 year olds are not able to drink even though they are considered an adult, charged as an adult in the court of law, and can fight in the army; because of this issue the people of the United States should sign a petition and gain signatures, draft the petition, and →

Example of alcohol and domestic violence essay

Examined in this paper is the relation between alcohol abuse and domestic violence in New York City and particular interest is placed on the analysis and discussion of the ways in which Alcohol abuse contributes to the increased cases of domestic violence cases that have been reported in Alphabet, New York City. Contrary to the →

Proposing a solution to a problem essay example

In the recent past, the number of college students diagnosed with alcohol and other drug related problems has increased tremendously. The formation of a college and community coalition has been a successful solution to drug and substance abuse.

Drinking age debate

At the age of 18 you are legally considered an adult in the U.S. The biggest problem we face with alcohol is not the use of it but the abuse of it.

Essay on you should not license drinking or parenting

In the same way, Bobbi Leder in her article ' Should people be required to obtain a license before becoming parents?' says that the ability of people to be good parents should be checked before ' licensing' them to have children. He also says that, in lines of the road and traffic rules that have →

Understanding alcohol use across your lifespan report examples

The next stage of alcohol consumption is at the adolescence stage, a period between the ages of twelve and seventeen. The next level of development in alcohol consumption is the Midlife Stage.

The constitution and federalism essay sample

Some states support the practice and have gone ahead to state that the constitution provides for it under the Bill of Rights while others are against it and have moved the courts to declare that the practice is unconstitutional. Making marriage the concern of the public ensures that couples that want to be married have →

Research paper on principles of economics

The influence of prescription drugs on the demand of other goods and services depends on the nature of the goods and the relationship between the goods and services with prescription drugs. Therefore, an increase in the price of prescription drugs relative to other goods will result in a decrease in the supply of other goods →