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Those winter sundays poem

This is the case with Robert Hayden's poem " Those Winter Sundays" in which the poet is trying to convey a sense of the depth of a father's love for his children. This scene is reinforced by the imagery of the second stanza in which the narrator describes the breaking up of the cold as β†’

Commercial on broadcast television book that im using at class-psychology 9th edition by david g myers. copyright 2010 by worth publishers, new york,ny

Commercial on Broadcast Television The purpose of the commercial is to stress on the importance of considering weather patterns when thinking about auto insurance. It is not advisable to mention the name of the product once in a commercial, but the commercial was short hence the limitation.

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Discussion questions

Fiscal Policies That Affect Economy A fiscal policy is a decision by the government either to spend or collect revenue with an aim of manipulating the economy in a desired way. The government releases lot of money for spending and reduces on taxes.

Why i wish to become an osteopathic physician and why i think ohio university college of osteopathic medicine is a good choice f

I am well aware that the curricula in an osteopathic medical school is almost the same as that of the allopathic medical schools and an osteopathic physician enjoys the same responsibilities, rights and privileges as an MD. I am particularly interested in joining Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine because it is a reputed and β†’

Stat wk12

The degrees of freedom for the Chi-Square Goodness-Of-Fit Test are, df = k 1 = 2 1 = 1 At the level of significance of. The degrees of freedom for the Chi-Square Goodness-Of-Fit Test are, df = k 1 = 2 1 = 1 At the level of significance of.

Functions and modules

1 X + Y = 4 Eqn. X = 2 in Eqn.

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Off campus visit evaluation ii

A visit to of Santa Fe Springs' Community Development Commission Council Meeting " The Community Development Commission Board directs the activities of the Community Development Commission of the City of Santa Fe Springs,". Every second and fourth Thursday of the month, the community development commission holds city council meetings at the City Hall's Council Chamber β†’

Love-mike mays

The effects of surgery seen in May and his responses to seeing the world around him can be related to the responses shown by a child, but the important thing here is that the learning stops to a great extent after the critical period has passed, and so the child will learn to deal with β†’

Deterritorialization of culture

Globalization is not a threat to local culture but heightens the way in which people understand cultures foreign to them, thus the world around them. According to Tomlinson, the process of globalization has made it easy and also hastens the rate at which people interact as well as the rate at which information intertwine.

Job satisfaction and its impact on employee intention to leave

Recommendations One of the reasons why employees tend to have low levels of satisfaction in their work and opt to leave to other places of work is the low pay given to them by their employers. Conclusion It can be concluded that job satisfaction does in fact influence the decision by employees to leave their β†’

The intricacies of ecotourism

The CST program focuses on a company's involvement and utilization of natural resources; the enhancements that are conducted to improve the quality of ecotourism. The challenge is for vendors to invest in these endeavors because the risk attached to it is vast.

A summary

The resolution cab be viewed as an apex tool for the rejuvenating the importance of culture on the process of sustainable development at a juncture when the international actors in the development trajectory are focusing on the assessment of gaps in achieving certain objectives subjected to the promotion in the United Nations Conference on Sustainable β†’

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Bogart a case in point

Review and evaluate corporate policies and procedures on the use of both computer hardware and software and determine the need to revise and amend areas that need focus, especially involving the use of critical information programs and systems. The current status of computer hardware and software systems at Bogart need to be protected in terms β†’

Analysis odwalla case

Odwalla case assignment The major aim of any company is profit maximization besides upholding the values of the company. The manner in which the case is handled is also a clear indication of how important the company values its customers.

Family centered therapy

This is a type of therapy that is used to work with members of the family to nurture and also change development. Dong An on the other hand will benefit from the family center therapy in that her she and her husband will be guided on how to deal with conflicts without engaging in physical β†’


On a broad analysis, Eva Kittay describes cognitive disability in relation to surrogacy descriptive meaning and significance as a growing awareness that incorporates moral status and the theories of justice directly to address the mental disabled individuals and their caregiver related issues. According to Kittay and Levine's arguments supported by facts and evidence, a good β†’

A framework for online internal controls

To enable auditors and accountants understand the objective and purpose of internal online control, it gets categorized on the frameworks of Committee of Sponsoring Organization. Security policy is the online equivalent of the control environment and risk prevention.

