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One dogma of police ethics: gratuities and the democratic ethos of policing

This paper re-examines the public discourse on the moral hazards of the acceptance of gratuities offered by certain segments of the general public and how it affects all the police force members. Brandon del Pozo who is a member of the New York Police Department entitled as " One Dogma of Police Ethics: Gratuities and β†’

Summary of the article the rand health insurance experiment, three decades later

Summary of the Article " The RAND Health Insurance Experiment, Three Decades Later" This paper focuses on the RAND health insurance program, which offered health insurance to several individuals in the United States. The Research Question The essay reexamines the core findings of the RAND health insurance experiment, and shows how health insurance affects medical β†’

Positive behaviors of adolescents in a juvenile deliquent program

The find out how to deal with situations that began their criminal behavior and how to find other solutions besides crime. Parents play a very big role in how their juveniles work out during the process of rehabilitation.

Summarize the article

Understanding Second Languages The article " The Role of Aptitude in Learner Awareness of Gender Distinctions in French" by Philippa Bell is a research that seeks to determine the reasons behind the differences in the different levels of awareness of grammatical features especially on gender noun endings of the French language. In this regard, learners β†’

Analyze the article

Lecturer: The of the article " Financial Engine Failure" compares the concurrent failure of the twin engines of the BA flight from China to Heathrow to the failure of the banking and financial markets in the US. Increased interest rates have resulted in adverse selection, which has lead to a decline in investment and collective β†’

Reconstruction of rebecca blank’s article and conclude with reflection

She claims that the role of government is a moral choice in the interaction of the government, markets and the needs of the citizens. The government's role is to regulate the market when there is a market failure, to redistribute resources in the market and finally to limit markets so as to protect certain behavior.

The iraq war in 2003

The war waged by the United s of America, with the aid of its allied countries, namely the United Kingdom, Australia and Poland caused positive impacts to the Iraqi citizens and to the global security and was therefore, worth it. The 2003 Iraq war was an exaggerated action for an unproven claim that Iraq owns β†’

Women may feel more pain than men do

Women May Feel More Pain Than Men Do Pain has long been associated with the female gender more than with the male gender and the capability of eithergender for bearing the pain has always been unknown. This research employing a 10-point Likert scale studied the electronic records of over 11000 men and women and found β†’

A respond to this article (from the point of graduate student view)

With this mindset, this education system will try to use the students' research to solve the difficult issues in the system. To achieve this, the various institutions have to have in mind the target entities of this education system.

Article analysis: philippine public administration

As such, the article focuses on the role of government and its scope in an effort to answer the fundamental question concerning the existence of a " Philippine" Public Administration. The author argues that the main objective of the politics of civil government is to serve the general welfare of the community, which is far β†’

Abstracts for articles

Abstracts for Articles Article 1: Pilot Fatigue in Short-Haul Operations Powell that there is little research done on the subject of fatigue in short-haul pilots and their article seeks to evaluate how factors such as duty times, number of sectors, flight time and others effect fatigue levels. From more 1370 pilot responses, the β†’

Select an organization that has a web presence and analyze the organization using elements listed below from chapter 3

Since that time, Gillette has lived to be one of the best organizations that deal with production of razors and blades in addition to other shaving commodities. The organization has branches in various countries to ensure that there is a continuous supply of products to their customers.

Academic redshirting by judy mollard

Weaknesses of the Article In my opinion, one key weakness of the article is its failure to include the most recent studies on the subjects discussed. Finally, another key weakness of the article is that it did not summarize the overall implications of the key trends on education in the United States.

