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Job evaluations assignment

The job evaluation techniques and compensable factors used should be described, and the reasons for selecting them should be stated. Since the Know How relates to Knowledge, Skills and Abilities the method seemed to be the best fit for conducting the analysis.

The evaluation of current small business tax policy economics essay

In a sound tax system, all tax measures must adhere to the guiding principles of fairness, neutrality, and simplicity.[1]Since the goal of small business tax policy is to encourage growth, any assessment of small business focussed proposals must be made in consideration of these overriding policy aims, yet must also evaluate the proposal's ability to →

To what extent was the march 1968 reevaluation of the vietnam war, as a function of cold war ideology, accomplished to satisfy domestic concerns rather than international concerns

In November of 1967, the general in charge of the war general Westmoreland came back to the United States and was very positive about the war ending and the troops returning home as they has managed to control the war and gain victory over the Northern Vietnamese. The fight angered the people back in the →

Process evaluations paper

The reach of the program will be determined in terms of the percentage of children who underwent school based dental health screenings. The dose delivered will be assessed by measuring the number of times the dental health professionals were able to conduct the presentation on oral health and hygiene.

Reflective evaluation of the skills of counselling

This essay is a reflective evaluation of the skills of counselling applied to loss and grief in a student's process of learning how to travel the journey of the therapeutic relationship with the client. During the session I spent the majority of the time listening to Steven and reflecting as best I could the content →

Evaluation of socrated and euthrphro: good acts and the will of god

It says God is the very foundation of our ethical system the source of morality is bible, it is plausible to say or believe that god created a divine handbook. With the issues of the Divine Command Theory, we now come to a true dilemma the Euthyphro Dilemma.

Evaluation of simone de beauvoir’s the ethics of ambiguity

Beauvoir claimed that the principle of freedom is the foundational premise of the discussion of the exercise of ethical theories. One is that people failed to understand freedom, and they claimed that life is not in itself meaningful and free, they do not take up the responsibility that comes with our human freedom, which may →

Off campus visit evaluation ii

A visit to of Santa Fe Springs' Community Development Commission Council Meeting " The Community Development Commission Board directs the activities of the Community Development Commission of the City of Santa Fe Springs,". Every second and fourth Thursday of the month, the community development commission holds city council meetings at the City Hall's Council Chamber →

Outcome evaluation for addiction recovery for moms (arms)

Initially, I will work as the expert or judge to identify credible data about the effectiveness of the integrative services based on the information the stakeholders give me; as a methodologist when collecting, assessing, and interpreting the data; as a program facilitator during the implementation of the evaluation; and an educator when giving the results →

Short story evaluation template

The problem presented early In the story Is developed steadily so that the reader's curiously Is stimulated; the reader then becomes more and more Involved In the story. Strong, interesting and varied characters Narrator: who tells the story?

Evaluation of acetogenins as potential anti-sars-cov-2 agents through computational approaches

The 3-dimensional structure of the protein was checked for the presence of any pre-existing ligands and the water molecules were deleted or removed and the resultant protein structure was saved in.pdb format for the further validation. The binding or the active site pocket residues where the ligands interact with the protein to inhibit its action →


Regarding the speeches of the present American President Obama, one can see that Obama possesses majority of the qualities of a public speaker. Analyzing the speeches of Obama, after and before the presidency elections it is well evident that he could attract the attention of a great number of mass who elected him as the →

Student evaluation form

Rapport with staff and patients The student shows a positive inter-personal relationship with patients in terms of attending to their needs in the consulting room and in the office. Such an inter-personal relationship is exhibited through the patience with which the trainee has in listening to the problems of patients and the patience taken to →

Evaluation of burberry’s market position

Over past few years, Burberry has become in themselves the sign of reinventing and extending product lines to adapt to the taste of times". Burberry Toasts a lift in sales The Independent.

Essay on technical evaluation process for evaluating acquisition alternatives

One of the most assessments essential in the process of decision-making is the identification of the business objectives after knowing the problems being solved first. The role of the managerial is to blend the business criteria with technical requirements.