Executive summary

Generally, the advancement in technology has led to the increase in the use of computers worldwide even in the developing countries. McDonald and Omogen are the directors for the company ensuring that the there is positive image of the firm in the market, especially to the investors.

Language development and reading disabilities

A series of research have always been carried out to develop and identify the key factors that can facilitate language development in the bid of curbing reading disabilities. Of all the suggestions on language development, the recent research by Adriana and Anne tend to be the best because it explored language development in a natural β†’

Response paper for art

The name of this work is " Moulin Rouge: La Goulue," and it was created by Lautrec two years after the launching of the dance hall and drinking garden of Moulin Rouge boulevard de Clichy in the year of 1889. One of the art elements that can be noticed in the picture is the way β†’

Translating strategic plans into operational plans

Strategic plans or long term objectives are the big picture of the future created by many colors and shades including strength or potential of the firm, the aspiration of the firm and the opportunities provided by the external environment. It is advisable to see the operational plan under the frame work of the long term β†’

Business & society case study

The market stakeholders in this case have a higher gravity of impact due to the financial and economic importance in the Disneyland in which there are various stakeholders having transactional and economic interest towards on the area. Stakeholders Interests The directors and the executive agents of the company are responsible for the integration and the β†’

The merchant of venice antonio’s trial (act 4)

Shylock, when asked why he would only be satisfied with theflesh of Antonio instead of the money that he lent, argues that it might indeed be strange to the others, but there are people who do and feel strange things without any cause, so his requirement for the flesh of Antonio can be listed as β†’

Conflicts and challenges in philadelphia

The question of actual changes in the city, the rebuilding of the centre and preservation of Colonial period buildings mention in this part. Imagining Philadelphia: Edmund Bacon and the Future of the City.

The politics community

For one, the increasing investment of developed countries in the developing countries has created a lot of interference in the political structure. For instance the action of the United States on the countries in the Middle East was greatly influenced by its interest in oil according to Michaels.

The report

There is resemblance of the information contained in the text to information used by other authors and students. This indicates the lack of originality of the ideas, concepts and statistics used in the text.

How successful leaders think

Here, the ideas presented include the integrative thinking where a person can have two opposing ideas in their minds and attempt to come up with a solution that incorporates both ideas. This is an innovative way of thinking and is therefore meaningful no only to me but should be seen as meaningful to everyone.

Coca-cola india

Case study: Coca Cola, India Case study: Coca Cola, India At Coca-cola India, the company focuses on refreshing the world, inspiring moments, and creating value that makes a difference. The company made its entry into India through Coca-Cola India Private Limited; Coca-Cola India PVT is a wholly owned subsidiary of the company.


BRAND The brand of Vionnet has a long history, which started in1912 with the creation of the fashion house by Madeleine Vionnet. Despite the entire couture industry is directed toward meeting the desires of those customers who can afford luxury clothes, in terms of affordability, the creative director of Vionnet and its owner Goga Ashkenazi β†’

Analysis for( drugs and body class)

The use of cocaine in the 1980s The use of cocaine was glamorized in the 1980s because it had become famous for its uses and since it is a highly addictive stimulant that produces profound feelings of pleasure. Cocaine was glamorized in the 1980s because it is a powerful stimulant and directly affects the brain.

Ethical theories paper

It is based on the fact that individuals should believe in doing things because it is the right thing to do meaning and the duty of an individual to perform a certain act, which can be regarded as right. Individual Relativism This is a principle of truth based on the statement " if one believes β†’

Budget legislation

However, these corporations are shielded from a constant government intervention and thus they enjoy greater freedom from any direct political control as compared to other departments of the government. This legislation allows the government to fully intervene in all the bargaining procedures and the entire salary scales.

