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The sudden loss of my grandmother

At first, I wished that the news was unreal and that after a while I will be informed that my grandmother is okay but this never happened and it is when I started facing the reality that indeed I will never be able to see my beloved grandmother again in my entire lifetime. Conclusion It β†’

School history

As a part of the society, I have organized and participated in meetings with health organizations to learn more about human anatomy and other biological issues. I worked as a sales representative in a telecommunication industry and learned to interact with various kinds of people.

Choosing a career as a vital decision in life

I consider my personal and academic interests important, as these determine the nature of the person I become, and the goals I will pursue. I also like the finance class that I take, and because of this interest in finance, I plan to pursue a finance course after completing my accounting degree.

The worst decision you ever made

When I was 19 years old, my friend and I made the decision to start smoking together. The worst decision I have ever made was to start smoking.

Felix trombe and frank gehry

The wonderful combination of beauty and purposefulness of the Solar Furnace has touched my heart, and I am convinced that this should be the mood of the architecture in the 21st century. Retrieved from

The item that always reminds a past

This necklace is light in weight and makes me comfortable when wearing it. Additionally, it reminds me of my family's mood during the graduation ceremony.

Military vs civilian career

The use of credible sources adds to the strength of the author's position. The organization could be improved by devoting a single paragraph each to a military and civilian career in terms of health insurance, family and education, making the essay 8 paragraphs in length, including the introduction and conclusion.

Creative thinking and research skills essay examples

The world is different than it used to be; today, in the industrialized world, all the information an individual could possibly need is available at the click of a button. It is common for people to draw distinctions between the artist and the scientist, or between the poet and the mathematician, the artist and the β†’

Summary of article diversity does not apply to companies’ executives

Summary of article Diversity does not apply to companies' executives Carol Kleiman, in her article Diversity does not apply to companies' executives, examines how far the concept of diversity has gone into the hiring practices of companies in the United States. In this context, Kleiman defines diversity as 'the equal hiring and promoting of women, β†’

“not in their right mind”: the relation of psychopathology to the quantity and quality of creative thought

The vast majority of participants also admitted to feelings of enthusiasm, euphoria and well-being, high energy, and fluency of thought during creative episodes, suggesting a link between hypomania specifically and creativity. In fact, upon closer examination, it seems that in studies of both eminent and everyday creativity, the link between psychopathology and creativity is never β†’

An act of kindness

I was surprised to see that why the child of my age is begging instead of wearing a school uniform and books in the hand. Then I came back to the child with my father and gave the money to him so that he could buy a school uniform and books.

Good writing

You have to read, and analyze the piece writing and finally explain why the writing is good or bad. A good writer always puts in a lot of time and effort to improve his writing.

Statement of career goals

After my MBA attainment, I still feel incomplete and seek to pursue education to the heights and exhaust management concepts. Besides, I am aware of the increasing dynamism in any social organization hence need to adopt a culture of flexibility.

Why study abroad

Learning theories or studying about a culture in school may be enough for knowledge purposes however, immersing a person's life in another culture gives a deeper understanding of what is learned inside the four corners of the classroom. For a Languages student for instance, he may come to know about the dialects of the country β†’

Creative writing

Can Native Americans and archaeologist work together to meet in the middle over this very controversial debate There are Native Americans who want to learn more about the scientific side of their history and would like to collaborate with archaeologist to fill in the holes in their past. For them this theory means they are β†’

Why was the starbucks not receptive to the innovations and creative initiatives of its employees

This is especially the case in Starbucks where employee innovation faces the problems of poor communication and reluctance to change. With poor communication strategies, an innovative idea is likely to fail since the employees will not identify the channels that they can use to propose innovation to the organization.

Such power – creative writing

Could not you.change the minds around you? A child cannot think without words, and you had so many, so of the first things you deciphered was not to be different.

Creative writing – it was just like any normal day in the picturesque suburb of massapequa, n.y.

Most of the criminal activity comes from the father of the family, Al Rediro, he was so high up in the ranks of the elusive New York crime family he practically had his own army there was talk from amongst his father's friends that Al Rediro was to become il capo di tutti cappi, the β†’

Leadership traits

The vision is my ultimate desired goal and I always work hard towards it. My passion is framed in such a way that it goes hand in hand with my vision so that I can be able to reach my set goals at the end of the day.

Personal statement on passion for business and entrepreneurship

Business is my passion and I aspire to advance my knowledge in this field so as to prepare myself for my dream career in business. I am enthusiastic about expanding my knowledge in the current affairs, more so in the context of business and economy.

