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Muhammad ali – one of the most controversial egyptian leaders in history essay sample

From the modernization of Egypt to the building of a united Arab nation, his actions effectively led Egypt into the 20th century as a powerful entity, and his accomplishments bred ideas of revolution and unity within the Arab people that had not been seen since the days of the prophet Mohammed. Throughout the later stages β†’

Why is taking a gap year controversial?

First and foremost, the reason why people choose to take a gap year is they have just taken a high-pressured exam to graduate high school and they need to have time to think about their future career. On the other hands, the biggest disadvantage of gap year option is that many people will not want β†’

Mary magdalena: a controversial religious character

She is considered to be saint by Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant Christian churches, whereas the communities of these confessions define her differently: the Catholics, under a considerable influence of works of art and legendary material, mainly think of her as of a penitent prostitute, whereas the Orthodox and Protestant communities worship her as apostle and β†’

Captain john smith a controversial figure in america history essay

Captain John Smith was remembered as a villain for the few suspicions over the stories he wrote and for the problems he faced in his voyages. Kroph, who was known to be the first to disprove Smith's stories, declared in his book Captain John Smith of Virginia, published in 1890, that he does not believe β†’

Controversial statements in psychology

Most of the times, a mental health problem is also seen as disturbing or distressful state of mind that will interfere with the normal functioning of an individual. Psychologist's states in their research that a lot of obsession cause increases the stress level in an individual thus leading to a mental health problem.

Why is the declaration on the value and importance of universal museums so controversial

Despite the fact that for most of their being the participants to the universal museums Declaration have fed the justification for colonial authority, their great collections do present unequalled opportunities to uncover the relationship of the universal and the particular. This would include interactions involving armed conflict and takeover as well as trade They could β†’

Racial inequalities (controversial subject)

The specific point of contrast reveals the kind of treatment given to both White and Hispanic Americans especially when it appears to include higher responsibility and privilege. The point of contrast lies at how justice might be interpreted on the part of Hispanic group and white Americans.

Why immigration is a controversial issue in uk

There are different styles such as: The Diver: like to get on with it and get it out of the way The Dreamer: like to think a lot and research thoroughly The Logician: like things to make sense and reasons The Searchlight: like to see the bigger picture and find everything interesting The Dearing Report β†’

The controversial langston hughes essay example

The intent of this paper is to describe the controversial character of Langston Hughes. Berry suggests that this disagreement was the chief inspiration for the maturity of Langston Hughes.

A controversial nature of 3d-printing

In this essay, 3D-printing as a form of manufacturing will be investigated to determine the advantages and disadvantages which it brings to the present and future of industrial design, engineering and other creative sectors. The only part of the weapon which is not 3D printed is the firing pin, which in the case of the β†’

Given this controversial debate over gun control, the proposed research paper will essay sample

The authors present a reasonable, detailed definition of effective gun control that will be used as a basis for the research paper's stance on gun control these include the approaches of restricted access to firearms, clinical screenings about the availability of firearms and how they are stored in the home, and better access to medical β†’

Controversial business practices

Business in the Past and the Present: What Changed Along the Way Over the last cascades there has been a clear shift in business practices through the re-structuring of business organizations, mainly from a Customer-satisfaction Orientation to one of utility-Generation. Examples of Controversial Business Practices The Bimbo Group is the leading company in Mexico, and β†’

The power of the badge: a controversial issue essay sample

The serious problem here is that police officers have too much power; this power needs to be limited in order to get things back to the way they should be; fair. Another way to interpret this poem could be that the phrase " its all just play" refers to the beginning of any arrest, any β†’


Some of the pro-life members think that the reasons women should not be able to abort is that the mother is ending an unborn child's life and if the mother is old enough to get pregnant they are old enough to have the child. The pro side of legalizing abortion is known as pro-choice which β†’

Uncle tom’s cabin: a controversial book

In this essay I am going to talk about how this book shaped my opinion on slavery, the feelings of the North, and the feelings of the South. Most whites in the North did not know just how bad slavery was but this book shined a light on how bad it actually was." Slavery, anti-slavery β†’

Manages debated and controversial topic in english

The suggestion here therefore is that universal language is the cause of this incorrect grammar usage in both children learning to speak and in adults learning a second language, at least to some degree. The idea that universal grammar may have a role in the development of first language acquisition is generally more accepted than β†’

Why is the operation of many tncs in less economically developed countries so controversial essay

Big industries ' use local sub-contractors from Asia or Northern Africa; they no longer need to resort to foreign direct investments to benefit from the advantages of relocation.'TNCs have many negative points in the way that they run their companies in LEDCs:* Due to the fact that Transactional companies are owned by a parent company β†’

Why is the term β€˜british culture’ controversial

Throughout the essay there will be reference to religion and how it is a key factor in the culture of Britain and how ethnocentrism can influence a culture. It is hard to understand a culture, or to judge weather the values and norms of a culture are socially acceptable.

