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Industrial organizational psychology – leadership and group

Behavioral approach of leadership tends to encompass the study of a particular behavior of the leader. The theory states the actuality that the behavior of a leader is the best determinant of his or her degree of success and is also considered to be one of the best predictors of individual leadership impacts.

From determinism to cognitive theory

Beginning at the sea of determinism and crossing the plains of evolution, through the jungle of experimental psychology to find the path leading to the oasis of explanation of behaviorism where after a short rest, the trail winds around the curve of cognitive theory ending at a fork in the road. The Sea of Determinism β†’

Radical changes which colosseum – the largest roman architectural monument, the gladiator fights rally, the inauguration site – survived through its history

It was during the rule of emperor Vespasian in the ages of 70 and 72 AD that this amazing Roman Colosseum was constructed. The structure was a sure way of Rome showing to the world of its latest building and spectacular engineering techniques.

Selection of insulation materials for a civil engineering structures

As such, glass wool or fiberglass as they are commonly referred to is easy to cut and install and together with the attribute of being dense and thin with a reflective aluminum foil, they are better insulation materials. It is, therefore, necessary that the material is not compressed as this may remove the air that β†’

Brick and mortar vs based businessess

Traditional business vs online business: Traditional business is often conceived as the typical brick and mortar business i.e." a business which requires an actual building to conduct operations from". Traditional businesses have conventionally faced a decline with the evolution of online business trends.

Aruba marriot – company practicing an innovative approach to hrm

The quality of human resource management function can also be analyzed by looking at the level of positions which are often available within the organization. As far as the case of Aruba Marriot is concerned, the organization is growing and they are offering diverse positions within the organization so that they can meet the human β†’

The value of professional athletes versus the value of professional teachers term paper example

Clearly, the professional athlete is more valuable to the society than the professional teacher who molds the lives of the nation. The fact is that the balance between the salaries of the professional athlete and the professional teacher is not a moral or ethical issue, but instead, it is a matter of supply and demand.

My term paper

I think by explaining to employees the benefit of vacation time could be used to express the importance of it, by suggesting to employees that vacation time can be used for time other than the goal to save for a vacation.emergency's can arise and vacation time is a helpful way to get through what could β†’

Term paper on marketing plan essay sample

The target market lives in the urban part of the city and residesin the middle to upper middle income range. This is the message we will convey to our target market.

Good example of combining nurse leader with advocacy term paper

Combining nurse leader with advocacy refers to the process of using a nurse leadership role to change the settings of a work place to suit the current employment needs and the needs of the organization. Identifying the weaknesses of fellow nurses gives a leader an edge on ways to improve their skills and behavior in β†’

Primus oeuvre within the context of jim crow racial politics, anti-colonialism, afro-centricity, and multiculturalism

This is a prelude to the reader that Primus is consistent both in the arts and in the concept of ongoing social activities, especially in the political arena. In this context, it is clear that Brown is emphasizing the elemental role of the art in trying to establish a better multicultural future.

Top 5 internet privacy myths about social media debunked

By encouraging members of social networks to provide truthful information, webhost companies have been able to effectively manage the modes of conduct of members in their social network websites. For example, people with false identification in online social networking sites do not find it hard to victimize other online users because of the protection offered β†’

Board governance and volunteer management in nonprofits

Organizational Plan The organization should be run directly under the aegis of the board of governors who make all the decisions and decide what exactly the charter of the organization is going to be. Tools and Strategies The specific tools and strategies which the at-risk girls organization must make use of include the basis of β†’

Pick the most suitable and easiest to you

Under Justified True Belief, knowledge and the meaning contained in sentences can be derived using the below set of conditions, which are necessary and mutually sufficient: S knows that p P is true, S believes that P, and, S is justified in believing that P. The Gettier problem refers to a philosophical reasoning that questions β†’

Identify the major trends that have influenced world trade and global marketing

However, with the advent of globalization and the liberalization of the WTO regimes, the major trend is this protectionist regime gave away to the regime of free trade. Another trend is that of consumer knowledge increase with regards to impact of products and processes on their health, the environment and the overall well being of β†’

Writing a term paper is one of the

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The kuomintang and the chinese communist party – group spirit and activities of opposing political coalitions

The party was initiated in 1971 as a result of the learned people going against the Chinese traditions in politics, literature, and culture. From the reasoning of the framework, the party gained strength from the Western-style educational organizations where most of the participants were students.