Understanding the creative media sector

We will also have a look at the importance of making good friends and acquaintances in the industry that can ultimately help you to elevate yourself above the rest of the competition and get you to your end goal. However if you find that you are not really motivated when you are at home and β†’

Creative writing

The Step Into the Open World I gradually rotated the partly rusted golden handle leading into the free and natural world outside, and as I looked down I noticed the handle reflected a clinical white light loosely hanging and swaying from side to side, clanking against the wall in the cool summer night air breeze β†’

Creative story, section ii

The sun was setting with the sky blazing like a furnace. The torture was yet to continue with the Japanese laughs and beating of us.

How to write

There are many people who find writing difficult; it is not easy for them. There are many offered courses to improve your writing and make it creative for others.

Hammond cards, inc: the creative acquisition

The students are asked to take the role of consulting team hired by the CEO of Hammond to make certain that the expected benefits from the merger will be forthcoming. To test the profit impact of the joint operations, the strategic cost analysis uses a new order from a customer as a test case to β†’

Espana – creative writing

It was the first time I had seen a large wound, well the first I had remembered, and the first I would never forget. At this moment it hit me how no one we knew was here but had taken a trip to the beach, how I was left in charge of him and how β†’

Critical and creative thinking questions

Sensations can be defined as the passive process of bringing information from the outside world into the body and to the brain. Perception can be defined as the active process of selecting, organizing, and interpreting the information brought to the brain by the senses.

The castle creative writing

Eventually I got to the end of the lane and as I turned the corner I could see the park in the distance. I do not know if the others felt the same but I definitely did not want them to think I was scared so I just kept my feelings to myself and kept β†’

Wealth management

The understanding will be by way of distinguishing the various impacts and the investment approach that will lead to a positive contribution. Partnering with the professional expert partners helps in assessing specific investment deals and helping incorporate them so it has a positive impact and contribution to the world environment around.

Professional writing sample

By properly staffing the various departments, the company will be able to recruit only the best individuals for the job and pay them their proper wages in order to keep them happy on the job. I would like to believe that on my last day of official employment before I take my terminal leave from β†’

The mood swing through creative language: comparing two poems

Justice's choice of language in this poem drastically changes what a reader would expect to find from reading the poem's title. The contrast between initial predictions and the end result of the poem are therefore unexpected, very similar to Blake's work in his poem.

Creative thinking

Running Head: CREATIVE THINKING Creative Thinking Creative Thinking In the past Creative Thinking has often been relegated to the artist, poet or sculpture as an expression of deeper feeling and insights rather than a way to effectively address problem solving. Creative thinking often gives us a shortcut to problem solving, by offering a more indirect β†’

Spanking or creative parenting

Her mother was calling her to come along and the child seemed not to hear. The mother did not even have the courtesy to explain to the girl what she had done wrong.

The shadow – creative writing

He made he was to the platform ready to catch the train, the time was now 12: 39, 4 minutes late, two police officers walked through the entrance of the train station, Mr. Hitchin's replied, as they made their way to the exit of the train station, Mr.

Of being martin black

As Martin glided slowly underneath her lifted foot, ready to tackle the hideous project of removal, Mama rambled on about her son's lethargy and lack of value to the household, demanding he pursues a job at the local convenience store." It's high time, Martin Black, that you start earnin' some ya keep around here!" " β†’

My greatest achievement

My first life-changing experience is when i participated in the campaign organized by the Red Cross Group of my home district, with the aim of providing a free health check to impoverished people in my home town. Learning needs of the folks in my place and having my evaluation on possible solutions and aid that β†’

What is critical thinking

Critical thinking is the process whereby a person rejects the usual norms and values of people and start taking his own rational and unbiased judgments about the issues. There is a need to properly formulate and implement the decision, yet, the decision made should be flexible in case of inconsistent results.


and efficient use of capital and labour resources-Lead to high level of unemployment and underemploymentLow levels of technological progress and labour productivity Low rates of economic growth Sourced from the use of labour intensive and traditional methods of agriculture and manufacturing. Trade, investment and transnational corporations World Trade in goods and services grew by an β†’

Analysis of edward scissorhands

In general, the story of Edward Scissor Hands impeccably tells a saga of every individual who dwells in the society and is ill-treated for the indifference they possess. Therefore, the story is of compassion and love entwined with the harshness of rejection and hurt.