Lower limb prosthetics evolution

The project will further identify the role the advancement of the technology has played today in the improvement of the advent of microprocessors, robotics and computer chips that have allowed amputees to get back to their accustomed lifestyle. The project will also compare the materials used in the past and the one used in the β†’

Work, leisure and technology in human work by john paul ii pope

The Pope's outlook, in his Encyclical Letter On Human Work, reflects the interrelationship between making a living and making a life, as work only demonstrates a sense of practical judgment when it makes a direct influence on the person. As an opinion, the concept of work should also reflect fulfillment on the person, such that β†’

According to clause (1) of article 132 of

According to clause of Article 132 of the Constitution of India, " An appeal will lie to the Supreme Court from any judgment, decree or final order of a High Court in the territory of India, whether in a civil, criminal or other proceeding, if the High Court certifies under Article 134 A that the β†’

Reflection paper: asian philosophy

The author argues that the success in yoga cannot only come about by practice of austerities, but it depends on the amount of effort being put into the practice. The author says advises people who practice yoga that if they fail to understand the nature than most they will not understand yoga because it will β†’

How tea party could drive gop to disaster

The convergence of the pro tea party Republicans on a single candidate will likely offer trouble to the anti-tea party Republicans and the Republican Party. On the other hand, Romney could get nominated and he could lose the election which would trigger the tea party Republicans to push for a more conservative candidate in the β†’

Effect of a low-glycemic-index diet during pregnancy by r.moses

In fact, the sample size is one of the strengths of this study which contributes to the studies' reliability. Fetal size is the indicator in the principal findings, thus this meant that the study continued until the time the women gave birth.

Economic discussion

This trade diversion is against the very basic intent of Article 24. It aims at imposing the same tariff on goods regardless of which country supplies them and that purpose is not only defeated but restricts global economy to flourish.

The reaction to boris johnson’s article about ken bigley and resulting implications for the media

When Boris Johnson's article in The Spectator1 caused controversy a week ago, it raised questions not only about the ethical position of politicians involved in journalism, but also about the freedom of the media and its relationship with regulators and governmental bodies. Enshrined in the US Constitution in the First Amendment and by 'Supreme Court β†’

The vietnam war as one of the most divisive periods in the us history which polarized the society and brought a premature end to the nixon presidency

The Vietnam War is one of the most divisive periods in the history of the United States which polarized the American society and disrupted the political atmosphere ultimately bringing a premature end to the Nixon presidency. In conclusion, the article highlights the disastrous consequences of the Vietnam War; the unethical and immoral agreements and policies β†’

Obamacare – making not working pay

In a passage that specifically criticizes the perverse incentives of the welfare state, Obama wrote that " Americans believe in work not just as a means of supporting themselves but as a means of giving their lives purpose and direction, order and dignity... In short, Obama appeals to the work ethic as something government and β†’

Assess the major themes, based on article ”sharing in the global economy -an introduction” written by adam w. parson edited by rejesh makwana

Some representations are explicitly constructed, publicized, and defended against alternatives as in the neoliberal narratives offered by the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, or the critical narratives of groups that oppose corporate globalization, such as Global Exchange. To be sure, there are lively debates within the economics profession about the levels and distributions β†’

Analysis of whistleblower gets $104 million article

This is concerning to tax evasion and the populations that are involved in numerous attempts to defraud the federal government through the IRS. This is including the effect that the confessions of the whistleblower have had on the banks.


The usage of public vehicles helps in the reduction of the number of vehicles that in turn reduces the amount of air pollutants. It also helps in the reduction of production of the non-environmental friendly goods.

Los angeles against the mountains by john mcpee

These methods sometimes are effective and can redirect the flow to prevent the damage to the property but then again, one can never be sure how long they will last with the uncertainty associated with the momentum of the debris flow. Such measures are effective only to the point where it can guarantee that it β†’

Worming your way to better health by science news

The presence of certain parasites within the body that tone down the host immune system has caused a significant reduction in autoimmune diseases and also lowered their rate of relapse. In response to this the molecular mechanisms by which these organisms tone down the host immune system is being studied.

Other issue and the audit report

Other Issues and the Audit report In this article, it provides an overview into what the IAASB plans to do in regard to changes on how auditors communicate to shareholders on audit-related matters. Moreover, it was suggested that a separate paragraph dealing with management responsibilities in the auditor's report should describe responsibilities of management in β†’

Protein article

Amino acids are involved in the formation of DNA and RNA which forms the backbone of the human genome. In conclusion, protein requirements depend on the age, sex and weight of an individual.

