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History extension proposal – salem witch trials

The play encapsulated the hysteria of the townsfolk and provided a general arc of the events, adding to my fascination surrounding the Salem witch trials and why they occurred. I intend to select, dissect and analyse three opposing theories surrounding the cause of the trials.

One page summary of latest technology in battery for electric vehicles

Latest Technology in Battery for Electric Vehicles Latest Technology in Battery for Electric Vehicles Electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular due to the certain positive features of the electric vehicles. Estimation of Residual Available Capacity for Lead Acid Batteries in Electric Vehicles.

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Development study

Development Study: Research Proposal " Development Study: Research Proposal" The research study that will be the focus of my Master's Thesis in Development Study will be tentatively titled " The impact of Ebola crisis on distribution and effectiveness of financial Aid in the West African countries". The world around is changing in a myriad of β†’

Acknowledgements for the work

My professors, XXXX and XXXX, for their helpful comments and insightful critique in guiding me through the techniques of dissertation writing and choice of topic. It is his belief and trust in me that saw me through the most difficult times in the course of my graduate studies.

The light of proposals from relevant law family essay

The rights of the child are clearly set in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child under a number of articles which can be regrouped into four sets: guidelines principles, survival and development rights; Protection rights and Participation rights. This leads to the limits of the rights of the child, the parents and β†’

The american family threaten by unemployment

Your full full January 02, Research Proposal Research Paper Topic: ' The Impact of Unemployment on the American Family' Abstract The research paper will be about the impact that unemployment puts on the American families. New York Times, 28 Dec.2011.Web.

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History of iraq research paper proposal

The legislative composed of the council of representatives, the executive branch composed of the president, prime minister, and the council of ministers. Iraq had its first election in 2005 after the reign of Hussein.

System analysis and design proposal

The study will also benefit the future researcher and IT education, they will have an overview on how a loan management system works, they can explore even more Target User/Beneficiaries: Client and Member of SAFE Sofa's existing system is mainly for the client and member's loan status, updates on every loan record depends on the β†’

Request for proposal computer assisted coding

The computer Assisted coding system Is a software that we already use In the spearfish regional Hospital, however for those unfamiliar with the system I will give a brief description. They have helped to develop many of the commonly used software in the medical departments.

Square proposal

Rusk's Tasting Subject: Proposal to write a research paper on the impact of businesscommunicationproblems of the employer's and the employees of Square Pharmacy along with a unique vision, higher mission and a goal orientation of that company Introduction The pharmaceutical industry in Bangladesh is the most developed technical regions within our financial system. Therefore, we β†’

Improvement of solar thermal collector

They will be tested under a variety of light conditions, trying to simulate a range of light beyond the normal expected use of solar panels. The 'Desert Bloom' project is also proposing the usage of a Fresnel technology.

Proposal for ids essay

Before I have handed in my work I have made sure that it contains: a) appropriate spelling and grammatical choices; b) accurate references showing the exact sources of quotations and ideas, and their relationship to my own work; c) accurate bibliography and references following conventions explained in the English Language style and presentation guidelines; d) β†’

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Research topics proposal essay sample

General Topic: Church Narrowed Topic: Reunification of the Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church Tentative Thesis Statement: One of Pope Francis' main goals is to reunite the two churches, evident in his meeting with Patriarch Bartholomew, the leader of the Eastern Orthodox Church; however, though reunification of the two Churches may erase some β†’

Humanities-issues in science and societies proposal

Human beings complain about a certain impact on the beauty of natural landscapes, and there are suggestions that living near wind farms negatively causes an illness called " Wind Turbine Syndrome". The evidence shows that there is indeed a place for wind farms in energy planning.

Wireless technology proposal

In addition to the iPad, our team chose to incorporate the Blackberry phone as a wireless mobile device as well. Some of the latest additions to our wireless devices are such as the cell phone and I-pad.

Project paper and feasibility paper

The primary dependent variable is underage drinking which is caused by the teenagers' desire for social acceptance, their psychological problems, poor family environments and their natural curiosity to try new things, all of which leads them to drinking. The primary independent variable is desire for social acceptance because drinking is such an important part of β†’

Business proposal

June 6, Thisproposal is about a request for a gym facility for the employees that would enhance their health and productivity in the organization. The Benefits of installing the Gym facility Setting up a Gym facility will encourage employees to exercise regularly.

