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Health insurance

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Health Insurance Advertisements Advertisements are important aspects of a business or any organization with intentions and objectives of widening their client base. It is through advertisements that companies, organizations or any businesses get to access a larger and more expansive population. The messages passed through advertisements are more often than not intended to persuade the target population into using more of the product or service being advertised. These advertisements must be prepared and presented in such a way that they are captivating and caries most of the information in a short, precise, but clear way. Therefore, this paper will look into a health advertisement and discuss it in its fullness.
Health and health insurance as a topic is important in most people’s lives. Decisions on what the best medical policies are suitable for an individual and their families as well as what medical services are best suited for them often take center stage in planning. Therefore, companies and medical providers have the obligation to research and find out what consumers need and how effectively they can provide these needs. They have to take into consideration; the pricing, the treatment, cause of the drug as compared to its complements, then advertise it in a manner that will captivate the consumers and make them want to try it. Advertisements assure the target market of how effective the product is and how well- tested it is should be included to erase any fear of bad and severe side effects or otherwise.
There is an advertisement of the Swiss drug maker, Novartis, on multiple sclerosis disease that says “ Hey MS, Take This!” (Olson). The advert is about people who refuse to let the disease control their lives. Multiple Sclerosis is a disease that affects the brain and the spinal cord. These parts of the body are the central and core parts that control most, if not all the other body parts. Multiple Sclerosis can affect the body hindering an individual’s perfomance as well as personal independence; thus, making them rely on assistance for the rest of their lives. The advert shows people with the Gilenya drug on their tongues that are stuck out (Olson). This shows that they are willing to fight against any disease that may want to affect their bodies neurologically or otherwise.
The text “ Hey MS, Take This!” (Olson). The graphics of extremely good-looking and healthy persons brings out the defiance nature that we should adopt against any condition. It is encouraging and shows a positive fighting spirit and the strength that comes with doing so collectively, a very encouraging though of the advert. The advert targets the young generation affected with multiple sclerosis. Since the graphics show defiance of the people in the advert, it should be encouraging to the target group to try it. The show of collectivity also encourages the affected to speak out and share their experience in handling the disease and how they have managed to fair and soldier on. I like the advertisement for its positive nature and good imaging that is very clear and direct. It hits the target population with the intended drug and directly with minimum wording. In this way, the healthy status of the masses is guaranteed.
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