Informative Doctor of Philosophy Essay and Research Paper Examples

Papers already added: 1869

Emergence of confucianism

The origin of civilization After watching the documentary on the origin of civilization, it speaks clearly of chinas conception of civilization that differs greatly from that of the west. Heaven is said to bestow the mandate to an individual to be a leader and the ruler of the people in question.

Dr. martin luther kings famous speech

He also discusses how the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence address the rights of every American, not just certain segments of the population. From the standpoint of establishing character, it is clear that he is passionate about the subject and pulls the audience in with both the poetry and practical approach of his words.

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Application to florida international university

I respect and admire the Florida International University, and that's why I seek to undertake my education through the university's school of law. The activities, I engaged in, can help me a lot if I am selected into the law school of this university.

Czech republic country analysis

Using " Intercultural Business Communication" tool we compare the United States to the Czech Republic and discover the following: Czech has a slightly lower power distance index in comparison to the US. This attribute would make innovation difficult to support if the textile business is located in the Czech Republic.

Personal statement

I am planning to work as I pursue my masters' course and this will help me get experience in management. I am confident and determined that the masters' course in management is the right decision as it will help me accomplish my ambitions.

Impact of culture on international business

In 2005, on the part of the human resource, climbing at the corporate ladder was hard at Apple Incorporated due to external business and economic conditions. In addition, any form of dissatisfaction on the part of the human resource would probably create a fast-pace domino effect due to culture that is strongly adhering to horizontal β†’

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Genetic theory vs social approache of human language

The main observation of the genetic theory of language is that, children everywhere in the world learn to speak very rapidly. However, this theory fails to explain why a hearing child of deaf parents, even when exposed to television, could not speak well The other theory about origin of language focuses more on social interaction β†’

What can a feminist perspective add to our understanding of body image over-and-above sociocultural models

According to Fredrickson et al, counselors view poor self-perception in young women as a representation of defiance of being related to the " mother figure". Holmqvist, K, & Frisen, A." I bet they are not that perfect in reality:" Appearance ideals viewed from the perspective of adolescents with a positive body image.

Effects of stress

The physiological changes occurring in the brain because of stress includes the release of Arginine- vasopressin and Corticotropin-releasing hormone by the neurons in the hypothalamus. The activation of the GR results in the overstimulation of the neurons in the amygdala, hippocampus, and prefrontal cortex, a process that triggers the fight-or-flight response enabling an individual to β†’

Argument versus description

Editorial Essay: " Argument versus Section Difference Between and Argument The first argument noted in the article was that Mexico argues that the sale of marijuana " fuels the country's vicious cartels and smugglers". However, her supporting statements to validate the initial argument were weak in terms of focusing on other illegal activities as the β†’

Statutory interpretation

Moreover some courts adhere to the principle that if the words of a statute are clear and unmbigoius, then the court need not inquire into the meaning of the statute. Notably, unlike the tools of interpretation, these canons are not particularly useful for discerning the meaning of a statute.


Usually a script writer prepares the script and sells it to the movie maker or producer." The producer is the person who is responsible for coordinating aspects of the film like budget and scheduling". The director is the one who decides the actors, technicians, locations needed for the film he directs.

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General movie tourism in new york

Title: General Movie Tourism in New York Aim The aim of this research paper is to outline the roles played in the movie industry in promotion of the tourist sector in New York City. Objectives of the study To establish if Movie Tourism in New York serves as a major tourist attraction To determine β†’

The african american woman

The story of the black woman is best told in the article " The Rise of Feminism, and the Growth of Black American Women Literature" which talks about the challenges that a black woman has gone through and the developments that have taken place so far. The literature focuses on some of the strengths of β†’

Week 3 dq part 3

The contract in discussion is a void contract as the father was drunk and was making an offer to a minor. Breach of contract is a legal offence which holds the party liable for the crime and is chargeable in court.

The medieval story of an ironic redemption

This vindicated him in the eyes and ears of the listeners, who were there only to enjoy themselves listening to shameful tales. In those days, it was even sinful to listen to a shameful story, and poking fun at the Church was considered risque and entertaining.

Mih512-demography and health (module 3-slp)

According to the Rule of 69, Canada's population is expected to double in about 68 years. This is calculated based on the current change in population change from 2007-2008 of 1.01%.

The new educational goal

I currently have the support of my employer and my work hours are going to be cut down to 20 hours a week. There are going to be obstacles in the way that I have to deal with to successfully complete a college degree.

Forum on supreme court

THE OF NEW LONDON The case Kelo vs. The opinion delivered by the justice that the sale of private property for private development fitted within the concept of public use which was under the frame of meaning of the taking clause, was full of flaws.