Evaluation of theories and practices of councelling

Counselling has been defined by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy as " talking therapy," which " involves a contractual arrangement between the therapist and the client where they meet, in privacy and confidence, to explore a difficulty or distress the client may be experiencing". It works through the development of a therapeutic relationship →

Evaluation of the australian rehabiliation system and alternatives to penal sentences

When convicted, the offenders are sentenced to undergo community service order by the court and they are first informed on the number of hours they need to get involved in order to complete the community work. According to the Government of Western Australia's Department of Corrective Services, the total amount of hours a convicted individual →

Evaluation of provision and requirement environmental sciences essay

This report will focus on the water shortage in the north of China and discover several causes of this issue, then try to list some ways to reduce the stress of water resources in this region. The Beijing Desalination Plant in Tianjin, which is designed to reduce the stress of critical water shortage in the →

Evaluation in community welfare

Accordingly, these youth have been the focus of a large proportion of mentoring programs and currently constitute the majority of all those receiving mentoring. In order to yield desired outcomes, it may be necessary for the program to establish mentoring relationships between youth and adults that involve patterns of regular contact over a significant period →

Evaluation of heavy metal pollutants from plateau mines in wetland surface deposits

The elevation of the terrain is high in the northwest and low in the southeast, forming a slope from the northwest to the southeast. The pH of the Minghu Wetland sediments and the concentration of each heavy metal in the samples are presented in Table 3.

Written report: prolonged immobilization

Number of sarcomeres in parallel is reduced contributing to the reduction of muscle fiber PCSA v. Decreased formation of oxidative muscle fiber types I and IIa, the main factors in reduction of endurance and fitness d.

Editorial: what works for forensic psychiatric patients: from treatment evaluations to short and long-term outcomes

Mainly due to the high risk of bias the reliability of the evidence for all outcomes was assessed as very low, and highlights the shortage of knowledge on the effectiveness of pharmacological treatment within forensic psychiatry. The authors present an overview of the current neurobiological, as well as physiological and psychophysiological approaches to characterize pedophilia →

Educator beliefs around supporting early self-regulation: development and evaluation of the self-regulation knowledge, attitudes and self-efficacy scale

In terms of enacting self-regulatory change in the early years, the ubiquity of Early Childhood Education and Care and critical role of educator practice for shaping children's outcomes have seen a proliferation of ECEC-based self-regulation interventions. Predictive validity analyses were also undertaken to investigate whether and to what extent educator scores on this scale predicted →

Evaluation of america’s cultural influence on the world

Where Shehadeh's work, What We Think of America, indicates both an admiration and anger towards the United states, Parris's work, It's Time We All Signed Up for the Rest of the World Team, outlines a definitive negative towards the America and what it stands for. The works of Matthew Parris, a South African born British →

External factor evaluation matrix essay sample

Bad news for grocery retailers TECHNOLOGY Development of health food Packaged and processed foods Market for packaged and processed foods has seen large profits in retail sales and this number is expected to see steady growth. 3% in first quarter Second quarter earnings increase 11% to $827 million.

An evaluation of starbucks

Such situation would put Starbucks in great threat as they need to maintain their quality of food and drinks even when they are facing crisis. Such situation would cause Starbucks to have more wastage and wasting of manpower which would increase the operational cost as the store require employee to serve and machinery could not →

Criterion development performance evaluation and appraisal

A number of theoretical issues are associated with selection of criteria for measuring the effectiveness of individuals, groups and organizations. In this situation, determination of aspects of performance that can be emphasised is difficult as the ensuing measure of effectiveness can deviate in accordance to the facets analyzed.

Advances in seed quality evaluation techniques in soybean

Seed and seedling image analysis: Computer-aided image analysis, which are contributing to improving insight of seed morphology and biology, in terms of seed quality and germination and various aspects of seed image analysis like image acquisition and pattern recognition. Bio-morphological seed features may be analyzed by computer-aided image analysis systems and data quickly processed.b) Seed →

Evaluation of article from the economist

Clarity and Flow Firstly, while it is part of a contemporary fashion in the world of article writing, the title of the article offers no insight into the content in the article though it does manage to refer to the focal point of the essay. Then the article moves on to describe the process of →

Evaluation of three common mental disorders

This shows that the disorder is multidetermind and that there are other factors and causes that contribute to the disorder and not just environment, culture and social norms. This study shows that as the disorder is due to anxiety and the physical activities can be controlled with the help of therapies.

