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Detection of diabetic retinopathy

ABSTRACT: Diabetic retinopathy is a serious sight threatening complication of diabetes which causes damage to the blood vessels of the retina in people. Diabetic retinopathy is the most common cause of blindness of the eye.

Free research paper about diabetes in children

According to the preparation of the paper, the main aim of the researcher was to educate and inform the readers so as to understand the emotional effects of Juvenile diabetes in young ones with an estimated age of zero to 16 years. The purpose of screening is to accumulate all the data and information for →

Introduction diabetes

Normal Lips Appears dry Appears smooth and with moist Due to dehydration Ear > match the flesh color of the rest of the body> positioned centrally and in proportion to the head> no foreign bodies, redness, drainage, deformities, nodules or lesions The ears should match the flesh color of the rest of the body and →

Good essay on learning points from the critical analysis

[Institution Title] Given the case of the 52 year old Irish American patient suffering from malignant essential hypertension and beginning symptoms of history-related Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, the following learning points had been acquired:- Angina symptoms include severe chest pain associated with labored breathing and diaphoresis.- This is often mistaken for a heart attack because →

Chapter ii

The hormones of pregnancy or a shortage of insulin can cause gestational diabetes. Insulin is used for all types of diabetes.

Example of research paper on association of smoking cessation and weight change with cardiovascular disease among

In particular, the hypothesis of the study was that " weight gain following smoking cessation does not attenuate the benefits of smoking cessation among people with and without diabetes". The article did not have a separate section with the heading of literature review, however in the introduction and discussion of the results, the authors referred →

The prevalence of diabetes health and social care essay

It is indispensable to discourse the prevalence of diabetes and the its complications in order to hold a general thought about the magnitude of the job in Oman Diabetess prevalence is quickly increasing in Oman over last few old ages. The first national diabetes study, which was conducted in 1991, showed that the prevalence of →

Free critical thinking about a short research on health issues

Among the lifestyle preferences that lead to this health issue include lack of exercise and unhealthy meal planning. On the other hand, physical activities such as resistance and balance training, flexibility and aerobic exercises contribute to healthy lifestyle and control of aging among adults.

Letter literature review example

You and I have been friends for many years and you have stayed close to me as a sister; sometimes even more than a sister. Over the years I have watched you gain more and more weight and I fear for you because diabetes runs in your family.

Cataract research paper examples

Surgical removal of the cataractous lens is and the replacement of the optical power of the lens is the only effective method to restore lost vision. Majority of the cataracts cannot be prevented, though, sometimes, visual disability and blindness can be prevented in some cases.

Research paper on type 2 diabetes

It is interesting to note that ever since the 1970s, when middle-class families moved out of the urban areas and decided to reside in the suburbs, the market offering healthy foods moved out with them, leaving low-income families unable to purchase healthy food and have a balanced diet. In regards type two diabetes, or also →

Mobile device software in diabetes health and social care essay

To analyze the salient characteristics and measure grounds scientifically for the effectivity of mHealth engineering and results indiabetespatients self-management around the universe. The intent of this survey is to place the salient characteristics and measure grounds scientifically for the effectivity of mHealth engineering and results in diabetes patient 's self-management around the universe.

Peptide hormones report examples

Peptide hormones consist of a linear chain of amino acids, with the sequence of the amino acids determining the primary structure of the protein. Enkephalin, a neurotransmitters and a peptide hormone that is known to act like morphine and vie with same for the binding site in brain.

Good research paper about biology

PANCREATIC CANCER History of Pancreatic Cancer Cancer of the Pancreas is a malignant neoplasm coming from transformed cells occurring in tissues that form the pancreas. In the United States, this cancer is the fourth most general cause of cancer-related fatalities in the United States.

History of art – cubism

Historical Account Cubism is a part of the abstraction period of modern art in the beginning of the twentieth century. The Impressionists and Realists of the late 19th century started to paint more everyday items and in a ore spontaneous fashion, in contrast to the classical period which came before.

Type 1 diabetes: islet-cells transplant term paper sample

2014 Type 1 Diabetes: the Islet Cells Transplant Diabetes is a metabolic disorder in the endocrine system. The advanced islet cells transplantation experiment aims at finding the cure for type 1 diabetes, but it is still in trail stage.

Type 2 diabetes gene-environment interactions report examples

It is estimated that 30 percent of the population suffers from diabetes, and 90 percent of all diabetes cases are type 2 diabetes. Components of the " metabolic syndrome" and incidence of type 2 diabetes.