Week 4 discussion questions

We will explore why leadership is important in implementing strategy, how sometimes it's more appropriate to fill a key position from outside even if qualifications exist in house, and what improvements might be suggested in evaluating the class so far. We have explored why leadership is an important in implementing strategy, how sometimes it's more β†’

Powerpoint presentation example

Organization running the website It is also easy to identify the organization that is running the website at the bottom of the page. Costs and Five Important Links for Counselors The costs of running the website or that demanded for provision of the career services are not mentioned in the site.

Environmental & social change

The US culture is behind the scientific understanding and knowledge of the country's environment. The field, in sum, is constitutive of the realities that govern one's daily existence where the focus is on the efforts meant to advance social and economic interests.

The wolf the story by giovanni verga

It is about a middle-aged woman who is given the name " The Wolf" by the narrator because of her strikingly strong character. This essay seeks to explore the use of allegory, symbolism, and realism in this story because it is full of them.

Cjus 340 research question

To be included in the presentation are the numerous recommendations that the participants will have given in response to questions that seek their opinion on the way forward on the issue of victimless crimes. For instance, the consent of all participants will be sought and the implication of their participation made quite clear to them.

The request for a transfer to the university

The Request For A Transfer To The University I am writing this letter to request for a transfer to your prestigious university as an undergraduate in biology. Therefore, transferring to your university to complete my undergraduate studies in biology will accord me the opportunity to prove that I am up to the task and β†’

English school, marxism, neo marxism ( short answers)

One of the most essential concepts in International Relations that is often distinguished from other concepts, especially the concept of ' international system', is international society and the English School scholars highly purport that it is important to draw the distinction between the two concepts international system and international society. One of the essential considerations β†’

Management buy outs in the hospitality (hotel) industry

The Management Buyouts in Hospitality Industry The Management Buyouts in Hospitality Industry Introduction Bruining, Verwaal and Wright define management buyouts as arrangements involving sale of controlling stakes by the managers, who control a substantial part of the equity, to buyout associations. Stockholder the hotel business entity, the managers and employees, all experience the financial implications β†’

Evidence based health

The importance of any research work is to collect information from a small but satisfactory sample and the outcome used to the benefit the whole of the population. The success of any research work depends highly on the selection of the participants and the participation level of the participants.

Legal factors involved in corporate management and ownership

As much as the officers had to blame or the errors in the financial report, the directors of the organization had a lot of blame on them. The directors of the Corporation are in the best position to know the financial condition of the organization.


Democratization Full George Modelski defines democratization in his article Problems of Democratization, as the process of change to the democratic views which he considers a powerful process and is not only worldwide but a long-term process based from the path taken by China. With the decades or even centuries of other political views like communism, β†’

Why is language a cultural resource

It is imperative that policies should be adopted in order to protect and support the American indigenous languages, some of which are in danger of extinction. There is a need for policies and more teachers that promote indigenous languages in the classroom environment.

Econ 5110 history of economic thought

He maintained that the amount of money held was determined by institutional arrangements of the economy and could be treated as a constant on ceteris paribus assumptions. This seventeenth century economic thinking in England was mercantilist as typified by the doctrine of balance-of-trade.

The governance of gaap

The Governance of GAAP The Government Accounting Standards Board gives ity to the GAAP for making on guidelines ofaccounting rules to companies trading publicly in the United States, and these rules apply to the local and state governments. The funding of developing and Enforcing GAAP comes from the federal government as it has the responsibility β†’

The law and special education ( discipline )

How to address behavioral problems for IEP students The student's IEP team will consider the strategies such as support programs and positive behavioral interventions to address the problem of the student. The forms are designed to meet the student's in a diverse environment of education.

Review of opinion on the work frankenstein

In Frankenstein, the plot wherein the monster stays in the surroundings of the cottagers and comes in contact with the real social animal is excellent as he comes to know how different he is from the real people.I. In Frankenstein, the plot wherein the monster stays in the surroundings of the cottagers and comes in β†’

Operating a successful business

From the individual Expense report, there a number of aspects that need to be addressed in ensuring that lasting solution is realized from the various challenges that businesses face. In whatever activity an individual engages in, it is usually of substantive importance to ensure that there is always a thought about the future.

