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Communication in nursing essay sample

It is through the communication process that the sharing of a common meaning between the sender and the receiver takes place. Feedback is a key component in the communication process because it allows the sender to evaluate the effectiveness of the message.

The social context of nursing practice essay sample

I felt very sad on hearing this, as it is my belief that the older patient should be entitled to the same respect and the same care as a younger patient. Whilst on placement I have to put aside my personal feelings but this is not easy as our attitudes, values and beliefs are acquired →

First ad cprm – my personal experience

Another way we can ensure safety In our classrooms Is by Inspecting all the toys In the classroom and making sure they are safe for the children. Functional Area #2Health- In order to promote good health and nutrition and prevent Illness make sure that when the children walk In the center they stop at the →

“awakenings” by oliver sacks essay sample

Sayer and Leonard presents a medical ethical issue that may be considered difficult to recognize due to the initial positive result of the actions.Dr. Sayer does seek to improve the condition of his patients, therefore he is practicing beneficence.

Norfolk general hospital

I am very close to my family and my yellow lab Jake. I enjoy listening to Ill Wayne and his lyrics " Life is a beach I am Just playing in the sand" personifies much of my demeanor.

A study to implement 5s methodology in ambulance material management in a tertiary care hospital

The standard checklist has been prepared according to the National Ambulance Code to check the compliance of the materials available inside the ambulance but most of the materials were not found. 08% of materials compliance to the NAC and after implementing 5s in ALS Ambulance the overall percentage of materials that compliance to NAC was →

Facility planning part i essay sample

Having the family care clinic attached to the main hospital through the atrium gives the hospital more direct options to refer patients directly to their own clinic. Attracting patients that need primary care and continued health care will drive referrals to the ancillary departments in the hospital.

Post md training in anaesthesiology: base hospital dehiaththakandiya essay sample

Both them and the ward doctors gave me a great support in postoperative management of the patients with comorbidities. The doctors and the theatre staff helped in the smooth functioning of the operation theatre.

What makes a top 100 hospital

The services that they offer to international patients are that they have a team that is fluent in 20 plus languages and they tailor the patients' cultural, religious and special needs if needed. I feel that what they can offer to their international patients and out of state patients is something that places them higher →

Doctor and patient relationship essay sample

This is seen as throughout the reading, the speaker's voice continually changes between the doctor and the patient; this comes down to a unstable set of communication. This story has a different form of doctor to patient relationship, as the focus of the story is on the young girl who is not his patient.

Project report on manipal hospital essay sample

The main objective of the research paper is to understand the growth of the corporate hospitals and its impact on the health care at the domestic and international levels. The flagship hospital under Manipal Health Enterprises is Manipal Hospital Bangalore, set up in 1991, accredited with NABH and AAHRPP comprises of 55 clinical departments and →

Marysville general hospital

To propose my plan of improving the current situation of the hospital, I will need to get a current report on all past, current and future collection data from thefinancedepartment to determine how much we are actually losing at this point. Clear instructions will be given to these staff members to ensure that we have →

Billing system essay sample

Innovation, and Rationale, Objectives of the study, assumption, scope and limitation and significance of the study. Background of the Study The Objectives of the Study The following are the general and specific objective that this proposed study seeks to achieve.

Understanding global consumer behavior in aesthetic surgery essay sample

Various tools are necessary for a successful advertising campaign, depending on a number of factors, such as the demographics of the target market, the marketing plan and the advertising budget. The cultural similarities are the importance of physical appearance is highly recognized and the demand for aesthetic surgery rises all over the world.

Migration of nurses

In essence, the author suggests that " the migration of nurses such as those in Irish territories during the 19th and 20th centuries illustrates the need to revise the global care chain analysis" commonly used in order to " protect the welfare of nurses migrating from across the globe". In her article, Yeates believes that →

British hospitality industry -is the soup spilling too much? essay sample

We attempt to understand the current attrition rate and seek workable solutions to raise the sagging spirits of hotel owners and the industry at large....and give incentive to employees to stay back and work. The service industry is very people oriented and needs to be addressed with a more humane approach to bring back the →

“the english teacher” by r.k. narayan essay sample

Susila's passing on to the netherworld marks a radical change in Krishna's life, and therefore it is valid to term the incident as one which is of " massive consequence and magnitude". He is far too confident and casual in his diagnosis that he is able to tell to tell what illness a patient is →

The hospitality in the odyssey

The only reason that Kyklops was sociable at all was because he desired the wine and Odysseus was the only one that could bring him the wine. Upon meeting Kirke she was so impressed with Odysseus because he was immune to her poison, that she assumed he was a man of the gods, and she →

Medicare case essay sample

What is the labor portion of the IPF PPS per diem rate? What is the non-labor portion of the IPF PPS per diem rate?