Smart article: a scientific crosstalk

For the very genuine reason, the ecology of information should be changed in the future and our suggestion to solve this crisis of abundance of scholarly publishing is " Smart Article". The main objective of this technology is to preserve the message of an article and offer a new way of comprehending the concept in β†’

Negotiating captivity in the new mexico borderlands by brooks, james f

Though the context draws heavily from the fact that women and children were active agents in the subversion of dominant structural structures, it also subtly touches on the role of the religion in the dynamics and microcosm of borderland economies. Hence, membership in the world of Christianity is used as a tool to demonstrate social β†’

Robert e. lee the christian by w. johnson

In a letter to his son, he also prays that the Lord bless and provide him with happiness and prosperity. Lee also prayed with his soldiers and made them aware of his belief in God.

Leadership for change

Leadership for Change Leadership is a multifaceted concept that requires one to possess adequate intelligence and understanding of one's environment and roles thus becoming capable of envisioning the future of the team. In leading change, a leader must have the ability to sense opportunity and take both risks and responsibilities for the outcomes of the β†’

Editorial: charged particles in oncology

Physics, biology, and medical contributions in this field will be found in the volume, owing to the fact that the field of charged particles in oncology is highly interdisciplinary. Finally, a few articles are dedicated to the analysis of facilities for ground-based space research and preclinical radiobiology, mini-beams in therapy, and networks and educational activities β†’

Enhancing cognition in older adults

The authors of this study examined a program directed towards improving cognition in older adults, which in turn was found to increase the openness of the participants to new experiences. The results were very encouraging as the authors of this study believe that the program helped the participants to become confident of their reasoning abilities β†’

A written summary of the article .the ordinary heroes of taj

Guests at the Japanese restaurant within the hotel were also caught up in the attack. During the attack, 31 people lost their lives, 11 of whom were staff members at the hotel.

Case study 3

Running Head: case study Financial Forecasting of the of the of the Introduction Businessintelligence is fast becoming one of the cornerstones of success for most of the leading players in different sectors because of the benefits derived from the tools it has. In the context of business intelligence, this program retains each and every entry, β†’

Assessing ceo 2 nanoparticle concentrations in the seine river and its tributaries near paris

Specifically, the study applies the spICPMS technique to the detection and quantification of CeO 2 NPs and TiO 2 NPs in the Seine River, France, one of the major rivers of Europe that is impacted by both agricultural and industrial activities. The specific aim was here to assess the link between Ti and Ce concentrations β†’

Psychosocial behavior of children

Drawing an inference from the video " in the shadow of feeling," I have come to understand that psychopathy is a trait attained by individuals at different stages of development. The intensity of the condition as well as the level of the provoking factor influence the commitment of a crime by psychopathic children.

Domestic violence on poor women in the post-industrial urban northeast and its effects on the girl child now and in her future life

The paper " Domestic Violence on Women in the Post-Industrial Urban Northeast and Its Effects on the Girls" is a dramatic variant of a case study on sociology. The problem understudy in the text is to find out the issue of domestic violence, especially on poor women in the post-industrial urban Northeast and its effects β†’

Judge a book by its cover

He has symbolized the appearance of a dentist with the cover of the book. I believe that the outer appearance is the reflection of a person's inner standards, morals, and values.

Teaching strategies

This strategy helps the learners to express their thinking processes in verbal and written language. Conclusion The most appropriate strategies for teaching students English language at their fifth grade have been highlighted and explained above in their order of effectiveness.

Differences in character between americans and germans

However, the cautious character in Germans is admirable since it represents practicality in life although Americans associate it as with a lack of creativity amongst the Germans. It is evident from the foregoing discussion that Americans and other nationalities may view some characters in Germans stereotypically.

The english rules on altering articles law company business partnership essay

The principal element of a company's constitution is the articles of association.[1]Every company must have articles of association, which form the rule book of the company.[2]They set out internal rules and regulations to govern the relationship between the members and the company.[3]Thus, the articles operate as a contract between the company and its members as β†’

Briefing note on philosophy article

Explaining Language Use The concept of language ability is not realistically explainable in theory divorced from the full model of how the human function is organized. He further asserts that language use is not able to be subjected to scientific definition or study, and neither can anything be learned from studying the functionality of the β†’

Current event article 4

number The informal sector in Jamaica Thee informal sector in Jamaica is a fundamental segment of the economy in Jamaica. The informal economy in Jamaica: Is it feasible to tax this sector?

