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Faith-based coping among arabic-speaking refugees seeking mental health services in berlin, germany: an exploratory qualitative study

The sharp rise in numbers of Muslims in Germany has inevitably led to a significant shift in the sociopolitical landscape within Germany and in Europe. This included questions regarding the nature of the war and conflict they fled back home, the experience of their displacement journey, and current challenges faced or experienced following their arrival β†’

Eufemed london conference 2017: exploratory medicines development: innovation and risk management

The EUFEMED president, Jan de Hoon welcomed attendees and explained how the focus of the workshop topic was a consequence of the Bial incident in France. Emphasis should be placed on estimation of the exposure at the initial dose and following dose escalations to a predefined maximum exposure.

Study is exploratory in nature cultural studies essay

This enabled the researcher to interact with the students and explain the purpose of the study to them. A pilot study was conducted to review the questionnaire in term of its relevance of the study and to answers the language used, the difficulty and ambiguity of the questions.

Corrigendum: relationship between l-dopa-induced reduction in motor and exploratory activity and striatal dopamine d 2 receptor binding in the rat

Multiplication of percentual decreases by K exo /K endo yielded mean increases of synaptic DA by 213 360% after 5 mg/kg L-DOPA/benserazide and by 199 160% after 10 mg/kg L-DOPA/benserazide". 13, right column, should read as follows:" Changes of synaptic DA concentrations were estimated by multiplying the percentual alteration of exogenous ligand binding with the β†’

Exploratory paper on political ideology history essay

His idea of socialism is that the society will be run by the working class known as the " dictatorship of the proletariat". The Bolshevik won over the support of the majority of the workers and soldiers because of the repressive and autocratic ruling by the imperialist Tsar which resulted in declining economic and social β†’

Good an exploratory analysis of senate bill 863 thesis example

The research will investigate whether or not the perspective of the labor unions and injured workers is similar to that of the state government and the medical community. The aim of the research is to organize the complexity of the issue in order to clearly understand SB 863's impact on the people who depend on β†’

Tutorial questions for exploratory data analysis

What does this value mean? d) Verify the value of the standard error of the mean for the Business Account holders.e) Determine a 90% confidence interval for the true mean of the Business Account holders and interpret the result in the context of the situation. This is evidenced by similarities in means and medians and β†’

Exploratory essay

Knowing these habits of mind criteria has helped me understand what my threaten are and what are the things I need more strength in. After learning what these habits of minds are, it has shown me that I can become a great writer and I know the places I need to improve on.

An exploratory pilot study on choking episodes in archery

In that context, the target panic is a block in archery performance characterized by both physical symptoms like dystonia and psychological symptoms like choking, and manifests as a stiffening of the archer's body, which is no longer able to execute the correct movement, for e.g, the arm of the arch is blocked, there is a β†’

Methylphenidate for mild cognitive impairment: an exploratory 3-day, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial

The decision to repeat the cognitive assessment 2 h following the administration of the drug was based on the expected peak level of MPH. The researchers were available to the participants for the reporting of any possible adverse events at all times during the study and initiated telephonic contact with the subjects on the day β†’

An exploratory study of myanmar culture

This dimension, originally called Confucian Dynamism, measures the preferences of a culture for a long-term and traditional view of time. Some have expressed concerns about the generalizability of the sample, the level of analysis, the comparison of political boundaries to culture, and the validity of the instrument.

What type of exploratory research designs would you suggest

It would be worthwhile to analyses the past successes and failures of similar companies and use the information in developing the new product. In the further stages of research it would be effective to use focus group interviews to gauge consumer reaction to the product and it's prospective face of endorsement.

Corrigendum: the impact of aerobic exercise on fronto-parietal network connectivity and its relation to mobility: an exploratory analysis of a 6-month randomized controlled trial

R, Wang, S, Voss, M. Our results demonstrate that neural network functional connectivity may contribute to the effects of aerobic exercise on mobility among older adults with SIVCI.

Cross tabulation and exploratory data analysis

Why? The initial stage of the data correlation and analysis would be the proper coding of the data and entry into an appropriate software database. It would be a lot better to see the market potential of the program.5.

Genetic engineering and eugenics exploratory

This will produce a child with a gene to cancel the effects of genetic illnesses. The extent of this genetic engineering is not limited to curing ailments.

Exploratory data mining in behavioral research

On the days that the dog group did not have dogs at work, the stress level was the same as the others. There was no clear difference when it came to organizational support or physiological stress. 3. The limitations of the study The results obtained could not apply to employees in other companies.

Marijuana exploratory

Besides the popularity among this crowd, marijuana was used as an intoxicant during the 1850's through the 1930's and was listed in the United States Pharmacopeia. The active ingredient in marijuana is THC, or delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, but this is only one of the 400 other chemicals that are in the plant. Another camp of this debate β†’

Exploratory paper

The crusade to ban unhealthy foods from schools has had its fair share of critics, primarily by the producers of the labeled snack and soda foods who argue that banning their products will not solve the obesity problem that is currently affecting children. They claimed it is not there product, but the lack β†’

Exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis

In the article, CFA and EFA approaches are applied in investigating the theoretical constructs and the factors represented in the study about the relationship between technostress and human productivity (Chilton, Hardgrave, & and Armstrong, 2005). The Impact of Technostress on Role Stress and Productivity.