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Personal letter of reference for scholarship

She embarked on her path to give back to society very early in life when at the age of 19 she began attending the University of Toronto both as a student and as a teacher of fitness classes there. Sahar lives her philosophy in her hard work to impact positively on the lives of everyone β†’

Social aspect of personality essay

However, many contemporary psychologists agree on the following definition: Personality is that pattern of characteristic thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that distinguishes one person from another and that persists over time and situations.[7] Trait theories[edit]According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of the American Psychiatric Association, personality traits are " enduring patterns of perceiving, relating to, β†’

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The basis of his friends' plan was the expectation of the people after Socrates had been unjustly sentenced to death. Therefore, Socrates would have disrespected the state because of the unjust sentence and made his own rational decision to escape.

Personal and professional development portfolio business essay

Use past experience for future plan Acquired and improve effective leadership skillsDevelop positive attitude towards clientsUse the available resources to the maximum to fulfil the goalsGet the knowledge to help me reach towards my visionDevelop work ethics and adopt the organisation cultureGain enough experience to achieve satisfactory resultsBe a responsible and trustworthy person I came β†’

Personality studies: carl jung, sigmund freud and alfred adler

Sigmund Freud, Alfred Adler and Carl Jung were among the first to develop original personality theories and to study human consciousness in terms of behavior, though every theorists is famous for his own interpretation of personality. Nevertheless, the founder of personality study school is claimed to be Sigmund Freud because he was the first to β†’

Personal statement

I am planning to work as I pursue my masters' course and this will help me get experience in management. I am confident and determined that the masters' course in management is the right decision as it will help me accomplish my ambitions.

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The personal research project animation essay

Introduction The aim of this research document is to gain a deeper knowledge and understanding of how acting methods in character animation can be utilised and articulated to express emotions through the display of internal thought processes in a character. It is the exaggeration of body language and the ability to adapt a character in β†’

The math standards to the science curriculum

One of the first methods from the math standards that I would immediately adopt is the use of technology to help the student learn. The other technological part of the math curriculum that I believe would also help students in science class would be the use of computers.

Your personal policy on the occupy movement

The organizers of the occupy Wall Street movement exercised their free will to protest the currently unpopular economic polices of the government. The people's protests nudge the deaf government leaders to revise their current economic policies.

Education management systems

Though these are the traits that have helped me to bring out the best in the field of my operation, I am also aware of a lot of missing virtues in me. Being away from home for considerable period of time, absence of emotional bond with the friends and relatives is the major lacuna in β†’

Personal leadership development plan

I want to become the general willing to die for his soldiers, I want to probe Maxwell was correct with my leadership create the next generation of even better leaders, and have a direct impart in my followers knowledge, and life experience. I am the leader, learner, and the creator of my future.

Is personal interaction becoming extinct due to social media

Social media refers to the means of interactions among people in which they create, share and exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks defined it as Internet-based software and interfaces that allow individuals to interact with one another, exchanging details about their lives such as biographical data, professional information, personal photos and β†’

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Marketing: personal sale

The best way to close a sale is to give a choice between Products A, B or C so that we can assume the sale is already done- the customer only has a make a final decision as to what to buy rather than whether to buy or not. It means doing the job in β†’

The request for a transfer to the university

The Request For A Transfer To The University I am writing this letter to request for a transfer to your prestigious university as an undergraduate in biology. Therefore, transferring to your university to complete my undergraduate studies in biology will accord me the opportunity to prove that I am up to the task and β†’

Pga-personal growth assesssment

I am very go with the flow in life and that is the same for work. It is strength in the sense that I treat everyone the same in a work setting.

Personality theories

Both the humanistic theory and the trait theory agree that a person? s attitude or personality is established in some sort of way by the choices and decisions we make. The Humanistic and Trait theories both seem to have their own determining factors in examining a person? s personality.

