Genuine Reflective Essay Examples

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Reflective: developmental psychology activity assignment

In further interpretation of the withering roses, the petals that are falling to the ground could be a representation of my feelings of " letting go" and loss. Considering buds symbolism life and the " new", and withering roses symbolism death and the " old": the amount of buds in comparison to the mount of β†’

In environment and surroundings of pemberley are reflective

The " natural beauty" of the environment and surroundings of Pemberley are reflective of Darcy's self-improvement and lack of pretension and, overall, reveal his underlying and essential goodness. Furthermore, Elizabeth's visit to the manor serves as a catalyst for her emerging affections and her budding romance with Darcy, as she realizes the true nature of β†’

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Reflective report on β€˜cultural shock’

This report aims to: Reflect on the strengths and detriments of my study experience at NTU Develop an understanding of the contrast between my Nigerian, college and University experience Create a better understanding of my potentialacademicopportunities I have the transition to University culture has yielded substantial gains in my scholastic goals: The ability to relate β†’

Reflective summary

Nevertheless, the introductory courses have been very useful in setting a foundation and the diversity in the contents of the course has illuminated my enthusiasm. C, Doerner, E, Jones, J, Kaye, N.

Consolidation and reflective statement on personal learning preference workshop

Reflective and Theorist Learning of Reflective and Theorist Learning Development can be undertaken in many different was. One should underscore the need to be a reflective learner, but not doing reflective learning.

Reflective writing for learning disability nurse

The act of revisiting the individual reflection pieces to present the current summary essay allowed for not only intellectually experiencing what I wrote, but it also allowed me to re-experience each situation and gain a new appreciation for the patients I worked with, the teams I took part in, the pros and cons of each β†’

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Reflective article review – sexual harassment

According to a survey by Crocker and Kalemba in " The Incidence and Impact Of Women's Experiences of Sexual Harassment in Canadian Workplaces", sexually harassed women in the workplace has been considered a contentious social dilemma as half women in the workforce went through incidence of varioustypes of sexual harassmentat work which made sexual harassment β†’

Counselor reflection

Advocacy To be seen as an advocate for " all students" is important to her; for she is an advocate in numerous ways for students, particularly with regard to behavior, motivation, and achievement. Williams feels that she presents herself as a leader in systemic change by delivering to all students an ASCA National Model Program β†’

Reflection essay on transfer of learning

Examples of such transfer are: the knowledge and skills related to schoolmathematicshelp in the learning of statistical computation; the knowledge and skills acquired in terms of addition and subtraction in mathematics in school may help a child in the acquisition of knowledge and skills regarding multiplication and division; learning to play badminton may help an β†’

This reflective essay is centred on pain assessment

For the purpose of the case study I intend to use Gibbs model of reflection as this model is clear, precise allowing for description, analysis and evaluation of the experience, then prompts the practitioner to formulate an action plan to improve their practice in future. Smith's increasing agitation and non- compliance to ventilation I was β†’

Reflective paper 3

I would certainly tell him that the age of 15 years is not ideal to be experimenting with sex. I would tell her about the honor and value of the marital bond.

Explore reflective accounts of the mentor’s developing role using a recognised framework

A number of authors have suggested the use of a learning contract as part of the continual assessment process and as a guide to learning. Burrows highlights the effectiveness of reflective thinking for both enhancing clinical practice and affirming the value of practice and knowledge-in-action to the profession.

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Nursing reflective report example

I learned that for a nurse to exercise his knowledge and practical expertise, he has to deal with the other aspects such as the cultural, professional and ethical aspects of nursing first. Should I take the clinical path of nursing, I can surely use my knowledge about the cultural and professional aspects of nursing in β†’

Reflective sociology

We were asked at the half way mark of the pregnancy if we wanted to take the above mentioned test, but for us it was a no brainer, a combination of our faith, my wife's history being adopted and the fact that we so desperately wanted to have that child meant that regardless of the β†’

Administration of colonoscopy reflective account

Using a model of reflection allows the nurse to re-appraise the care they have delivered to a patient/client and in doing so can evaluate the effectiveness of that care, thus with the intention of influencing future practice for the better. I felt that the nurse spoke to the patient in a degrading way and showed β†’