Case study banner health essay sample

Banner Health and the Next Decade Banner Health's mission statement of expanding people's lives through exceptional patient care is a guideline for all of Banner Health employees to meet and exceed the needs of the communities they serve over the next decade. As healthcare evolves and continues to change Banner Health has begun opening smaller →

Mount sinai hospital’s modern take on disease management through the aid offered by technology

Disease management is the ideology of reducing costs associated with healthcare and at the same time improving the quality of life of people suffering from chronic conditions with the help of integrated care. Circle of Health and the Cohero's Platform are two disease management programs that the hospital has developed.

Gregory s. kavka response paper essay sample

Kavka first states that in both scenarios where an individual owns the medicine and where a friend owns the medicine but is friends with the patient that needs the medicine, is permissible that they may take the medicine rather then giving the medicine to the five patients. In the other scenario, if a patient has →

Midwifery today

Midwifery models of care monitor the physical, psychological, and social aspects of women throughout the childbearing years. It inspects beneficial impacts midwifery models have on refugee women and the importance of culturally safe midwifery models practiced in midwifery care in Australia.

Free essay on statistical assessment

The objective of the study by Messina Daniel, Scotti Dennis, Ganey, Rodney and Zipp Pinto was to assess the relationship between patient admission and satisfaction in both teaching and non-teaching hospitals. Establishing whether the there was a significant difference in satisfaction between the teaching and non teaching hospitals was one of the primary objectives →

Descriptive essay – emergency room essay sample

Although the humor aspect of these shows is exaggerated, that is not to say that there is no humor in the emergency room because that is far from the truth. Because of the nature of the emergency room and the clientele that require its services, humor is not commonly accepted in such a place.

The exchange took only less than ten minutes

We do not have to be superman to possess the strengths that will be able to bring down a 20-foot building; we just have to believe that we hold the courage and the strength to deal with our daily tribulations. It was a rather difficult time and I was about to give up, but then →

Work flow essay sample

If the hospital had an extra employee or was able to hire an extra employee, that person can locate and move the patient from the waiting room to the testing room. For example the company can play a movie or customers to watch while they wait.

Reading and writing skills book review example

At the last minute the plans for a trip with his climbing partners had fallen through, and on the spur of the moment he decided to head out on his own to cycle up a long mountain trail, leave his bike and then walk down the Blue John canyon. Only when he had made a →

Effective communication in health and social care essay sample

This is effective because it is welcoming for the patients to come in and talk to a friendly person. This is effective because it is professional and you are talking to a receptionist who can then communicate the information to be able to make the appointment.

Hospitals and consent to treatment

The ' functional' test was discussed extensively in Re C, a case which drew together the strands of the test and indeed proved to be the foundations of the 2005 Act's s. Croydon District Health Authority a three-stage test was elicited by the Law Commission which found its way into the 2005 Act: Can the →

Hospital billing system essay sample

BACKGROUND OF THE DESIGN The hospital billing system includes the basic information about the patient and billing records and to provide an overview of the hospital billing process. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM The main problem of the study is the manual system of record keeping and billing records in the hospital.

Human immunodeficiency virus essay sample

She is here for a routine physical examination and requested that a human immunodeficiency virus test performed.C.Q.stated that she is in a serious relationship, is contemplating marriage, and just wants to make certain she is " okay". It is important for C.Q.to also understand about HIV laws in her state.

The advantages and disadvantages of the country’s hospitality

The tourism in New Zealand is bringing in good inflow of foreign exchange to the country and is very helpful to the economy. The major advantage of New Zealand's tourism is to the country's financial background itself, and the major advantages of it can be assessed by the following:' Tourism is important for New Zealand's →

Making national system in all the hospitals in the uae thesis proposal examples

In 2009, the Ministry of Health in the UAE presented a system which was aimed at promoting communication between patients and the medical community. This study aims to see the end of the use of paper and the birth of a paperless system.