Evaluating personal study skills education essay

In addition to assisting me to highlight the skills I need to improve and develop, completing a SWOT analysis will allow me to centre my attention onto the skills where I am already strong. Scheduling is the procedure of calculating the time available and planning how to use it in order to accomplish the set β†’

Why do you want to be a teacher

I have a yearning for teaching, learning, and getting the first-hand experience of people, which the reason I am interested in an admission for education majoring in media and technology. The success of a student in education major lies in the ability to read and integrate skills such as computer operations and a liking for β†’

Film school

And me, the viewer, gets swept into it all of this action as a participant, cheering on the sideline hoping to get invited to play. As I grappled with the traditional majors and careers that were expected of me in Korea, I always came back to the choice of filmmaking.

The plans for future

The course on Corporate Reorganization will assist me in identifying major failures of businesses that have taken place throughout the history and it will even help me analyze how corporate governance and better corporate practices can assist organizations in avoiding such failure and save one self from entering the phase of bankruptcy in case of β†’

The red tent, by anita diamant

The Red Tent depicts the story of Dinah, which is one of the key references found in the Holy Bible book of Chapter 34, " The Genesis". One of the most essential themes that are explicitly emphasized upon is the fact of that she is engrossed in all her memories.

Demonstrating personal philosophy of nursing education

The purpose of this paper is to describe my philosophy of nursing education in terms of the role of educator and learner, evidence-based practice in nursing education and useful teaching strategies. Students employ a variety of learning styles and have diverse educational needs and come to the learning experience with a variety of perspectives, expectations, β†’

Personal health assessment essay sample

Upon completion of the Self Assessment pertaining to the six dimensions of health the results have revealed there are three dimensions that I am strongest in and three dimensions that I need to improve on. I need to improve on Environmental Health, Intellectual Health, and Physical Health.

The “big five” personality traits essay

While this trait is being analyzed in the work environment, we have to remember that the employees are also humans, and what happens in the work environment usually happens in one's personal life. Having the " agreeableness" trait must come along with analytical skills, so if and when there is an organizational decision that needs β†’

Graduate study: challenges and strategies for personal success

It will explore my goals, the challenges and the strategies that I will implore to attain these goals. It will also touch some of the strengths, weaknesses, and the methods of improving my personal communications.

Citizen kane – personal response

First I will talk about the idea of " Loss" in the film, and then I will discuss Materialism and how a group of year 12 students can relate to, and learn from this theme. Another theme portrayed in Citizen Kane is the idea of materialism, and I believe this is a theme that Year β†’

A personal development progress education essay

And so get down to reflect on the ends of personal development advancement and to set my programs in clip. As a Chinese alumnus in 2013, taking the opportunity to pull off my hereafter, utilizing this program to acquire a clear image of what and when I need to make.

Behavioral science: learning personalities

Reinforcementsomething that follows a response and strengthens the tendency to repeat that response.-strengthen and repeat it not stop it. Punishmentthe process of WEAKENING a response by following it with unpleasant consequences.ex: naggingShapingprocess of learning that involves the reinforcement of increasingly closer approximations of the desired response.ex: tells dog to get the paper and when it β†’

Personality responsibility assignment

It is so easy to blame the people around us when things go wrong, but ultimately it is up to me to determine whether or not I will succeed in life. We are held to the same level of responsibility as everyone else in the class, and are expected to turn our assignments in on β†’

Personality assessment instrument critique

The purpose of the Rorschach inkblot is not just to solicit a response to pictures drawn in ink on white cardboards but rather help psychologists determine the personality characteristic and emotional function of patients. Cultural procedures persist to be a central and incompetently surveyed variable in the Rorschach examination; an essential embryonic area of analysis β†’

Personal professional ethics

Personal Professional Ethics ' Ethics in safety, compassion and competence for a nurse' Becoming an outstanding nurse is my future dream in career and I am currently pursuing my nursing study in preparation for this. Principal to my profession is the essence of relations, human dignity as well as the essence of collaboration with β†’

My education in information security

In 2011, between the month of March and May I was an intern in Hwadee IT Corporation. The experience in the Corporation was an eye opener as I learnt the security of basic communication platform.