Islamic finance term paper

Islamic Banking and Finance in modern times has grown out of the Muslims' desire to find out the ways and means of fulfilling their financial requirements in view of prohibition of interest. BACKGROUND AND EVOLUTION OF ISLAMIC FINANCE The core concepts of Islamic finance date back to the birth of Islam in the 6th century.

Term paper on color signals in human

This quickly brings up the issue of how shade and luminance help spatial and spatiotemporal investigations of the scene, for example, those included in finding items and their limits and bearing and the course and rate of their motion. The majority of the neurons that carry color flags in the early phases of the visual β†’

Traumatic brain injury’s severity assessment, treatment and rehabilitation – concussion prevention is better than cure

A concussion occurs as a result of external forces that come into contact with the head resulting in injuries in the brain thus causing a malfunction in the nervous system.' In cases of concussion, prevention are better than cure'. It emphasizes the importance of the precautions needed to be taken in order to counter the β†’

Free reflections on the teaching of a second language term paper example

In this paper, the writer will outline the main approaches and methods that he has adapted to and finds to be the most appropriate for the teaching of English to people who are learning English as a second language. General Framework of Teaching a Foreign Language Shrum and Glisa identify in their opening discussions that β†’

Business plan input and matching stage

Threat to new entrants The potential of new entrants in the motor industry is low and depends on who is planning to enter the industry. Opportunity Participating in fuel races to increase the usage of Ford fuel cars.

Issues and dilemmas of contemporary public administration wk 6

Issues and Dilemmas of Contemporary Public Administration Administrative responsibility provides a wide range of purposes within the public sector. The promotional aspect of public administration according to Bailey, is established by ensuring that efficiency and efficacy have been taken into consideration.

Forensic certifications term paper example

According to Wiles, the professional certification provides a form of credibility that assures the court of the quality of recommendation or explanation from the forensic specialist. Certifications and on-the-job training both assist in increasing the knowledge of a forensic specialist.

Term paper essay

Australian School of Business Management MGMT5601 GLOBAL BUSINESS AND MULTINATIONAL ENTERPRISE Course Outline Semester 1, 2013 Part A: Course-Specific Information Part B: Key Policies, Student Responsibilities and Support MGMT5601 Table of Contents PART A: COURSE-SPECIFIC INFORMATION 1 2 STAFF CONTACT DETAILS COURSE DETAILS 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 4 4 4 5 β†’

The soviet and american cold war policies – the strong anti-communist stance of the trumans administration, the soviet unions desire to dominate eastern europe

Their partnership during the war against a common enemy came to an end because of the different world ideologies that each of the country's leaders believed the world should follow. The day that Germany was divided between the east and the west, the cold war policies of both nations began to take shape with the β†’

Free term papers

Citing Sources Top 100 Term Paper Sites Top 25 Essay Sites Top 50 Essay Sites Free College Personals Problems in the United States Educational System By: medvedov E-mail: emailprotected. TermPapers My Term Papers PersonalLinks Term Paper Links CollegeLinks Schools HowTo Make Money HomeWork Page TeachersA List Question of the week SubmitA Paper AdvertisingInfo.

Articulate a question for discussion. begin by looking for a theoretical issue in the assigned reading. then carefully summarize the key ideas/s that have generated your question

The wonderful monographs, incisive insights and extensive discussions of ethnographic studies should be applied to the practical realities of life, rather than being confined to readings reserved in the libraries of the academe and professional organizations. Asad, Anthropology and the colonial encounter.

Cultural reflection . african american culture

He believes that the biasness of the people around him is uncalled for as he has to face quite a lot of problems at the hands of the other American citizens. The fact that he is Black American would lead to a typecast of sorts and thus disrupt his behavior within the American society.

What distinguishes philosophy from religion and science

Science relies on the analysis of facts and purports that natural causes dictates happening of events and processes as opposed to the divine intervention posited by religion. However, science relishes on the combination of machines and waves to impart change in the physical realm.