Self-evaluation of life

Self Reflection In the context of this paper, reflection is going to be used to define the act of self-evaluation with respect to the things in one's life that represent or have a significant bearing in their life. This created a conflict of interest on my part because I wanted to maintain the integrity of →

Evaluation of “politics and the english language” essay sample

George Orwell's article, " Politics and the English Language," explores the increasing misuse of the English language and its possible political causes. In the end of the article, George Orwell lists rules that cover most causes, and I think they are useful especially for someone who is in the earliest stage of writing: i.

Evaluation of the psychometric properties of type indicators

Jung's typology is one of the most influential of the several others and the drive behind the development of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator was to implement Carl Gustav Jung's theory of Psychological Types. Furthermore, the proportion of changes in type was found to be a function of the proximal distance to the midpoint of the →

Monitoring and evaluation new programs

Monitoring and Evaluation New Programs Monitoring and evaluation new programs al portfolios An al portfolio is a compilation of a number of facts that act as evidence that the institution is committed to achieving its mission and vision. One of the crucial uses of institutional portfolio is its ability to give the institution a chance →

Evaluation of the acoustic coordinated reset (cr ) neuromodulation therapy for tinnitus: update on findings and conclusions

Both accurate tone " location" of the tinnitus percept on the auditory cortex, as well as the timing and sequence of the tone based impulses have been reported to be important factors in effective inducement of neuronal desynchronization. The authors concluded that this new procedure offers more guidance to the audiologist and patient which is →

Amazon inventory evaluation method essay sample

LIFO is defined as " the cost flow assumption that the last costs in to inventory are the first costs out to cost of goods sold". Weighted average is " the cost flow assumption that is based on an average of the cost of beginning inventory plus the cost of purchases during the year, weighted →

An ethical evaluation of the israeli palestinian conflict religion essay

After the founding of Israel, Zionism evolved into the thought that the Israelis have the right to occupy the entire land of Israel. For members of this group, there is no room for compromise, and to give up the control of any part of Eretz Israel would be blasphemy and a sin against God.[16] Gush →

Evaluation 10304

Of course the members you enter into the program must have the necessary qualifications to do the job but the program will show you in black and white which ones are the ones most likely to succeed and why. A score of over 75 means the applicant has the right personality and traits to do →

Evaluation plan

Besides, the boundaries between the private and the public sector are blurring more and more and both sectors try to learn lessons from the other. For example, compared to private enterprises, the products and services of public organizations are often less concrete and specific, and processes have to meet criteria other than technical efficiency.

Evaluation paper on people with disabilities

The staffs meet with the families to tell what experience they have with people with disabilities and see if the family would like to have that particular staff care for the individual. Along with the doctors the team effort that DSI provides ensures the client gets into the community and has life skills needed to →

Lotte confectionery: strategy evaluation

LOTTE Confectionery, Japan LOTTE, and Mitsui invested in the factory and are now developed in 3 divisions. In January of 2007, LOTTE Confectionery and Hershey's signed a strategic alliance to manufacture and sell the main products from this factory.

Elements of evaluation

In words by McKenzie, Neiger & Thackeray evaluation of health intervention programs analyses the quality and efficiency of the intervention. Maintenance of an intervention reflects heavily on the evaluation results of the intervention which reflects the durability of an intervention and its ability to maintained and remain relevance in addressing the health problem stated.

Assessment and evaluation assignment

Assessment is carried out to see, to what extent the objectives of learning have been attained; it should encompass the three domains of learning namely cognitive, psychosomatic and affective, so as to make teaching and learning process more efficacious.' Assessment should reflect and communicate teaching and learning expectations and provide a fair opportunity to all →

Yeats valves business evaluation essay sample

3 Data Analysis As a part of the negotiations between the YVC's and the TSE are the discussions about the appropriate takeover price it is necessary to come up with some calculations about the fair value of the YVC's. 11% In contrast to the rE, the and the WACC of the merged firm the growth →

State-of-the-art research on “lymphomas: role of molecular imaging for staging, prognostic evaluation, and treatment response”

It is important to realize that the widespread use of systemic chemotherapy in lymphoma patients appears to mitigate the need for a precise determination of the anatomic extent of disease; however, staging PET/CT is integral to evaluation of subsequent response to therapy. In a series of 103 NHL and HL patients, Raanani et al.reported that →

Product formulation portfolio; evaluation pro-forma 4 (pfpe4)

85% Phosphoric acid Pyridine The old catalyst is replaced with a new catalyst because Pyridine serves both as a catalyst for the acetylation reaction as well as a base for neutralizing the resulting hydrochloric acid. HCL is normally formed as a by-product of the reaction between acetyl chloride and Salicylic acid.