Gibbs’ reflective cycle

I have come to select the Gibbs reflective framework for this for I feel that through this framework I can better express in a systematic manner the describe the incidents, feelings, and how I was able learn. The patient was then escorted to the anesthetic room and additional checks, verifications, and the sign in was β†’

Importance of reflective practice in counselling

On a personal note, I think what is significant about reflection during the course of our practice in this subject is that I am not just looking back on events and actions that has happened to us in the past, but also I am conscious of my emotions, experiences, actions, and behavioural reactions, and thus β†’

Reflection the boondock saints

Reflections on " The Boondock Saints" Directions: In three paragraphs write your reflections of the Movie " The Boondock Saints", answering the following: 1) What are the ethical issues you see in the movie? Social contract, at the end of the movie people of the state agreed that boondock saints kill trash people, so their β†’

Reflective assignment

Moving on to the task, GLO-BUS business simulation was assigned to us with the task given to work in groups/teams on the operational side of a digital camera company for global market leadership, competing against other rival company's run by other groups/teams and to sustain better performance in sales and marketing economically, environmentally and politically. β†’

Reflective essay – my world

The other world that I live in would be the world of reality, whether I was with my family or my friends they have always reminded me of my dreams and ambitions there to help me with whatever I needed. Since I was a little girl I have always wanted to be a veterinarian and β†’

Self-reflective journal entry

In addition, I was also able to learn the important elements that one needs to be a good leader. In order for one to be a good leader, he or she should recognize the values of this position and distinguish between leadership and simple management.

Reflection on assessment of asthmatic patient

The cycle starts with a description of the situation, next is the analysis of the feelings, third is an evaluation of the experience, fourth stage is an analysis to make sense of the experience, fifth stage is a conclusion of what else could I have done and final stage is an action plan to prepare β†’

T he international programs school – al khobar

The language of instruction is English and the school features: ' ' ' The highest quality American curriculum, well-articulated, and suited to the 21st century. The school is fully accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, and is licensed by the Saudi Ministry of Education.

Reflection essay on huck finn

Throughout the book, Twain uses Huck, the Duke and the King to compare and contrast different forms of lying, and to illustrate how context plays a large role in the moral weight of a deception. Unlike the more serious and character damaging lies of the King and the Duke, Huck's deceptions are, for the most β†’

Reflective analysis: management project

The title of the topic received was ' The Feasibility of Selling to the World's Poor by the Multinational Organizations as a Means of Poverty Alleviation' and it was met with the content from the group members meaning that it is a good, interesting and very relevant topic to the group members as some of β†’

Conflict management reflectiveassignment assignment

On reflection of this, my manager was hoping for a win-win for all of us, though at the time I did not see this and chose to enter conflict. After the way I handled my previous conflict at work, this time, I decided to approach this conflict from a different perspective and approach it differently.

Reflective memo

As I reflect upon all the compositions that I have written, I can confidently say one of my favorites was the final research paper, because it allowed me o write about something I as a author had interest in and feel very strongly about, which was a great incentive to work to my fullest potential, β†’

How to write a reflective essay

This means you need to approach writing such essays in a particular way: Be aware of the need to relate practice back to theory. How did events compare with the predictions made by theoretical models How can events help you to understand theory Learn to be selective: pick out those bits of theory which seem β†’

Reflective assignment on inter professional education

In this assignment I will use Gibbs model of reflection to reflect on some of the work that the group and myself carried out and ways in which it could be improved. If this had happened again and the original idea was a definite favourite of the group I think the group should approach the β†’

The reflective report audit trail nursing essay

It was not my first time to speak in the public but I still felt nervous and resulted in me left out some parts that I was going to say. I believe that proper planning is the key to managing my time well.

Economics topics i’ve studied

The objectives for week two Include Identifying production level to maximize profits, explaining balancing fixed and variable costs, and applying economic cost concepts In making business decisions. The objectives for week two include identifying production level to maximize profits, explaining balancing fixed and variable costs, and applying economic cost concepts in making business decisions.

