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Reading response for a&p

When the girls were done with their shopping they went to Sammy's line to check out and that's when Lengel the store manager comes out and confronts the girls. Sammy was very upset with the whole incident and told his manager he wanted to quit and that he could have confronted the girls in a →

Sociology of education response

The principal, as head of the educational organization that is the school, mediates between the school staff and everyone outside the school. Overall, the principal has to keep a balance between the internal and external functions of the school, and apply himself to both sides of the job equally and effectively.

How to think theologically (httt) chapters 2,3 reading responses

Hermeneutics is the branch of knowledge dealing with the interpretation of texts. Seemingly, Christology is the branch of theology concerned with the nature and role of Christ.

Disaster response & recovery

Disaster Response & Recovery Plan of the of the Disaster Response & Recovery Plan Introduction In the present era, the USA and its citizens need to be well prepared for any untoward incident, from a terrorist attack to a weather related catastrophe. To alert citizens to this mode of communication, I would ask the local →

Free an interpretative response to “saving sourdi” essay sample

For Nea, the relationship between her and Sourdi is sacred, and every person that infringes on that relationship is perceived as an enemy. We may state that even the title of the short story " Saving Sourdi" conveys an important message: Nea tries to rescue her sister from any danger, although she does not understand →

Response to article

The textbooks seek to pronounce the strengths of American history by glorifying the country, and presenting its leaders as heroes, instead of including the weaknesses and misjudgments of the leaders. Loewen and Freire's observations highlight the importance of reevaluating the American education system, in terms of the content in some of the subjects, and in →

Shoe-horn sonata and changi – distinctly visual extended response

The use of techniques in both texts allows the audience to understand the effects of war on the individual and the impact of the experiences encountered. This then shapes the perception and meaning of concerns and experiences to make the audience think of the interrelationship between the two women and the heroic deeds of women →

Case study – no response from monitor twenty three

HIS Job performance Is hindered by constraints such as his work environment, his home environment, stresses, mood, and the management style of his superior. The next constraint to his Job performance is the leadership style and characteristics of his superior.

Reading response

The identity of wanting more, wanting to have everything you desire and can visualize, the dream to be successful in life, the rich and powerful. From my reading of " The More Factor", Shame has the opinion that it is already part of the culture of Americans to desire for more, however, I should say →

Quanitative problem statement surrounding the development of a rapid response team to reduce codes outside of the icu

Quantitative problem ment surrounding the development of a rapid response team to reduce s outside of the ICU When a patient outside of theintensive care unit develops cardiac or respiratory arrest a code is provided, as a set of quality data for monitoring of patients outside the intensive care units. The scope and nature of →

Editorial: sexual dimorphism of the immune inflammatory response in infectious and non-infectious diseases

Editorial on the Research Topic Sexual Dimorphism of the Immune Inflammatory Response in Infectious and Non-infectious Diseases With the emergence of the concept of personalized medicine, it is particularly interesting and important to uncover the mechanisms behind the differences observed in the physiopathology of many human diseases between males and female. The article by Spolarics →

The value of artistic responses to 9/11: “september 11, 2001” and “falling man”

Although this is true for the entirety of the play, the effects of this technique are particularly evident as Vinaver imitates key moments in the timeline of the 9/11 attack. Jean Baudrillard, in his article " The Spirit of Terrorism", alludes to this notion of context being superimposed onto the image: " In this case, →

Response paper for art

The name of this work is " Moulin Rouge: La Goulue," and it was created by Lautrec two years after the launching of the dance hall and drinking garden of Moulin Rouge boulevard de Clichy in the year of 1889. One of the art elements that can be noticed in the picture is the way →

Model literary response essays – prompts

Prompts: Tone is the mood or feeling the author intends the reader to experience. Poe now adds to the tone with more suspense and a feeling ofanxietyto whether the man will confess to the murder.

Swedish government response to prostitution

Because the Swedish laws base their alignment on the underlying principle of the gender equality policy, the government approaches prostitution from a perspective of gender equality and human rights by prohibiting the purchase of sexual services criminalizing the buyers. The Swedish and Nevada models are examples of government choices in regulating prostitution.

