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The business risks of fraud

This response was in recognition that adequate internal controls and auditing were key elements in fraud deterrence initiatives and that upper management and accounting personnel committed 50 percent of the occupational fraud. Such structured responses are designed to minimize the chances of alerting the fraudsters and are supplemented by reporting process aimed at soliciting input β†’

The shopping cart economics

Running Head: THE SHOPPING CART ECONOMICS The Shopping Cart Economics in APA Style Ralph Nader once offered the example that the shopping cart size is how the capitalists and economics of the time manipulate consumers. History of the Grocery Shopping Cart.

Advanced accounting theory

The concept of the jurisdiction is particularly noteworthy in the contemplation of GAAPs. It implies that a company is governed by the accounting standards and principles of the jurisdiction within which it operates.

Review and summarise

The media has played a dual purpose in feminism on one side portraying women as the subjects of feminisms, regardless of the changing trends in gender roles while on the other hand compromising the core values of feminism. The changing trends in the society due to the popularized feminism in the media, law, education, medicine β†’

The skills/requirements specific to each of the employers

Therefore, s/he has to constantly monitor the performance of the region and will directly oversee for the revenue, forecasting, margins, and marketing expenditures of the region. In the end, Microsoft specifies that as the individual is in the senior level management, he would be devising out strategies and tailoring it to fit the EMEA region β†’

The business discourse community

In the article by Zaccaro and Klimoski, the authors explain about organizational leadership and how it is used in different organizational levels. The importance of leadership in the business world is also seen in another article by Hartog and Koopman who uses the terms, commoners and leaders to emphasize on the importance of leadership.

Value chain development

And with consideration of the current shift in the implementation policy framework that emphasize the devolved service provision and in exercising it's core mandate of "effective and efficient coordination of the company activities alongside creation of an enabled environment to stakeholders" the company prioritizes the industry value chain development due it's immense benefit to the β†’

American old film class cabin in the sky and the wizard of oz

To get back, she needs the assistance of the mysterious Wizard of Oz and is assisted enroute to his Emerald City by The Scarecrow who wants brains, the Tin Man who wants a heart and the Lion who wants courage. The Wizard of Oz is one of the most enduring stories in American popular culture, β†’

Multiple intelligences parameters

Multiple Intelligence Theory and the Making of the New Curriculum Multiple Intelligence theory, a diverse idea of intelligence, provides educators a coherent and valid paradigm with which to examine their perceptions of instruction and the ability of their students, to decide on how they should organize their students' learning experiences, and to evaluate their own β†’

Patient portal adoption challanges

On the contrary, motivation based factors are the attitudes that the medical staff has towards the adoption of healthcare portals. The use of a patient portal requires suffice skills on Information Technology as opposed to medical and health care knowledge.

Answer job interview questions

I am a focused person with great interpersonal communication and negotiation skills and talent that makes me enjoy my study in the field of business. The talent of communication and negotiation that I possess is a key component in marketing as it will help one to gauge the ability to buy as well as the β†’

Aerospace, new shuttle service

The relationship amidst the length and the corresponding width of the wing gives the aspect ratio, A. Aerospace engineering on the back of an envelope.

Student prompts/teacher directions

Prompts Prompts prompts and teacher direction in s such as science and mathematics is critical especially when developing units of study. Resources such as getting qualified teachers and tutors with the expertise of implementing learning strategies is also essential for students and teacher directions.


Law Related to the Case The law related to the stop, search and seizure involves a general rule in the U. On the second issue the law related to line up process states the following: the officer conducting the line up process should not be a neutral person who does not know the identity of β†’

Global economic-q&a

The Economist Which trade theory discussed by Cohn in chapter 7 helps explain the impact of the American and Japanese lobbies on the Doha Round as discussed in the article? The main goal of Doha Round was to try to uplift the poor countries to come closer to the rich ones.

Respond to students with no more than 90 words and 2 references

Steven Coffman A major shortfall that characteristically shows up concerning the author's work has to do with the fact that not much background was given to the various levels of measurement of validity, namely nominal level, ordinal level, interval level, and ratio level. Though much detail was given on the merits of the nominal level, β†’

Water purification

Water Purification The body depends heavily on water consumption-clean/safe drinking water that is; that is why the doctor recommends that ideally, you drink 8 glasses per day. Boiling water as a means of purifying it is probably one of, if not the most popular and safest water purification processes.

Tokugawa society

On the one hand, the daimyo tried to draw power closer to himself and to centralize control of the various activities going on in Japan at the time. The Edo period was one of prosperity and contradiction.