Marketing plan: around the clock child care center

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Acknowledging that there is a need for excellent child care services that offer non-traditional means to nurture a child while allowing the parents to work and more importantly, to have a few hours to be relieved from parenting duties, Around the Clock Child Care offers alternative to the usual babysitting services rendered by β†’

Prozac [fluoxetine hydrochloride] term paper sample

The mechanism effectively decrease serotonin turnover and prevent the consequent reduction of the firing rate of the neuronal units in the raphe area of the brain, allowing rich levels of serotonin to stay in the synaptic cleft and continue neurotransmission. The assertion of Capitao and others of Prozac's gold standard status in treating adolescents used β†’

Influence of socio-economic status on the likelihood of getting arrested in chicago – humans from lower class are more likely to be arrested than those of the higher class

Socioeconomic status influences the likelihood of getting arrested in Chicago Taking into consideration the statistical data related to the number of arrests by race in Chicago and socio-economic status of the residents of Chicago, it is possible to figure out the correlation between socioeconomic status of individuals of different races and the risks of arrests. β†’

Effect of early relationship intro : term paper

And this is why our group wanted to spread out and make a research paper on the positive effects of romantic relationship amongst the pupils of Saint Louis School Center. We besides wanted to do a research on romantic relationships to spread out the cognition and point of positions of people in conformity with the β†’

Free papers | free sample sociology term paper – racial racism segregation

The history of racial profiling dates back to the beginning of time, and for the United States it has been around since our country was founded. Whites still thought that they were the superior race in this country and continued the hatred of other races through segregation, refusal to serve in places of business, and β†’

How triple constraint impacts projects

Any changes in the scope in the later stages of the project cause a diverse effect on the project since the resources are assigned as per the needs of the discussed scope of the project. Cost: The cost of the project is estimated with respect to the man-hours that will be spent on the project, β†’

Term paper of bill of rights

The objective of this paper is to determine the significance of having this Bill of Rights to our country and to identify by the people the importance of knowing the Bill of Rights in each of everyone surrounded by this law. The importance of the study is to tell the purpose of the article 3 β†’

See through the menagerie to the author

The classic play, The Glass Menagerie, is what is known as a memory play, and is taken from the memories of one of the main characters, Tom Wingfeild. In the end Tom tries to move on from his family and yet he cannot let go of the memory of his dear sister, Laura.

The evolution of the gastronomic preferences and lifestyle of americans over the past half century – an extensive criticism of the modern american diet including fast food

The new dietary preference for many Americans comprises of fast foods and other unhealthy foods. The three articles described above serve to prove that Americans are likely to spend more on fast foods than other types of goods.

Epilepsy – causes, seizures, and treatment

The cell membrane of neurons is also suggested to cause epilepsy due to an abnormality in the inwards and outwards movement of molecules or in the process of repair and nourishment of cell membrane. Besides disruption in the neurological circuits, genes are also suggested to be a cause of epilepsy which is further enhanced due β†’

Is state financial assistance to the education sector in canada justified by raising the tax rate

The paper " Is State Financial Assistance to the Education Sector in Canada Justified by Raising the Tax Rate" is a perfect example of an essay on finance and accounting. Taxes' utilization will encompass adequate loans to the students and financing some services meant for programs, which contribute to the heightening of learning tuition.

Political islam, world politics and europe by bassam tibi

This is critical due to the fact that terrorism and Jihad are now considered as synonymous and is a consequence of mapping the world as " Dar- al-Islam" according to the author. In second part of the book, author basically attempt to discuss the political split between the Shia and Sunni sections of the Islamic β†’

Theoretical analysis for criminal justice

The third principle of the theory of routine activity lays down three indispensable situations for crime to be committed. Additionally, crime rates are normally relational to the number of enthused offenders, such as adolescents and unemployed persons, in the populace.

How the model for ethical decision making can be applied to solve the ethical dilemma of removing vicodin from a schedule iii medication to a schedule ii

It can be seen that relieving pain using the drug Vicodin is an ethical principle but this can be violated to produce the greatest benefits to the greatest number of people while producing the least harm to the greatest number of people. However, on a different note, it can be seen that the removal of β†’

Introduction of the role of csr in oil industry , focusing on british petroleum

Role of CSR in the Oil Industry: Focus on British Petroleum Introduction The dynamics of the oil industry ensure that it is always in the news no matter what happens. Oil firms generate a lot of controversy through environmental damage, and therefore, CSR is one of the key approaches to managing negative perceptions of oil β†’