Psychology reflective essay

First of all I got the classical conditioning explain by Pavlov's and Watson's experiments, from my personal opinion I must confess that I have been learned a lot about of associations with several situations that happened during my daily routine, for example I often have problems to control my desire to go to the bathroom β†’

Reflective paper on baldridge principles, organizational issues, personal and organizational learning

Reflective Paper on the Baldridge Criteria Number The importance of the plethora of various personal and organizational lessons that I have gained over the past days' keen discourse on the principles and organizational issues of the Baldridge criteria can only be understated. In the end, I strongly reckon that the Baldridge criteria is indeed a β†’

Reflective learning journal

It is time to write the Reflective learning Journal at the end of this semester to conclude what we have learned from the Economics and Finance Engagement Project. In the tender documents I have mentioned that there are three units relevant to the project which is Investment, Project Management, and Statistics.

Reflective essay: my greatest weakness

I do not know how I came to have this low self-esteem, but I do know it is a problem I absolutely have to fix. Because of this weakness of mine, I often give up on my self-development goals, thinking that I am never going to accomplish them anyway.

Reflective paper organisational dialogue

I began to understand that management is about creating an environment to communicate through different mediums: verbal and visual in varying forums; formal meetings, face-to-face meetings, and graphical representations of key messages on the shop floor and around the offices. Furthermore, I support the recommendations of Dixon for management to engage employees and involve them β†’

Reflective writing on ocenia essay sample

The key to the survival and nourishment of the people of Oceania was their capability to navigate through the ocean from island and their craftsmanship in crafting and constructing seaworthy vessels. The Pacific was in fact the first of world's greatest oceans to be discovered whereby the stories of the migration could verify a strong β†’

Gibbs reflective cycle 1988 nursing essay

Confidentiality has been maintained at all times and names of individuals have been changed, I have also gained permission from the family of the patient and for the purposes of this essay I will call the patient Mr Taylor To analyse this critical incident I will use Gibb's reflective cycle. On arriving I was met β†’

Reflective consolidation paper for global leadership business essay

The paper depicts the reflection of the author's leadership journey and the complexity involve in developing strong leadership skills over the period of time. The appropriate leadership values tends to define the character of the leader and it's important to highlight it with determination as it helps to influence the team in the best possible β†’

The labour government in 1960-1970

' The record of Labour governments in the years 1964 and 1979 was one of continuousfailure.' Asses the validity of this view. The Wilson and Callaghan government tried to control inflation by issuing a policy of wage restraint.

My educational philosophy a reflective comparison

As an educationist I need to be enthusiastically attentive of the place I participate in a pupil 's existence. A In any circumstance I will help pupils in their hunt of their individuality immediate to the extended ends of instruction.

Reflective essay on structured interviews

" the way you structured the gave me ideas in my head in how I wanted the interview to go" The key point during the interview, I thought, was when J.spoke about how he wanted the interview to go and what questions and information he wanted to find out. The mentor has to balance β†’

Ethics game: reflective summary assignment

The ethical dilemma again is how the player works through the steps in the Bird Method to arrive at the most effective solution. Ins the method a person in position to make a decision will consider what all the facts of the issue are, who is responsible, consider vat the virtuous decision is and what β†’

Reflective piece on causes of job satisfaction

In an article discussing the benefits of being in a satisfying job, Zarin Bathena describes how important it is to feel fulfilled in a job not only for the employee, but for the company as a whole. Learning the ins and outs of a company is vital to a successful employee and having the mentality β†’

Reflective account: ethical dilemma treating cancer

To comply with the Nursing and Midwifery Code of Conduct and maintain confidentiality all names have been changed and therefore for the purpose of this reflection the patient will be referred to as Bob. I felt that in order to ensure Bob's rights were protected and to give him the opportunity to be involved in β†’

Reflective journal m02

In my readings, I was struck by the observation of Pride, Hughes and Kapoor, that the profit maximization goal is impossible to define, and therefore impossible to achieve, because there is never a satisfactory answer to the question, ' How much profit is enough?' Exactly, businessmen are depicted as greedy and heartless, loving money for β†’

Reflective log on safeguarding

Safeguarding is one of the most basic and the most important thing that effects the working of any setting. How to respond In case of abuse or harmful evidence surrounding children, The various policies, procedures and guidelines on safeguarding.