Complexities of making ethical decisions in business

The trust that the public places in the business practices of corporations come as a result of the ethical practices and principles that they adhere to. In addition, the firm failed to have an explicit set of ethical guidelines that could have guided his decision.

Public health core areas and the bsph program

Public Health Core Areas and the BSPH Program PUBLIC HEALTH CORE AREAS AND THE BSPH PROGRAM The Bachelor of Science in public health is a program that involves promoting the understanding of diseases and health, based upon fundamental qualities of public health. The meeting was about " The American Public Health Association" and the " β†’

I’va attached the file

Instead of the total wealth in the nation being distributed equitably in the United States, the wealth is owned by just a very small portion of the population while the majority of the population in the nation does not have enough economic resources. First is the wealth inequality which refers to the fact that most β†’

What are my virtues

The most common obstacle is expedience of an option or a way out which is not consistent with the values of keeping my word that I strive to practice. For example, it is extremely difficult to keep a promise I made to my parents that I will wake up by 4 a.m.because of an errand β†’


This wireless fidelity has progressed in the world now and has made things easier for computer users which previously were impossible By first viewing the Wireless fidelity the user comes to the conclusion that the device can be very useful in connecting computers or mobiles to a Ethernet connection without the use of wires. The β†’

Data and knowledge management

Data and Knowledge Management Some of the similarities in the job of the database manager are to be aware of SQL server and DB2 platform, to monitor and optimize the performance of database and to be responsible for performance, design, back up and safety of data. Other than these, it is necessary for the database β†’

Main functions of surveys

Employees should be given the chance to incorporate in the questionnaire their own view in regard to specific, critical, issues; for example, apart from the questions based only on ' yes/no' there would be questions asking for the personal view of employees in regard to a series of critical issues, such as the level of β†’

Culture and language

Culture and Language There is an intersection of language, culture and education in the society. The artifacts of videos also contribute to the stereotypes in deficit of language and culture.

Magazine ad analysis 1-1.5 page

The other half of the ad features a large picture of the product and three small close-ups of portions of Parker's face on a black background and explained with a good deal of text. As a result, the ad is presented in a split vertical panel allowing one side to ' speak' to the consumer β†’

Felix trombe and frank gehry

The wonderful combination of beauty and purposefulness of the Solar Furnace has touched my heart, and I am convinced that this should be the mood of the architecture in the 21st century. Retrieved from

American historical association

People who dwell with the history of the origin of human become more self aware as through it, individuals learn about the actions of individuals in the past. It is through the study of colonization that a person is able to understand completely what the European nations were doing in Africa.

Whatever happened at barings

On the other hand, the capital reported in the balance sheet amounted to 440 million, which further reflected that the liquidation cost of the bank was 927 million - 440 million, i.e. These changes were primarily related to the operations of the financial institutions and activities of the City of London, deemed as the hub β†’

Ethical codes and particular cases

Mcaliley v Florida Bar At issue is the definition of spurious or meritorious use of the legal system specifically in the realm of divorce proceedings. The issue of what is valid, where the line is drawn, and who draws the line between ' correct' use of the legal system for divorce and ' incorrect' use β†’

Privacy rights in domestic relations

833 On 19th June 1992, the Supreme Court reaffirmed the essential rights pertaining to abortion in the Roe Vs Wade Case, in the equally famous Planned Parenthood Vs Casey one. This is underscored in that the only clause that was struck out from the five was the one requiring a woman to show evidence of β†’

A history of public health

In the third era, the focus is put on the provision of health for all. This essentially has led to the general improvement of the world's health standards.

Proposal of literature review of proportional hazards model

Proportional hazards model The proportional hazards model, which was proposed by Cox in 1972, has been adoptedprimarily in medical testing analysis to model the effect of secondary variables on survival. It has the capacity to model and test several inferences concerning survival without necessarily making any specific assumptions about the form of the life distribution β†’

Micronutrient deficiency

Iodine Deficiency of the Health Sciences and Medicine of the Concerned July 14, Iodine Deficiency Introduction Iodine is an important micronutrient required by the human body to synthesize vital thyroid hormones. Disorders Caused by Iodine Deficiency Iodine deficiency can impact human health much before the birth of a child.

Perform a financial analysis of amcor and alumina

In 2010 the net margin of the company was 2.04%. The current ratio of the firm in 2010 was 0.84.