Companies in controversial industries management essay

In consideration of the controversies of CSR, in particular, the view that CSR should be conducted in such as a way that it benefits both the society and the owners of the firm, rather than only one side of the parties, we will be using Porter and Kramer's concept of " shared value" to decide β†’

The controversial issue of flag burning philosophy essay

The proponents of the amendment for protection of the flag define the flag as a " cultural artifact with meaning significance, and usage determined by the particular system employing it". The proponents of the flag burning amendment believe that the burning of a flag does not fall under the protection of the First amendment.

What exactly is abortion and why is it so controversial?

An abortion is a procedure, either surgical or medical, to end a pregnancy by removing the fetus and placenta from the uterus. Abortion is one of the most divisive and controversial issues of our day.

A controversial issue

In the novel, Sophie is forced to make a tragic choice in her life which makes a great impression in life." This decision shapes Sophie's character and is applied in the novel as an idiom". Sophie is one of the individuals who appeared to have reacted differently to the happenings of the Holocaust.

The controversial topic of alcohol advertisement

And most of the blame goes to Alcohol advertisement, which has been always a controversial topic to discuss, some says it's very much responsible for encouraging drinking and some says drinking is personal choice, but here it's not the matter of does it encourage drinking or not, but is alcohol industry playing the role of β†’

Bilingualism is a controversial issue

For example, the abilities of a bilingual person will vary in using a language among the four skills of that language, where that person might be very good in speaking A language but when it comes to writing, the person will use B language to write or read, because his or her ability of writing β†’

Rebuttal on controversial topic (would like it on torture)

Rebuttal to article on military torture and the resultant mental problems The mental tortures that may occur in army personnel's mind during the battlefield can cause an onset of posttraumatic stress disorder. Rarely has any method of treatment included the partner of the war veteran, and this is the subject of the article " Key β†’

Female genital mutilation extremely controversial topic criminology essay

My argument however is one of states only being able to legitimately intervene where FGM is being practiced against the will of females, yet if the practice is warranted and women, of adult age, consent to it, then it is not as permissible for states to intervene. The ' Capabilities Approach' by Nussbaum is examined β†’

Woodrow wilson – a controversial president assignment

In the cases of Intervention by the united states In foreign affairs under Wilson, the methods by which American security of interests was achieved often angered the foreign government, the foreign citizens, or both. When it became known that Germany was providing weapons to Heart's government, Wilson seized he Mexican port of Vera Cruz without β†’

Saadat hasan manto, the controversial urdu short story writer essay sample

In a broader sense, the story highlights the problem of the woman becoming a victim of the " male prowess" in the wake of the Partition. He is successful in sensitizing the readers by then placing him in the centre and the readers come to realise that this story is not just the girl's and β†’

A controversial take on the effects a possible self-inflicted amnesia might have on life’s quality

In the beginning of the film, Joel goes through a process of brain mapping with the help of certain objects and memories from his relationship with Clementine in order to pinpoint the location and target the memories within the brain. Joel stores a memory of her and suddenly the two are back to Joel's infant β†’

Controversial globalization topic that interests you (poverty, environment, jobs/outsourcing, human rights, pollution, loss of national sovereignty, ect

When Globalization is looked at from the perspective of information, it is found to be really good and very beneficial for countries which are remote when it comes to communication, Globalization brings a lot of awareness in the world, the technological changes and the various other changes which are taking place is all because of β†’

Controversial issue research proposal paragraph

Sadly, there Is a great inequality or the millions of gay and lesbian American citizens who do not have the privilege of living In one of the sixteen states that do allow same sex marriage. Sadly, there is a great inequality living in one of the sixteen states that do allow same sex marriage.

A discussion on the controversial communist manifesto

Throughout the manifesto, the central conflict is pitted between the fact that the ' ruling class determines the ruling ideas of the time' against that of who has the right to rule and the ' power to subjugate the labour of others' by means of appropriation of the products of society. Marx and Engel's text β†’

Controversial cultural issues in purple hibiscus novel

She seems to not be capable of physically allowing words to leave the recesses of her mouth, and this silence could be compared to the silence of her father's followers and congregation. Kambili, until she matures, remains a shy timid little girl, uneager to communicate, and desperately afraid of disappointing the male figures in her β†’

Controversial issue in jane eyre

This novel explores how Jane defies these cultural standards by her unwillingness to be defined by " marriageability", unwillingness to submit herself to a man's emotional power and her desire for independence while keeping her dignity. She does not give in because it had pained her to realize that her marriage might be based on β†’

What was highly controversial about lessing’s text the education of the human race

In as much as this is true, the controversy comes from the fact that Lessings alludes that there is an element of divine intervention in the process of development of a human being. In summary, it is still very controversial to imply that there is a divine intervention in the process of human development.

Conduct some independent research on a controversial public policy (at any level of government) addressing some aspect of techno

The Freedom of Information Act The Freedom of Information Act was created to grant citizens the right to access specific types of federal agency records. On the other hand, federal agencies need to carefully interpret and understand the laws which govern the processing and releasing of requested information by the public.