Short answer quiz

American History: Short Answer Quiz American History: Short Answer Quiz Explain the different ways Progressive reformers responded to the problems the nation faced in the Gilded Age The progressive reformisms came with the notion of fixing every problem that had resulted from the Gilded Age with the problem of uneven distribution of resources taking a β†’

United states military functions as the worlds police

United States' Military Functions as the World's Police In the process of acting as a dominant force in the world through the use of their military forces internationally the United States of America has always faced a number of challenges. Due to the period of the involvement a good number of the United States β†’

Party debate

This is because in two party systems the two opposing parties are either in favor or against a particular agenda and voters finds it easy to vote for the candidates of that party which is supporting their side of the agenda. In my opinion it is better to have a two party system and such β†’


None verbal communication None verbal communication is a system whereby a massage is send and received by the recipient without the use of verbal sound. This narrative uses a variety of non-verbal communication and the message was delivered appropriately.

Mind and consciousness

Forms of knowledge can be classified into three types, namely the intellectual knowledge, knowledge of stats, and the knowledge of reality. The form of knowledge is more concerned with the state of mind whereas the content of knowledge is what is displayed in the form of knowledge.

Reflection paper on bilingualism, american style (will fax chapter)

Half of the country's population growth in the 1990's came from non-English speaking immigrants or their children, and while such groups traditionally have held onto their cultural and language differences while living in America, now we are seeing that more and more of them feel the need to take on English as the functional language β†’

Reflection paper

The public lecture by West offers a great insight into the Monkey king story, which focuses on the Chinese journey to the West. This public lecture provided a platform for understanding the epic classical novel, ' the Journey to the West' and the ' Monkey King' narrative in particular.

The apex of regional civilizations

Lecturer's and Number Submitted The Apex of Regional Civilizations In the documents, Duran extracts the 16th century history of the stable Aztecs their mythical origin to the destruction of the empire by Spain by describing the court life of the elite, common people and life during war, flood, and drought. Nevertheless, as illustrated by Cieza β†’

Political ideologies

The original meaning of this term lost its value in the coming years to be replaced by Marx's use of the term and the interest taken by generations of Marxists in the new color ascribed to ideology by Marx explains the popularity of ideology as a key science in modern social and political world. This β†’

Qualitative data of informal interviews

The first step in carrying out a qualitative analysis of informal or semi-structured interview data is to read carefully the transcripts while making notations in the margins. In case one is not using a computer software package for analysis, it would be easier to insert line numbers onto every page of the transcripts to help β†’

The internal business process perspective slp

The aim of the Internal Business Process Perspective is to improve the quality of service delivery, enhance innovation, lower costs of operations, increase returns on investment/yields, optimize output, and enhance research and development among others. Quality standards ensure excellence in service delivery, Open communication lines and structures enhance quicker permeation of information and ideas which β†’

Summary of leviticus 25,26, numbers 9, deuteronomy 6

The passage also highlights the importance of keeping the laws and passing them on to future generations, so that all people get to live in accordance to God's expectations. In addition, the passage relates righteousness to obeying the commands of God.

3b: investigate

Bayot Jennifer in her online article " For Richer or Poorer, to Our Visa Card Limit" in The New York Times dated July 13, 2003, has highlighted the issue of credit card debt, particularly when it is incurred during the highly emotional and dramatic phase of one's life i.e.' marriage' when the world is seen β†’

Student evaluation form

Rapport with staff and patients The student shows a positive inter-personal relationship with patients in terms of attending to their needs in the consulting room and in the office. Such an inter-personal relationship is exhibited through the patience with which the trainee has in listening to the problems of patients and the patience taken to β†’

Sweatshop labor

However, in case the company leaves the ethical issues to be decided by the supervisors, they are likely to engage in unethical issues which might end up tarnishing the reputation of the company in the market. When the standards are beyond what the employees can achieve, the subordinates are likely to engage in unethical behavior β†’

Chapter 11, who owns history the texas textbook controversy found in wheeler, discovering the american past, volume ii, 7th edition (pages 349-384)

The Texas Book Controversy.s History being the study of past and in particular that has to deal with human beings is crucial in our daily lives. Liberals, on the other hand, believe that history changes, and therefore it is good to incorporate some of these changes in our modern history books.