Stage 1

49 EBAY 1.85 1.38 2.50 2.02 2. 26b AAPL EBAY 1.

Engineering and construction issues that surrounded the three gorges project

Engineering and Construction Issues that Surrounded the Three Gorges Project Overview of the Project A project whose construction decision received an approval in 1948, the Three Gorges Dam Project, replaced the Great Wall as the largest project. Discussion of the Issues The most damning yet unthinkable reality is the number of people displaced during β†’

Reading response

The identity of wanting more, wanting to have everything you desire and can visualize, the dream to be successful in life, the rich and powerful. From my reading of " The More Factor", Shame has the opinion that it is already part of the culture of Americans to desire for more, however, I should say β†’

Questions 2

The implication of the three facets of power on employees is diverse and somewhat segmented. The peer has an equal amount of power all other employees of that level, and the subordinates have a lesser degree of power.

Medical microbiology and immunology

Frequent occurrences of the infection can cause the body to adapt to the infection and respond to its presence in the body in its own way. The transmission of the infection occurs between animals and humans, specifically poultry in the U.K.

How different from monkeys are we truly

Part of the problem is that they are largely talking about two different things Tattersall is comparing one species to another, and charting the development in a species where each specimen is incredibly genetically diverse, whereas Gould was addressing comparisons between individuals within the homo sapiens species. I think this is spot on, and that β†’

We can remember it for you wholesale by philip k. dick

In the above passage, it mirrors how many people are willing to pay for the price of having something that they really want, as well as the ability of people to settle for second or even third best, as long as they get an item that is more or less similar to what is wanted β†’

Helmholtz coils to create zero magnetic field in the laboratory

If the magnetic field in the laboratory due to the Earth is H, then a zero magnetic field is obtained when: Thus by passing a current given by the above equation, a condition of zero magnetic fields can be created at the centre of a Helmholtz coil. Addison-Wesley.[2]Halliday, D, Resnick, R, & Walker, J.

It’s all provided in the instructions

The French Revolution The French Revolution took place as a result of disagreement between the feudal government and the commoners. However, in early 1793, the monarch was overthrow and executed by the French Republic was established In February 1793, the French Republic was engaging in war with most of the countries in Europe.

The framingham heart study

Prior to the start of the study, medics had little knowledge in relation to the prevention of heart diseases. The study also assisted to reveal the differences in the risk of heart diseases between men and women.


Dear Perspective It is clear that you are interested in taking Economics 220 and what this letter hopes to accomplish is identify why I likedthis course what I have learned, highlight some of my experience working on an integrated final project as well as some shortcomings of the course. In this regard you are going β†’

Related to philosophy of the mind/theology

In essence, it is wrong for an individual to prioritize the conditions of others from the condition of oneself. Since Kant tends to focus on the fact that rather than improving the condition of others, one should focus on oneself it is not surprising to realize that we should be morally obligated to serve ourselves.

Learning and development of human resource management

Disney's vision and mission statement Disney's vision and mission is one of the things that should be communicated by the company to the employees in order for the employee to be familiarized with the company's activities. What the company stands for and what the company aspires to be should be part of the induction programme β†’

Reflection paper

The Screening of individuals for the early detection of cancer is one of the prioritized clinical preventive service that help reduce the burden created by cancer in the United States public health. In addition to the government involvement in the prevention of cancer there other health related individuals and organizations who are involved in the β†’

Lincoln electric

The power and responsibilities associated with the management of the organization converge from the workers upward toward the president or executives of the company, so that the workers are at the lowest stratum and the president or the managing executives at the highest stratum. Since the total profit is shared among the workers based on β†’

Process eassy

The need of the time is to inculcate the results of the interview that are conducted in this paper with something conclusive for these students so that they know what they have to achieve and more than that what is their direction in their future years. This is a natural process for people to happen β†’

Interviewing and observational strategies

The first stage in the interview and observation process is centered on the establishment of rapport with the client, as well as structuring. These stages rely heavily on listening and observation on the part of the interviewer, and will help us to gauge the wants and needs of the client so that the process may β†’

Usgaap and igaap

Under both accounting methods, the impairment of the assets that is held for disposal is to be treated as the difference between the assets carrying amount, and the assets fair value. Differences There is a major disparity in the treatment of expenditure in research and development, under both the US GAAP and iGAAP.

Why did the colonists want independence from england

In addition to this, the long distance between the king and the colonies caused little link between the rulers and the subjects. They ruled them the way they wanted and not in collaboration.

Letter of advice: interpersonal relationships

In the end, it affects the quality of a couple's relationship because emotions determine the level of attachment and understanding between the two of you. Self-concept, emotional intelligence, and self-disclosure are interrelated concepts that determine the strength and longevity of a relationship.