Ethnography proposal

As a staff member of Subway, I have found that we work together and communicate differently than those who are not part of our group. I would like to spend time at another restaurant as well and compare the community created by the staff of a larger business to that of a smaller group of β†’

Research proposal on target population and purpose for the design report

As shown on the brochure the electronic waste not only affects the environment but also impact negatively on the human health damaging the various tissues of the human body. The consumers of electronic devices should recycle the e-waste to reduce their negative impact on the human health as well as the environment.

Strategic analysis and proposal for ikea

The name IKEA comes from the initials of Ingvar Kamprad, I and K, plus the first letters of Elmtaryd and Agunnaryd, which are the names of the farm and village where he grew up. To understand the different living situations and needs of people all over the world is the key to success of IKEA.

Good research proposal about insulin effect on tetrahymena

The insulin content in the control was very low and as a result the treated cells to insulin. The reason for doing this experiment is to determine how the different levels of insulin in the body of the Tetrahymena affect the functionality of their cells.

Research proposal on acid rain

This is a researched proposal of what is the acid rain, causes of the acid rain and the effect of the acid rain on the environment in general as well as how the problem of acid rain can be controlled. The damages of forests by acid rain such as the case of Eastern Europe caught β†’

A modest proposal: an analysis

The fine satiric strategy in A Modest Proposal" is often only understood after the reader notes the allusions made by Swift to the attitudes of landlords, such as the following: " I grant this food may be somewhat dear, and therefore very proper for Landlords, who as they have already devoured most of the Parents, β†’

Marketing research proposal on cat’s eye

Hence in this research it is our point of concern, to validate whether Cats Eye's popularity is being affected by the abundant supply of fashion houses these days all over the country and the factors that contribute to the reduced popularity of Cats Eye's Men's Wear in the market and in the minds of the β†’

The proposal by the offeror to the

The first element is an offer which is a proposal by the offeror to the offeree to give or do something. After having the offer, second element is an acceptance which is defined as an unqualified and unconditional assent to all terms of the offer.

Business writing internal proposal

Building community Is a very Important part of LUCK mission and by Improving the dining experience for the students; it builds community and works toward the " student promise" that is so stressed by the university. The main thing we bonded over was the gross food and dirty dining halls though." This is not the β†’

Scc caf proposal

The chapter offers an effective reference since the authors of the book use simple language and point-by-point explanation of the process of writing a proposal a feature that makes the book easy to use. The various illustrations in the chapter coupled with the descriptive language the authors use in the chapter are among the factors β†’

A fair-trade coffee shop in guildford surrey uk

Coffee is one of the largest and widely consumed fair-trade products in Europe. The foundation recommends many retailers and importers of fair-trade coffee.

Method and design of accidents in saudi arabia

Research Method and Design of Accidents in Saudi Arabia The study to the high numbers of accidents in Saudi Arabia will utilize a qualitative approach, which will involve the use of case studies. The case study design will focus on describing the nature and factors that have contributed towards the high number of fatalities β†’

Research paper proposal essay

Nurses are more susceptible to the development of burnout, mainly because of the nature and the emotional demands of their profession. To study the degree of burnout experienced by the nurses working in ICUs and Emergency Departments of government hospitals in twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

Understand research proposal and succeed nursing essay

The researcher is able to provide all the key elements involved in the research process and include sufficient information for the readers to evaluate the proposed study. As the first portion of proposal, it introduces the research problem, the rationale for selecting the problem and the direction of the study.


This could help reduce the amount of time a nurse must spend with the patient just to collect background information, and therefore moves the patient to the doctor sooner for treatment or discharge. A possible solution to the obvious privacy issues this would bring would be to have the patient give the names of the β†’

Anti social behaviour

These factors are also considered to be a few of the inevitable causes of ASB amid the youth population. Aim of the Research The aim of this research will be to identify and evaluate the causes that act as the major drivers of ASB incidents in the UK committed by the youth.