The role of the practitioner in supporting the learning needs

Another role of the practitioner is to work professionally and responsibly such as to work as part of the team, work with parents and partners, participate in providing an environment that is welcoming and stimulating and to meet the learning needs of each individual child by providing a range of activities and experiences Tassoni, et.al. →

Tourism & hospitality industry in india

To analyze the share of the Indian tourism industry when compared to the rest of the world and the Asian and Pacific region. 44 percent during 2004-05 to 2009-10 and the growth rate in 2010-11 was 7.

Nurse-patient ratio

Nurse-patient Ratio laws are state mandates requiring hospitals to keep to a maximum sealing limit of the ratio of nurses to patients. At the moment, states that have yet to apply any nurse-patient ratio limits typically charge each of their nurses the care of at least 6 nurses and even as high as 8 to →

Dissemination plan: hourly nursing rounds essay sample

Hourly nursing rounds will be adopted at this institution as a patient centered nursing intervention, with the purpose of improving patient safety and satisfaction. With a nod to the emotional aspect of nursing care, I have decided to use Kotter and Cohen's Model of Change in disseminating hourly nursing rounds to the institution and staff.

Hand washing strategies and compliance literature review example

In this study, the researchers sought to assess hand hygiene practices and the nature of patient contact in physicians and nurses at a neonatal intensive care unit in Ghana. The aim of this study was to evaluate educational level and hand washing compliance.

Total hospital information system hospital selayng

HIS serves as a platform to provide the required information to each level of the management at the correct time, in the correct form, and in the correct place, contributing towards improved decision making. HIS plays a pivitol role in planning, initiating, organizing and controlling the operations of the subsystems of the hospital and thus →

What is trypanophobia? essay sample

This phobia is a common phobia for most people out there in the world, what this phobia means is that people are afraid of Needles or Injections. The treatment for this phobia is to meet with a doctor who is going to be administrating an injection or presence of needles.

Accredidation auditing

The nurse's must verify the identity of the patient to which the responsibility of care is being transferred. To verify the site of the procedure, the nurse in charge must check with the patient if possible to verify the type of procedure and location of the procedure.

Vying for patients, hospitals think location, location.

In accord with the original meaning of the word, hospitals were originally " places of hospitality", and this meaning is still preserved in the names of some institutions such as the Royal Hospital Chelsea, established in 1681 as a retirement andnursinghome for veteran soldiers. Improvement of the quality of services by hiring of the best →

Interview a helping professional essay

Answer: " My practice is more community-centered and since I work in a supervised clinical setting, my work primarily involves counseling and providing therapy to patients. Answer: " As I have mentioned, I work in a hospital, so I provide counseling and therapy to patients in a clinical setting, within the hospital, and I rarely →

Introduction of hospitality industry

Lack of employees is a general problem for the hotels, so the limit for the research is hard to find the special theory or method to solve the problem. In my hotel, lack of employees is a main problem, especially for the F&B Department.

Professional integration

HSHS understood that in todays health care consumer is more likely to receive care outside of the traditional hospital setting and uses care integration to bring continuity at every point of access in the health care system. In addition driving costs out of the system was another strategy employed to enhance care integration and make →

Surgical site infections

In this paper I will discuss what a surgical site infection is, why it is considered preventable, the legal implications related to the patient, the role disclosure plays, accreditation expectations, and analyze the cost of continuous quality monitoring as it relates to quality. Organizational learning occurs when this process is ocumented and results in the →

Free research proposal on wound care management

One of these challenges is the limited knowledge of wound care among the practice nurses in the unit. Trends in wound care the development of a specialty.

Use of technology in a hospital radiology department essay sample

A PET scan can help to show up cancer, stage a cancer and decide the best treatment for your cancer The radiology department, also known as the x-ray or imaging department, which carries out the radiology examination of patients using a range of X-ray equipment, together with computer tomography, in this department there are radiologists →

Patient safety initiatives in the hospital setting essay sample

While regulatory agencies like The Joint Commission require hospitals to identify who is at risk for a fall, and gives minimum standards to go by, it is up to the individual hospital to go beyond these required interventions to reduce the risk of a fall occurring within their facilities. When it is not an option →

Virginia mason hospital

The commitment to lean must start at the very top of the organization, and all staff should be involved in helping to redesign processes to improve flow and reduce waste. The path to better quality and safety is the same as the path to reduced cost.2.