Identification of the two missing romanov children

Academia - Research December 2009 Alexei and His Sister: Positive Identification of the Romanov Children In a field outside the Russian Ekaterinaberg, gateway to the Ural Mountains, during the summer months of 2007, a number of forensic biologists and investigators worked at the site of two digs. This paper discusses various methods used to determine β†’

Descartes discourse on the method

The change of discourse from the exploration of self to a proof of God's existence through personal evaluation was indeed an ingenious thought. By deconstructing his strengths and limitations, he was able to realize a fair conclusion about the existence of a supreme being, which we refer to as God.

Rococo, neoclassicism, and romanticism

Work of art from Neoclassicism is Painting that mainly corresponded with the underlying 18th-century enlightenment epoch and extended in the early 19th century. Moreover, Neoclassicism was mainly procreated from corresponding methods within Paris in regard to the underlying history painting.

Developmental disorders

The condition is generally heterogeneous as the clinical features and behavioral patterns vary from one autistic child to another and the symptoms of certain other disorders such as Rett's and Asperger's disorder often overlap with that of autism. The heterogeneity of the disorder has made it difficult to study the neural systems involved and hence β†’

Wong sun v. united states & nardone v. united states

The significance of the case was that it set precedence by refusing the use of illegally acquired evidence. The use of fruits of the poisonous tree, which refers to illegally acquired evidence as was in the case above, contributes to breaches on the rights of the people.


A company that overlooks the needs of its employees cannot satisfy its customers because it is employees who work to serve the customers directly on behalf of the company. Likewise, when a company progresses as a result of improved satisfaction level of the customers, more profits are made and the investors' needs are addressed as β†’

Job saisfaction and empoyee motivation

Thus, according to information obtained from the official website of Google, it can be seen that under the leadership of Schmidt, the organisation has managed to inculcate a culture of strong innovation among its employees. In this case, it can be noted that Google is able to motivate its employees regardless of the fact that β†’

In death of a salesman, why does willy loman suffer

In death of a salesman, Willy is presented as a thoroughly troubled and dejected person who simply does not seem capable of relating the remarkable ambitiousness and bravado he had with the practical efforts he should have made in his professional career, through which the aura of vitality and animation he carried around with him β†’

Explain agency law and its significance in the business environment

Agency law and its significance in business environment Affiliation: Agency law and its significance in the business environment An agency is a legal relationship whereby one person referred to as an agent acts for another one called the principal and the agent is able to effect the legal relationship of the principal with a third β†’

Business negotiations in japan

While attending a business negotiation in japan, a candid comprehension of the strict cultural nuances and protocol held by the Japanese is of utter importance in the success of the negotiation. Additionally, Japanese perceive the ' face' to be a mark of personal dignity and portrays one's status among peers.


Many children tend to be influenced by the peer pressure but books have been cited as one source of information on how such children can control their changes and feelings. This helps them to define their character and enable them to control the changes.

Relationship interaction

The couple, in the introduction of the film, was having marital problems but closer to the climax and the new found awareness that they were both in the same line of work, their romance rekindled. The audience might have the initial impression that the couple is in conflict and their marriage is about to breakdown.

Deborah tannens but what do you mean

I also agree to Tannen as she analyzes women's feelings when they do not get the same level of formality or politeness that they treat men with. I agree that men are stronger at arguing than women because this is what they do all the time.

Call to action & technology and globalization

One of the health consequences identified in the report is based on the fact that obesity may lead to the development of chronic diseases. Furthermore, the report and the newspaper article denote that obesity is on an increase, and people should be aware of its dangers and strife to prevent it.

Bus205 mod 3 ca

All McDonalds' stores are however subject to the regulation and control of the top management and the McDonalds Corporation. In the McDonalds context, article 2 of the UCC is evaluated in regard to McDonalds' blank contract in franchising.