The rise of american industry- american economic history

American Economic History 2008 The history of American private sector is that of the legal entity of the business firms that were essentially multi-unit organizations linked through production, distribution, communication and transportation, which first appeared in the 1880s and grew to a phenomenal extent through the Second World War. Interestingly, even during the depression years, β†’

Research proposal of ethical issues by sex in advertisement

The purpose of the research is being stated which is the first step for the research and it continues with the presentation of the research approach and its strategy. The uses of sex in advertisements whether direct or indirect are considered to be indecent and are being banned.

Research proposal: self-monitoring to reduce inappropriate off-task behavior

If she is presented with a choice for which part of the task she wants to complete first and it is broken down into more simple segments, then there may start to be a decrease in the frequency of her outbursts and an increase in her productivity. Initially, the teacher will model appropriate versus inappropriate β†’

Grant proposal

As efforts are being done to promote the fundamental human rights of all people, it is sad to note that the fundamental rights of the disabled that enshrines them to take active part in sporting activities in the vicinity has been hindered. In light of the problem stated and the significance of the problem given, β†’

Sample of selling product proposal

Make the customer comfortable and you are off to a good start in selling your product. As well as getting good product information to the right people, it is important to translate the product's features into benefits for the customer, thus making it easier for them to buy.

Arabian nights proposal assignment

In The Arabian Nights most of the geography is set in Middle Eastern lands. The tree is in leaf all year, and flowers in May-June".) The ententes I highlighted are what first brought my attention to this particular plant.

Cost accounting proposal

The parent company establishes the goals to be met by the online business unit and depends upon the measurement of the management related to costs of operations. The step method on the other hand does recognize that support-service departments provide services to each other and of allocates costs in steps.

Research proposal: effects of exercise on patients with depression

Patients will be able to ask questions in a private, quiet area regarding the length and terms of the trial and signed, informed consent will be obtained. Results from the quantitative design will be simplified so all of the data from the start of the exercise trial to the end of the trial will be β†’

A proposal for the richmond hill fundraising activity

A Proposal for the Richmond Hill Fundraising Activity The aim of this paper is to present a proposal for the Richmond Hill fundraising activity in order to source funds for the mentioned program. There is requirement for materials, financial and human resources for the conduction of this fund raising program.

How did the designations aliens ineligible for citizenship and the yellow peril negatively affect asian americans in the years prior to 1952

First, the a majority of Asian Americans were male workers whose families could no longer be set up in the United States because of the " Aliens Ineligible for Citizenship" designation. This designation coined the phrase " model minority" to refer to Asian in the United States.

Steel design

Design typical structural elements of the chosen arrangements in sufficient detail to enable a contractor to prepare a budget quotation. Sketch, to scale, fabrication details of: a principal column on the periphery of the main assembly shop; the proposal for the central support.

Formal proposal submission assignment essay

The Government will select the top 3-5 Offers, considering the following evaluation criteria, listed in descending order of importance.* Technical Approach * Subject Matter Knowledge * Key Staff and Other Resources * Past Performance * Cost Written Proposal Format and Instructions Written Proposal Format Your written proposal must not exceed 25 pages in length and β†’

Research proposal: depression in children & adolescence – a cause for concern? essay sample

The epistemology of this social concern is also of great value to the research of this study as I intend on finding out why are our children and adolescents depressed? With the increase in the number of divorces and two working parents, fathers and mothers are around their children for less of the day, contributing β†’

Sustainable construction in smes | research proposal

It is proposed that sustainable construction is the way forward to improve the performance of the construction industry, making it more sustainable, and subsequently helps to minimise the environmental impacts caused by its activities. Within the construction industry itself, there is a gap of performance and progress between large construction companies and small construction companies β†’

Proposal for cross cultural effectiveness culture gap and expatriate training

Cross Cultural Effectiveness- Cultural Gap and Expatriate Introduction My topic for the project is cross-cultural effectiveness a case of cultural gap and expatriate. To compile annotated bibliography I will take into consideration various books such as Handbook of Intercultural Training by Dan Landis, Reading and Cases in International human management by Mendenhall, Mand Expatriate Journeying: β†’


Valuable related thoughts and views of different authors have been considered in this part of the research to meet the developed research objective. Conclusion and Recommendations This part of the research work will conclude the overall research work including methodology, data collection, and analysis and finding process.


