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In the process safety standard, osha placed new requirements on the prime/subcontractor relationship

Among these requirements, employers are required to: Create and maintain written safety information that includes the chemicals, equipment and technology used in each individual process Perform a workplace hazard estimation of potential disastrous consequences Keep employees up to date with the hazard evaluations Create a system of response to the hazard evaluations Occasionally go over β†’

Education for everyone

USA is the country of opportunities and one of the world's richest countries of the world. Although the book is concerned with Alabama tenant families of 1930s during the Roosevelt era, yet the similarities of the issue are visible even now when we see recent discriminatory laws of 2012 in some of the US states β†’

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Types of teamstheory application

Topic: Types of Teams: Theory Application Lecturer: Presentation: Effective operation of a restaurant requires a self-managing team whereby the leader establishes the general purpose of the team while allowing members of the team freedom to handle the tasks on their own. A grocery store requires a manager-led team whereby the owner of the store acts β†’

Question for analysis 4

The results With the seriousness of the matter at problem at stake, the office of the president will ultimately promote critical and profound thinking among students. Not all the information available via the internet are credible, the user must be able to select the right kind of information.

A pedagogic placebo for plagiarism

The other definitions of plagiarism include the use of another person's ideas and thought processes as one's own and imitating the style and tenor as well. The whole issue of plagiarism assumes serious proportions in an academic environment as the students are expected to do their papers with due diligence and without recourse to other β†’

What does the term model minority refer to according to chan, how accurate is this perspective explain their argument. who is excluded from this perspective is it harmful

For instance, the claims about Asian Americans achieving a higher economic status than white Americans in some cases, does not take into account the fact that in most Asian American families, more than one person in the family was earning and contributing, which helped to account for the higher family income. The model minority thesis β†’

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3th grade language arts lesson plan

Almost all sentences sound natural and are easy-on-the-ear when read aloud, but 1 or 2 are stiff and awkward or difficult to understand. Almost all sentences sound natural and are easy-on-the-ear when read aloud, but 1 or 2 are stiff and awkward or difficult to understand.

Character referencing for a court

This is because for the long that I have been knowing him, he has been a hard-working person who always had fear to the violate a country's law, particularly that he has full knowledge of the strict penalties against such crimes. I am grateful for all your services to the community in providing justice.

Why i want to study law

In order to be able to justify the worth of this field, I must be honest, passionate, have a sense of justice and service towards my country and be very insigtful. The Sense of Justice: Empathy in Law and Punishment.

Resources: ch. 1 of contemporary nutrition, ch. 2 of visualizing nutrition, week one and week two individual assignments, wileyplus, iprofile

One should ensure that they choose healthy food as a way of ensuring a healthy diet. Nutrition density is tremendously essential in the determination of the various types of food that one should feed on to attain the required level of calories.


The paragraph below is just additional information to emphasize the message the advertisement wants to convey. On the whole, one thinks that the print advertisement is very effective in capturing the attention of its market.

Perceptions of leadership

If on the other hand followers' perception instigates them to motivate themselves in order to achieve the set goals, leaders may end up collaborating with the followers hence adopting a completely new leadership style.b) How might you best assess follower perceptions of your leadership style? In case the perception of the leader is not aligned β†’

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The clothing used by the natvie people of the north west coast

Topic: The Clothing used by the Native People of the North West Coast The first clothes made by the Northwest coast people was with Cedar bark which was scrapped until it was soft and then woven into fabric for garments. The colder the area more the insulation required, this was got from animal skins and β†’

Analysis of image world by michael posner

Michael Posner has put forth a weighty argument in that all aspects that he has discussed in the argument are supported with examples e.g.he has shared his personal experience to emphasize that we prefer watching sports on television than on ground even if we are in the stadium, he has given the statistics of the β†’

Business ethics – the enron scandal universal ethics point of view-

The Enron Scandal Affiliation: The Enron scandal remains a historic event in the world of business. The accounting fraud that would eventually come to be known as the Enron scandal was a creative, institutional, and systematic plan.