Term paper on idlc

The NBFIs have been contributing toward increasing both the quality and quantity of financial services and thus mitigating the lapses of existing financial intermediation to meet the growing needs of different types of investment in the country. 4 METHODOLOGY OF THE STU Analysis has been made on the basis of the objectives mentioned before in β†’

The sunk cost, status quo and frame traps, that of confirming evidence, and implementation of a decision-making model via account of the bse veterinary services

Upon a thorough analysis of the business requirements at the company, it is important to outline that I would use the seven-step decision-making model to aid me in ensuring that I come up with the best decision for the company. The second decision-making trap that is likely to cloud my final decision is the status β†’

Business plan writing (overview, operation, hr)

The name of the business is Nebula Interiors; thus, the industry will deal with furniture and interior staging business activities. Organization structure: The organizational will be structured in a manner that will include, shareholders or management, the design or staging department and marketing or sales department.

Term paper on why it should be legal to sell your body organs

It is time to change this policy not only for the benefit of organ and tissue recipients but for organ and tissue donors. This is not exactly a popular option for organ donation as one has to undergo the irreversible process of death in order to achieve health and happiness for others.

Example of term paper outline

Thesis statement: Example: The cost of medical care in the United States is causing the poor to receive substandard care. You can use the thesis statement and key points to create an introductory paragraph; then you will expand in the rest of the paper on the thesis and key points.

Job satisfaction: business practices and employee loyalty

Job Satisfaction: Business Practices and Employee Loyalty Introduction The intangible concept of " job satisfaction" is among the most difficult of business performance measures to document, and yet it remains one of the most notable factors in ensuring continuity of business practices and employee loyalty. Two major points are obvious from the data as β†’

Technical feasibility of using forest biomass for energy

There is a high amount of energy stored in the wood pallets and it can be used to fulfill our energy need. Retrieved on 8th April 2011 from

Reflection on passing by nella larsen

Clare wants to retort the black community and induces Irene to invite her to a social circle. This relation was dangerous and tempting to both women as whenever Irene talks to Clare, she just admires her beauty.

Organic versus conventional foods – which ones are healthier

The findings by the researchers who advocate for organic food simply indicated a similarity in nutrient except for chemicals employed in the production process of the conventional food production, which affect humans and the environment. Nutrition is said to be more in organic food compared to the ordinary foods.

Identify a contemporary legal issue within the health care industry or within a selected organization. describe potential ethica

However, once the patient comes to know that the healers are of little compassion, he/she gets frustrated and thus the professional ethics of medical practitioners are questioned. It is defined that " a medical mistake becomes medical malpractice whenever the care of a patient falls below accepted community standards and causes a patient's injury or β†’

Strategic management term paper

It was largely an economic view, with costs and profitability as the key focus." This view suggested that the needs and desires of society could best be met by the unfettered interaction of individuals and organizations in the marketplace". In the late nineteenth century many of these individuals believed in and practiced a philosophy that β†’

Narcoplexy, insomnia, parasomnia, and other sleep disorders normally affect people having psychiatric conditions and increases with age

When a person does not have enough sleep, apart from having partial memory and sight, the person is at risk of contracting Insomnia, which is one of the most common sleep disorders. There are different types of sleep disorders but the most common is insomnia and Parasomnia.

‘petroglyph park’ by jaune quick-to-see smith and ‘the large blue horses’ byfranz marc

The second painting that I am going to use to compare and contrast is ' The Large Blue Horses' by artist Franz Marc, who was well known as the pioneer of Abstract Art and the son of a landscape painter. The Petroglyph Park by Jaune Quick- To- See Smith Franz Marc Artist of ' The β†’

Experience of a single mother about being a student

Now, when I think that I have the requisite space, opportunity and the time, I want to revert to and work on my original dream of helping families and communities. I am moving ahead with confidence and a positive attitude towards the challenges that I come across in my daily academic writing and research.

Term paper rhbill

Though not entirely stated in the bill, the Church implies that the bill entailsabortion, something that is greatly against the teaching and morals of the Church. It is said that the Philippines remains one of the poorest countries in the world and the government insisted that not having a reproductive health law is cruelty to β†’

Term paper, rizal

Once in the history of the Phillipines, there is a man who opened the eyes of each and every was doctor Rizal. On the essay To the Young Country Women of Malolos, Rizal dug out a lot of issues about our country, and what is happening to the women in out country.