Review of article about Π‘hildren with add

Synthesize your understanding of the article with what you have learned throughout the course to describe the new learning that took place as a result of reading and thinking critically about the article.A.ADD. This was a very useful article in the way that it showed that there are support groups and other teachers deal with β†’

Go for it

Personal Goals Personal Goals After a careful consideration of the modules, I realize that there is a salient need for ensuring that I set realistic goals and that I can stay motivated to achieve them. The modules convinced me that I have to move beyond my comfort zone if I have to achieve my dreams.

Current event review 2

Current Event Review Parents Say Social Networks Dont Protect Childrens Privacy The article " Parents Say Social Networks Dont Protect Childrens Privacy" by Ingram published in the Bloomberg BusinessWeek reports on the basis of recent surveys conducted which highlight the growing concerns among parents regarding their children's online privacy. In my opinion, the fears of β†’


Mill refers to the argument of opponents of utilitarianism that utility is opposed to pleasure as an ignorant blunder. This is the reason why he considers it a measure of ignorance to claim that utilitarianism is against pleasure.6.

Utopia of glass: mertins on glass train station

The paper " Utopia of Glass: Mertins on Glass Train Station" is a great example of a history article review. The design drawing of the train station in Stuttgart by Mies van der Rohe gives a classic example of Detlif's treatment of glass architecture.

Journal article critique

This paper discusses the important ideas of this article and discusses why the ideas of its content are important Rhodes and Brundrett's claim that school leadership is an important factor in school improvement is true should be incorporated in any endeavor that is aimed at changing the performance of a school for the better. In β†’

The role of political parties in the american democratic

The choice of the candidate that the party supports is determined by the issues and agendas presented by the candidate. During the campaign, the party organizes for a campaign team charged with the responsibility of mobilizing voters and financial support to the party's preferred candidate.

Capm theory

If I wanted a portfolio with maximum risk, I would choose proportion with 0 Wcoke and 1 Wmerck with portfolio return of 0. 011146 and standard deviation of 0.

Behavior of activities of thymidine metabolizing enzymes in human leukemia-lymphoma cells

Behavior of Activities of Thymidine Metabolizing Enzymes in Human Leukemia-Lymphoma Cells This paper discusses the modulation of activities of four important enzymes involved in the metabolism of thymidine in malignant human leukemia-lymphoma cells as compared to the activities of the enzymes in normal human lymphocytes. However, in all leukemia-lymphoma cells examined, the thymidine degrading enzyme β†’

Is facebook growing too fast

Members of the Facebook community feel so invested in the company that they think they should be listened to when Facebook is making such changes. However, it is difficult to please a large number of Facebook users.

Polymeric nanoparticles in drug delivery

They have been utilized within vivo to secure the drug element in the systemic course, confine access of the medication to the picked destinations and to convey the drug at a regulated and managed rate to the site of activity. These properties of nanoparticles empower change of drug bioavailability and decrease of the dosing recurrence, β†’

Formal business memo

It is essential to note that the current minimum hour wage of 7. A higher minimum wage increases the cost of business.

Cognitive behavior therapy for eating disorders; a transdignostic theory and treatment

Psychology In the past there has been an acceptance that CBT is a treatment chosen for specifically bulimia nervosa. The theory's procedures has been redefined specifically on those areas that address over evaluation of weight and shape and the method has been taken into account to suit for all kinds of disorders in eating, hence β†’

Analyzing and identifying news paper articles

The author recognizes that America needs a well strategic defense plan that commensurate that of the Russian-along time political enemy that traces back to the onset of the cold war, with this, he is quick to note that is not in preparation to go to war with the communist republic but to ensure that the β†’


The S&P 500 was, for the first time since early April, down for three succeeding sessions while the Dow Jones Industrial average encountered a loss of more than 100 units for the second day in a row. 73 while the S&P and the Nasdaq fell to a session low at 1, 925.

What is the relationship between the median household income and student scores

The relationship between the median household income and scores Many researchers and experts have tried to understand the relation between median household income and student scores. This data implies that the better the median household income better will the academic performance of the students.