What is diabetes type 1 health and social care essay

Furthermore, the glucose is unable to be transferred from blood stream to the cells and the glucose degrees in the blood will be higher than normal. There are four types of bolus form which can assist the pumpers to find what is best for any given nutrient and by accommodating the bolus form to their →

Research paper on the dietary therapy of diabetes mellitus

The use of dietary therapy in the management of diabetes is a safe and a very effective means of improving the metabolic control. In the case of Type 1 diabetes, the use of dietary therapy helps in the reduction of the solute load that is getting into the kidney.

The use of motivational interviewing to help patients achieve better self-management research paper sample

In the process of operationalizing motivational interviewing for diabetes care, it is necessary for the management of health care organizations to provide the necessary resources and support for training of health practitioners and the evaluation of the operationalization process. The process of institutionalizing motivational interviewing in primary care is a continuous process.

Puerto rican health research paper

From all over the world, people refer to Puerto Ricans living on the mainland and dry lands mainland Puerto Ricans and those living in the islands or near the sea island Puerto Ricans. Puerto Ricans in the island would turn out to be healthier, due to all the fruits in the island and the non-processed →

Myra levine’s conservation model essay example

According to Levine's theory of conservation, the concepts of the patient and the environment include adaptation, response, and conservation. Nursing care in this case has to conform to the fact that the patient must be cared for to promote adaptation and maintenance of wholeness through conservation; hence, the care will focus on influencing the patient →

Essay on the risks of not breastfeeding for mothers and infants

For infants, not being breastfed is associated with an increased incidence of infectious morbidity, as well as elevated risks of childhood obesity, type 1 and type 2 diabetes, leukemia, and sudden infant death syndrome from diseases such as pneumonia, otitis media, gastroenteritis such as necrotizing enterocolitis, and lower IQ scores. The Risks of Not Breastfeeding →

Comparing quantitative and qualitative studies research paper sample

Meanwhile, in In Nurmi and Steiber-Roger's " Parenting Children Living With Type 1 Diabetes: A Qualitative Study," the researchers used a case study qualitative research design to discuss the sense of meaning parents receive when parenting diabetic children. In Nurmi and Steiber-Roger's " Parenting Children Living With Type 1 Diabetes: A Qualitative Study," the researchers →

Diabetes report essay sample

1674 brought Thomas Willis who had made a claim that rather than being a disease of the kidneys, Diabetes was a disease of the blood and that the sweetness of the urine was originally found in the blood then transferred to the urine. Bouchardat also had noticed that exercise was somewhat beneficial in the treatment →

Regenerative medicine – a potential cure for type 1 diabetes?

With the growing number of diabetes cases this essay aims to explore the possible options to reverse the destruction of -cells with the use of stem cells. Even with treatment these complications can arise due to the chronic exposure of hyperglycaemia.with this in mind he best way to counteract T1DM is not to treat the →

Research paper on motivational interviewing for better self-management

The effectiveness of motivational interviewing techniques in eliciting behavioral change is determined by the skill of the health care practitioners in using motivational interviewing techniques and the degree of collaboration by the patient. According to Steinberg, some of the parameters that can be evaluated in the determination of the overall effectiveness of motivational interviewing include, →

Example of current debates in health and health policy: the case of diabetes mellitus essay

Yet, knowing how to deliver the right kinds of treatment to patients of diabetes requires recognizing the contribution of two fields in the social sciences, namely history and sociology, alongside the perceived influence of public policy pertaining to diabetes. Moreover, a prevailing problem among state-level policies on diabetes is the lack of cultural appropriateness, in →

The impact/effect of obesity on the united states essay sample

Therefore, effect of obesity is increased diabetes in the States and the associated economic costs to the economy. The management of pediatric obesity and diabetes.

Example of diabetes mellitus research paper

S and affecting the 6 percent of the world's population diabetes mellitus is a serious health condition that should be treated with proper diet, medication and by educating patients about their disease to be able to monitor their condition and inform their health care providers of any worsening or other problems. Being a progressive disease, →

Diabetes mellitus

Canadian journal of diabetes: Canadian diabetes association 2008 clinical practice guidelines for the prevention and management of diabetes. Diabetes prevalence and income: Results of the Canadian community health survey.