Preserve the luxury or extend the brand

Preserving the luxury does not meant that they have to let go of Claire's idea of extending the brand. Sticking to their two brands, this may not be enough to secure the chateau in the long run because new wine makers with cheaper wine are already coming in the market.

Disobedient son

The son did his best to prove that he really can do what he promised his father to do. The Prince can be called disobedient due to the fact that he refused to submit to his father and preferred to do something on his own and following his own will.

Creative novel

They could only afford to send Cristina to the local neighborhood school, which was run down and badly in need of repair, yet Cristina did not have any complaints at all. Because of this, Cristina's parents decided to pull her out of school for a while and watch over her.

The trade-off theory of capital structure

The announcement of a rise in dividend payout helps to solidify the prospects in the market and improves the image of the company in lieu of growth prospects and stability in the future. In finance to determine the present value of a firm, the present income is multiplied by five.

Apa ethical standards effects on binge drinking among college students

Accordingly, the paper would address the following concerns, to wit: in correlation to the selected project topic, which is binge drinking among college students, discuss two ethical considerations with rationale and methodology that may present themselves; cite the ethical standard; discuss the safeguards that will be taken to ensure no ethical standards are violated; and β†’

Discussion 6 #2

In the novel Buddha, in the Attic Japan, women are concerned about their husbands because they are kidnapped at the middle of the night". They give in to anything because they fear for their lives during the war.

Business intelligence in the company’s management practices

The success of the company has flourished from the hard work of team members and strong leadership throughout the company. Each region in their company has a regional trainer who is responsible for overseeing the orientation and training of all new and existing Whole Foods Market team members.

Make one up

The Arctic Circle is the one that forms a boundary between the temperature and the frigid zones of the North. Few people reside in the northern part of the Arctic Circle, and this is due to the climate which is not suitable for human living.

Lsp 5 ethics – discrimination and affirmative action

It has several departments like many other companies including Human Resources, Finance and Accounting, Marketing, Safety and health, distribution and logistics, and of course the main department which is the core of its existence that is the Engineering and production department. According to the company's website the employees working conditions are perfect because they have β†’

Generic strategies model by charles o. godornes

In differentiation strategy, businesses create value to their market by offering products which are unique in features and in characteristics; these are products that meets the customers' preference and satisfaction by charging customers with a premium price. Because T shirts is not technology, thus they should lower their product costs in order to create value β†’

David l. miller

Miller 1 Miller fits the profile of an average fraud perpetrator because he does not make massive theft in the accounting firms he is employed. He, therefore, differs in terms of the magnitude of his offenses are lack a clear direction.

Guillermo furniture store scenario

Past performance reports to see the history of costs and sales, and to draw insights as to the behavior of costs and revenues given the environmental indicators. For instance, the matching of costs and revenues has proven to be a source of ethical decision making.

International relations – political science

The concept of a " shrinking world," a world wherein travel, trade and communications between countries is becoming easily accessible by all, is luring more and more companies into the worldwide market thanks to significant advances in transportation, communication and a recognition of the success of libertarian marketing systems. Although there is still poverty in β†’

Organizations size perception

Most Interesting Idea: Organization's Size Perception Smelser and John have discussed a number of ideas including the social and economic perspective of organizations. It is captivating that Smelser and John perceive the size of an organization to be affected and determined by various aspects including activities distribution in time and space.


This responsibility will be given to the website manager and team leader.- Legal expenses insurance As a hedge against all liabilities for the company, the manger should develop a plan of insurance that covers the company's legal costs, as estimated in advance, for middle and extreme examples of corporate liability.- Professional Indemnity Insurance This type β†’

Character analysis: greasy lake by t. coraghessan boyle

Just like the narrator in Thomas Coraghessan Boyle's Greasy Lake, remains unnamed, in the midst of all the wrongs and the gory happenings, he encounters an epiphany that gives him a glimpse of realization that leads him to his transformation. In an encounter he and his friends have near the banks of the Greasy Lake β†’

For presentaition

This was mostly because that was the kind of music his girlfriends liked to listen to. By this time he was married and had a family, so most of his media consumption switched to radio.