Conflict resolution reflectiveassignment assignment

Simultaneous to this, the violence spilled over the remains of Sikh communities, with the Delhi anti-Sikh massacre of 1984 being the most notable. According to the four horsemen of the apocalypse approach, it can be said that Sikhs responded to the threat with defense and anger.

Auditing reflective assignment

As an International student I have learned to appreciate the group working style more, even sometime I have difficulties in communicating with my other roof members, yet this is one of the challenges and opportunities for me in my university learning process. Cooperation Is another aspect I have pick up In this group work, whenever β†’

Reflective practice and professional development

The trainers are responsible for the health and safety of themselves and learners during sessions and have a responsibility to bring to the attention of the team manager anything that arises during their sessions. All of the roles are responsible for discipline and classroom management, the trainer is responsible for the discipline and management of β†’

How to deal with reflective journal writing essay sample

The text of a reflective journal should be enhanced with plenty of details and facts, giving the target reader an opportunity to fully emerge in the narration and get the main sense easily. A task of students working on the delivery of a reflective journal assignment is to make weekly journal entries to be able β†’

Reflective practice in nursing communication

To achieve this I will explain what reflection practice is using models of reflection; evaluate theories of personal development what they are and how they are used. Describe some of the different theories and models of reflection that are available and how they are used.

Reflective account of child gsa

I believe that everyone it is unique in their own way and to fully assess someone it takes a lot of care, understanding and information in order to take the right decisions for that person and provide the best care /therapeutic program so that they can grow and develop furthermore. The decision was consulted with β†’

World lit reflective statement

Ultimately, by watching the lives of those around her and the role of traditions and cultures that playing their lives, Hang finds her individuality and her destiny at the end of the book when she has grown enough to differentiate and develop an opinion of her own. There are definite cultural reasons for the characters β†’

Defining reflective practice and identifying advantages and implications nursing essay

This assignment aims to address the definition of reflective practice, advantages and disadvantages associated, implications of reflective practice and how to improve reflection within healthcare. Reflection re-examines the individual experiences or feelings, and the outcome of this is allowing the practitioner to develop a new perception and an appreciation of how the experiences encountered in β†’

Reflection of five minds for the future

Reflection of Five Minds for the Future The concepts and arguments about Gardner's five minds enriched me a lot, and made me think further about the capabilities and skills people should equipped with to handle the new world in the future individually and cooperatively. The subjects in commerce provide opportunities for me to do further β†’

Reflective essay: an effective learning experience essay sample

Through this class I have found a monumental jump in my literary technique and key realizations of the steps that I need to take further enhance my writing skills. This class alone has brought to my attention the problems that I have with organization, structure, syntax, and compatibility of texts.

Social stratification: personal research of future social class

For examples, the prestige and income I will get for being a clinical psychologist may not be that much as in the past. When being a part of the middle class becomes my goal, I can easily conclude what social position I will be in my 40s.

Reflection essay on krispy kreme

MArk- Proposal 1: New product by looking at the consumers wants and by monitoring the competitors - buy or acquire well-known coffee, The problem that Krispy Kreme had was not the ability to not create a new product, but the incorrect timing of the products they made. The best thing they could have done was β†’

Reflective response to dan pink: the puzzle of motivation

The foundation of the theory of management was on the idea that work was uninteresting and that unless there is an introduction of an external force, it will never be accomplished as planned. In a nutshell, he advocates autonomy, mastery and purpose and explains as follows; that autonomy to be provided to the employees to β†’

Als reflective thinking essay

I am one who will take criticism and can listen even though I may not like what I am hearing, but in turn apply those criticisms and make a better me. I am one who wants people to come to be with their troubles so I can help, I am the one who wants to β†’

Strategies for effective teaching

However when we go onto the fireground and undertake real life scenarios, we use a more Inductive learning approach, by utilising students as observers, the intent is for the students to recognise the command principles being put into place by another student.* This is then re-affirmed in immediate feedback between the students and the teaching β†’

Reflective diary on presentation

Presentation As I know from my lecturer in class of Enterprises Development, presentation is a " performance, and like any actor, you must rehearse, rehearse, rehearse." I do not find myself as a good in presentation as presenter. From my classmate's presentation in class, I learned that preparation and practice of verbal and non-verbalcommunicationare very β†’