Interactions of tio2 nanoparticles with carotenoids

Light Irradiation of car molecules is studied by several researchers 6-8 and the photocatalyzed degradation of car on semiconductors such as TiO 2, CdS and ZnO are studied by, he revealed that a rapid photodegradation of car are occurred in the presence of the semiconductors. Photodegradation study of Car on TiO 2 coated and non-coated β†’

Algorithm for modified particle swarm optimization economics essay

The major consideration of this modification is to avoid premature convergence in the early stages of the search and to enhance convergence to the global optimum solution during the later stages of the search. The objective of this development is to enhance the global search in the early part of the optimization and to encourage β†’


Wu utilized a mixed method in his research mainly because this mode of research ensures the researcher learn issues from a wider a scope. According to Wu, mixed method enables a research to shift from unclear state of data or study to usefulness" and " ease of use", which is essential in understanding varied aspects β†’

Article summary ( financial planning and accounting)

Article Summary The essay aims to address the following questions after a review of three articles on the subject of finance, accounting or ethical standards, to wit: discuss the key differences in accounting and finance; discuss the types of reports accounting and finance personnel generate and the purpose of the reports; and compare and contrast β†’

Online assingment

Some new terms that are discussed in this article include: bariatric surgery which is a type of surgery that morbidly obese patients have which results in major weight loss to improve their health and body mass index is the measure of a person's weight in relation to their height. Surgery on people with type 2 β†’

Budget management

The problems and challenges in the wake of the budget management realms would entirely focus on how well I shape up the different avenues of growth and development within the community college and how well my role has been defined as per the budget considerations. A greater role of success would therefore be achieved if β†’

New deveopment in textile industry – summary

These colours are stable, and may even provide some antibacterial properties to the fabrics, as an added bonus! This is opening up many possibilities, not just for the customised or localised printing of textiles to an individual design, but inkjet techniques can be used to create flexible electronic materials, sensing materials, and even the materials β†’

Classical liberalism concepts essay (article)

These philosophers also believed that the right to own, profit from, and dispose of private property rather than living as serfs, tied to the land without owning it, would contribute to the health and wealth of the nation. An early and tangible objection to the treatment of laborers in the time of Classical Liberalism came β†’

Define spirituality using the peer-reviewed article an emerging paradigm for the investigation of spirituality in nursing by pamela g. reed

The result of this feeling of connectedness the woman felt to other people and to God was that she felt healthier and experienced a feeling of well being and peace. Newman has emphasized the importance of nurses praying with the patients and allowing them to express their spirituality as a means to promote their health β†’

Business articles- term paper for econ 500

Due to the rouble's dip, foreign investors have liquidated their rouble positions in the wake of turmoil in the US subprime mortgage market and potentially a change in sentiment towards risk on the part of investors. With this innovation, McDonald's is doing a good job in term of luring more customers and raising its revenue β†’

Summarize the article

Statistical tests were carried out to determine the relationship between false belief understanding, age and cognitive abilities, and between false belief understanding, age, language ability, birth order and family size. The results were then analyzed to determine the factors that affect the development of false belief understanding in children.

U.s. is ready to lead on climate

An article from the NY Times revealed that Secretary of State Hilary Clinton would like to create a global warming treaty on behalf of the United States. Ironically, the United States was never a signatory to this treaty; however, the United States is trying to lead this new treaty that would aid in the constant β†’

Article critique – β€˜you have someone to trust” (2012)

In qualitative research it is essential to examine the appropriate literature on the issue of the study, this provides the reader with a rational background of the study. Qualitative Research in The Study of Leadership.

Careers in psychology by kendra van wagner

You can learn more in this article: Earnings and Salaries of Psychologists What are the Educational and Training Requirements for Psychologists: The required preparation for a career in psychology depends largely on which specialty area you are interested in. You can learn more about training requirements in this article: Training and Qualifications of Psychologists What β†’

The the long run, furthermore this article is

The purpose of the article is seen in the context part where it's saying " In Britain, since 2004, it is no longer compulsory to study a foreign language after the 14"., this means that the target audience or the readers or parents change their perspective and should do something about it's going to affect β†’

Hewlett-packard article

The business thrived and expanded during the leadership of Bill Hewlett at the helms but later on, under successive CEOs like John Young and then Lew Platt in 1993, it started stagnating and losing profits. The company's name was shortened to ' HP' and reduced the advertising agencies to only 2 from 43.