Response: commentary: elimination of left-right reciprocal coupling in the adult lamprey spinal cord abolishes the generation of locomotor activity

A commentary on Commentary: Elimination of Left-Right Reciprocal Coupling in the Adult Lamprey Spinal Cord Abolishes the Generation of Locomotor Activity by Cangiano, L, and Grillner, S. Third, the previous commentary stated that in our study, the presence of rostral muscle burst activity prior to a more caudal spinal transection was not a convincing test →

The confusions of young törless as a response to wilhelmine politics and ideals

Their cruel treatment of Basini resembles fascist militaristic practices of obedience and discipline; indeed, Beineberg and Reiting represent the ideals during the rein of Wilhelm II, which can be directly correlated to World War I and postwar fascist dictatorships. When a friend of these two in the novel refused to do something they asked, Beineberg →

Response: commentary: correlation between patent foramen ovale, cerebral “lesions” and neuropsychometric testing in experienced sports divers: does diving damage the brain?

In our Discussion, we have taken the time to explain some of the limitations of the studies that can be found in the literature. Risk of decompression illness among 230 divers in relation to the presence and size of patent foramen ovale.Eur.

Response to colleen wenke’s “too much pressure” about cheating in school essay sample

While she is clear in convincing the reader that the main cause of cheating is " Too Much Pressure," she does not effectively persuade him or her that it is an imminent concern and is vague in her proposed solutions to the problem. In the first paragraph, Wenke puts the reader in the perspective of →

Cyber security: threats, response and improvement

As President Obama explained, the growing number of attacks on our cyber networks has become " one of the most serious economic and national security threats our nation faces." This increased threat explains the increase in the cyber security field, task force work, watchdog groups and government agencies over the past decade." Cyber security," as →

Alcohol dehydrogenase in plant response to drought

Analysing the functions of these genes is critical for understanding of the molecular mechanisms governing plant stress response and tolerance, ultimately leading to enhancement of stress tolerance in crops through genetic manipulation. The most practical definition of a biological stress is an adverse force or a condition, which inhibits the normal functioning and well being →

Haspin modulates the g2/m transition delay in response to polarization failures in budding yeast

The atypical protein kinase haspin has been shown to be involved in the promotion of a proper alignment of the chromosomes on the metaphase plate and in cell polarity. If the morphogenetic insult is prolonged, in the absence of both Alk1 or Swe1, cells fail to arrest and undergo multiple rounds of DNA replication as →

Reading response # 3

In order to argue whether there is really a clash of civilization as suggested by Huntington or the reaction is just Muslim or Arab Phobia, it is important to understand the roots of this conflict and how this difference emerged. The current arrogance against Muslims and Arabs therefore is part of that perception that Arabs →

Response journal 5

According to the CNN article, Transocean, the owner of the rig is blaming BP for its missteps which caused the spill. Another important implication of the engineering decisions that led to the oil spill is in the area of politics.

Inflammatory dendritic cells contribute to regulate the immune response in sickle cell disease

The development of DCs and their differentiation to a specific cell subtype depends on the cytokines released in the microenvironment, and the bloodstream of patients with SCD contains greater amounts of GM-CSF and IL-3, which are determinants in the development of cDCs and pDCs, respectively. In other experiments, the cells were counted and incubated with →

In a desired response on the part

In this process what the advertiser would want to implement is the stimuli that will be most effective in evolving a desired response on the part of the prospect. Advertising designed to create demand for a type of product comes under the category of primary demand advertising.

Short response

It is a general understanding to people that philosophy is merely a study or an intense field of the academe. Philosophy is a lifestyle in the sense that it develops one to find answers to life's many profound and meaningful questions.

Argument( debate/dialogue) and response paper between two person

Aristotle sees polis as a village that had reached a state of full sufficiency and one that existed for the sake of bringing good to the society and those in it. Given the fact that the king is in charge of everything, there is no political liberty in the polis, and the residents are forced →

The body’s response to acute exercise essay

If you go out on a jog, most of this is powered by the aerobic system, but the start of the jog is needs to create ATP so that the heart and lungs have enough oxygen and can saturate the blood before the aerobic system can kick in. When the heart and lungs have caught →

S5w7qs response

The United States should also check on Iraq's neighbors like Syria and Iran to ensure that they do not fund sections that cause violence in Iraq. Security Policies: the United States should help to empower the Iraq's security forces to take a major role in containing sectarianism, violence, and insurgency.