An overview of diabetes health and social care essay

Diabetes develops when the pancreas fails to bring forth sufficient measures of insulin - Type 1 diabetes or the insulin produced is non working and can non reassign glucose into the cells - Type 2 diabetes. The deficiency of insulin consequences from the inability of the pancreas to let go of insulin because of automatic →

Free essay on new diagnostic tool for diabetes

The proposed method is use of HbA1c levels for the analysis of diabetes and its related outcomes. It will help in identifying the progress of the disease, how well the glucose levels have been controlled, how effective the treatment provided seems to be, the benefits of the dietary regulations and exercises.

Frequency of diabetes mellitus health and social care essay

The Asia and the Pacific have really high rates of diabetes and this is peculiarly due to the effects of modernisation, life style and the ripening of populations [ 1 ]. In fact, despite increasing consciousness of the turning job of diabetes and the recent publication of a figure of anticipations of current and future →

Glucose regulation

25g/kg. Each subject had to weight the sugar out into a plastic cup using the scales provided and then dissolved the sugar into 300ml of water. Each subject took the initial blood sample and measured the blood glucose using glucose meter. The blood glucose measurements were noted by the helpers or inputting data →

Diabetes mellitus-shared care model and ict

The feedback mechanism of the body is alerted to reduce this level to tolerable levels by the body by the conversion of glucose to glycogen for storage under hormonal influence particularly insulin. However, in the fasting state, glucose is produced from glycogen and other substrates and released into the blood to maintain →

Good functional health pattern assessment essay example

After three months of counselling and the support of her family and friends, Patient TM was able to recover from the disorder. Aside from an allergy to penicillin, TM is also allergic to shrimp and crabs. Her history of body dysmorphic disorder is similar to this condition, and this could well be the start of →

Patient-provider relationship essay example

Sick role is a term used in the medical field in relation to sickness, and the rights, privileges, and responsibilities of the affected Diabetes is one of the common chronic diseases that affects a large number of people worldwide, and thus encounters with diabetes patients is always common. In regard to prevention and →

Analysis of the nursing interventions for a patient with the chronic condition of diabetes

Whilst Mary was being assessed and cared for, it was ensured that she was treated as an individual in the best interest of her needs and her preferability. The pathophysiology of Type 1 diabetes is when the pancreas does not produce any insulin to the body and can cause long term affects. This would lower →

Case study on type 2 diabetes mellitus essay sample

Classic combinations of symptoms are seen as the 3 Ps, polydipsia, polyuria and polyphagia all of which are associated to the high levels of glucose in the blood. Education has been identified as a significant factor in the effective control of blood glucose levels.Managing diabetes can be challenging and support is needed if the individual →

Care support

I take my client to the bathroom which is nice and warm. He walks with his walker till there. As my client is shy in front to me I respect his privacy and wash him quick but properly in the mean time.

Why should i be considered for the education for children with diabetes foundation scholarship?

Initially, it was very difficult to adjust to the effects of type I diabetes as I had to watch thefoodeat and I had to be constantly injected with insulin. However, as I grew up, I eventually got used to my disease, and as time passed, my condition became a part of my →

Nanomedicine for drawing in diabetes

These days two illustrations identified with diabetes are distinguishable: A astonishing expansion in the measure of patients with Type II diabetes mellitus , a way of life and weight related brokenness of glucose control The infection is before long occurring in prior ages, regularly amidst pre-adulthood or sometimes amidst pre-adulthood, while in the →

Sample research paper on does the socioeconomic position (sep) determine the incidence of diabetes

Conclusion Looking into various sources, both primary and secondary, revealed information that led to the formation of the research hypothesis: it is possible to mitigate incidences of diabetes among the black communities, especially if the factors increasing the chances of diabetes are handled effectively. From the findings, it was clear that diabetes was →

Diabetes mellitus (dm)

Type 2 DM is a relative lack of insulin or resistance to the action of insulin; usually insulin is insufficient to stabilize fat and protein metabolism but not deal with carbohydrate metabolism. There are a lot of people who are diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus. Clients, who can religiously follow administration →

Using ecersise to combat diabetes on children

Diabetes is separated into two types, Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune chronic disease in which the body's pancreas produces little to no insulin and fails to adequately regulate blood glucose levels, on the other hand, Type 2 diabetes is when the body gains a resistance to insulin and glucose levels become elevated within the →

Good example of essay on exercise and lifestyle diseases prevention: a nursing approach

In addition, I will also assess the client's availability of resources to carry out a specific regimen. Health education also plays a significant role in securing client's compliance on developing a regular and healthy physical activity. I will implement cooperative learning strategies to inculcate to the client the significance of having exercise and →