Edgar allan poe

This assumption was made from the fact that he was orphaned in the age of two and was deprived of the love and care of his parents at times he deserved it the most. The collection tilted Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque, had in it one of his work of high fame, The Fall β†’

Explain each of the following and how they relate to the employment environment: equal employment opportunity, affirmative actions, diversity and sexual harassment

Equal Employment Opportunity, Affirmative Actions, Diversity and Sexual Harassment al Affiliation) Equal Employment Opportunity, Affirmative Actions, Diversity and Sexual Harassment According to Purpura, Equal Employment Opportunity relates to procedures created to ensure that all the workers and candidates are dealt in the same manner without considering factors such as ethnicity, colour and gender. People from β†’

The issues in the preamble to the constitution of 1787

How did the events of the first three decades of the American Republic reflect the issues enumerated in the Preamble to the Constitution of 1787? Name: Professor: Course: Date: How did the events of the first three decades of the American Republic reflect the issues enumerated in the Preamble to the Constitution of 1787?

Author & aposs bias

Introduction From the definition of bias as a framework from which the author writes or the direction in which the author is spinning the article. The author's bias is therefore that the evolution of hominids is not supposed to be argued based on forage strategy as the mere reason they evolved to the current β†’

Symptom analysis tool in psycholody

Note: you should include the diagnosis from the Final Assessment Findings section in the case study as part of the hypothesis.1. A mucosal injury which leads to the formation of peptic ulcer disease occurs as a result of an imbalance between the defensive mechanisms and aggressive factors.

How might a utilitarian assess the moral of the ford motor companys decision

The fundamental determinant of the appropriatenessof an action that is undertaken by any party, according to the principle of Utilitarianism, is based on the fact that an action is good, if it gives an individual happiness. Therefore, while assessing whether an action undertaken by an individual is right, the vital aspect is to see how β†’

The social impact of liberalism in learning environment

The research team will administer interviews and questionnaires to the sample schools and to selected members of the institution. The information so obtained will be used to measure the degree of liberty and the strength of social relationships in the institution.

Management concepts – case study

Management Problem " The globalization strategy as adopted by National Bank of Australia has resulted in downfall of one of the most successful banks of Australia" In the midst of the crisis that the bank finds itself in, it is necessary to study the problems with the globalization strategy adopted by the bank. Those countries β†’

Italy food cultures and science

The most common techniques include; Pan Frying It involves cooking food quickly in a small quantity of hot vegetable or butter oil. Grilling Italians quickly cook their food over the embers of charcoal or hardwood.

Macbeth drama review

Macbeth is courageous man, who is not inclined to his evils deeds besides Lady Macbeth pursue her goal and further spur Macbeth to kill Duncan and to be strong in the murder aftermath, an ambition that focuses on the quest for power There is linkage between cruelty and masculinity, that is seen when lady Macbeth β†’

Freedom of speech

The first amendment proposed that people will not be deprived or abridged of their freedom to speak, to write or to publish their thoughts and the second proposed that states will not violate the rights of conscience or of the press. Freedom of Speech and Press: Exceptions to the First Amendment.

Intellectual property law

The manufacturers of the fake have mobile phones violate the intellectual laws in a number of ways. The manufacturer of the fake HTC mobile, in this case, violated the intellectual laws by manufacturing phones similar to the ones that existed.

Global market entry strategies

What will be the benefits of the alliance to the Swedish Volvo? a) help the Volvo group to enter the Chinese market, which is the worlds largest market for trucks, with a total market for heavy trucks equivalent to the European and North American markets combined 3. What is its market share of heavy duty β†’

Athens and florence

Athens and Florence Athens and Florence The political structure of Athens during its Golden Age was democratic. The most important similarity between Athens during its golden age and renaissance Florence is their introduction of democratic or representative types of administration, profound literature, and art into their respective regions.

Reasons for transferring and objectives

My major is business and I think that for me learning about business from a reputed institution is essential so that I do not prove to be a nuisance for the boss. What I am going to do with my degree in the future is that I am interested in opening my own business and β†’

The justice system and wealth

The penalty system is one of the major flaws of the current justice system. Criminals' abilities to meet their penalties instead of serving time in prison places people with the capacity to pay at a much-added advantage as compared to the poor individuals in society.

The rights theory, the value clarification theory and other ethical theories in business

Business Law Ethics When the company in one way or another keeps off from actions that may consequently result in law suits of criminal or civil nature, and avoids an action that is vexatious, unwarranted and bad in law for the corporate image this is referred to as business ethics. In addition, the law that β†’


In web publication even if the author and purpose of a website can be determined, the qualifications of the author are not always given. However, presently the print media still continues to be a dominant and important part of the publication industry.

The high carb diet that keeps you healthy

The unawareness of high Carb/high Glycemic index diet boosts the sugar level to extremes which later on results in fatigues and distress due to energy crashes. High-carb/low glycemic index helps to prevent high blood sugar levels and balanced weight and energy of the human body.