The rap and the paths of cultural globalization

It will elaborate the cultural variations between the American hip hop group and a Japanese hip hop group The author elaborates on the diversity between the Japanese society and American society in regards to their perception to hip hop music. In the process, the Japanese cultural diversity and the rest of the world are demonstrated.

Explain what the ancient mesopotamians, egyptians, hebrews and greeks thought and felt about happiness

Nonetheless, each of the attempted descriptions of happiness was relevant to the circumstances and culture of those making them and has in common the fact despite the fact that what makes one happy does not necessarily translate to others, everyone strives for it in their own way. Therefore, it is important to evaluate the perceptions β†’

Colonial period of the us history – the forerunner of what the united states has become today

The period between 1492 and 1764, remains to be one of the most significant in the history of the United States. The colonial history of America covers a broad perspective of the time, from the period when the European settlers made it into America, until the period when the different states came into the existence.

Term paper on kendra case study worksheet

She is very lonely, and when she is alone, she feels overpowered by the thought that she will be lonely forever and be abandoned. She has, in all probability, attachment disorder along with depression and anxiety as is shown from her fear of being abandoned and left alone.

Public demand for medical care and health insurance in the united states

The measure, however, underestimates the prevalence of deaths within a given population. The rate is higher due to the unhealthy lifestyles of the people of this state.

Is ceo compensation directly related to performance

This research article will highlight the impact of CEO's compensation and promotion based incentives and their related performance. The objective of this research is to provide an insight of the executive compensation by discussing the empirical and theoretical research on executive compensation.

At aparticular period in american history, explain why i consider it so important

One of the most prominent eras in the country's history is the 1800s which marked a major change in the social fabric of the country as it saw the establishment of various antislavery movements and the final victory against slavery as previously accepted as a norm. The 1860s marked a major turn in the history β†’

Cultural competency challenges see details and use only provided sourses

In addition, the culture encourages the youths to take care of the aging in their old age since it is a blessing from Allah. From the above description of the unfamiliar Muslim culture, it is evident that it is a hard task to maintain competency in inheriting traditional cultures.

The foundational frameworks for quality health improvements, roles of regulatory bodies, clinicians and patients in healthcare quality improvement

Another framework that plays an important role in improving quality in the health sector is the research and innovation; this involves the provision of a platform to various stakeholders to develop new ideas and concepts that can facilitate the provision of quality health to the society. Stakeholder definition of Quality in the Health Sector Various β†’

Appropriate leadership approach in nursing term paper

Coaching, influencing, supporting, and directing are some of the leadership approaches effective in the nursing profession. Considering my view of the nature of nursing, coaching, influencing, supporting, and directing approaches are important in empowering and motivating junior staff to deliver health care to patients with passion: nursing is a calling hence passion is indispensable.

The impact of pbs and other media’s content on children through modeling kids’ behavior and cultural beliefs

Instilling multicultural education is a key part of the development of the children and the media pass this information through the content watched by the children. The media have special programs for the children that seek to enhance cultural cohesiveness and promote oneness in the hearts of the children.

Vertical occupational gender segregation

Vertical segregation occurs when there are gender differences with clustering of males and females at different levels within the same profession. Key factors here were notions of competitiveness and " the reinforcement of a masculine culture around these jobs" Vertical segregation creates a glass ceiling, meaning an invisible barrier which prevents women from gaining promotion, β†’

Liability of law enforcement officers wk7

The mother filed a lawsuit against the city, its police and three officers that she was talking to on the phone; however the judgment was in their favor, and all of the lawsuits were objected. Police is indicated that the law in their hands and no one recalls that it is not the Law who β†’

Comprehensive financial document for a small health care organization

The method that will be used in this report is zero based budgets and some parts will be based on incremental budgeting principles, The main advantage of Zero based budgeting process is the fact that the previous inefficiencies in the budgets are removed from the equation; a clean slate is used when conducting this sort β†’

How to write a term paper

Finally, whatever angle your topic takes, it should be both original in approach and insightful, something the reader will be drawn into and fascinated by.* Take great care not to choose a topic and be so set on how you see the outcome of your paper that you are closed to new ideas and avenues β†’

Social change within developmental psychology

Social Change within Developmental Psychology Developmental psychology is the study of psychological emotions, perceptions and cognitive changes that occur in human beings. Official approaches to implementation of social changes often succeed because the people in power are overprotective of their interests.