Media evaluation

I think our audience will respond quite well to our product, we have tried our best to come up with a catchy slogan and we have written our logo in a graffiti style so it is relevant to our target. I think we have met the intention we started out with because we wanted our →

The role of evaluation in vocational education

Eze Date: 10th August, 2010 Abstract Evaluation in education involves the collection of data and the use of such data to assess the effectiveness or quality of a programme or performance. Programme in education is established for some purpose and it is the function of programme evaluation to determine the extent to which the purpose →

Evaluation of service quality in hotel taj marriot tourism essay

To lead and become the international benchmark in the hospitality industry, not only in India but also in the Key regions of the world and To dazzle and delight our customers with utmost quality, food and beverage experience and exceptional service standards. In july, 209, Hilary Clinton visit the Mumbai taj hotel and stayed there →

An essay on the development of adr evaluation law general essay

The researcher's criteria for determining the ' usefulness' of the reports/ reviews/ evaluations/ studies are as follows: Books and magazine articles written in last two decades in printed and electronic form; Collection of information or data, which is relevant and valuable to the subject information; Views and analysis made by other authors linked to the →

Outline for writing an evaluation essay

Your task is to choose the topic you like the most. The role of the body paragraphs is to explain the thesis to the reader.

Evaluation of architecture of aged-care facilities

This essay will discuss the pros and cons as well as the areas of the current approaches to improve the architectural design of aged-care facilities. There are a number of advantages of current approaches to the architectural design of the aged-care facilities.

Evaluation of senate reform in canada

Rather than suggesting Canada abolish the senate, I am in favour of Senate reform to address the institution's deficits by examining the required qualifications of Senate appointees, the method of selecting and appointing senators, and the distribution of seats in the Senate. Section twenty-four of the Constitution Act of 1867 originally stipulated, " The Governor →

The disclosure of information for the evaluation of the progress of a firm

The Disclosure of Information for the Evaluation of the Progress of a Firm The disclosure of vital information is important for the evaluation of the progress of a firm by the investors and shareholders. Reasons for Non-Disclosure of Information Some organizations fear disclosing income and expenditure information to the lenders because of the managerial →

The environmental benefits of recycling and its importance – evaluation essay

The reverse is also true, however, the fact that recycled products may be of a lower quality is a point against recycling. On the flip side, there are a lot of products and materials that can be recycled, and the amount of pollution they save is massive.

A program evaluation to determine if the united states military support to civilian law enforcement agencies is adequate in curt

The goal of the research is to detail what steps will be taken to understand the necessary approaches for military assistance with local and federal law enforcement in the restriction of further action by drug trafficking organizations. Drug Trafficking Organizations have many available resources as well, however, with the technology, support and administrative assistance of →

Evaluation of bouwsma’s argument

For the purposes of clarity, the premises will be represented as: If we are deceived about the world around us, either we are able to detect the deception through our five sense or we are not able to detect the deception through our five senses. He then proceeds to prove in the minor premises and →

Political film evaluation project

The film is the Democrat's story of the 2000 presidential elections. OPINION The film Recount cannot be but biased to the Democrat view of the controversial 2000 presidential election, as this is the Democrat's story of it.

Restaurant evaluation: noras cuisine

The second criterion to evaluate Nora's Cuisine is the location of the cuisine. The third criterion to evaluate Nora's Cuisine is the price of food.

An evaluation of the macbook pro

Its popularity among aficionados of top-of-the-line laptops begs the question " why? " The aim of this paper is to evaluate the claim that the MacBook Pro is one of the best laptop in the market. The graphics configuration of the MacBook Pro consists of one the fastest graphics hardware in the market.

The discover magazine: an evaluation essay sample

The Discover magazine is relied upon by its readers to present them with the most up-to-date information in the world of science. The Discover magazine answers its readers' need to know as much as possible in many areas of science at the same time.

Evaluation of assistive technology

Lust as educators are learning to diversity testing methods and measurements in order to give all types of students the same opportunity for higher learning; assisted technologies should be approach the very same way, we must consider all types of AT available and be innovative and creative, curious to discover and unravel the different molds →

War coursework – evaluation essay

The Capone family owed the Makevele family a lot of money and they were both rich families but the Capone family refused to pay the money. In the final scene we had both families going to have a ' shoot out' because of the anger and tension between them.