An adventure of mind and spirit

Such inspire an impetus for people to struggle in an unending quest for liberty at the cost of lives, of children, of women, of the aged, and of men who sacrificed their blood and strength to regain what they used or wanted to enjoy. Those people who belong to the past, who have left this β†’

What i believe in: kindness

As I was walking, I bought a packet of chips and decided to share them with a street kid I saw on the way. All of a sudden, I felt renewed and within no time, I was back in my room, laptop fully charged, and with energy to do the assignment properly.

Critical thinking

Critical thinking defined Critical thinking is loosely defined as deliberate, rational thought in the quest for reliable and relevant knowledge regarding one's preconceptions of their physical and psychological environment. Problem solving is generally characterized as the thought process that moves from the original problem situation towards a resolution by use of nonspecific methods.

Revison of parallel states

Aside from the first statement indicating that " despite obvious historical and cultural differences", nothing was mentioned in any portions of the essay that relates to noting contrasing details. Therefore, the points of comparison and contrast could be categorized according to georgaphic and demographic details; political orientations; and religious traditions.

A letter to the angel of death

I am satisfied to believe that God commands you, the Angel of Death, to take away our souls. In the end, I pray you to be merciful as you pursue your job of taking my soul away.

An experience that taught a valuable lesson about life

Elementary school was an impressionable time in my life and I believe everyone who passed through the elementary school shares the same sentiment. As compared to the home where most of the time I used to be alone, in school we had black children, white children, Asians, and Latinos.

Creative story for belonging

Jim left the as it bellowed dust when it left taxi the gazed on the side of the dirt road and saw the farm where he grew up, it was old and bare, like an African village, the animals were thin from the drought. Jim walked around to the porch and sat in the chair β†’

Documentary is the creative treatment of actuality essay

Some of the main conventions are archival footage, of film and photography, and talking heads that are interviewed in order to comment on the documentary subject and add extra viewpoints and information. In some documentaries re-enactments are also used to show past events to give the audience an idea of the aspects of the subject β†’

Strategic change in organizations creative and innovation strategic hrm

The points mentioned below explain the model: Purpose is a variable that includes the objectives, goals, mission, strategies, feedback, and vision, and all other factors that show the intensions of the organization. Leaders of the organizations should clearly deliver the strategies and tactics to the staff in order to obtain the organizational goals.

Wanted: creative solutions to shape a workable future

The first step in shaping the future is to gain a deep understanding of the experiences and practices of its pioneers. The human lab rat, Lyft driver and other individuals personify seven archetypes of the on-demand economy, as outlined in a new report out from Institute for the Future.

4 creative ways to use free samples to grow your business

Taking a page out of the SaaS handbook, once consumers use even a sample of a product, they are more likely to buy it than if they have to pay for a whole bottle just to try it. So, what a great place to offer free samples: The official sponsors of The Color Run were β†’

How i can be able to study different subjects in a very short period of time

It went that way in a few hours and when it was time to get home, I was pretty confident that I have more retention with the activity that we had compared to when I was trying to study on my own. With a group, one is given the chance to give his own idea β†’

Creative writing piece

Today was going to be a good day for small Rose, it was Christmas day, and she was looking forward to spending the whole day with her sister and her mother for once. She turned around to see a familiar site, a drink in her mothers hand, Rose didn? t like her mother when she β†’

The individual with a strong will

This is because of the phobia that I had, in regard to the use of medicine. In conclusion, because of my strong will to survive, I was able to overcome the fear of drugs.

Mansion of a serial killer – creative writing

Are you chicken?" He said " No of course not I will prove to you i am not chicken Said I " Fine we will both stay in the mansion on Saturday night " After lunch Kobe and I went to play basketball on the inside courts, I was still thinking of the dare. It β†’

The difference between culture industry and creative industry

This paper will analyse the difference between the civilization industries and the originative industries and the impact of economization of civilization on conditions of labour in the originative industry. Decision The merger of civilization, economic sciences and engineering has resulted to the growing in originative industries.

Creative writing piece on friendship

And out I was, with a guy I barely knew, wondering around the streets of a town I barely knew". I am fifteen, but I will be sixteen in a few days, but, you know, whatever," I laughed." You?"" I am sixteen.

Spectator participant scene

I give the idea to my friends and they do not object to the idea of joining the players. I notice that all my group mates, despite having forgotten about the assignment, they are all ready to contribute the ideas and materials that we are supposed to use.