Commentary: a possible mechanism of zika virus associated microcephaly: imperative role of retinoic acid response element (rare) consensus sequence repeats in the viral genome

All this was the substance of our paper published last year which necessitates the possibility of integration of a positive strand RNA virus genome into the host genome as a starting premise. The current paradigm is that DNA transcribed from the RNA of these viruses does not exist in the host genome; and it requires →

Natives responses to modernity

As they migrated, the Indians encountered different cultures and even when they encountered land that was different from the one they used to know they resolved to burn it in order to transform it to the original land that they used to know. In this essay, I will discuss the numerous ways in which the →

Reading response

Therefore, Wal-Mart is of benefit to the underprivileged members of the community. He states that this policy is helping employees, and so it would be unfair to blame the company.

A response to kant’s first analogy of experience

Leibniz, one of the famous philosophers, once wrote, " I believethat the consideration of a substance is one of the most important and fruitful points inphilosophy." Kant expressed his agreement for this statement in the way he presented the " First Analogy of Experience". In this part, Kant's primary objective is to explain the conditions →

Response: commentary: morphologically distinct escherichia coli bacteriophages differ in their efficacy and ability to stimulate cytokine release in vitro

A commentary on Commentary: Morphologically Distinct Escherichia coli Bacteriophages Differ in Their Efficacy and Ability to Stimulate Cytokine Release In Vitro by Dufour, N, Henry, M, Ricard, J.-D, and Debarbieux, L. Despite the suggestion to the contrary provided by the Dufour et al.commentary, the reduction and quantification of endotoxin in phage preparations remains an active →

Martin luther king quote response essay

I understand why people are upset of the decision the judge in charge of the trail, but it was also wrong for people to riot and destroy the city property in their rage of injustice. It is destroying other people's home and property that are not involved in the acts of violence of the angry →

R848 is involved in the antibacterial immune response of golden pompano ( trachinotus ovatus ) through tlr7/8-myd88-nf-κb-signaling pathway

Subsequently, the cells were incubated with R848 and the proliferation of the cells was determined as described above. Then, R848 was added to the cells, and the proliferation of the cells was detected as described above.

Response to “the survival lottery”

The proposal of the survival lottery mainly centres on the claim that there is no difference between killing and letting die, and that leaving Y and Z to die without any interventions would be the same as murdering them. This loss of security or terror in society is a form of pain that is not →

Speak response to literature

The foreshadowing presented several times in the story reinforces the mystery and the intrigue in the reader as it discovers and resolves the conflict and causes of it. The author does this to emphasize a sense of interest, charm and curiosity as a hook to capture the reader's attention from the beginning to build up →

The eve of st agnes: my response

Initially ' The Eve of St Agnes' is set in a medieval period ' long ago', which you can determine from the distinct use of archaic language; ideas of chivalry and patriarchy are evoked at the use of this time period thus the ongoing theme of the supernatural, demonstrated by Madeline's firm belief in The →

Guest lecture response paper #+

In the recent past, John has gone around the world promoting sustainability in the development of physical structures. Additionally, energy saving is a critical component in building physical structures, and it is essential to ensure that the materials used are effective in meeting the objectives of sustainability in building.

Response to shame by dick gregory essay

As I was reading the writer's background I found out that he was a comedian and I automatically assumed that this story was going to be funny and I was wrong. When I was in high school, my parents had to file a bankruptcy and we had to move to a studio which was a →

Comparative analysis of the united states’ justification for war in response to the pearl harbor and 9/11 attacks

The Pearl Harbor Attacks and the Justification for War Used by the United States On December 7, 1941, Imperial Japan conducted an organized military attack on the Naval Station in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.[1]The attacking force used marked Japanese planes, identifying their national affiliation, and the seamen at the base were caught by surprise, unprepared for →

Fast food nation: responses to quotes

This is one aspect of working in the fast-food industry? and many others alike? that needs to be changed. People need to understand that all of these major companies are only in for the money and using the workers for it.

