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Entrepreneurialism in HealthCare of Affiliation Entrepreneurialism in HealthCare Based on the recent trends in healthcare profession, it is undeniable that diagnostic imaging services have contributed immensely to the rising costs of receiving medical care. Essentially, most of the physicians have resorted to investing most of their capital in acquisition of diagnostic imaging equipment. As argued by some commentators, this trend could be linked to the returns derived from the capital invested. In other words, the healthcare system is gradually but steadily shifting its primary goal from offering basic care to a business venture that aims at maximizing its profits. Physicians cum entrepreneurs have identified a business opportunity where they can “ make a kill.” Nonetheless, whereas the profits from diagnostic imaging services are lucrative, the health care services are jeopardized.
Using the analogy of the Tragedy of the Commons, Archie and Alexander (2010) offer the probable eventuality of the healthcare system if nothing is done to contain the entrepreneurial trend among the physicians. In their effort to maximize their profits, they gradually drive the cost of accessing medical care high. This is already evidenced in the rising expenditure on both Medicare and Medicaid associated with imaging services. Similarly, overutilization of the diagnostic imaging services may provide temporary reprieve but the long term implications are most likely to drive healthcare into the doldrums. This is because more professionals, including those with little knowledge on diagnostic procedures, may choose to invest on the imaging services so as to increase their income. This is bound to cause decline in the quality of medical care.
In conclusion, entrepreneurial trend occasioned by diagnostic imaging services should be discouraged at all costs using appropriate technologies. The trend not only hurts the quality of medical care, but is bound to frustrate the code of ethics in healthcare. Because of this, this issue is most likely to be an issue in future discussions within the Healthcare Information Management (HIM).
Archie A. and Alexander M. D. (2009). Healer or Dealer: Is Entrepreneurialism Ruining Our Diagnostic Imaging Commons? The Internet Journal of Law, Healthcare and Ethics: Volume 6 Number 2.

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