Erg incorporated

Emergency Response Guide Introduction ERG or Emergency Response Guide is the guide for the initial phase of the hazardous material and dangerous good transport incidents, and is designed for the first responders and is brought in use by the emergency response personnel such as police officers, firefighters, etc. Explanation Emergency Response Guide is considered to β†’

Opinion on diop

He argued that the civilization was started by the Egyptians who were black and not by foreigners who trekked into Egypt as suggested by the white scholars. This was in opposition to the claim by white scholars that the inhabitants of Egypt in North Africa were white.

Texas holdem and omaha poker

Texas Holdem and Omaha poker It is essential to mention that Texas Holdem and Omaha poker are rather different games, notwithstanding that they have some similar points. The possibilities of flush are increased in the both Texas Holdem and Omaha, if the players have double-suited cards in hands.

Thornton dial

According to Thornton & Herman, Thornton Dial's work mainly focuses on pressing issues that can be found within the realm of American history and politics. C; and the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Democratic society

Too much democracy can be a bad thing Too much democracy can turn out to be extremely harmful for the society in general and for the government in particular because it provides the public with more rights than they require to have their say and make a difference. Too much democracy subdues an individual's right β†’

Economic geography

Task: U.S.and Europe Trade Deal The contribution of trade towards the economic development of the world is invaluable and significant. The free-trade deal that resurfaced between the US and Europe was among the significant initiatives directed at fostering the success of trade between US and the EU countries.

Capital punishment

The concept of punishment has evolved as a justified step making the criminal realize his act of omission and offense that is committed and also as an attempt to give justice to the person or people against whom it has been committed. The concept of punishment has evolved as a justified step making the criminal β†’

Sports of sociology

The Olympic bronze medal and seven wins in the Tour de France made him the nation's darling and an icon across the globe. However, the public and political aspirations influence the athletes' behavior.

See below

Surprise Ending of Swift's A Modest Proposal Surprise Ending of Swift's A Modest Proposal Swift starts by addressing the regrettable conditions of Irish families affected by poverty and spend most of their income feeding their children. That Swift proposes better ideas than selling and killing children from poor Irish families to solve the problem of β†’

Transplant tourism and life prolonging services affect on the economy

Transplant Tourisms Effect on the Economy Transplant tourism refers to the practice of travelling from one country to another for the sake of organ transplantation. Subject to the many tourist transplants and the complications associated with this practice, the economy of U.

Problem solving interview question

It is necessary to mention that my friend was suffering from a loss in his family and was depressed for quite a long time that is why doing something pleasant for him was urgent. So I decided to try though I was very scared to make a mistake and disappoint my friend in the need.

The cost of taking a family or individual spring break trip to florida

The information on the cost of house rentals cannot be found on the main page, rather, one must browse the link to Find Florida Vacation Rentals. In this section, one can do a property search to check the availability of the properties as matched to one's date of arrival.


The comprehension and the definition balanced to take to account the effects and the causes of the process. Question # 2 The first tension lies between the choice of the individual and the choice of the society.

Toxic culture

From my understanding of leadership and organizational culture, leadership is responsible for setting up the organization culture, and in turn, the set culture influences the leadership. In the article Who's to Blame for Creating a Toxic Organizational Culture, I will agree with Guthries position basing on the fact that it's the leaders responsibility to create β†’

As in many pieces of literature, an entourage of minor characters accompanies candide and assists and/or hampers his journey

Destiny plays its part and Cunegonde and the Candide fall in love, much to the annoyance of the Baron. Voltaire writes, " The tutor Pangloss was the oracle of the household, and young Candide listened to his teachings with all the good faith of his age and character".