Stem cell essay sample

The adult stem cell's function in an organism is to maintain and repair the tissue of the organs in which they are found throughout the lifecycle of the organism. The epidermis, or outer layer of the skin, is an example of where the adult stem cell acts in a renewal tissue." The top layer of →

Scholar-practitioner model paper

Scholar A scholar is a person who is engaged in the art of learning any branch of information to attain literary or scientific knowledge. What is the Scholar-Practitioner Model?

Home birth vs hospitalized births

Some of the perks or benefits of giving birth at home is obviously, that the woman can have anybody in the room with her during this time such as friends andfamily. Another benefit of birthing centers are that although it may not look like a hospital and may very well be a house, there are →

Healthcare communication

To provide an effective communication, it is needed to have an effective speaker and an effective listener. As a speaker, you need to be short and concise to keep the listener's attention.

Healthcare marketing essay sample

All the groups that the community hospital would like to keep a relationship with. The decline of Hospitals in the metropolitan areas, the high populations and the need for a service all contribute to the success of after-hours clinics and urgent care facilities.

Virtues, vices, and habits of the healthcare provider essay sample

VIRTUES OF THE HEALTHCARE PROVIDER FIDELITY All healthcare professionals are to stick to fidelity as they serve the needs of their patients, that is the very purpose why they became healthcare providers.* Fidelity is derived from the Latin word fidelitas which means " faithfulness" * It also means faithfulness to one's obligations, duties, and responsibilities. →

How art therapy improves the lives of patients with mental disorders

Art therapy is an alternative therapy that motivates patients to understand their thoughts and feelings by creatively expressing it through art. Through art therapy, patients can gain self-discovery of their emotions. With this therapy, patients with autism sensory regulation can be less stressful for them when they engage in art therapy, the art gives them →

Hospitalized chronic schizophrenia patients health and social care essay

Gestalt therapy was administered as an intercession to heighten the ego consciousness of the patients with schizophrenic disorder. Population The mark population for the present survey was patients with chronic schizophrenic disorder. After 30 years a station trial was conducted to measure the ego consciousness of the patients with schizophrenic disorder.

Healing hospitals essay sample

Healing hospitals strive to reduce the mechanical aspect of the industry by incorporating technology into the background while still remaining on the cutting edge of advances in science. At Mercy Gilbert Hospital, Gilbert AZ., a top notch healing hospital, they believe that healing is not the same thing as curing, where the definition of →

Continuity of care essay example

Currently, the 8 hours shifts do not cater much for the continuity of care since the time of interaction between the patient and the nurse is significantly reduced. In such a case, continuity of care becomes very hard. The presence of 8-hour shifts means that in the course of 24 hours, a total of three →

The effectiveness of glucosamine on arthritis patients essay sample

According to some studies, glucosamine also decreases the rate of development of the disease and decreases the further damage of the joints. Result of some studies shows that patients taking the supplemental glucosamine before and after their operation have a faster recovery period and fewer scars than those patients who did not take the glucosamine →

Interwest healthcare corporation essay sample

Are the constraints that the hospital staff have due to the with number of patients being seen and the time to enter the data? The hospital staff could be working extra hours to get data completed with no compensation for their time. Actions that I would recommend to increase the accuracy of the data →

Example of medicaid reimbursement and health information management research paper

Medicaid also provides the prime medical coverage to more than one person out of six of the Illinois' residents (Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services, 2010). Medicaid is an extension of the federal government programs which started after the Second World War to give aid and enhance health care services for the impoverished. The →

Example of research proposal on euthanasia

Do patients feel satisfied by the services from pre-operative to post-operative area? Introduction My desire and quest to determine whether patients are satisfied by the services provided by the hospital before and after surgery pushes me to plan to carry out a study that will give the answers. This will drive away most →

Benner’s theory and usefulness essay sample

Nurses who wanted to be preceptors also had to get approval from 3 peers and they write a 500 word essay stating why they want to be preceptors and had to attend an eight hour preceptor class. Preceptor education is based on Benner's concept of framework and how they can support new nurses during →