Personal ethnography

China is the oldest civilization in the world and Chinese civilization was built on agriculture. The collective nature of Chinese values is largely the product of thousands of years of living and working together on the land Today, China is a communist government with a socialist ideology and a capitalist economy.

Striving for personal success

Personal responsibility and college success are proving to be one and the same. In conclusion, personal responsibility is the key to success.

College transfer academic

Consistent with the Miami University's mission of instilling " intellectual depth and curiosity, the importance of personal values as a measure of character, and a commitment to life-long learning" I have envisioned to transfer to the University of California for the following rationales: the ability to accord more molecular microbiology research opportunities than Miami University; β†’

My personal life ambition

I, therefore, visualize being a winner in life and in my future business transactions. I have the strength to obtain these desires and be successful in my ambitions in life.

The current state of children around the world

My ambition is to create a generational change where society will embrace and treated children equally. The future of these children is paramount to any development agenda.

Sex, gender and sexuality

Heal India 2 Apr Retreived from Accessed 7th January It is important for parents to talk about sexuality with their children especially if they are teenagers. It offers parents with effective tips to communicate issues of sexuality to their children.

A look at personal beliefs of teaching

I believe that all students have strengths, and that is the goal of education to assist students in identifying and building upon these. I also have responsibilities to give my students a good quality of education.

Pity for the damned: dante’s quest for personal understanding

In the epic poem The Inferno by Dante Alighieri, Dante experiences pity for the damned souls in hell, which defies the Christian Church's concept of frowning upon those in purgatory. Continuing through the forest, Virgil tempts Dante to break a twig and witness the result in response to Dante's joking comment of the sounds coming β†’


In order to handle the increasing misery which was caused due to many problems I resorted to the drinking of alcohol. Alcoholism is a great threat to the youth and must be stopped for a brighter future of the youth, their family and the whole country.

George kelly – theory of personal constructs

This paper will present the revelation of history from the perspectives of George Kelly who developed and shared the theory of personal constructs. The authors of the article attempt to incorporate Kelly's theory of personal construct into marketing and selling of products.

Holden caulfield undertakes a journey of personal discovery

Through his inability to conform to the rules of the adult world that he is sucked into, he frequently criticizes people and is extremely judgemental to those around him. The way Holden reacts to the people around him, and how he starts off his " hero's quest", is definitely individual because of his unique personality.

Factors that may influence communication and interpersonal reaction

When wanting to communicate with someone with a cognitive disability it influences the communication as it means the person who is attempting to communicate has to think a lot more about the content and complexity of the communication. If someone is unstable they may scare people as they think that if they try and communicate β†’

Usc personal statement

When I lived in Hong Kong I did not pay attention to my English, and afterwards it became the biggest obstacle for me to adapt to the American culture. I hope that University of Southern California will give me the opportunity to achieve my academic goals.

Personal finance problem – linear programming

He gave the guidelines that at least 10% of the total money should be invested in each of those options and the investment in any of the above category should not exceed 40% of the total investment. And finally they should offset the risk of investing in precious metal by investing 20% of their investment β†’

Describe and evaluate jungs theory concerning personality types

Implicitly Jung assumes that there is a preference between the functions in the pair and the Myers-Briggs test differentiates to highlight this preference. The lack of development in these attitudes may lead to a peculiarly negative and simplistic thinking.

Learning personality theories

One of the main advantages of learning these personality theories is the creation of an individual's external environment, and how they might relate to it. Personality theories assist an individual to know about the tendencies of another person, with regards to a given situation.