Creative destruction and reconstruction

The first thing that comes to my mind is that I want to become a real doctor, but I want to be able to practice the knowledge I have accumulated in my present career. I have made my research and discovered that from being a radiologic technologist, I can take additional courses so that I β†’

Writing a response letter to the author

Nonetheless, I would still appreciate your guidance on the matter as your views are principal in the matter. Your cooperation in the subject of editing your article is highly esteemed and I am willing to effect any changes you will authorize.

My creative experience as a secretary education essay

This model will be employed in the following three parts of main body: In the Section 1, I will describe my creative idea generation in Vincent Villa Design, which is the combination of descriptive writing and descriptive reflection. In the Section 2, I will conduct profound analysis about the nature, sources and impact of creativity, β†’

Recreational and crafts – is a creative

For instance, the patient must have a liking of animals, say a dog, and be ableto stand and walk with the animal. TheBenefit of Pets and Animal-Assisted Therapy to the Health of Older Individuals.

Writing fitness

As Bonnie Trenga said in her book, The Curious Case of the Misplaced Modifier: How to Solve the Mysteries of Weak Writing, the active voice is " the clearest and most direct way to present your ideas"." In an active sentence," she adds, " the subject performs the action, the object receives it". This sentence β†’

Plot summary rome 45/44 bce creative writing sample

It was also the Rome of the optimates, the ruling elite, and the populares, the have-nots. To be great, in the grand years of the empire was to miss much of the true nature of events.

Creative writing, based on the book nineteen eighty-four by george orwell. early life of winston smith ( when he was a kid ), it may be about some situation/story which he has remembered

The early life of Winston is full of crude activities such as the nuclear bombings and the authoritative governance in the country. The aspect of betrayal is important in eradicating totalitarianism in the society.

Example of understanding lifestyle modification: my personal experiences in managing chronic creative writing

When the opportunity to make lifestyle modifications that are consistent with general recommendations for healthy living came along in the form of schoolwork, I made a genuine and serious effort for the duration of one week as suggested in the assignment. I did not include exercises that reduce back pain in my routine due to β†’

My future career plans

In order to reach where I want to be in the future, I need to devise plans and strategies so that my work flows are facilitated with the passage of time. My college career plans are therefore very direct and comprehensive as I plan out to shape up my actions and behaviors in line with β†’

Marketing communication creative brief and imc plan

This report aims to provide a solution via the implementation of various integrated marketing communications strategies in order to fulfil objectives for the product Olay Total Effects, with the main objective of changing the audiences' perspective of OTE. The campaign would also educate consumers by highlighting the benefits of OTE Fighting 7 signs of aging, β†’

Free creative writing on points of interest in “the open boat”

At the center of the story Crane puts indifference of the universe and the nature of human suffering and plight and how the men stand together in their brotherhood, facing a cruel universe." The Open Boat" is a story about four men united together, who all have to struggle with the situation they got in β†’

Personal time budget

The purpose of this project was to improve my time management skills, as well help me in being responsible and accountable for how I spend my time. The plan will also help me to keep track of how I use my time and the activities I am involved in.

Creative teaching report paul slater assignment

Evaluation was ained by using a student satisfaction survey in the form of a questionnaire which used the Lickert Scale as a means of measuring the effectiveness of the teaching and learning process and in particular the creative and innovative activity. The learners enjoyed this lesson and in particular the creative activity stage of the β†’

Example of creative writing on how did people, particularlythe working class, participate in the political and

This paper concentrates on the part of the working population in the activism, in the French and Industrial insurgency. The sans-culottes improvement was basic to the Revolution of 1789 and later unrest, in light of the way that it was one of the first working populace gathers that joined both a political stance and a β†’

Snowdrops – creative writing

Willing my suspicions to be erroneous, I peeped through the crack I had created between the door and the doorframe. I slumped with relief.'Hello Gwen.' I said, letting out the deep breath I did not know I was holding.

Creative brief – example

Creative Brief Project: UD Marketing Video for Prospective Business Students Prepared by: Claire Holman, Josephine McGrath, Megan O'Brien, and Candice Vermeulen Background/ Overview: The Business School of the University of Dallas is a Catholic institution, which provides a well-rounded education in humanities and business, with the goal of developing the student's intellectual and moral virtues, β†’

Leadership for mortals: developing and sustaining leaders of learning by dean fink

The instructional approach and method that should be used should cater to the needs and capacities of students to make learning more fun and engaged and harness the creative spirit of children. As a consequence, students and parents focus on the marks; but I think there is more to education than ranking and marks.