Nutrition therapy for diabetes essay examples

Like type 1 and type 2 diabetes, women with gestational diabetes have high sugar levels in the blood because there is not enough insulin to remove the sugar from the blood. Patients should also learn the types of foods that are to be avoided. In addition, clinical studies have shown that special dietary supplements designated →

Diabetic nephropathy in type ii diabetes essay sample

Any material used has been clearly cited from the websites that they were down loaded from. Introduction The risk factors, causes, prevention and treatment of Diabetic Nephropathy in Type II Diabetes Diabetic nephropathy is a disease of the kidney associated with long history of diabetes. Ancillary drug treatment is necessary →

Living with type 2 diabetes

She is aware that in order to better manage this disease she needs to eat well, exercise, and maintain a healthy weight. Mrs. It makes her feel proud, loved, and special to know she has a family she can depend on, regardless of the situation.

Diabetes research paper examples

It is also termed as ' juvenile-diabetes' The other type of diabetes, commonly known as type 2 DM is caused due to the failure of cells in the body to utilizer insulin. Some of the drugs that have been used over the last 10 years are mentioned below: Sulfonylureas: The major target in type 2 →

Role of nurses in gestational diabetes

Gestational Diabetes Mellitus is a type of diabetes, which occurs during pregnancy, distinct from the condition that already existed. It is defined as a glucose intolerance of variable degrees with onset or first recognition during pregnancy; it will generally develop in the latter half of the pregnancy and will improve after delivery. →

Research proposal on bs, california state university, 1985

Among the various staff and personnel in the school, the school nurse is the one who has the most skills and knowledge with regards to the detection and management of diabetes. Based on educational experience and leadershiopleadership skills, the school nurse is capable of motivating the children by acknowledging the difficulties inherent in →

Good epidemiology in the news: randomized trials nur 8310-1 literature review example

This is one of fundamental principles behind the study conducted by Shea et al. on the Social impact analysis of the effects of a Telemedicine intervention to improve diabetes outcomes in an ethically diverse medically under served population: Findings from the IDEATel study. Social impact analysis of the effects of a →

Good essay about examiner: surname

With proper medical attention, the patient will be able to achieve renewed wellness and take part in the welfare of the family and society. Small meals will be provided initially, and the patient will have to sit up for approximately two hours.

Social behavioral and psychosocial causes of disease: type 2 diabetes (t2d) research paper example

The difference between this type of T2D and the diabetes mellitus type1 is that in diabetes mellitus type 1 there is absolute insulin deficiency due to the destruction of islet cells located in the pancreas, that aids in insulin production. Global survey indicates that the diabetes type2 diabetes is →


SUMMARY The Diabetes Control and Complications Trial led to considerable improvements in the management of type 1 diabetes, with the wider adoption of intensive insulin therapy to reduce the risk of complications. Effect of intensive therapy on residual beta-cell function in patients with type 1 diabetes in the Diabetes Control and Complications Trial.

Diet treatment for diabetes

Glucose which are not transported to the cells are being stored in the liver and muscles called as glycogen. The liver releases it into the blood when needed. Fundamental problem of diabetes The fundamental problem of diabetes is the body's inability to metabolize glucose fully and continually.

Evolution of diabetes treatment health and social care essay

Harmonizing to the International Diabetes Federation, the planetary load of diabetes in the age group 20-79 old ages will increase from 285 million in 2010 to 439 million in 2030. The consequences demonstrated that every bit compared to the standard glycemic control group there was an overall decrease of 25 % in the →

Pathophysiology case study essay sample

Comparing to all the diagnostic tool in measuring for diabetes, AIC test still remains the definitive diagnostic tool in measuring for diabetes because this best average system is very easy for the patients and the doctors to understand, according to current research (American Diabetes Association, 2010) Intervention to manage diabetes Diabetes is a →

Juvenile diabetes (type 1 diabetes) march 17, 2013

He is quoted to say, " Diabetes mellitus...is caused by destruction of the islets of Langerhans and occurs only when these bodies are in part or wholly destroyed." So now the medical community knew that the pancreas, particularly the islets of Langerhans, was not functioning in a person with diabetes. It occurs when the pancreas →

Diabetes mellitus philippine callcentre staff health and social care essay

A In this survey, the research workers would wish to research the association between the development of Diabetes Mellitus Type II among call centre agents in the Philippines. The research workers believe that cognition on the association between call centre agents and the development of Diabetes Mellitus Type II is extremely important because of →