Evaluation impact on financial operations cadburys and kraft marketing essay

The main objective of this report is to evaluate the consequences of the acquisition on the finance and operations aspect of KRAFT FOODS. The main focus of this report, therefore, is as follows: To analyse the reasons for Kraft to make a strategic choice of acquiring Cadbury and whether it satisfy the strategic fit as →

Academic evaluation form essay sample

GENERAL PROCEDURES An evaluation will be processed upon receipt of the following: Completed ACEI Application form 2 complete sets of OFFICIAL/ORIGINAL Academic Documents issued in the native language by the institution Certified English Translations Evaluation fee Application Mailing Please mail the application, documents and fees to one of the following 2 mailing address: 1a. Evaluation →

Review and evaluation of cdm regulations

The proposed changes to the Construction Regulations 1994 aim to simply clarify the existing regulations; make the current regulations more flexible and compatible with procurement requirements; place the emphasis on the management of health and safety risk rather than creating paperwork and to strengthen the co-ordination and co-operation between designers and contractors. In 2002 the →

Artist evaluation of james rosenquist

The mood of the piece is happy and uplifting. The colour of the painting is energetic and warm.

Value systematic analysis and evaluation of techniques and

Value analysis can be defined as a technique which examines all the facts of a function and cost of a product in order to determine whether the cost can be reduced or altogether eliminated while retaining all the features of performance and or quality of a product. In value analysis, it is possible to improve →

Data warehouse presentation evaluation

13 January 2006." Microsoft Data Warehousing Framework Poster". 13 January 2006." Tutorial 4: Design of the data warehouse: Kimball Vs Inmon".

Evaluation of 3d printing for sustainable construction

New advanced composites such as high-performance concrete, multipurpose and intelligent cement composite materials, green and environmental composites for civil engineering are thus sought to satisfy the above-mentioned needs in major construction development.[3] One of the new promising technology is the technology of 3D Printing of individual structures and buildings.[2] Literature Review 3D Printing in the →

Reflective memo: evaluation of the choices in determining the best cell phone plan

After evaluating the alternatives, a report was to be produced and presented to the Executive Director, who would then make the final decision based on our findings. After the table, some pictures of the three company's cell phones were included so that the Executive Director could get a visual on what the phones looked like.

Evaluation of conservative and liberal media bias

They stated that, " The majority of Americans believe that the mass media slant reports in favor of the liberal position on current issues". A primary example of liberal media bias is evident in the fact that the reporters only stream the democratic headlines and stories.

A controlled evaluation of family behavior therapy in concurrent child neglect and drug abuse

A controlled evaluation of family behavior therapy in concurrent child neglect and drug abuse April 24, A controlled evaluation of family behavior therapy in concurrent child neglect and drug abuse The study's objective and related work in the field The study aimed at evaluating effectiveness of a family-based behavioral therapy on treating mothers who have →

Evaluation of organisation styles for gap inc

In bureaucratic organization all the powers and responsibilities are kept by head office of the organization. Non-Bureaucratic Organization:- In non-bureaucratic organization all the powers and responsibilities are distributed to the branches.

Evaluation of dorothea orem’s theory

Nursing care: Orem's Approach to the nursing process provides a method to determine the self-care deficits and then define the role of patients or nurses in meeting self-care demands. For instance, in a case of an accident and the patient goes to coma.

Evaluation of the existing operations

I have approached this whole assignment, using the rules and constructs ofEntire Quality Management, i.e, through uninterrupted appraisal and betterment of the whole operations system and looking at it holistically from clients ' position, every bit good as demanding the consistent engagement of all the interest holders involved in the uninterrupted betterment of Quality. The →

Evaluation of binding capacity of aspirin to ntbi

Since the background variation is too much in plasma the difference in the OD before and after addition of BPS will be taken to quantify the concentration of ferric ion in the sample. To measure the ferric ion concentration in the plasma 346 l of plasma will be added in the wells and the OD →

Area evaluation for district registered nurse

The ODH goes on to state public health nursing includes the individual client, family and support system of the client, as well as the community in which the client lives to provide services. Carolynn states most of the buildings in the Greenon district need replaced and offers a metaphor of budgeting of the school buildings →

A self evaluation of team work nursing essay

The final major strength that I have become aware of in myself as a team member is that I can contribute the knowledge that I learned from the course to the team. In this sense, I felt that I acted as a member who possessed the required skills and knowledge for the team to succeed →

Labelling theory by becker: summary and evaluation

It is not in the quality of a person's action the deviant act or, as it were, a deviant person but rather in the imposition of the label of deviance by society. In defence of labelling theory, and the criticisms that have been levelled at it, Becker ascribes a more limited role to its applicability.