Answering questions regarding personal statement 1

However, the feedback further shows that I have to enhance my commitment and interact with like-minded individuals who would help increase my productivity both in school work and later at a place of work. Question 4 In my future studies at LJMU, I will strive to develop my skills by deciding to specialize in a β†’

E-commerce practice

Afterwards, I had to communicate the site's requirements to developers so that it can best reflect the product and performance objectives to maximize the productivity and effectivity of the site. I expect that studying in the University of California will challenge me to develop further as a student and as an individual.


Explain Freud's view of conflict and describe how defense mechanism operant.proposed that the ego distorts reality in an effort to protect itself from anxiety. The 6 defense mechanism are repression: in psychoanalytic theory, the basic defense mechanism that banishes anxiety-arousing thoughts, feelings, and memories from consciousness an example is.

Psych-learning & personality study guide (exam 3)

Reality principalTendency of the ego to postpone gratification until it can find an appropriate outletPsychosexualthe childhood stages of development during which, according to Freud, the id's pleasure-seeking energies focus on distinct erogenous zonesOral stageFreud's first stage of psychosexual development during which pleasure is centered in the mouthAnal stageFreud's second stage of personality development, from about β†’

Economics learning requirements

Thanks to the interest and hard work I put in, I happened to get an internship, which helped me in getting acquainted with the field of economics. I feel that I have enough knowledge and passion to show that I have a craze about going ahead in the field of economics and contribute to the β†’

Personal hygiene: taking care of your body

Some of the things I like to concentrate on in my life are cleanliness of my home, personal diet, exercise, mental health, spiritual health and bodily hygiene. My understanding that exercise is crucial not only to my physical body but also to my mental health and is the key to my success.

My personal idiolect

However, at the beginning of secondary school, I began to adapt my accent and engage myself more in colloquial language in order to fit in with my peers. My teacher picked up on the fact that I did this and commented that it was because of my interest in her unique idiolect as opposed to β†’

Personal best place: the czech republic

Most of the people in the Czech Republic are Czech while the next largest ethnic population is Moravian. Although Prague is a busy city, the Czech people are very accommodative and friendly.

My personal philosophy of education assignment

Through time of history of philosophers there has been much research to support Many different views of what is needed to better educate of future generations of children and how to accommodate the changing needs to produce productive citizens, but I find that no matter the philosopher of choice you base your own personal philosophy β†’

Personal statement final copy

Latterly I became an assistant building services supervisor within a secondary school, a responsible job including the frequent organisation of during school and after school events and prioritising the health and safety of the staff and pupils. Taking into account all of the above also my flare, continuous hard work and determination, I believe having β†’

Antisocial personality disorder

There is a pervasive pattern of disregard for and violation of the rights of others occurring since the age of 15' Milo had picked several fights when he was younger and by the time he was 15, he was engaging in petty theft and finally stole a car at 15. Also, according to Vorvick, " β†’

Personality traits assignment

Potentially it means I might not be as organized and diligent of a person as I originally thought so that is something that I learned about myself and can work on. I also place a high value on relationship in the oracle and feel it's important to get along with your fellow employees.

Personal statement

Currently, Im a student at the Sheffield International College studying Business Law and social science foundation degree, in order to progress and enter the university to complete my undergraduate course in Law. Apart from my studies, I am proud to reveal that I have interned at two law firms in Oman and the UK.

Mills-pennisula radiology program

Since Mills-Peninsula Radiology Hospital provides high-quality service, I have always desired to be associated with it in the passionate pursuit of my life goal; contributing to the preservation and saving of lives. It is in this respect that I submit my application for consideration to join the Mills-Peninsula Radiology Program.

Personal theory of counseling using a case study

According to Boy and Pine psychological theories are used by the psychologist to develop unity and relatedness among diverse existence; develop operational guidelines of how to conduct their work; determining the relevant data and indicators, which will be the focus of attention and assist clients to effectively modify their behavior. Stan would be challenged to β†’

Finding a familiar world

The Merlion is " an imaginary creature with the head of a lion and the body of a fish" and " its name combines amer' meaning the sea and 'lion'". It is their love for the past, their history and culture that makes Singapore a place close to my heart.