Reflective journal assignment

BY PhDKaur Reflective Journal Assignment 3 i) Reflect on your portfolio of professional development in order to demonstrate how your practice has developed across the Reflect on the GTC research 'How does collaborative Continuing Professional Development for teachers of the 5-16 age range affect teaching and learning? " Reflect on the role of the β†’

Reflection about

This film made me feel so disturbed and uncomfortable, seeing what it actually happened in those towers, the Pentagon, how people were running for their lives, how they were struggling to get out and survive the hell that hey lived in, and the death of all the people that were in those planes. Also I β†’

Reflective reading

According to one of the Chinese women, studying in the good as it exposes a person to the rest of the world. According to the Chinese student, being socially active in the U.S.goes a great way in helping a person to know others.

Reflective exercise

Full topic and Section # of Green Marketing Introduction Green marketing can be described as greening of the products through thorough understanding of public policy processes along with the alteration of the 4ps, product, price, place and promotion of the market. Green marketing can be achieved by improving the means of production as well as β†’

Reflective assignment

A great majority of those people would fall under the categories of elderly, handicapped, dependent beings, and those who cannot or choose not to think for themselves, and depend on the social system to care for them. Where myself is concerned, I would follow the footsteps of both Vincent and Equality to preserve my " β†’

Reflective case study of year old boy

Description I was told by one of the Doctors In the A&E department, there was a young boy In one of the cubicles that had fallen over and bumped his chin on the seat of a chair as he fell. Banner might have suggested that there was a conflict of feelings due to being a β†’

Reflective commentary: skills

This task basically divided in eight parts followed by: Communication skills Interpersonal skills Self-management skills Intellectual skills Group and tem roles Work experience A personal prospective and Career goal setting By this task I identified and also figured out quality and position of my skills. Skills which I identified from this task I believe, that β†’

A career management reflective report

Career management is based on the consideration of the perspective of the organization. The career management of staffs is the basis of career management and if the basic career needs of staffs cannot be satisfied then the overall career management activities will fail.

The importance of technology in a business organization(reflective journal)

Inferring from the title of the research, it is based on the real world application of technology in business which I have I do not have an experience yet being still a student. First, I realized that the use of technology in business is not just a fad but could actually be a competitive edge β†’

Reflective account of increasing a persons observations

The Chief Nursing Officer described observation as a key area where good practice is essential and that nurses should ' demonstrate an understanding of the benefits and limitations of the use of levels of observation to maximise the therapeutic effect on inpatient units'. On qualification, such a decision will have to be well informed and β†’

Reflective essay on plagiarism

To make sure that the student is serious with work, the possible total marks that can be awarded in the second attempt of the paper is seventy percent and not a hundred in order to make the student to work harder. While there may be different forms of plagiarism, the bottom line is that it β†’

Health visitor reflective essay

The purpose of the discussion was to support Poppy to understand the risks of leaving children unattended in the car and readdress the on-going issue of smoking around the children in confined spaces. The safeguarding of the children is paramount and therefore despite it being a tricky issue to address, it was an issue which β†’


I have always known that I wanted to be a writer. Now I am able to bring out the best of me through my writing.

Example of reflective paper: research in mainstream media and sense of self essay

Although the article is very informal and aims to entertain the audience in addition to providing them with interesting information, it is professional and all key points found in the original research paper by Chandler and Schwarz are included in the text, such as explaining the difference between learned and inborn gestures or the development β†’

A reflective account of the impact of psychosocial and cultural issues nursing essay

She seemed to be having a varied diet, although at her last visit to her GP at the beginning of the year, she was informed that she had impaired fasting glucose. The patient reported that the support of her son had helped her through the grieving process and that she had accepted the loss and β†’

Reflection essay on annotated bibliography

The authors draw on close studies on Faceable journal articles, s well as their own finding from various web articles to identify the cause of social media crisis dramatists by Nestle during the year 2010 and the mitigation factors in social media crisis. The article assesses the shift of business owners traditional suggestion box to β†’