Response paper: facing famine, my daily dives in the dumpster, what’s in your toothpaste

Together, the authors provide harsh insight regarding health conditions in relation to famine and disease in third world countries, as well as, challenging common views arguing on the truth behind toothpaste, and the perceptions held of everyday dumpster divers finding food from dumpsters and their " unhealthy" lifestyles. Clearly, the government is in the same →

Response to the 9/11 attacks

I was quite young to understand the events of that day but I remember that all the television networks in my country kept covering the events at the World Trade Centre, especially the striking of the South Tower. In Mayblum's statement to the terrorists, he cited that they did not destroy us." Us" meant America →


While I consent with your opinion that strategies to help Danny at home need to be such that Danny finds interesting, I am curious to know if there are games that can help a child learn Math beyond the basics. I think a more practicable solution would be to involve parents in this process since →

We 2 &3 response

However, the use of alternative judgment would have a positive impact to the prisons by reducing overcrowding and rehabilitation of offenders. This facilitates allocation of resources to the offenders whose change would have a positive influence.

Mother tongue reading response

The way Tan's mother speaks effects the native English speaker think that she is not able to express her thoughts perfectly and do not want to communicate with her. The second section how her mother's limited English affects how she is treated and how Tan's English was restricted.

Response toni morrison’s the bluest eyes

It is evident that there is a lacking of details about the main character and a novel in general. Her behavior is explained by a girl's desire to avoid hardships and challenges of the modern racist world.

Ap english exam free response essay

This major difference separates the essay in terms of the approaches each of the writers took and this more than anything is very likely to land one man in the happy seat of a bridegroom and the other in the onely seat of a bachelor.Mr. Collins, the writer of the first passage, is far from →

America’s antiterrorism response: the patriot act.

Those who feel the patriot act is going to protect us from harm fail to see the dark side of the legislation which is relinquishing us of our rights guaranteed to us in the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. The USA Patriot Act or the Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required →

A reader response critque of a rose for emily

" A Rose for Emily" is a story about a girl that suffers from a fear of change. Ministers and doctors called trying to persuade her to let them dispose of the body and just as they were about to resort to law and force she broke down, and buried her father quickly.

It takes two to tango response

Here is to record what it is that is being supplied, the standards of the commodity, the quantity of the product, magnitudes of delay and failure to exceed or meet expected requirements. One should factor in the state of staff experience considering the expertise and knowledge in transportation and warehousing with the potential provider's management →

Flexible resource allocation during plant defense responses

Darwin cited the " law of compensation or balancement of growth" of Saint-Hilaire and Goethe from the early nineteenth century, quoting Goethe:" The budget of nature is fixed; but she is free to dispose of particular sums by an appropriation that may please her. For example, the roots and stems of many tree species alternate →

Reader response

Her reason for settling in Stella's place was because her place was no longer compatible. At her arrival at Stella's, she asked her sister why she was not impressed by her presence "....

Bio-terrorism preparedness and response module 3 slp mhe 507

Of Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response: An Attempt for a Resolution The program involving bio-terrorism is a direct response of the U.S.ities to the 2001 anthrax attack; shortly after the attack, clinicians in particular and the public health officials in general " were overwhelmed" by the numerous requests for suspicious powders to be evaluated in the →

Reading response

The First Voyager and the American Conquest Summary The diary is about the first voyager, the contingent by Christopher Columbus. The desire to explore the eastern world led to the then British empire to send explorers to the east.

National response plan on homeland security

This plan complimented the key missions of the homeland security of preventing or intervening in all cases of security breach that could lead to injuries, loss of lives and damage to properties. Thus, the local government had the role of coordinating of incident response at the local level.

Two kinds of response to the challenges of the xx century: freud’s pessimism versus camus’ optimism

That was a " good old world" of progress and orderliness in the late 19th century crashed down in the flame of the First World War. Most basically, he attempted to explain what does mankind exist for, and in the Civilization and Its Discontents he finally melancholically observed that " The question of the purpose →

How has modern technology improved emergency response capabilities

Future is full of new possibilities in the fields of technology for emergency communication in the time of disasters. New technologies can help in making feasible the public safety communications and inter-state relations strategy is critical in the application of such technologies.

