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Health care 2010

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Health Care http healthblog. ncpa. org/a-federal-power-grab/ A federal power grab that raises much awareness is when the federal government tries to grab power from the state. Taking power away from the state allows for less “ being in the way” when it comes to changing bills or part of the constitution. The federal government no longer has to deal with the state and can change, create or remove anything without the states intervene. Federal power grabs are usually necessary when the results are not in the public’s favor. Automatically grabbing power allows any state intervention.
Recently on May 24th 2010, an article titled, “ A federal Power Grab”, was released by NCPA. The article was written by Walton Francis. The article talks about large physician offices and Hospitals who participate with any of the 200 HMO’s. Participants, who are to participate in the FEHBP or the Federal Employee Health Benefits Plan, are subject to new federal regulations. These regulations made participants a federal contractor. This new power grab would cause disturbance for just about every HMO participant. If the bill passes and the OFCC gains complete control over the state, there could be billions of dollars scheduled to be put out.
What does this mean exactly? Since we already discussed that power grabs were when the federal government literally grabs power from the state, we understand why this can be a problem. When it comes to healthcare, it is important for different states to abide by different rules that fit their states laws and budgets. When the OFCC files a complaint and wants the federal government to take control, this causes many out of pocket expenses for healthcare users and providers. Healthcare changes can lead to those needing healthcare to not be able to receive it.

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