Google ratio analysis

Google stocks will be easy to sell in the stock market given that there is growing investor confidence as indicated in the ratios. A combination of targeted as growth as well as stabilization of Google's business growth in the internet business makes the stock worthy for investment.

Philosophy of human person

The second argument is that of the theory of recollection. The Phaedo of Plato.

Improvement of solar thermal collector

They will be tested under a variety of light conditions, trying to simulate a range of light beyond the normal expected use of solar panels. The 'Desert Bloom' project is also proposing the usage of a Fresnel technology.

Creating dynamic characters

He is married to Knowles, likes reading and listening to music, and a favorite movie is Godfather 2. Porter then starts up a family and realizes he needs to stay focused.

Financial statements, ratios, the loan package

Financial ments, Ratios & Loan Package Financial ments Technically, financial ments are structured presentation of a company's financial information. Financial Ratios In the context of financial reporting, financial ratios are relationship between distinct items of a financial statement.

The public safety leaders and the study of the future

The 9/11 disaster is in itself a glaring example as to how the public safety leaders in the United States failed to interpret the developments taking place in the present, which lead to a leadership crisis in the future. Going by the topic under consideration, the positive and heartening thing is that in the public β†’

The revolt of 1857 in india and caste war in mexico

Both the rebellion in India and the Caste War in Mexico were directed against the population of European origin that held the reins in respective regions. Unlike the Caste War in Mexico, which had a well-defined task and led to brief independence of Mayans from the Mexican government, the rebellion in India directed against the β†’

Humanities-issues in science and societies proposal

Human beings complain about a certain impact on the beauty of natural landscapes, and there are suggestions that living near wind farms negatively causes an illness called " Wind Turbine Syndrome". The evidence shows that there is indeed a place for wind farms in energy planning.

Contractual issues

Based on the findings of the South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce, she was not fired for cause. After the determination that she was not dismissed for cause, it would be necessary to give her employment benefits.

Art and culture

The relationship of art and American culture The relationship between art and culture is a symbiotic one. Culture directly influences the artists' way of thinking and their works of art.

Future of the juvenile justice center

On the negative side, respondents commented that the quality of such services must be closely monitored especially when for-profit providers were involved, and that youth are more likely to violate the rules of private sector providers because they are perceived as being outside the juvenile justice system. Recommendations The juvenile justice system must continue encouraging β†’

Hazard analysis for terrorism

The Al-Qaeda is one of the most dangerous groups, as they pose a threat to the Homeland Security in the US. On the other hand, the HAMAS may seem a threat to the US, though have not succeeded in launching a serious attack on US soil.

Assessment of physical workload in boiler operations

Number] Assessment of physical workload in boiler operations The article is about the use of boilers in the Brazilian industries and the threat to workers due to these boiler operations. The aim of the article is to focus on the risks involved in boiler activities, the reasons for the failure of these boiler activities causing β†’

Vulnerability (vulnerability) within a human rights perspective

To me, vulnerability is referent to harsh realities that elderly people are likely to come across, such as violation of their human rights or discrimination, more than the individuals who are more physically active and productive. This is because they are unable to fight for their human rights as other groups like African Americans, women, β†’


Death and Aging Introduction Death and aging are two words that can never be separated because the former leads to the latter. The argument of the first theory is based on the fact that chemical changes take place in the body thus causing slow malfunctioning of the body components and other organs.

Historical context in american literature from the puritan era up until the present era

From The Puritan Era to the Present Era In the 16th and the 17th C there existed English protestant who was known as the puritans, in the current timespuritan is used to describe the action against pleasure. Wright uses poetry, short stories, and novels genre, and he has used this genre to criticize the effects β†’

Perfectionism in anorexia nervosa: a 624-month follow-up study by standar-pinnock

In the research, a retrospective study examining perfectionism at admission, discharge, and in the period between 6 24-month follow-up after in-patient treatment forms the basis of comparing the relationship between perfectionism and the clinical status of Anorexia Nervosa patients. On the other hand, analysis of variance was used in the examination of changes in EDI β†’

Reaction paper on romantic love conceptualized as an attachment process by hazan, c., & shaver, p. (1987)

In order to tests the theories, the authors had a " love quiz" printed in a local newspaper and gathered the first 620 replies they received and used this as the sample size for the first part of the study. The results of the study reveal that attachment styles in infancy are the same as β†’

Psyc 317 db4

This is manifested in the form of an understanding that the more enabled he is, the lesser would be the guilt at the end of the day. Estimating the Costs and Benefits of Alcohol Treatment Requirement.