A response to a people’s history of the united states flashcard

The first Jamestown colonists were struggling with their new environment due to the fact that they were ignorant of the ability to grow food and could not depend upon the Indians' help forced or otherwise due to the fact that they were outnumbered and were already on bad terms with them. Even though the Europeans →

The respiratory lungs buffer response biology essay

The paper investigates the role of the lungs in overseeing stabilization of blood pH. In adjusting, the pace and deepness of breathing, the brain plus the lungs direct the blood pH.

Commentary: increased prefrontal activity with aging reflects nonspecific neural responses rather than compensation

They suggested PASA was a compensatory mechanism and were able to show that performance was positively correlated with age-related increases in PFC activity and negatively correlated with age-related decreases in occipital activity, during both an episodic retrieval task and a visual perception task. M, and Henson, R.N.A.

Understandings and responses to paedophilia

The concept of paedophilia started to formulate as an object of scientific study in the mid ninetieth century, as a part of the broader context of sexual deviations. Regardless of the existence, or rather the lack of it, of a unanimous definition of paedophilia, what is the right way to proceed with convicted paedophiles?


Acquisition engine comprises of several important elements, the most important element is the HR team and they should stick around for long, retaining them is extremely important and it is always important to have the core of the company stick around for long so that they can help the company achieve short term and long →

Reading response

This was a strong approach to the explanation of the world's enhancement in the stated aspects. Durkheim argued that the society should work in unity for the betterment of the world.

Commentary: viewing photos and reading nouns of natural graspable objects similarly modulate motor responses

The authors explained that this delay in motor responses following the images or nouns of graspable objects is a proof of the motor cortex involvement in the semantic processing of objects that afford a motoric action. Ellis and Tucker in a series of behavioral investigations have suggested that the affordance effect is slow and gradually →

Text of chapter 7 has been downloaded and attached -resources: ch. 7 of society compose an apa formatted 200- to 300-word response to the following:

According to Merton, the strain between our culture's emphasis on success and the lack of the means of some to attain it may encourage some people especially the poor to do drugs and to steal." Virtually every society in the world tries to control the behaviour of women more than of men". Out-of-wedlock births on →

Philosophy of david hume in response to rene descartes

Show how the philosophy of David Hume was a response to the philosophy of Rene Descartes, and how the Philosophy of Immanuel Kant was a response to the philosophy of David Hume. Since an a priori knowledge is essential to rationalists, Descartes subjects the ' senses' to doubt and substantiates his perspective of rationalism with →

Editorial: molecular basis of the response of photosynthetic apparatus to light and temperature stress

Editorial on the Research Topic Molecular Basis of the Response of Photosynthetic Apparatus to Light and Temperature Stress The fast growing world population requires an increase in plant productivity. Photosynthesis is an intricate and crucial function in plant productivity, and the ability of plants to adapt to changing environments is related to the plasticity of →

Media effectiveness of humanitarian responses to crises

Many articles and books have argued the importance of media as an actor in enabling humanitarian response and that media has the assumed power to influence and drive local and international government, humanitarian agencies and non-governmental organisation to formulate responses to crises, such as policy responses, delivery of aid and interventions, to save lives and/or →

Corrigendum: zika virus infection results in biochemical changes associated with rna editing, inflammatory and antiviral responses in aedes albopictus

In the original article, we neglected to include funding from Pacific Southwest Regional Center of Excellence for Vector-Borne Diseases funded by the U.S. Its content is solely the responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official views of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention or the Department of Health and Human →

Growth and yield response of chinese cabbage essay sample

According to Muller, photoperiodism is the influence of light exposure of different duration of plant growth and development. A meter stick is used to measure the height of the plants.

Response to an article od the new york time

Having observed in my own community, the variety in the said parental stimulation that occurs from family-to-family has produced diverse results in the cognitive, social, as well as in the emotional development of the children. It is in this premise that, I concur with what was presented in the article, " Understanding ' Ba Ba →

Usa: threats, challenges and responses

The country faces some threats and challenges about the prosperity as the natural disasters are a big threat to the peace and prosperity of the country. United States is taking step to make appropriate strategies for the security of its people and the partners of the country.