Inner conflict of satan in paradise lost by john milton

Inner Conflict of Satan in Paradise Lost by John Milton Table of Contents Thesis ment 3 Discussion 3 Background 3 Psychological Conflict of Satan4 4 Work Cited5 Thesis Statement This thesis, based on the epic poems versed by John Milton in his one of the most reputed literary works titled ' Paradise Lost', intends to β†’

Reading: antonine maillet, la saguine

The prior prostitute who is miserably poor reminisces about the story of her life that had passed her by leaving her a very different person. She sneers and rants about the priest and the church and all other aspects of her life in the village.

Reading + summary

McAlister also proposes that the media's advertising of the Tut exhibit by mentioning all of the gold, that the media was comparing the Tut exhibit to the current oil crisis. Secondly the whole Middle East was and is not run by the US and the Soviet Union.

Hazard adjustments

Severe Weather and Flooding is the other hazard prevalent in Los Angeles, as this city is a semi-desert area of mountains, ravines, and vast basins. In order to handle the risks resulting from fire such as deaths and damages of property, the city requires ensuring that there are proper smoke alarm system and residential sprinklers.

Government price analysis of direct and indirect costs

Running Head: INDIRECT AND DIRECT COSTS Government Price Analysis of Direct and Indirect Analysis of Course][Date] Government Price Analysis of Direct and Indirect Analysis Direct and direct costs are considered imperative for effective financial planning. Another underlying problem with the analysis of direct and indirect costs by government for pricing and taxation is the cross-sectional β†’

Social determinants of health and wellbeing

Raising awareness of the social determinants of health by advocating for health and programs in non-health sectors.2. The Social Determinants of Health.

The role of social capital and extracurricular participation

The author's theoretical perspective shows us that the religious involvement of the teens leads them to social networking and, eventually it leads to more beneficial outcomes in the form of academic achievement and engagement. It is very significant to the above inferences since the participation in sports and extra-curricular activities improve academic performance.Ans.

A voyage to america

The south had an agriculturally sustaining economy that made a majority of the profit off the growth and sale of cash crops. In addition, depending on the governor of the territory, land was given for Englishmen to develop in exchange for a percentage of the profit that was made from the sales of crops.

Fire protection hydraulics

The ability of the firefighter to effectively use the nozzle and the hose to discharge water to the fire is controlled by the ease at which they reach the fire stream and how accurately they penetrate the fire stream. The length of the hose plays a great role in the ability of the firefighters to β†’

Reflection on an interview exercise

First, the personality of the person answering the question would be revealed. Another question that reveals the candidate's belief is the one that inquires about stating the goals of a school principal.

An individuals right to refuse medical care

In this piece, the following elements will be analyzed: the historical perspective; a brief discussion on an individual's right to refuse medical care; and an identification and description of the moral and ethical issues present in the case; my ethical position relative to the issue; my defense of my stated ethical position; how parties would β†’

What is a sports fan

This essay considers the nature of what is a true sports fan in regards to a number of elements. One of the fundamental levels of being a sports fan is having a dedication to a sports team.

First day at a new job

On getting to the office, I met a beautiful female receptionist, who was receiving a phone call at the time I got to the place, so I had to wait for her to finish receiving the call. I settled down fast on that same day and was acquainted with the mode of operation of the β†’

Learning intention

In addition, the teacher has to plan the time in class meticulously to ensure that the time is well spent and optimized for learning. In a somewhat similar manner, the teacher has to be sensitive to what concepts and content is delivered in the class.

Management behavior

The objective of this memo is to inform all the first-level managers of the impending merger of Interclean with EnviroTech company and the changes that are about to take place after the merger. Managers should learn how to look for the positive aspects of the employees by trying to learn the potential of each employee β†’

Accreditation for healthcare organizations

The process starts years before the actual review, when the office for accreditation makes the programs and the leader of Sentara makes a formal request for review. Then, some time before the review, the office for accreditation makes a panel for the program and gives the panel chair person instructions, and starts the team of β†’

Criminal investigation wk 3

The significance of DNA results is that they can lead the investigation to the profile of a known suspect or victim that often matches the profile of DNA that were collected from the crime scene. In such cases, both the physical and biological evidences need reevaluation so that the precise information about the victim or β†’

Invent a religion

The concept of a life after death would exist in this religion, as without it, the meaning of life in this world becomes vague and futile. It is more of a personal effort towards salvation, with a focus on abstaining from getting involved in the problems and complexities of this world.