08 April Research paper topic: ' Absence of military alliance and defiance of the nations guilty of aggression contributed to the failure of the League of Nations.' Abstract: This research paper is based on the major causes that contributed to LON's failure. Introduction: LON failed completely and lost all its power when as a result β†’

Business proposal assignment

Conclusion Senior citizens make up 29% of the population and are in need of a product which is tailored to them. Minimum risk is involved and it is advised that the company approve of this proposal.

Remodeling the bone marrow microenvironment – a proposal for targeting pro-inflammatory contributors in mpn

Although the pathogenesis of MPN is cell-intrinsic to hematopoietic cells, MPN cells also exert cell-extrinsic effects resulting in chronic inflammation that perturbs the BM niche, and which in turn contributes to the MPN phenotype and renders the niche less supportive of normal hematopoiesis. Megakaryocytes are increased in the BM of MF patients, resulting in the β†’

Modest proposal is an essay

The goal of the proposal is to find an idea to help these children better the community and stop this from happening in the future. This is an example of Swift using sarcasm to attract the readers and hold a mirror to the face of the community so they see there is a real problem β†’

Course title:introduction to english prose

The author portrays and attacks the cruel and unjust oppression of Ireland by its oppressor, the mighty English and ridicules the Irish people at the same time. Jonathan Swift is able to do so by using the persona, irony, and wit in order to expose the remarkable corruption and degradation of the Irish people, and β†’

Business strategy of bahulu warisan sdn.

Our company aims to offer the product at a competitive price to meet the demand of the customer in market area residents, tourist working people, student, and individual. Besides that we also supply our bahulu to the hostels as one of the meal that is for supper.


Research proposal 24 September Impact of Celebrity Culture on Mainstream Society with special reference to incidence of divorce rates in the United States of America Introduction More than three fourth of the world population is glued to the happenings in the lives of celebrities. As this paper intends to research on the impact of celebrity β†’


This may be all about memory, magic and survival that is revealed in the imaginative power of the stories in the book " The Ocean at the End of the Lane". This is a tale that is fable and reshapes the modern fantasy in its purity of dream but elegiac and terrifying scenes that moves β†’

Improvement in administrative procedures: a key to improved public school student and teacher motivation levels

Many factors work together to increase the motivation levels of students and teachers of public school sector some of which include interactive learning environments, peer-to-peer relationships, student-teacher relationships, and administrative procedures, which govern the working of the school management. Purpose and Significance of the Topic The purpose of this paper is to understand the significance β†’

Database management system project proposal for a student record

Justifications: For the company: Microtech Institute of Multimedia and Technology wishes to have a student record management system to keep record of the student's enrolment process, course, class dates and tuition fees Microtech Institute of Multimedia and Technology is please about the system is to develop or implement and this will give me the opportunity β†’

Proposal to improve recycling habits in the city of plano essay sample

To increase the amount of trash which is recyclable to be disposed of properly and out the landfills, the city of Plano needs to provide each household with four separate recycling bins: glass, paper, plastic, and metals. Objectives The purpose of this proposal is to request a more advanced and organized recycling system from the β†’

Project proposal

In the view that campaigning increases the chances of success, it follows that the larger the campaign budget, the more chances of winning. Therefore, it follows that the more access to cash, coming from corporate, the better and the chances of winning.

Event proposal for conference & event planning at the roof gardens, kensington

The purpose of this report is to identify why this venue has been chosen and how the event will be managed, as well as looking, in more detail, at issues associated with the activity, such asfoodand beverage options that are available and their final selection, and how the event will be evaluated, so as to β†’

Compensation plan proposal

The operations division, largest in the company, represents approximately 1, 000 employees and is in the process of reassessing their compensation program. Communication and the employee's understand of the compensation process is critical if the plan is to be accepted and successful.