Response to article

Generation Y in the Workplaces Emily Thatcher in the article how those millennials will make the workplace better for every one recons on the changes expected in the corporate society in the near future. I believe that the corporate society will have to change to accommodate generation y since they need new and young blood →

Week 2 response papers

Hardin foresees the world reaching its human carrying capacity in the near future and advocates for the practice of sustainability in respect of regulating reproduction rights. In agreement with the student post, teaching people and making them aware of the consequences of their actions can play a lot in changing people's negative behavior.

Roth response

The Human Stain: A Novel The Human Stain is the final novel of the trilogy written by Phillip Roth about the post World War II American life. The novel, The Human Stain, is narrated by Nathan Zuckerman who was a neighbor to Coleman Silk, the protagonist in the story.

Response: night by eliezer wiesel

Wiesel continues to shift his attitude as he notes that things such as the crematorium's tall chimney, and the begrudging way he now gave his father his soup, no longer shocked him they way they would have at the beginning of his time in concentration camps. As he stopped believing in the grandeur of God, →

Analysis of colours and human response towards user dining experiences

Colour is the belongings possessed by an object, infinite, or surfaces that produces different esthesiss on the oculus as a consequence of the manner the object reflects or emits visible radiation and how does the oculus recognizes while the encephalon interprets. The seven colorss of the spectrum all have changing wavelength and frequences ensuing different →

Response to baby makes 3 essay

The " mother" in the family is also a man. With the development of society and technology, it is possible to start a family between homosexual.

Writing two responses

This blog is an eye opener on how the education sector which has been rigid for a very long time can use technology to improve the performance of the students. This is because it can help both the teachers and students who have been hard hit by the entry of social media and the internet →


Luther used a new edition in the Greek New Testament in 1516 to attack the practices and indulgences of the roman church. Post#2: The author was not successful in making me think that the Roman Catholic Church attacked the protestant church and the new writings, although I feel that the Roman church defended itself instead →

Sociology of aging- classmate response 11

However, I felt that she was not aware that in-text references cannot be used without inserting the full reference information on her reference page. Nonetheless, it is worth considering that Cortez engages the readers more into her discussion because she provides real-life examples of a person in the aging population, her grandmother.

Response to progressive reforms

Response to Progressive Reforms and American Capitalism Drafts Response to Progressive Reforms and American Capitalism Drafts Rough draft 1 The writer of rough draft one notes from the beginning that progressive reform did not restrain the power of American capitalism, but the reform rather altered the strategies that the capitalists used against the Americans. In →

Absent joining chain effect on immune response

Results The experimental results of the four experiments produced findings that correlate to and support the hypothesis of the study, i.e, J -/- mice have compromised T-cell dependent immune response. J-chain deficient mice have a defective priming of T-helper cells The results of a carrier priming experiment confirmed that the T lymphoid, and not the →

The crisis of campus rape and appropriate response

Even though this is a suggestion that the analysis will put forward, it is likely to take place; due to the fact that colleges and universities around the nation are secretly hiding sexual assault statistics in the hopes that these crimes will not paint a given university in a negative light within the general public. →

Case study – emotions are the psychological responses

The employees belong to efferent background and different culture which makes even more difficult for the organization to understand emotions of the employees. The organization should be in regular contact with the employees so that they could understand the feelings and emotions of the employees.

O.e.a. style response

In this way, although the woman herself is a clear case against the misogyny of the times, the simple nature and stupidity of what could only be described as the " majority" only serves to reinforce the image that was so popular during the times. Lastly, what is of peculiar interest with relation to this →

Response to play: the coloured museum

The theme of the play is the history and identity of the African Americans. This play is of immense significance in the study of black history.

Response paper

The Norwegian government took the stand in the matter, as it observed there are better educated women in the country who were merely discriminated by the male parties. In a few years we will be able to see the full prospective of women who will rise to the occasion and be successive.

Society’s response to crime impacts public policy assignment

While parenting and opportunity can play a part in committing crimes, according to the latent trait theory, the propensity for an individual to commit a crime remains almost stable over a lifetime due to the negative or defective traits. Many of the negative traits that remain stable over an individuals life can actually be attributed →

Response papers week 5

This explains the reason as to why in the students response, the meeting seemed only to be beneficial to the manager as they sought opinions and ideas from the followers who were in most cases felt left out of the meeting. The fact that leaders need followers more than followers need the leaders is also →