Venture smith and olaudah equiano

The fact that " The slave system was one of the principal engines of the new nations financial independence", is the principal reason for the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. The authors describe the horrors of being flogged and confined to the hold of the ship like cattle and the stench of the over-crowded, non-ventilated space.

Berkshire hathaway inc

Buffett's age The age of the Chief Executive Officer of any company actually plays a major role to shareholders because the older the person often leaves the company with fewer long-term options as the shareholders tend to shy off. However, Buffett always has plans to reduce prices of gas in the future, such is seen β†’

Analysis on team dynamics

Advantages and Disadvantages of Self and Manager Lead Teams One of the major benefits that self managed team is that such teams are able to identify new ways of performing or attaining targets. The role of a shaper is even quite necessary in a particular team to ensure that all team members are focused on β†’

Understanding the arab culture

Understanding the family concept of the Arab world can result in effective understanding of the culture through breaking down the components that unify the people in the Arab world. The religion and political system within the Arab world has contributed to the various stereotypes which are held by people from the western world.


Plagiarism and the Techniques to Avoid It Details: al Affiliation: Plagiarism and the Techniques to Avoid It Scholars the world over often glance through the intellectual heritage of human progress for ideas while registering their appreciation of knowledge passed on to them. It would be a good idea to institutionalize a system to verify the β†’

Macdonald triad

Weaknesses The major weakness of this model is that statistical studies do not indicate a strong link between the triad and violent offenders. Even though there is a link between fire setting and animal cruelty, none of these behaviors has been proved to be connected to enuresis.

Museum/gallery critique

Van Goghs painting is more of a landscape shape, while the Vosmaer is more of a portrait shape. Both van Gogh's Irises and A Vase with Flowers by Jacob Vosmaer are paintings with the same subject matter.

Education – communication with families

Instead of feeling inconvenienced by having to attend the meeting, the teacher demonstrates that the parents' time is also valuable, and that the school is grateful to have their participation in the event. The role of parents in a child's education is paramount to that student's success.

Hurling alone critique

For instance, bad habits, overeating and alcoholism are known as the main factors contributing to the progress of this disease, but the present investigation includes information only about the latter habit, yet it would have been important to 'check' whether alcoholism rates in Irish immigrates is high enough to be a reason for cardiovascular disease. β†’

Business name development, domains, website plan

A name has the ability to give the business a competitive advantage and hence it is important to spend a substantial amount of time thinking and trying to create a name that will give an indication of what the business is about and a name that customers can easily relate with. On the first page, β†’

Chinese culture

SOUTH CHINA The North and South China are defined regions by the perception of Chinese natives. The climate view highlights the cold and dry nature of North China which contains flat plains, grasslands and desert whereas mountainous Southern region is warm and rainy.

Educational service journal

This culture did not value all students, and I was of a different race I would not be comfortable in the school. The school at large struggles with the eradication of culture by mingling the students in class and within the playgrounds among the varying cultural disposition.

A presentation by raj rupani – international tax manager

The creative and humorous International Tax Manager presented his own journey in the world of employment, his achievements and challenged us in the utilisation of technology. In addition, Raj seemed to be quite conversant with the social media; he made us understand the best ways of using the social media both as individuals and in β†’

Spanish immigrantion to united states from 1800’s to the 1865

of the Spanish Immigration to United s Introduction The history of immigration to the United s has concentrated on increasing the population as well as changing the culture. Spanish Immigration and Economics The invention and adoption of railway transport changed the structure of the United States in the nineteenth century.

Acknowledgements for the work

My professors, XXXX and XXXX, for their helpful comments and insightful critique in guiding me through the techniques of dissertation writing and choice of topic. It is his belief and trust in me that saw me through the most difficult times in the course of my graduate studies.