Reflective report on experiences working as a midwife

For this essay which is a reflective essay, I have chosen to write about a pregnant lady and, in order to protect her confidentiality, according to the Nursing and Midwifery's Code of Conduct, I will refer to her as ' Zara'. My placement at the time was on the midwifery led unit in the hospital β†’

Reflective practice

Reflective practice is the capacity to reflect on action so as to engage in a process of continuous learning, which, according to the originator of the term is, one of the defining characteristics of professional practice. Reflection-on-action on the other hand is the idea that after the experience a practitioner analyses their reaction to the β†’

Msc reflective essay life long learning

One of the most important things that I learnt from there was learning through the professionalenvironmentand the development of the staff and students. As a result the effectiveness of the service collaboration and shared learning was stifled.

Animal rights – reflective paper

When it comes to the needless torture of animals that we claim to benefit, the animals lives need to be taken into consideration. It is true that the main difference between humans and other animals is our ability to think and reason.

The psychology of studying-reflective learning

Critical thinkingAn ability to evaluate, to compare, analyze, critique, and experience. OverlearningContinuing to study and learn after you think you have mastered a topic.

Junot diaz treflection

I agreed with everything he had to say and I found the way he evoked his opinions, through casual conversation and a comical tone, to be very effective. As he was talking about this topic, I could not help but compare his style of writing to that of graffiti art.

Reflective essay: grief and bereavement

I acknowledge that adjusting to motherhood and the happiness of my new family life overshadowed the losses I was experiencing, and also my resilience, spirituality and being quite differentiated contributed to my ability to cope, move forward and adjust to yet another segment of my very interesting, challenging and rewarding life. Attachment and meaning, family β†’

Reflective practice is an integral part of developing skills to improve

Through experiencing new situations medical students are able to learn and develop new skills but the level of learning depends on the depth of reflecting of the experience. Reflection in the medical practice can be viewed from three directions; reflection-on action, reflection-in action and reflection-for action.

Hsc 2024 pressure area care

HSC 2024 Pressure area care describe the anatomy and physiology of the skin in relation to skin breakdown and the development of pressure sores ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY The skin is primarily composed of three layers. The next layer of the epidermis is stratum spinosum, which is the first and largest layer of the germinal zone β†’

Reflective leadership plan

I am a product of transformational leadership as I am motivated to perform with great satisfaction and fulfillment as I contribute to the success of our company. According to Avolio and Yammarino, the behavior of a leader is based on a leader's ability to be transformational and charismatic.

Reflective report on clinical education in practice nursing essay

The objectives were to expose the students to public dental health within a school environment and develop some of the skills necessary to convey dental health education to children of different age groups. The students came well prepared, so, after the introductions, I clearly conveyed the learning objectives of the placement as dictated by the β†’

Reflective portfolio of an occupational therapist

For example a CPD portfolio requires a fully up-to-date Curriculum Vitae and a personal statement with a summary of current work and how your CPD improved the quality of your work and the benefits you have provided to your service users. For example an Occupational Therapist because they have such a holistic approach to their β†’

Reflective journal mo4

If I were a manager, then there would be decisions the company would expect me to make personally, due to shortness of time or lack of resources. In the end, if we aspire to be managers of businesses, projects, people, even of our own lives then we must face the task of decision-making with confidence β†’

Reflective journal on interpersonal skills nursing essay

It is the capability of a person to perform in the complexity of the organization as a restrained or subtle, insightful, incisive performer that determines the success as a manager. For a person to work in a group either as a member or a leader in order to achieve a common goal it is essential β†’

A reflective clinical assignment nursing essay

The students questioning the practice of controlling infections in the community arise due to the infections seeming to be a less significant part in the policy formation. There is also the aspect of the literature emphasizing the inclusion of new agents in the process of research.

Twelfth night reflective paper

However, in independent study, the students are able to produce something of their own imagination, and according to their satisfaction with the result. The theme in this play that is present today in people's lives is that love can be a source of pain.

Self reflective course concept

Self Reflective Concept Instructions Introduction Business is defined as the process of identifying a need in the society that could be measured in monetary terms, gathering the necessary resources inform of labor and capital and other resources that are required in the production of the said product or service, implementing the idea by starting the β†’