Operation analysis

Assuming every outcome is as likely as its alternatives, we can calculate the EMVs for all potential decisions that Susan could take; in the case of a Small-sized station, Annual returns if the market is: Good: $50, 000 Fair: $20, 000 Poor: -$10, 000 EMV = * = $20, 000 Medium-sized station, Annual returns if β†’

Topic .source: chapter 13 planning for the harvest (small business management 17th ed. longenecker, petty, palich and hoy)

When the profit margin of a company falls because the market has consolidated in such a way that the consumers have a stronger bargaining power than was the case before, it becomes prudent for the small business owner to sell the business. The son-in-law was part of a management team that handled the business before β†’

Plan for growth

JCPenney has reestablished and redeveloped right assortment of merchandise including sought-after national brands, well-known private brands, and exclusive offers found by the customers only at JCPenney and that are valued by them a lot. Nevertheless, having realized that young customers make a large part of the company's customer base, JCPenney has directed its attention toward β†’

Programs for nurturing creativity

Some of the programs employed in nurturing creativity include odyssey of the mind, future problem-solving and talents unlimited in terms of the best target group. Odyssey of the Mind Odyssey of the mind is one of the programs that have been extensively employed in nurturing creativity among the kids.

Letter from birmingham jail

Hence, the just laws have the moral duty and legal obligation to protect all the citizens, regardless of the status they hold in the society. Pollock argues that the people's preoccupation to obey laws should depict a striking balance between the moral autonomy and obligation to the state.

Duty ethics

The actions are acknowledged as wrong if the motive of the individual in acting is not in good faith regardless of the good consequence accompanying the action. Extending help to murderers is not a rational moral choice for a person with a sound judgment and doing so contradicts the concept of duty ethics.

Why leaves turn color in the fall

Summary and Analysis of " Why Leaves Turn Color in the Fall?" Diane Ackerman's essay " Why Leaves Turn Color in the Fall" combines poetry, philosophy and popular science as it describes the cycle in which leaves undergo; and relates the falling of the leaves, as seasons transition, with human experiences. Ackerman elaborates on β†’

Cio surveys

It provides information about future information system trends and what the professionals think; which is very important for planning and managing health care information systems.Q2. They advocate for backup/disaster recovery because they are the main source of information, and management of the health management information system.

Population, urbanization, and environment

This has not only provided security to the human population but also has paved the way for the proliferation of the human beings, contributing more to the technical advances and hence growth in terms of population, industrialization resulting in urbanization and ultimately affecting our environment. It is a concern that needs the attention of every β†’

Effects of adoption on young adoptees

However, due to the difference in the adoption situation, some children do not experience the feelings since they are at peace with the adoptive parents. Adoption has effects on the adopted children and adoptive parents should be aware and available to provide any support.

Social workers responsibility: the vitality of mental health

She should encourage Helen's daughter to give Helen the company of her grandchildren at least if possible. Helen's daughter can either take her to New Zealand or come back and stay with Helen for the rest of her life if possible.


Question Family nurse practitioners, while caring for the health condition of families, are in the best position to contribute in the development of a family-centered orientation to primary health care, as they have better understanding on the varying needs of families and on the different family dynamics that may contribute or hinder successful primary health β†’

Mph 504 – epidemiology (module 2 – slp)

The advantages of the case definition are that the time, place and person have been described. The source of outbreak has been attributed to alfalfa sprouts and lettuce.

Children’s defense fund cradle to prison

Children's Defense Fund " Cradle to Prison" The essay aims to present a response and reaction to the featured Children's Defense Fund " Cradle to Prison" presentation by addressing the following: what you learned; the importance of what you learned; and what you will do with what you learned Children's Defense Fund " Cradle to β†’

Myspace (& other social network sites) predator problems–how can they be solved

While social network sites are aimed at networking and being in touch with relatives and friends, the bottom line is that social networking is highly famous and it is a big business today. Governments should also be alert and implement additional laws in addition to ones in existence so as to ensure that users of β†’

Pmi analysis

Negative Aspects One of the negative aspects about the presentation is that at the start of the presentation, Mick Mountz does not identify who he is; he only mentions what he is speaking about. A negative attribute of the presentation is that Mick Mountz only points out the advantages of using robots in a massive β†’

Mars global explorer

Approach There have been a host of significant discoveries in the past that have reflected on the idea of existence of life on Mars. In the light of the above evidences, this report will try to further work on the possibilities of existence of life on Mars.