Easygroup’s planned entry into the uk cinema market

The easy group is quite truly a genuine conglomerate because it owns several businesses such as Easy internet cafe, Easy car, Easy jet, online and hotel ventures and has now planned to add new ones such as Easy cinema in the group's business portfolio to increase annual revenues of the group. Also, the easy group β†’

The robber bridgegroom a short story by brothers grimm

The worst point is that the writer called the bridegroom as the cannibals in the story, the human who eats other human beings.3. This fairy tale depicts the gender equality of women and men, that should be practiced in the society but unfortunately, it is not being done.

Book review

Book Review One of the most important books on leadership and care management in nursing has been Influencer: The Power to Change Anything by Kerry Patterson, Joseph Grenny, David Maxfield, Ron McMillan and Al Switzler, in which the authors offers an influencer who motivates others to change, replaces bad behaviors with powerful new skills, and β†’

Risk management

Risk Management Risk Management Prior financial disasters have emphasized upon the need of risk management especially in banking sector, so that they can be saved from potential losses. At the same time the risk management strategies used by majority of the banks were not clear to the general public.

Identify and describe the significance of the three sources that have affected the balance between security and rights in the detention of terrorist suspects since 9/11

Human Privacy After the 9/11, the federal government of USA has tried to balance between the security requirements with individual requirements. The three sources of legislations on security power and individual privacy are important in sustaining the requirements of human rights.


Rothenberg compares this act to a slave performing for the master, and in turn, argues that it is mocking the woman's position in society because the woman is always the one taking care of the man. This is an act out of respect that is meant to honor the presence of the woman and make β†’


Na chnology: Top Down and Bottom Up To Na chnology of Na chnology: Top Down and Bottom Up To Nanotechnology As per the advancement in the field of nanotechnology, it has been ensured that couple of approaches can be used to create the nano designs of the machines. In the article, the author has clearly β†’

Virtue, duty, utility and/or/as feminist ethics

Six months ago, Audrey got her dream job with a highly reputable international organization, and she is required to travel a lot in the three years she will be working for the organization. Audrey critically thinks about the women she has condemned over the years and realizes that though abortion is bad, it is equally β†’

Sustainable supply chain discussion

For achieving such two-fold advantage, one best approach would be to minimize wastage in every aspect related to the business. Office stationery and items like carpets etc can be reused by donating to the needy instead of storing when not in usable condition.


A business plan can help in identifying the underlying assets or liabilities of the business and also would bring into light the chances of the future business success or loss. Actually the business plan should be based on the learning of the early failures of the business.

Mannerism in art history

In my opinion, whether it is David, Michelangelo's sculpture or Mona Lisa, da Vinci's portrait, I prefer the realistic of this type of art over Mannerism. Modern art can be compared to Mannerism.

A7-chpt 9

0 Application The idiom ' Web 2. They increase the application of Web 2.

New hire communication worksheet

The purpose of the message the HR employee is tasked to write is to orient new hires to the company cuture process, procedres and general information. The purpose of the message is to introduce the new hires to this unique way of doing things by the company.2.

American indian

From the first landing of the Europeans in America to the present, Indians have desperately attempted to retain their land and culture. Throughout the history of the nation, Indians have learned to speak English well enough to articulate their beliefs, art, folklore and culture to those outside the Indian reservation.

Analysis of marshal’s character

It is not difficult to notice his self-assertiveness as he talks to his sisters. However, the food is not pleasing to him and he refuses to take it.

Economic discussion

This trade diversion is against the very basic intent of Article 24. It aims at imposing the same tariff on goods regardless of which country supplies them and that purpose is not only defeated but restricts global economy to flourish.

A good example of sociological perspective

of the of the of the Sociological Perspective Caste System A rigid ification of the members of society has been witnessed in many countries. A similar system of segregation was in vogue in the US upto the end of the 1960s, subsequent to the end of the Civil War.

Partnership between department manager and human resources

Secondly, they handle the staff at department levels and are best suited to identifying best specific criteria in selection stage among a pool of qualified candidates. They are best suited for designing interviews guidelines and areas to assess knowledge and experience for a particular job in the department.

