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Video project

Video Project Video Corporate social responsibility- community engagement Link: http www. youtube. com/watch? v= Fg44bGTGeaI
What the video is about
This video focuses on the role of Spectrum Health- a heath care organisation that supports health activities and the wellness in communities. The video shows their efforts to interact with members of the community especially kids in Grand rapid schools. They have a program known as Jump jam where they go out to be involved in the wellness of kids by engaging in fun activities like rope jumping.
Relevance of this video in corporate social responsibility
Essentially, corporate social responsibility involves voluntary actions by a company to operate economically, socially and in a manner that is environmentally sound. In this context, spectrum health involves itself with the community by creating direct contact and addresses their concerns in the manner that is best suited for them. The company involvement with the affairs of the community enables the community to appreciate its existence while the company can know the needs of the community health wise and address them in future community focused programs. The video illustrates the assigned course very well as it clearly shows the innovative manner a company or organisation can be involved in the community around it especially making the programs community friendly through participation. In this case, it is initially all about the social parties rather than what the organisation derives from it. The company does not engage mainly to rip benefits but it stands to ultimately benefit from its involvements through several avenues.
Relation to class discussion
The proceedings in the video provided bear a relation with what was discussed in class. One notable element relates to how corporate social responsibility in modern days functions. It is notable that the organisation Spectrum health stands to gain from its involvement with the community. Through corporate social responsibility, it is building reputation which in line translates to a better image. Demand for its health insurance services are likely to go up because it identifies with people surrounding its basic operations. According to the iron law of responsibility, those organisations that do no appeal to the society through usage of their power loses it. From the video, it is evident that Spectrum Health’s goal is to use their influence and contribute positively to the society. Essentially, their goal with coming up with the project is to make a positive impact which they achieve. The actions of the organisations contain some present forms of corporate social responsibility. There is the citizen ship approach- they do it out of obligation and accountability, they are also focused on the outcomes and action and activity are their priorities in engaging the community. It is correct to note that the community will stand to support the organisation that takes this noble approach.
The benefits of corporate social responsibility are very desirable. The organisation is likely to appeal more to customers through better image and also the employees are likely to be satisfied by participating in a course for the ultimate good of the organisation and the community. Therefore, it is extremely important that each organisation prioritize corporate social responsibility efforts. Companies that have made corporate social responsibility part and parcel of their activities have realised more benefits than those who do not. S spectrum health stands to gain out of its involvement in corporate social responsibility.

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