Service learning proposal for school

To get parents to involve in the school, it's great to ask parents to volunteer in the classroom, ask if they are interested to come to my classroom listening to the lesson. It's great to have the activity in the classroom and will invite parents to participate with the children in the center.

A business proposal for selling motorcycles commerce essay

Harmonizing to the selling research the Leehan pvt Ltd realized that, this is a good market niche to get down the concern of scooters, electronics and furniture to sell them to clients and holding researched and got the attending of a local funding company, Maldives Finance and Leasing Company, which provided to intercede and work β†’


The resort's current method is only using a logbook as storage for the records of the acquired customers' reservation including the information of customers where in order for the customer to place a reservation is through Phone calls, Texts, and Walk-in reservation which is time consuming for customers. How to design and develop a module β†’

Information systems proposal

We will also state the pros and cons for incorporating these two wireless technologies in our organization, state a justification for the decision, and the risks of using wireless technologies in our department. The main advantage of having GPS in your trucks is to ensure that deliveries are on time and drivers our staying on β†’

Business research skills group proposal

Research objectives The main intention of this research suggestion is to find out the impact of the social network of Bedfordshire University on the participation of various stakeholders in the social, economic and professional affairs of the University. This will ensure that a wide variety of people will be involved in the research.

Should euthanasia be made legal

Euthanasia is the ending of the life of a person who is sick with the aim of ending pain or suffering. No one is allowed to take the life of the other person.

Research article critique and research proposal in the public relations issues

The research article critique evaluates the possibility of organization-public relationships' damage because of the organization's unethical behavior of nondisclosure of sufficient information within the web-based communication. In addition, the research article's findings prove the importance of satisfaction of the public's needs and expectations with organization-public relationships in the light of relational theory.

Al one can take swifts proposal seriously. this

This is a great technique of the sense of humor used in the proposal and in Swift. One of the voices that are present throughout the story is that of irony.

Social networking as a method of business promotion

Whereas in purposive sampling, emphasis is on a sampling protocol irrespective of the sampling unit, the probability sample is focused on the sampling unit and the research design aims to achieve the best representative sample of the population. Based on the above hypotheses, the following Dimensions of the study can be identified, which can seek β†’

How does socioeconomic status influence on the likelyhood of getting arrested in chicago )

How Does Socioeconomic Status Influence the Likelihood of Getting Arrested In Chicago? affiliation Socioeconomic Status and Likelihood of Arrest in Chicago Chicago has a widest gap between the rich and the poor people among all the states in USA. Crime Rate and Social Integration The Impact of Metropolitan Mobility.

A modest proposal: one of the most satirical works in literature

The title of this pamphlet is ironic because the proposal is anything but modest, but the purpose of this essay is to inform the audience of the awful conditions the Irish people were dealing with. Swift's " A Modest Proposal" was written as a way to inform the general public of a political, religious and β†’

5 years after the kahn’s etiquette-based medicine: a brief checklist proposal for a functional second meeting with the patient

In the " relationship," " communication," or " strategy" level?" If I was lacking in the relationship, perhaps it means the my patient does not rely on me and I have to recover or rebuild a good relationship showing empathy, professionalism and giving attention to the entire person more than to the single pathology problem, β†’

Discussion 2 week 8 tips for effective proposal writing

Tips for Effective Proposal Writing al Affiliation Tips for Effective Proposal Writing Discuss the degree to which the proposals you found in the e-Activity followed the tips for effective proposal writing found in Chapter 13 of Osborne. The sample proposals where obtained in the following links:; and

Mental health

Personality disorders have a destructive effect on marriages, and may even force a person out of the workforce. Russ et al." Refining the Construct of Narcissistic Personality Disorder: Diagnostic Criteria and Subtypes".

A modest proposal: a satirical solution for caging animals in zoos

This is verbal irony because instead of trying to find a solution to the problem, it is expressing the creation of another problem. This is sarcasm because obviously animals are not people and they will not follow the rules of the road, because they do not know how to.

Proposal about an

The article explores the cost cutting strategies of Burger King which is possible in the United States. It is therefore critical to note that the author of this article addresses reality of merging or firms in respect of cultural differences.