How to make assignment creative

You may feel that your " creative" and " unique" ideas are not good enough to appeal to the readers. To promote your creative writing process, look for the place where you will feel comfort and harmony.

Creative thinking techniques

The right visual field is processed by the left side of the brain, and the left visual field is processed by the right side of the brain. The conclusion is that the left side of the brain is the word processing side and of course, it is this side that reads the word ' Band'.

Characteristics of creative people philosophy essay

One of the features of a creative individual is that of being unconventional. The stick ability is the main thing that most of the creative people believe in.

Brother juniper’s research: science v. faith

Three tragic happenings in her life brought about the changes; these being her little boy Jaime's illness, her own suffering of smallpox, and the fall of the bridge, with the loss this inflicted upon her. Though not believing that Dona Maria had a heart, she was willing to sacrifice a young girl to get the β†’

Creative learning in 3d modeling education essay

The decision taken by the European Parliament and the Council is based on the conviction that " Europe needs innovation, and leaning systems which inspire innovation" and that creative should be seen as a driver for innovation and as a key factor for the development of personal, occupational, entrepreneurial and social competences. As a matter β†’

Special occasion speech

However different our life paths may become, we are all the graduates of this one university, and we share the common concepts the inherent value of knowledge. As such, allow me to hope for your peace and prosperity during this bitter-sweet moment of separation.

I am afraid i have some bad news

After some examinations, the doctor confirms that the husband is in a good condition but she needed to do was part with fourteen thousand dollars. It is important to note that shower curtains should be kept inside the tub all the time.

Kennedys inaugural speech

Kennedy's Inaugural speech Effective writing is an important tool of expression that bridges the writer to the readers. In this account, an analysis on one of the essays Rolly Pelovangu's about Kennedy's Inaugural speech is being presented whether it followed the appropriate guidelines in making an effective piece.

How to bake lemon cookies with icing

Process Mix all of the ingredients for the cookies together in a big bowl. For the icing, mix all of the ingredients together in a bowl and add more or less lemon juice to achieve the desired consistency.

Reaction papper

A perfect craft of a writer is the fruit of patient and strong determination to finish his or her work. It is not important to become a perfect writer the most important is you have the passion in writing and determination to do so.


Cancer of the Creative Writing of the Concerned May 13, Cancer There is no denying the fact that cancer is a disease that commands loads of shock, fear and stress in the popular perception. Irrespective of the negative image of cancer as a disease, the reality is that cancer is mostly curable if diagnosed in β†’

The virtues of humility and honesty

This is because she is of the belief that wearing a sachet will illustrate to people in the case of an accident that she was a woman. The reason she gets to this point is that she is staring death in the face.

Creative the world. we as a whole take

To me by and by, motion pictures are about idealism. I would get a kick out of the chance to some time or another present intriguing and interesting stories in films that gain by the division and pressures our general public faces today.

Mythology’s role in the ancient greece – god poseidon creative essay

He was believed to be the creator and the controller of the sea therefore, people gave him respect and they make him to become angry. Poseidon was a god of the sea and therefore was to be respected.

3d creative content from creators such as

Probably not traditional narrative productions: filmmakers and production companies must come up with new storytelling techniques to account for a technology that explodes the frame, placing the spectator inside the space of the film. Film within VR is becoming more individualised as you are placing someone inside the space of the film and I believe β†’

Letter of recommendation

As the supervisor, I confirm that the student has a high goal in his activities and his behaviors, as well as social interactions exhibit his dedication to succeed as an individual as well as a team. Notably, he is an excellent student who has surpassed the class expectation and set a new record for the β†’

My final year at high school

One major event that absolutely revolutionized the way in which the world appeared to the of this paper occurred at the age of 18. All of my friends including myself decided to surrender our life to the one and only true God at that time.

The personality which inspired me: jimmy stewart

The traits he portrayed in his roles, the passion, enthusiasm, zeal, quest for knowledge, ambitious personality and moral values are some of the factors that involved viewers in his role. He was not fond of glamour but performed in movies the way he really was.

Literature creative writing

I would be shame to my parents, and the community would never accept me. I told them my story, what had come to me the whole time and how I managed to help myself out of the situation.

The strangers advice creative writing

As she walked up the stairs to her bottom level apartment in the suburbs, she felt rejected, isolated and displaced in the world. The woman had given Emma advice and she listened to her, not knowing why, possibly because she wanted someone to talk to, even if that person was a stranger.