Discuss controversial figure thomas cromwell history essay

He was an important political personality in medieval England, he was the first counselor of King Henry VIII in 1532-1540, He was the chief ideologist of the English Reformation, one of the Anglicanism founders. Cromwell played a leading role in establishing the rule of a monarch over the church, in the empowerment of the royal β†’

A controversial case of roe v. wade

" Because of the impact on the woman, this certainly is a matter of such fundamental and basic concern to the woman involved that she should be allowed to make the choice as to whether to continue or terminate her pregnancy". Given that their case was ready, Weddington and Coffee presented to the jury that β†’

Controversial health information management issues

Many people believe that the American healthcare insurance protect only the interests of the greedy private insurance companies rather than the interests of the common people. As protection of privacy is taken as a serious matter in the HIPAA regulations, big companies and researchers were forced to take extreme care while using the private data.

The controversial voyages of zheng he: bloody conquests or achievements of trade routes

Despite being able to accomplish a lot, Zheng He's voyages should not be celebrated because he did not do anything influential or remarkable with his voyages, he would later put his country in debt because of his ships, and he killed anyone who got in his way. Although Zheng He went on vast voyages, he β†’

Jack london’s call of the wild. controversial themes in the novel

He is trying to show that women are not as good as men in everything, and that they are unlucky and unfortunate to have. It is the people's choice on how to spend their lives: they could be successful people or live in poverty.

The benefits of industry of growing cannabis sativa, the friendly relative of the controversial plant

Cultivation of this crop would promote the environmental, economic, and social aspects of sustainable agriculture in New Mexico. It is becoming increasingly more important in today's world to promote agricultural practices that not only make the most efficient use of natural resources, but also enhance the quality of the surrounding environment. It's time for New β†’

Controversial case: obamacare essays examples

So the question to be answered is; what is in Obamacare that makes it so controversial? The progressives believe that the problem lies in the Americans lack of understanding on how the affordable act will help them. There has been eloquent information to anyone who wishes to understand the basic of what the Act is β†’

No child left behind act is a controversial united states

Repeatedfailureof a specific school to reach these requirements will eventually result in the loss of funding as well as a decrease in the number of students attending these schools. The latter is made possible by the freedom that the No Child Left Behind Act gives to students and their parents who are β†’

Controversial images in art

The Controversial " Piss Christ" Photo What the photo conveys The red and yellow photo, which has been on displays in many parts of the New York City has ignited many controversies. However, in the real sense, it represents the crucifixion of a man. This controversial photo is not recommended for public displays.

To kill a mockingbird: controversial issues

During the 1950's in the small county of Maycomb, the mentality of most southern people reflected that of the nation. Boo is the outcast of the neighborhood, but at the time, Tom Robinson was the outcast of the society.

Controversial ad

This already shows that there will be a group for which the ad Is too offensive, but for other people who will have a dfferent interpretation it will not. Using the big 5 tools of analysis, will give a quite general Idea of the meaning of the ad, and this idea will be β†’

Controversial advertisements and racial discrimination essay sample

Although this ad was pulled back after being widely criticized; it could not be seen as a complete failure in raising the public's attention because this ad was covered by the media online and in the news, therefore it could be another way to advertise their brand. Fig.6.Nivea ' Re-civilize Yourself' Advertisement [online image] Fig. β†’

Controversial topic of web privacy

The question, then, is why and how it is so. A utilitarian argument for the value of privacy may consider that privacy leads to more human well-being than a lack thereof. Utilitarianism thus supports the idea of online privacy, and implies that violating the privacy of those who would prefer to remain unnamed is morally β†’

The controversial issue of neurohacking

Now, that we have gotten the gist of what neurohacking is and what an ethical issue is, we will delve deeper into this theory looking into its history, how it is an ethical issue, and the problems that arise with it. Neurohacking was first founded in late 2011, referred to as the " do-it-yourself" β†’

The controversial atkins diet

The Controversial Atkins Diet The Atkins diet is a controversial topic to discuss. Furthermore, the majority of obese people that are studied are unhealthy beforehand, and therefore a high consumption of carbs is not the only factor linked to obesity; having no exercise can make a person obese too.

The preceding events to the controversial uk’s vote on leaving the eu

One of the biggest influences on voting to leave the EU was fear of immigration.according to the guardian ' fear of immigration drove the leave victory- not immigration itself' which means that they voted to leave because of the fear of immigration not because of a number of immigrants coming into the United Kingdom. β†’

Slavery the most controversial themes in the history of the united states

For the purpose of this dissertation, the personal relationships amongst the enslaved will be the subject being examined. Early research into the area on slave relationship tended to focus on the instability of slave families, The controversial Moynihan report of 1965 argued that the harsh regime of slavery shatteredfamilyties of all that had been bound β†’

Andrew jackson as a controversial president

Jackson's election brought a new style to campaigning as he connected with citizens that deserved his attention and removed the idea of a hierarchy and discrimination. One of the strongest negative of Andrew Jackson's presidency compared to all the rest the Indian Removal Act. The Indian Removal Act and the events leading up to it β†’

Why was the constitution a controversial document even as it was being written?

From the beginning of its creation the constitution ideas were divided between the advocates. The advocates understood that that the constitution was an idea of the republican thinking, providing for a new level to the people's elected government. The separation of powers between the central government and the state governments was thus β†’