American diabetes association essay sample

Public Health Service stated in 2002 that African-Americans and people of Hispanic origin are more likely than Caucasians to develop diabetes and are at greater risk for many of the complications and higher death rates due to diabetes than Caucasians. The objective of this paper is the education of the general public especially the →

Good complications of presentational diabetes during delivery essay example

Proper management of obesity and diabetes mellitus is very important in influencing the health status of the mother and the fetus during other stages following delivery. According to a survey done by National diabetic Association in the year 2000, the prevalence of diabetes mellitus was estimated as 171, 228 (American Diabetes Association, 2010). 8 percent →

Why nanomedicine is good for battling diabetes

These days two patterns identified with diabetes are detectable: A sensational increment in the quantity of patients with Type II diabetes mellitus , a way of life and weight related brokenness of glucose control The malady is presently occurring in prior ages, normally amid pre-adulthood or now and again amid adolescence, while in →

Puerto rican health research paper examples

In the United States of America and from all over the world, people call the Puerto Ricans living on the mainland " mainland Puerto Ricans" and those living in the islands " island Puerto Ricans" although the two live in the US. The main purpose of the survey is to monitor the prevalence of common →


Type One and Two diabetes are autoimmune system that contributes with minimizing glucose to the blood.B. What treatments can maximize or minimize the risk of diabetes.2.

Main phases of diabetic retinopathy

It is caused due to alteration of the blood vessels present in the retina. Furthermore, DR can be divided into four phases: A) Mild Non-Proliferative Retinopathy This is the beginning phase of the illness and the occurrence of microaneurysms happens at this phase.

Good research paper on nsg 331 contemporary professional nursing practicechange your world: nursing and

The nursing leaders and the involved patients are also major stakeholders in the change process as well as the government. The consultants and the resources required for this process include the information pertinent to diagnosis, interventions and outcomes of diabetes, the leadership responsible for the planned changes and implementation and the funding of the same. →

Diabetes mellitus

6 U/kg * Glucagon, epinephrine, GH, cortisol oppose effects of insulin counterregulatory hormones they blood glucose lebels, stimulate glucose production by liver, movement of glucose into cells.* Insulin released from cells as precursor / proinsulin thru liver enzymes form insulin & C-peptide ( C-peptide in serum & urine indicator of cell function) * in plasma →

Good nutrition related to type 2 diabetes in indigenous children report example

Genetic and family factors, environmental factors like maternal gestational diabetes and intrauterine retardation in growth and lack of physical activities during adolescents and childhood have resulted in an increase, in the levels of insulin resistance that are considered crucial in the pathogenesis of type 2 diabetes among the young. This is largely due to the →

Power point presentation essays examples

Hello Carrie Cases of domestic violence have been on the increase in most of the families due to the challenges that a family may be enduring. This is because adolescent children are more likely to be affected due to the kind of foods they take.

Free diabetes: a review essay example

However, it has been shown that many patients with NIDDM require insulin eventually, the use of NIDDM is confusing. Other types of DM include the gestational diabetes and the maturity onset diabetes of the young. The occurrence of pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes is greatest in a few Pacific islands.

Samoan culture is greatly respected by its people – obesity

Parents could help prevent their children from having such diseases by Limiting the amount offoodgiven to their kids, having them on diets, reducing the amount of sweets given to them, and talking to them about these diseases and their uniqueness. Not all Samoan have obesity and diabetes but, most of them do. If →

Evaluation of 8point-of-care glucose testing devices in administration of diabetes

The aim of this study is to evaluate as well as compare 8point-of-care glucose testing devices in administration of diabetes using certain criteria (like Cost of the device, Turn-around-time, Detection method, Enzyme/Co-factor used, sample volume and Range) to ascertain their strength and weaknesses in informing the choice of glucometer and in the management of →

Essay on community teaching work plan proposal

In respect of this, the group will teach the community about the causes, effects, and levels of obesity and diabetes in South Orange Township. Whether they are observing healthy feeding or have maintained the unhealthy feeding. - Planned Evaluation of Lesson and Teacher : The teacher and the lesson will →

Type-1 diabetes and nutrition

NUTRITION ANDDIABETES The purpose of this paper is to define diabetes and see the impact different factors like breastfeeding and nutrition have on it state. DIABETES Diabetes is a metabolic disorder in which the body is unable to →