Biology unit 5 db

The Pitcher Plant: A Carnivorous Angiosperm with Modified Leaves Section Number of The Pitcher Plant The Sarracenia purpurea, commonly known as Pitcher Plant, is an angiosperm with modified leaf. The evergreen leaves of the pitcher plant are modified into the shape of pitchers, and arranged in a rosette formation.

Sociology class

Full Understanding How the World Works Through Sociology Sociology is a branch of study that is not only unique because its subjects are human beings and the ones studying them are parts of the study themselves but it also is very essential because of the aforementioned reasons. Sociology involves in-depth study not only of the β†’

Josh saler: sales specialist – resume/cv example

AR Jun 2014 - Aug 2018 Administered P&L budget in the sector; Managed the account executives team in the utilities sector; Provided leadership in the planning, designing, due diligence and implementations of strategic business objectives in order to successfully reach sales goals;- Selected, developed and evaluated personnel to ensure the efficient operation of the team;- β†’

Extra credit

The success of the notion was short-lived because prior to the financial crisis the value of the mortgage dropped significantly leading to panic. The Banks could not offer loans to house buyers because the value of the housing was dropping, while those with loans for mortgage could not repay the loans.

Descriptive or inferential statistics

To set up the section on why Catholic schools are not the answer to struggling schools in general, the author cites the statistic that of 49 million school children in the U. These statistics support the argument that Catholic schools are not the answer for every child.

Executive summary

The government has brought major developmental changes for the beautification of this city and it has a great potential of becoming one of the most favourite tourists' destination in the global travel and tourism industry. Primary goal of this campaigning plan is to establish Masdar City as the most preferred and healthiest tourist destination in β†’

Unit 2 assignment: forms of learning

This is a form of learning through the observing behavior of others. Learning occurs when there is willingness and attraction to a new idea or simply through the accumulation of observations.

Victim typology

They are 1) Primary Victimization-person or faction selects a specific individual or specific type of victim to mark for persecution 2) Secondary Victimization- victims are not personal objectives for the actor 3) Tertiary Victimization-the general public is the injured party 4) Mutual Victimization-when a crime has multiple perpetrators, one criminal victimizes another and 55) No β†’

Corporate finance investment banker

Along with the knowledge of investment banking and the tactical skills required to be a success in this career, it also takes a degree of self-discipline. I am willing to do the hard work and make the sacrifice necessary to be a success in investment banking.

Networking and public relations

Networking and Public Relations Networking and Public Relations The term networking has been defined as " developing and using contacts made in business for purposes beyond the reason for the initial contact". Networking is an instrument used in conjunction with public relations to ensure the swift development of contacts and expand the reach of information β†’

Health and pe

It's Good to be the King Living the life of the king on the beautiful tropical island of tuba-tuba is fantastic because you get all the best food and have access to all the leisure and entertainment activities available. That's why, when I was listening to the radio and heard the big city doctor say β†’

History of iraq research paper proposal

The legislative composed of the council of representatives, the executive branch composed of the president, prime minister, and the council of ministers. Iraq had its first election in 2005 after the reign of Hussein.

Majority and minority social interaction

The social interactions between minority and majority groups and members of the society even has a pattern of assimilation in which either the minority or the majority or both the groups accept as well as adopt the practices performed by each other. Co-existence is a form of interaction between the majority and the minority groups β†’

Corporate parent role

In addition, if the both the corporate parent and the business units belong to the same industry or involve in the same business, then the effect of their interaction is likely to be more fruitful. This is because there is a transfer of ideas and skills from the corporate parent to the business units.

Child labor in western africa

Child labor in Western Africa According to the International Labor Organization, child labor is work that can be proven to deprive children their childhood, dignity and potential, and which is harmful to the mental and physical development. The unpleasant problem that is seen in West Africa has made many people want to understand the β†’

School intervention plan

Taking to the resource room to calm his aggression would therefore not be the solution to his problem. I would like to involve his parents to make the intervention plan more effective and ensure parental involvement in Jeff's weekend activities.