Proposal and problem statement

The paper " How Anion-Exchange Water Softer Works and What Is the Industrial Benefit of Separating Co from Ni?" is a wonderful example of an assignment on formal science and physical science.1. What is the role of the sulfonic acid groups attached to the polymer and resin.

Proposal cloud computing

Approach Companies approach is to weigh the benefits against the disadvantages of cloud computing, the first step, for a companies to gather there IT experts and let them decide if cloud computing is worth the risk, though cloud computing inexpensive way of storing and accessing data, is the security risk worth the cost. How to β†’


Remarks on the Life and Character of Napoleon Bonaparte. Napoleon Bonaparte and the legacy of the French Revolution.

Industry analysis proposal: securities essay

Exploding product complexityResearch Resources: We plan to use following data sources for information on and the analysis of this industry: 9. Individual website of companies within the industry Analysis approach: We plan to start our paper with providing a background and current state of the industry.

Swifts a modest proposal: the surprise ending

Through well-structured logical arguments, including presentation of computations for the expected weight of a healthy child, the cost that a child could be sold, the relief that the selling could do to the poor parents, the benefits that the sale could allegedly provide to a greater number of people for the greater good, assisted in β†’

A modest proposal vs candide

For example, the speaker in the essay A Modest Proposal can coldly discuss the economic and social benefits of killing and eating children without ever giving much thought to the moral problems. Both characters have a philosophy and they cannot seem to think about the larger implications of their ideas.

Childhood obesity/parental education/implications and limitations

The implication of the proportion of the sample size to the population is that the views and results to be collected among the respondents will become the larger representation of views and results from the entire population. Limitations of the research proposal As an action research, it is expected that the close of the research β†’

Free research proposal on race and ethnic relations with religion

Purpose of the study The purpose of this study is to review the relationship between race/ethnicity and religion and the extent of this relationship. The study will seek to explain the relations between race and ethnicity and religion.

Proposal: online notice board system

This document is a proposal for the " Online Notice Board System" as a major project for my partial fulfillment of the course of Bachelors in InformationTechnology. The system will be a client-server model and also web-based to facilitate easy access to all clients regard less of where they are and also of the machines β†’

Approve or disapprove each proposal and provide your reasons such as costs, benefits and ethical issues raised in relation to your recommendation to approve or disapprove

This research will delve into whether the proposed research and cost, the experimental group and benefits, and the control group and ethics are balanced in experimenting with human subjects.II. According to Iversen and Gergen, " In experiments on human beings, the goal is still to assign people randomly to experimental and control groups.."..

Sales proposal

All I need to do is make a concise proposal and hand it to the customer along with the prices and the brochure. The proposal provides the main features of the air conditioners and requests the customer to refer to the brochures for more details.

Emergency department bottleneck proposal

The second is that during the peak flow of patients into the ED, the services that are required to provide support for the ED in the provision of timely and quality care are functioning at their minimal ability, since they are in the after-hours mode. The essential problem in quality care in an ED is β†’

Proposal for development of petrol chemical plant on jurong island

Capital input for construction and maintenance of a petrochemical plant is high because of the large amounts of electricity and water id needed to heat up raw materials used in the petrochemical industry from which hydrocarbons are extracted. Figure 1Location of Jurong Island Figure 2Map of Jurong Island [d1]Central to the industry cluster concept and β†’

Program proposal for health disparity: hiv

The goals of the program consist of reducing sexual transmissions thus leading to prevention of HIV and elimination of new infections specifically among children. Conclusion HIV may be a known health disparity but with combined and continuous efforts of the government and private sectors, in time, the reduction of cases may be foreseeable.

Assignment final proposal

Having been in the industry for over Alfa of a century, Future Growth Inc. The economy of the United States remains an area of concern for Future Growth Inc.

Main proposal of the profit maximisation economics essay

It is the ideal model to describe the normal behaviour of a certain. Profit maximisation is the major goal of the certain.

Fund investment and management in venture capital market

The most critical aspect is the management of the venture capital because it determines the success of the market that are also influenced by the status of the markets. Objectives The objectives of this research concerns the financial attributes that relate corporate to the market status and the competitors capabilities that influence the performances in β†’