Risk and uncertainty in project management decision-making by karolina koleczko

In this article, the author attempts to differentiate between risk and uncertainty in project management, and also focuses on how this difference affects decision making in project management. According to the author, the risk is a measure of the probability and the effect of failing to achieve a project goal.

Article 5

" Earnings Wizardry" Summary This article on the Wall Street journal which is based on a study conducted by Ilia Dichev and Shiva Rajgopal of Emory University and John Graham of Duke University discusses the roles which Chief Financial Officers of companies play in making the quarterly earnings of the company seem attractive. When the β†’


After coming back to Denver, he worked with a supplier of remanufactured laser jet toner cartridges for 3 months till it closed down When the company closed down, he asked his parents for money, that amounted to $8500 and started selling the cartridges in his car As Harris decided of opening Optitech, a proper way β†’

Analysis of finding hope and reality in obamas speech at selma by gwen ifil

Nia-Malika views that part of the speech as a way by which the president is making a call that people need to be cowards but focus on the past and not just the events of Ferguson to justify the existence of racial discrimination. The president acknowledged the fact that the voting rights Act was one β†’

Current event business articles relative to managerial accounting

The managerial accounting problem stated in the article is the reduced profit and shrinking market share due to its declining ratings. To increase the value of its declining stocks and revive its share price, Viacom is also borrowing to buy back stock and increase the dividend.

Example articles on texas allied petroleum

And as the name of the corporation suggests, it is runing in Austin, Texas but its natural gas and oil militias is strategically located in the Louisiana Gulf Coast country and Texas. It was incorporated in November of the twelvemonth 2005 and was formed to run a concern of geographic expedition, development and production of β†’


The global financial crisis The global financial crisis and the debt problem of Europe are the worst economic challenges ever to face the world since the recession of 1929-30. The global financial crisis was triggered in the United States when investors lost confidence in the worth of mortgages.

Corrigendum: construction of sars-cov-2 virus-like particles by mammalian expression system

00862 In the original article, there was an error in the Materials and Methods section, subsection Plasmid Construction and Molecular Cloning. The four genes were cloned into the double NheI and NotI restriction sites of the expression vector pcDNA3.1.

Hepatic disorders

The conclusion, from the research study, was successfully able to support the thesis that BIA derived Pha can be used and applied as a tool of nutritional evaluation, in CLD patients. The use of BIA derived Pha can be used by a nutritionist to determine which therapeutic nutritional regimens have the most significant and positive β†’

Theory of choice paper (sigmund freud )

It is said that Freud inherited a certain skepticism and sense of humor from his father and this later turned into a person with the mind of free thoughts and a liberalist. The reason I chose Sigmund Freud is that it was a name that I knew and had heard of as far as psychology β†’

Prosecution: federal and state courts

State Court prosecution process is considered to be " typical criminal case progress" that basically goes " through the system". However, due to the sensitive and subjective nature of crimes being committed by different citizens, the various procedures that are designed into federal and state courts are considerable even it takes the prosecution in multi-layer β†’

Analyzing situation in syria

Moreover, the article highlights the diplomacy role of the Obama administration in addressing the situation. Moreover, the article addresses the reluctance of the Obama administration to engaging directly in the political situation, in the country.

Bullying at school

Running head: Bullying at School Bullying at School Institute's Bullying at School The article by defines what exactly bullying means. According to the article bullying has been on an increase and bullying at school is a very old and common phenomenon.

Protein article research

Animal foods such as meats, cheeses, and dairy products are complete sources of protein, while plant sources are an incomplete protein source because they are low in at least one of the essential amino acids. Although getting just the right amount of protein is healthy for the body, getting too much can be harmful.

Machiavelli: still shocking after five centuries by s. patrick

Machiavelli's work is centered on the claim that politics has a moral logic of its own, which sometimes requires actions to preserve it to ensure it remains in a state regarded as representing the polite in the society. He is wicked, an advocate of violence and a typical politician seeking for power.