Qualitative social research

Patriarchy is used to define the control and social control mechanisms of the state in terms of gender, stating that males are in a position of power and women in one of sublimation. Other sources take a more cultural view, rather than a social and historical view, when it comes to the problem of gender β†’

New york wicks law

Analysis of the Utility of Wicks Law: The rationale behind most of the laws is noble, but the practical utility of the laws are felt only with the passage of time and this is true with Wicks Law. These are the views of many a critic of the Wicks Law even though the electrical, pluming β†’

Levendary case study

Levendary Case Study al Affiliation: Levendary Case Study Question The entry of Legendary Cafe was not based on strategy but on the pressure to improve the growth of the business which was recording reduced growth in the US market. This is to ensure that the intervention does not affect Chen momentum in the Chinese market β†’

What are twitters advantages

Twitter can be of benefit to the manager of a business depending on the context applied when using it. Another beneficial use of Twitter by a manager pertains to advertising of the services and products offered by the business.

What is the effect of the recent information deluge on our intellectual capabilities

This way, cognitive overload affects the brain in that it influences our ability to learn and understand in that it weakens the two, as the brain is unable to match the information flowing in and the one that is retained. Because of the internet and multitasking, our behavior is affected in that we lose attention β†’

Business report-progress report

What are important to the millennials in terms of career development and benefits? What are some examples of effective retention targeting the generation Y?

For antigay church, losing its cause before its founder

For Antigay Church, Losing Its Cause before Its Founder For Antigay Church, Losing Its Cause before Its Founder Michael Paulson's article " For Antigay Church, Losing Its Cause before Its Founder" provides insight into the diminishing influence of Westboro Baptist Church in Missouri's Kansas City. Paulson examines the church, within the larger context of declining β†’


These kinds of parents are responsive to the child's wishes and needs. THE SOCIAL CONSTRUCTION OF DEMOGRAPHIC VARIABLES AND PARENTING STYLES IN TRINIDAD.

Week 11 sociology cd

To reduce rural to urban migration, the government and non-governmental organizations should decentralize the industrialization process to ensure even distribution of economic opportunities to both rural and urban dwellers. The rich are the landlords but take advantage of growth in urban population to put up substandard structures that are used by low income earners.


Philosophy is a very old discipline, ranging from the writing of the Bible, to accredited philosophers such as Socrates, Plato and the likes of desecrates. The vastness of philosophy is cannot be summarized in one book and even the best philosophy book is only limited to topics or philosophers that interested the author.

Puddle-jumper airline

This implies that college research papers lack adequate practical data and information from the field or the actual problem. Moreover, the phrase implies that college research papers are developed from a theoretical perspective.

Management of human resources class discussion wk2

Human Resource Affiliation: Human Resource The competitive market environment has completely changed the role of the Human Resource management as they have come to a realization that Human Resource must play a more strategic role in the success of an organization. The external environment refers to the social, economic, technology, environmental, political trends and development β†’

Duvall & hays chapter 5

Christianity's guiding principles in its religion are based on the scriptures in the Bible. In this dilemma, studying historical-cultural context of the Bible helps a lot in understanding the Bible".

Soci 200 db3

The United States preaches freedom of religion and expression, especially when that expression is not disruptive, damaging, or harmful to others, however practicing what they preach sometimes slips through the cracks. That said there should be a place for all of the belief systems and for the expression of those religions.

Tv evangelism

Later, Oral Robert, another pioneer of the television evangelism, was able to reach 80% of the potential television evangelism audience in 1957, which was the largest show of the time. With time the new phenomenon began to spread to distant places as a direct result of the large number of people that we are able β†’

Effects of the 2008 financial crisis on the investment

The financial crisis of 2008 was observed to impose non-negligible impacts on the Middle East, particularly Qatar, holding the biggest position in the oil and gas resources. The fall in the oil and gas price, have further, strongly impacted the Middle East causing adverse affects the region of Qatar.

Informal analytical report

Intel Corporation is a transnational firm in the US which specializes in the manufacturing of semiconductor chip makers. But still the company is concerned about expanding the profits because the growth is not satisfactory.


A Study about the Relationship between Extraversion and Health, and Extraversion and Creativity al affiliation: A study about the relationship between extraversion and health and extraversion and creativity Extraversion is one of the most central dimensions when considering personality traits. In introversion, the behavior of the individual is more solitary and, reserved as opposed to β†’

Rights of accused

Rights of Accused Rights of Accused The law s that all the accused are innocent until proven guilty by a court of law. Due process refers to the legal principles that the state should respect the rights of all the individuals.

Martin luther king vs. malcom x debate

This paper intends to give the essence of the debate between Martin and Malcolm and state specific points of disagreements between the two. In conclusion, I find the debate between X and Martin as educative and crucial to the current studies of African American struggle for liberation or freedom and ethnic studies.