Evaluation of hall’s theory of proxemics

In The Hidden Dimension, Hall describes four spatial zones to describe nonverbal communication he observed specifically in Americans: The intimate distance is six to eighteen inches, and it is noted that " the head is seen as enlarged in size, and its features are distorted". Cultures with a high population density are used to close →

Performance evaluation of sainsbury’s analysis

The current ratio and the quick ratio for the years 2009, 2008 and 2007 are 0. 9% in the years 2009, 2008 and 2007.

Elements of a program evaluation

The main factor that I found surprising was the level of detail that an individual needs to provide to get a grant from the institution. If I was in the position of a program evaluator, it is vital to understand the different elements that form the diverse groups that seek grants and other services from →

Evaluation of the strategies adopted by lenovo marketing essay

Strategy is based on the long term of a business and is the direction and scope of the organisation. This report is set out in order to evaluate the strategies adopted by Lenovo to gain competitive advantages over their rivals in this ever-challenging PC industry and to provide recommendations for continuous development of the organisation.1.

Evaluation essay of facebook

In writing about poetry or a short story or play or novel, it is very important to keep in touch with the language of the art, showing your reader over and over again where in the poem or story you get your ideas, and to do that you have to use quotations sometimes a lot →

Sports psych evaluation on we are marshall

Before we even get in to cooperation with the entire team these few players remaining had to present a common goal to the student body and organize an event so that they school would allow the team to have a season so they could honor their teammates in the following season. Ruffin led his team →

Blood brothers theatre evaluation drama gcse student

All the scenes were set in the same location; and the set design remained the same for the whole performance, even when the backdrop changed however, the insides of houses, occasionally descended from the ceiling to show the insides of each home. The characters were spot lit when they were singing or during a dramatic →

Evaluation of sports tourism event: rio olympics

The goals were mutually supportive with the exception of the legacy of the Paralympics, but the purpose of this essay is to encompass the social impact the Olympics bring to London. Rio could have learned a lot from the London Olympics and was told many times to follow London's steps.

Re-evaluation of maximum profitability

So while we are going to give you something you did not specifically ask for, we are actually going to give you MORE than you asked for, and the potential to both increase your business, profitability and expand your company, as you desire to do. We will attempt to give you a differentiating advantage in →

Component evaluation at microwave frequencies health and social care essay

With miniaturization, becoming the choice production option for electronic circuits, and the high frequency band of operation for RF circuits offering little possibilities for the tuning option, it is prudent to have an estimation or characterization of the behaviour of the components in the realized layout, accounted for in the design phase. The extraction of →

Reaction outcome evaluation

With the outcome of the training, it is still safe to assume that a supervised training is still advisable for the employees of the company. As a result of the training program conducted, one can say that it was not successful if the aim of the company is to let their employees to be fully →

An evaluation of a coaching session with referencing to coaching concepts

This will ensure the coach has the session all organised, and will help the coach get the best out of the players. This type of coaching style is more linked to the democratic style, as the players have a major say in what happens in a session.

Evaluation of ceo pay and performance structures

Their latest increase in payment has of late attracted lots of attention and has, therefore, spurred a lot of debate across the globe about the nature of their compensation, and the setting at large. Optimal incentives The quantity of optimal incentives has been a question of interest in the high compensation of the CEOs.

Sample action research report evaluation essay sample

Research questions In this action research report, the research question " should specify the population of interest, be of interest to the scientific community and potentially to the public, have clinical relevance and further current knowledge in the field". The area of focus is not really within the researcher's locus of control because through the →

Hpm1s: evaluation – big brother-big sister

Evaluation of the " Big Brother Big Sister" Evaluation of the " Big Brother Big Sister Mission of the Organization Responsible forImplementing the Program The mission of Big-Brothers Big Sisters' as a community-based organization is to offer mentoring programs aimed at matching youths between the age of 6 and 18 especially those who hail from →