Cv letter for transportation security administration

I am deeply dedicated to the accomplishment of required endeavors and am committed to being instrumental in creating progress and development to the organization I am connected with. I am enthusiastic to offer my professional services as part of the accounting team of your prestigious institution.

How temperament and personality affect aggressive and passive behavior

How Temperament and Personality Affect Aggressive and Passive Behavior Abstract The purpose of this research is to determine how temperament and personality affect aggressive and passive behave. In this connection, the literature of personality and temperament has grown outside the scope of the purview of several clinical scientists.

Personal statement example

I also undertook a community health program in the past, which gave me an advantage of experience in medical practice. My time at the University will revolutionize my leadership skills because I hope to expand my understanding of leadership in the medical field.

Personal ethics assignment

Ethics in the Work Place Most people follow set standards of ethics that is expected of them in the work place. Ethics in the work place effects society by creating a rights- based system, where the behavior is acceptable to the majority of the community.

Personal assignment

To outline the occupation of an graphic designer, this paper will discuss the profession itself and its working environment, the skills and schooling needed for achievement, a salary range and means to advance in the field, and the future job opportunities predicted for this career area. The first step in developing a new design is β†’

Psychoanalytic personality assessment

However, Freud believed more in the sexual energy of the unconscious and based his theory on the id, the ego, and the superego. In a healthy person, according to Freud, the ego is the strongest so that it can satisfy the needs of the id, not upset the superego, and still take into consideration the β†’

Creativity, play and learning (arts in early childhood education)

When I was an elementary school I tried to copy a painting in my arts I tried to pay attention to even the minor details, in my vision to create an exact replica of the original work. However, at the end of the class, I could finish only a very small part of the work.

Challenges and strategies for personal success assignment

While I know that the road to graduation will be long and difficult, I look forward to walking across the stage knowing that I have achieved my dream. This list will allow me to see the progress that I have made towards my long-term goal and will give me the drive to finish the program.

Personality differences assignment

UTILIZING THE TEAM CHARTER WITH PERSONALITY DIFFERENCES Utilizing the Team Charter with Personality Differences Marquita Johnson University of Phoenix Utilizing the Team Charter with Personality Differences The personality portion of the Jungian 16 assessment revealed that I shared the same personality score with another team member which is ISTP. Colette personality trait is ENFP, and β†’

Week4journal phi445 personal & organizational ethics

Understanding the challenges, their causes, and potential solutions is significant to the organizations' sustainability and are the focus of this discussion. Political leaders and the audience are the parties to the problem that is likely to reduce trust in the organization and its effectiveness.

The prevalence of borderline personality disorder

The commonness of BPD was built up by recognizing the quantity of patients who met Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders criteria BPD predominance among patients going to a middle of the road mental treatment administration was 37%. The example included 20 guys and 43 females.uses methods such as conceptualize the ' marginal angle' β†’

Of purpose in leadership to catholic university

I consider myself lucky to have found a job where I could practice what I had learned in college. I believe all the traits I manifest in my classroom are the foundation of a good leader.

Discussion forum: advertising diary

For example, when the commercial for Sears came on, I will have to say that there was nothing that caught my eye about it at first. Comparison shopping is the way that the shrewd buyer goes these days and that is what Sears definitely tried to appeal to in this ad.

The bill of rights in my life

In this day and age, it is a breather to know that the power resides in the people and that the people creates the government. And I live with the assurance that a balance exists between the rights of the people and the power of the government to rule the people.

Personality traits what extent it affects employees performance psychology essay

He used the word ' generalized other' to refer to the expectations one thinks people have of one.' I' is where the thinking takes place and how one is and ' Me' is how one is supposed to behave and helps one to shape their personality and behaviour. The extravert traits are useful to people β†’

Personalized diet essay sample

Cutting back to 1000 calories a day is pretty drastic, and should only be used if you just want to lose a few pounds quickly, or feel the need to kick-start a longer term weight loss plan. The following is a personalized 1, 000-calorie diet menu recommended for persons who want to lose weight quickly.