Should term limits in government be abolished

Should Term Limits in Government Be Abolished Before going into the discussion regarding term limits, let us get a better understanding of what term limits actually are. Term limits are also a solution to eliminate the factor of self-interest from the government officials.

Mgt499 mod 4 slp

The diversification of portfolio is an way forward to achieve differentiation and Novartis is striving hard to meet the ever changing needs of its customers and dynamic market trends. Novartis is devising new focused cost and focused differentiation strategies to address the challenges of tough economic conditions and consumer lower buying powers.


I would give assignments to the students to make sure that they comprehend and learn the books and readings about the famous thinkers of anthropology. The psychological anthropology studies the interaction of mental processes and culture.

World culture i

This controversial topic was first started some 29 years back when an X-ray analysis of Tutankhamen's mummy by anatomy division of the University of Liverpool revealing his un-natural death cause. Results of CT scan done in 2005 have rejected theory of his murder by a blow in the back of the head.

Modern-day individualism

The article talks about the challenges of and solution to wealth administration in the modern society. The law of competition has led to classifications, thus widening the gap between the poor and the rich.

Functions and models

Explain your reasoning for a, b, and c.a.f = x + 5 is a function, as the f returns a distinct output for every value of x.b.f = 3 if x> 2 otherwise f = -2 is also a function, as the output is distinct for every input value of x. It is clear that β†’

Argument( debate/dialogue) and response paper between two person

Aristotle sees polis as a village that had reached a state of full sufficiency and one that existed for the sake of bringing good to the society and those in it. Given the fact that the king is in charge of everything, there is no political liberty in the polis, and the residents are forced β†’

Personal statment

Yet it was not until I actually had the opportunity to start working with my uncle that I truly began to appreciate the depths of the job. Through the relationship he built with them, my uncle was able to help many people avoid potentially dangerous mistakes and I was certain that this was the field β†’

Different types of technology used in criminal justice

Different Types of Technology used in Criminal Justice Different Types of Technology used in Criminal Justice There are numerous indications that ongoing trends in technology will stimulate continuing re-evaluation of the constitutional rights of people who are suspected, charged, or convicted of breaking the law. DNA and the criminal justice system: The technology of justice.

Japanese technology

Japan has, in the recent past, been defined as the leading country in the world technology. It has also been observed that Japan has the greatest share of the world market is such fields as science, electronic, and technology.

Theology 101

The divine experiences strengthened the faiths of the two and increased their devotion to God. While, Roman Catholicism taught that the same deposit of faith inspired tradition and scripture, the reformers believed that the scripture was the only authority in the life a believer.

Website verification

Whilst, the user brings in to use the semantic mark-up in the Web pages so as to formulate the rules and regulations which must hold on the data present in the site, we have proposed a system tool for the verification of Web pages which allows the user to describe rules and limitations in a β†’

Statistics for managers individual work wk7

Test for independence of responses for cutting pay and party affiliationSOLUTIONIn table 2 below, the p-value for the Pearson Chi-square test is 0. Test for independence of responses for more restrictions on lobbyists and party affiliationSOLUTIONIn table 3 below, the p-value for the Pearson Chi-square test is 0.

Describing good speaker

As a good public speaker, one should come equipped with knowledge as well as an understanding of the audience. The occasional witty remarks and use of humor greatly strengthen the connection with the audience.


VIOLENCE IN THE MOVIES of Introduction The movie industry constitutes one form ofentertainment in the popular culture and has been a great influence on society in general because of its portrayals of certain events in life. In this paper, the two films being considered for discussion are the " Gangs of New York" and also β†’

Taxation impacts on international business

The constitution of the United States provides different authorities to the State and federal governments when it comes to tax management, and none is capable in meddling in the affairs of the other. In the United States, an employee is to pay some taxes to the both the federal and the state levels.