Sensitivity analysis: patton fuller community hospital essay sample

Elements That Affect Staffing at Patton-Fuller The elements that affect the health care staffing as observed at Patton-Fuller which includes raises in wages, the nurse-to-patient ratio changes, the contracted staff reduction, and the additional staffing of more nurses aides. For the case of Patton- Fuller, the staff nurses are to be reduced according →

Record management essay sample

But the college is slow in recording the information of the patient because it is hand-written and it takes a lot of time then keeping the record sometimes is being thrown due to the patient not returning to the clinic. Statement of the Problem This study aims to develop a computerized dental patient →

Compare and contrast two nursing theories essay sample

I chose to contrast the Nicely article , using Virginia Henderson's theory, with the Merrit article , using Hildegard Peplau's theory. Virginia Henderson's theory centers around immediate care of the physical needs of the patient and family, emphasizing deep caring. Nicely's article organizes patient care for the brain-dead patient according to Henderson's 14 →

Pressure ulcer medicare payment essay sample

What does this all mean: Under the new payment plan, pressure ulcers present on admission will qualify for a higher reimbursement ONLY if the pressure of Stage III or IV ulcer is noted in the medical record within 2 days of inpatient admission. The pressure is on Nurses * Pressure ulcers are viewed as →

Technological adaptation on hospital standards health and social care essay

It helps the infirmaries to keep an up to day of the month services provided to the patient and the direction issues of the infirmary. The aims of the survey are to measure the IT alterations and promotions in Skoulnong General Hospital, the behavior towards engineering version and the impact of IT on the patient →

Throughput in the emergency department: a concept analysis essay sample

The purpose of this concept analysis will be to explore throughput and discuss how it is critical for survival in the ED and beneficial to the overall financial success of the hospital. It is imperative that the ED gives the patient the first and most lasting impression of the quality the organization has to offer.

History of health informatics case study examples

This hospital has many health systems that it has integrated into its services. Types of services The organization has a medical school that offers teaching and research in the medical care. This award was because of the effort by the information technology and systems department of the hospital in the implementation of automatic log →

American healthcare still tied to reducing costs: the impact of uncompensated care on hospitals

The long-term care hospitals are involved in patients suffering from chronic illnesses that are very expensive and thus it reaches a time when patients are unable to afford healthcare due to the increasing cost of care. Uncompensated care is detrimental to the overall delivery of quality healthcare since it limits the ability of a healthcare →

Steps in the medical billing process essay sample

The medical codes for diagnoses and procedures are used by medical insurance specialists to update the patients' files and to submit claims to the medical insurance companies. The second category of the medical billing process is known as the claim. All medical procedures, treatments and services must be logically linked within the medical record →

Negligence paper

Joseph Benson a 62-year-old diabetic with circulation problems that required a leg amputation. In this paper I plan to explore the legal implications in regards to the differences between negligence, gross negligence and malpractice. Gross negligence means, " reckless indifference to or a deliberate disregard of the whole body of stockholders" or →

Admissions essay essay sample

I want to bring that devotion and commitment to nursing. I have volunteered in many hospitals in Russia, assisting doctors and nurses. I believe that I have all the necessary requirements to complete the program and become a great nurse.

Ethical dilemma research paper examples

Not having access to sterilization procedure means she has no control over her sexual life and the resultant pregnancy. Ethically, being an employee of a Catholic institution, the medical assistant should abide by the policies of the institution directly and indirectly, the Directives. Since the hospital does not discuss contraception options with the patients, the →


The many different medicines and procedures that I underwent to induce my labor and bring my daughter into this world made me even unsure about what was to come. I remember blacking out or maybe it was one of the hospital many hard medicines that knocked me out cold.

Going green in hospitality

Failureto do this will result to irreversible decline in profits, deterioration of people'shealththrough emergence of killer diseases like skin cancer and closure of businesses. Benefits The hospitality industry has not been left out in adopting green technologies in their operations to ensure they slay this global phenomenon.