Personal plan assignment

Obtaining the results from the multiple questionnaires in my career plan and my personal ethics, will guide me in my academic journey as I work toward receiving my bachelor's degree. My competencies displayed my strengths and weaknesses, which will help me choose my career interest to guide me in my arsenal, academic journey.

What is perception in interpersonal communication essay sample

Lewis and Slade along with DeVito, explain that this type of stereotyping stops me from viewing the person as an individual and only allows me to see them as a member of a group. As this essay has shown, perception is a process where one becomes aware of events, objects and people in the environment β†’

For law school

I was in my right lane, and since the light was green I kept driving only to be hit by another car. I knew that concentrating on the officer's hostility would only reinforce my fear and the prejudice he had against me bearing in mind it was the other car that was on the wrong.

Pursuing a career in fashion design marketing

She made me develop an immeasurable interest in fashion marketing that I decided to drop a course in economics. I am now willing to do my best in fashion marketing major so that I can live the life of my dreams as a fashion design marketer.

Why swot analysis is essential in personal development

The personal skills SWOT analysis will help you to learn more about you. Apply it to your situation and enjoy the awesome benefits of personal SWOT analysis.

Personal reflections

Such centers should provide a mechanism about their services to ensure that decisions reflect the aspirations of the parents and families and establish a sustainable link with the community. My emphasis is on the creation of a dedicated and motivated team in an early childhood environment.

No writer can escape the influence of his own personal experience essay

In both the work of Hughes and of Eliot, the writer tries to distinguish himself from the character portrayed in their poetry. This outlines the main idiosyncrasy between the work of Hughes and the work of Eliot in that Hughes writes to prove his despondency and despair over the death of his wife and Eliot β†’

Essay on interpersonal communication

To be sure of the partner, it is advisable to hold a discussion between the partners in the relationship to be in opposition to know one's partner better through various questions. Among the top questions that are essential in the relationship may include: Do you think it is important to be faithful to one another?

A personal recollection on navigating a ship along zheng he

Compiling all of the information of the clouds formation and the constellations found such as saggitario and byxis I was able to reassure the captain that everything was going smoothly and that nothing should be to harmful for the ship, yet I had a strange feeling that something was coming and that we were going β†’

Education high school

As a result what happens is that gifted students are all placed in an accelerated program and the other students do not have the opportunity of learning from their peers. In the class that I am looking at, there are all types of students.

How personal beliefs and value systems may influence own anti-discriminatory practise

In terms of someone's beliefs and values in a health and social care setting, they can play a vital role in the interaction between service users and providers. The basic care values are that services should be available to everyone on the basis of need and that they should be delivered in a way that β†’

Personal reflection

First of all, my achievements concerning the course are engaged not only with the vast amount of knowledge that I have managed to retrieve from the course material, but also with the credits that I have got from my teacher. The reason why I use the words " managed to" in the context of this β†’

Interpersonal and intercultural communication

From the lectures, readings, and from various activities of this course, I discovered some very basic facts to communicate with people from different cultures and developing a team with them, as well as a lot about ' different cultural patterns'. According my learning from the literature and the lectures, I will mention the ideas I β†’

Describe how you will use your purdue education to achieve your personal and professional goals

Accordingly, the education I receive from Purdue University plays a critical role towards the achievement of both my personal and professional objectives in a number of ways. In this respect, I will use the professors and other teaching staff to my advantage.

Financial constraints and personal finance

Financial constraint is the cash0limited budget which is legislatively-imposed and is under the influence of the Central Government and the Police Forces must operate within them. As it is seen, the presence of financial control is apparent and cannot be ignored, though the importance of financial management is a constraint on policing.