Dilemma of ground appeal while rising legal problems

These are overt acts to show that it is owned and customarily being kept but these options were not exercised by the Davis' which negates liability for the injuries of Mr.Fong. Davis cannot transfer or transmit any right pertaining to the stray dog, they cannot be held liable for the injuries sustained by Mr.

Questions for tell them who i am by elliot liebow

They however loitered looking for casual jobs to do so that they could survive every day or received help from social workers and the men in their lives.2. Most of the women in the shelter were from poor families that were financially unstable, and when the situation worsened, they ran to the shelter.

California oil spill sparks state of emergency

California oil Spillage Sparks of Emergency California Oil Spillage Sparks of Emergency Some of the engineeringcatastrophes that have recently hit the world include a chain of oil spills. That solely focused on the California Oil Spillage that even sparked the State of Emergency.

The epistle of paul the apostle to the galatians

The Epistle of Paul the Apostle to the Galatians The letter of Paul to the Galatians is about reinforcing the faith of the Galatians to Christianism and Jesus Christ himself. He pointed out the importance of Jesus Christ's sacrifice on the cross as a means of redemption for all those who believed in him; β†’

Marketing management term paper guidel

Selling Is preoccupied with the seller's need to convert his product Into cash; marketing with the idea of satisfying the needs of the customer by means of the product and the cluster of things associated with creating, delivering, and finally consuming it. The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well β†’

Financial theories – capital asset pricing model, borrowing at risk-free rates, availability of risk-free assets, zero transaction costs, homogeneous investor expectations

The following are the assumptions that have the CAPM to fail in empirical tests thereby rendering most of its applications invalid. The model assumes a tax-free investment trading and again that the returns on investment are not affected by the taxes.

Certified registered nurse anesthetist term paper example

The CRNA administers the drugs for induction of anesthesia, temporal blockage of sensation to enable the surgery to be conducted to the patients without feeling pain. The CRNA as well checks the vital signs of the patient during surgery and in some situations adjust the anesthesia level as necessary.

As a department head in the hospital, you and your colleagues need to decide on whether to purchase new equipment

In an operating lease, the lessor would bear the cost of reduction in the value of the asset, but in the case of a capital lease, this would be transferred to the lessee. A lease is considered to be a capital lease if the terms of lease contain a bargain price option, the lease term β†’

Adult learners in higher education and training

This will also help in projecting the expectation at the end of the learning contract. Finally, there is a need for the teacher for formulating specific objects to be accomplished after the learning contract.

Good history term paper example

One of the main roles in this period played the rum - the result of the distillation of sugarcane. The popularity of tea has stimulated demand for crockery, moreover, according to the author, in the history of tea were reflected the scope and power of the British Empire.

Business in the international enviroemnt

This rapid economic growth China has moved to settle on a second place in the world after the United States in terms of the size of the economy. The country has grown to be the largest exporter of the products in the world and has the second world largest economy.

Soils and highways laboratory: california bearing ratio

The procedure comprised of; compaction of the soil sample into a standard CBR mould, placement of the mould on the plunger, application of the force at a uniform rate, and recording of the results at various intervals. 58% at the penetration of 2.

Effects of globalization on economies of developing nations

According to Brown and Lauder, globalization limits the expansion of industries in developing nations. In conclusion, globalization has both positive and negative effects on developing nations.

Free term paper on workshop 6: glam being glam (galleries, libraries, archives & museums)

A SUMMARY OF WHAT WAS REFLECTED AND LEARNT IN THE 7 WORKSHOPS FOR INN634 Introduction Workshop 1: 8th March - The Reflective Practitioner A reflective practitioner is a person who regularly reflect the work they have done and its progress and looks for a way of improving it to a better standard. I view β†’

Nursing term paper example

Although professions differ in terms of qualification, applicability, and prestige, they adhere to the code of conduct and profession ethics, which differ from one profession to the other. Adhere to the codes of conduct: A nurse has the responsibility of working effectively with other co-workers and follow orders of the doctor diligently and in outmost β†’

Term papers essay

It is important to recognize the crucial role of education in contributing to building a culture of peace and condemning instances in which education is undermined in order to attack democracy and tolerance. In a time when the value of homes are decreasing and the price of food is rising, saving money is the only β†’