Role of the hand washing in the spread of infections in hospital research proposal examples

In regard to the methodology for this study, all patients admitted during this period will be examined and included in this research for every day detection of any form of Hospital acquired infection, also referred to as nosocomial infections, which ranges from Surgical site infections , Pneumonia , Urinary Tract Infection , →

Would you recommend a friend to our hospital

2 Abstract In this paper I will demonstrate the importance of instilling a culture of quality in employees and why it's essential to establish a concise mission statement, code of ethics, procedures and processes that employees can utilize in order to carry out the hospitalsphilosophyand mission. I will also show what systems →

Process of digestion and absorption after eating a hamburger essay sample

Some of the processes of digestion are mechanical and chemical; these are the step before the food is absorbed into the body. The first step of digestion is mechanical digestion. A form of mechanical digestion in the stomach is when the food has entered the stomach, the stomach contracts and makes wave like movements.

Dental clinic computerize patient information system essay sample

The researchers created patient information management system to solve the problems of the client such as information loss, storage space problems, and security of information, evaluated thoroughly to meet the standards in making such a project and to give the dental clinic an efficient flow, storage and security information through the use of patient information →

The advantages and disadvantages of reflection in nursing essay sample

Reflection gives nurses a legitimate opportunity to regularly stop and think, in the midst of practice, with the intention of enhancing what already goes on in clinical practice. In this assignment the author will use evidence from literature and a few examples from practice to support the advantages and disadvantages of reflection. Holly →

London bridge hospital operational methods and strategies

All these contribute to the overall financialhealthof the hospital. Operational methods and strategies in the Healthcare Industry In the healthcare industry and in particular hospitals, healthcare operations is a summation of all the functions that allow the hospital staff to offer their services to the patients in the best possible way. Reduction of the →

The medical administrative assistant essay sample

How the concept of empowerment can make the MAA more effective in dealing with other colleagues in the medical office. The Medical Administrative Assistant needs to possess numerous task and skills each day to make the medical office successful. The MAA should also use the concept of empowerment to be effective in dealing with →

The birth of my son essay

It was not long before Cassie was in so much pain that she asked me to take her to the hospital. At the hospital, the midwife showed us to a birthing room. My job was to hold the gas and air pump, and hand it to her whenever she needed →

Pico and evidence appraisal worksheets essay sample

What needs to change in nursing, what can you change with the support of evidence in the literature? Describe the problem or practice issue that you want to research. What is your practice area; clinical, education, or administration? (This is NOT where you will list your PICO question) Step 3: How was the practice →

Emotional labor in the hospitality industry

This would give the company a level of consistency across all its employees and would, in theory, encourage customers to believe not only that the company is more friendly and well-meaning, but also that the employees are genuinely happy to be working there. However, some critics believe that emotional labour is fundamentally dishonest and unethical. →

Plastic surgery essay sample

Even though it also has positive effects, negative impacts on people's life and health are seriously. Therefore, the plastic surgery should be banned; however, some people still think that they have the right whether they want to do the plastic surgery or not. 3 May 2014." The Danger of Plastic Surgery".

Hospitality organizations

The article is going to define different aspects of restaurant outsourcing and its benefits and disadvantage to hotels and restaurants. Purpose: - To describe the drivers and strategic intent behind restaurant outsourcing in hotels, and to critically compare the benefits and challenges to hotels and outsourced restaurants. In addition to it, Rutherford.defined that, The appearance →

The advantages and disadvantages of government hospital and free health care

It should not be expected that citizens have the best quality of health services due to the limited budget and expenditure of the ministry. Another disadvantage of free health care is the shortage of doctors and nurses. With the availability of free medical services, citizens have the opportunity to make the most use of the →

Solutions to reduce the number of hospital-associated infections

Data shows that the use of catheters for greater than 48 hours post op, the complication of UTI post op, and the average length of stay have decreased in the last years. To decrease the amount of postoperative nosocomial urinary tract infections, we need to acknowledge why the catheters are being inserted in the first →

disorders assignment essay sample

Even though she understands that her thoughts and behaviors are irrational, she still feels compelled to complete her rituals. I believe Isabel has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder because of her uncontrollable obsessions with certain thoughts that results in compulsions which is an impulsive behavior that are performed repeatedly. She reports that her health →

Sorting activity (race) research paper example

Question 1: The many physical differences that exist between races have led to many believing that there are natural or biological differences between races. This indicates that the various physical difference that are evident in the different races do not give any race an advantage over the others.