Exam 1

In light of these conditions, Jill needs to prove that the employer has breached the contract in several respects: first, by violating the duration of the contract by wrongfully dismissing her; secondly, by assigning to her responsibilities that were not spelled out during the selection process; and finally by denying her of the benefits, and β†’

5b: report

The immediate economic impact of the change in the discount rate will be increase in the interest rates. This increase in interest rates will result in the increase for the borrowing costs of the firms hence their profitability and revenue.

Informal proposal

Besides the available services, the organization can consider offering consultancy services, both in education, business and other professional areas. Plan for Solving the Problem Consultancy services will be offered along with the regular educational services in the sense that the schedule of the organization will be made more flexible to permit the new service.

School finance

On the local level, the districts also have a duty to fund education and the funds are drawn from the taxpayer's money. For instance, the 2007 Global Financial Crisis negatively impacted on the funding of education in different states in the US.

Loneliness symptoms in college students

The article contains very useful information that the college counselors can avail to improve the quality and effectiveness of their counseling services over the depressed college students in particular and outside the college in general. Thirdly, I chose this article because it contains very interesting and useful information about the effects of animal-assisted therapy on β†’

This week: submit draft of an abbreviated mixed methods research plan

Often, the process of research is initiated, with the exploration of the previous researches to find out the gap or a problem in the existing body of knowledge, after this stage, the proper description of the problem identified is developed, through the process of critically reviewing the existing literature on the topic, at the of β†’

Case study example

It is established that she is new to her position and eager to do the best possible job. She may have to make a stand and tolerate the negative side effects of her honest actions not to commit an unethical practice.

Healthcare management

Emerging influences in the Healthcare Industry s 9 February Emerging Influences in the Healthcare Industry The healthcare sector is statistically one of the world's largest in addition to being among the fastest growing industries. The enactment of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 This Act, also referred to as The Recovery Act was β†’

Pornography and child protection

Since there are no exact reasons given for why children should be protected from pornographic images, it appears that the protection of children from such images is a universal good as accepted by ethical theorists such as Kant and others. However, despite the relativism of the situation, the law for protecting minors is certainly there β†’

Fair use defense – eastside movies inc vs manny goldstein

Fair Use Defense: Eastside Movies Inc v Manny Goldstein Whether or not Manny Goldstein can escape liability for copyright infringement of Eastside Movies Inc.'s movies will depend upon the four-factor test under the fair use defense. Those factors include the " purpose and character of the use".) In this regard, it will be important β†’

Evaluation of the approaches of dr. martin luther king, jr. and mr. malcolm x to the civil rights struggle

The activist was introduced to the ideas of black supremacy and the need to fight for equality when he was in prison and when he became a member of the Nation of Islam. In conclusion, it is possible to note that Martin Luther King and Malcolm X are two activists that contributed greatly to the β†’


S is also to blame for Haiti's poor economic growth; the U. Generally, History is not entirely to blame for the failures of Haiti, but also the behavior of the Haitians and the Haiti government.

Qualitative and quantitative problem statements

Quantitative statement of the problem- Relationship between leadership styles in nursing and outcomes in delivered care Leadership involves influence of followers towards achievement of set objectives and is important in change implementation or in transformation of operational environments. Perspectives of decision making in request for euthanasia: A qualitative research among patients, relatives, and treating patients β†’

Australiana literature

As a replacement for of making for a productive synthesis, the narratives in the novel are known as " Arthur" and " Waldo" is but the same crisis of potentially aggressive confusion seen from somewhat different viewpoints.except the fact that white sees a number of positive sacrificial meaning at this point only obvious conclusion in β†’

Recount and the u.s. supreme court

One of the grounds cited by the judges, as per asserted in Rule 10, was the occurrence of discrepancy on the decision of Florida Supreme Court for ballot recounts. It could be recalled that in December of the same year, the Florida Supreme Court stated multiple court decisions regarding the presidential election and the process β†’

Small business activity

The first step is for the owner to know the business. The third step is determining the audience that the business would serve.

Not deciding yet

Employment Effects of a Minimum Wage Increase According to the research study, it is possible to say that employment effect is negativelyrelated to the increase or decrease in the minimum wage rate. Due to the availability of cheap labor market, the increase in the minimum wage rate may cause a decrease in the employment rate β†’


I have an interest in the investigation of physical bodies of the world, behaviors of atoms, planets and different theories generated by scholars, which can determine high potentiality to choose physics as a major subject. There are other subjects of physics like Quantum Mechanics and String theory, which can provide enthralling experience to relate to β†’

Process writing. how to over come stress while in college

Fortunately, there is a plethora of ways to overcome and cope with stress and stressful situations in college. With proper management of college time, exercising and socializing with friends, one can get to overcome the rampant condition of stress.