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My memorable experience paragraph

So I had to quickly wave to one of my friends on the bus and hurry back towards them. I immediately began crying and quickly covered my left eye because of the blood was dripping down from my eyebrow to my face.

I believe in engineering

The experience also improved mycommunicationskills and my ability to work as part of a team. I will also contribute to university life beyond the lecture hall and have the capacity to excel.

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Lucent technologies case task

According to the information provided in the case revealing, the current assets in 2003 was 49. Some additional financial information that investors and creditors would need in order to make investing and lending decisions for Lucent Technologies would be the company's financial statements.

Athens vs. sparta

Sparta was a better place because the women had more freedom, they were prized for reproduction, and they did not have to worry about raising their hildren after age eight because they had to go off to the military. I would rather live in Sparta because the women were prized for their reproduction, they stayed β†’

The color purple research paper analysis

Alice Walker's The Color Purple explores the negative stereotyp of the 1920's against women and blacks, detailing Celie's mental and physical fgh happiness and freedom while learning to please herself without regard for othe opinions of her, instilling in Celie a strong sense of self-confidence and self- determination. In Walker's The Color Pur Celie refuses β†’

Economics test questions

A) Using the basic Keynesian model, provide a detailed analysis of the likely impact of the changes described above for Japan's real GAP and rate of unemployment.b) Suppose the government responds to what you have outlined in part with a change in fiscal policy. As planned investment is a component of planned injections, a fall β†’

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Chef satisfaction

For the hospitality industry, it is important to validate and analyze the influences of the above factors on employees' job satisfaction, organizational commitment and job performance. In 2 the research model, the R of job satisfaction, organizational commitment and job performance were respectively 0.

Becoming a captain

I believethat I would make a great captain because I possess all of these skills. And, I have a positive attitude.


The quantities to be supplied for each price level is like below: P = 4 MN type 2+ 3 MN type 1 = MN $ P= 4 MN type 2 +0 MN type 1 = 4 MN $ P = O MN Suppose that the world demand curve for copper is expected to be given β†’

Needs of ifrs education in india

To broaden the pool of trained resources, it is important to incorporate IFRS training in colleges, universities, and the professional accounting syllabus of the ICAI. This paper throw lights on importance and need of IFRS education in India, the extent to which IFRS are recognized around the world and explore the possibilities of implementing IFRS β†’

Job satisfaction and its impact on employee intention to leave

Recommendations One of the reasons why employees tend to have low levels of satisfaction in their work and opt to leave to other places of work is the low pay given to them by their employers. Conclusion It can be concluded that job satisfaction does in fact influence the decision by employees to leave their β†’

My research over seminole wars

According to Ron Soodalter, " The Second Seminole War erupted over broken treaties that repeatedly changed the boundaries of the Seminole reservation and finally sought to push the Seminoles out of Florida altogether". AcademicSearch Complete, EBSCOhost." Outline of the United States History".

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Kodak- competitive advantage

An analysis of the company in the light of Porter's five forces reveals the following dynamics: Rivalry The industry has seen the entry of large number of firms like Fuji, Hewlett Packard, Lexmark International, and General Electric. Barriers to entry With the technological advance in the photo industry many companies that have the edge have β†’

Rainy season

The wet season, monsoon season or rainy season is the time of year when most of a region's average annual rainfalloccurs. For example, the wet season period of the year in Mexico is known as storm season.

Moments of my life

If I was asked to describe the meaning of the word " life", I would compare it with making a movie which consists of enormous amount of shots. If I was asked to describe the meaning of the word " life", I would country and being aware of that you will not see her in β†’

Middle class and hard work

They want to be the diamond in the rough, but only a few of them can ever be such a thing. Sometimes people do not see how big of an impact they have to the society, but everyone is essential in order for the society to function properly.

Golden oaks rehabilitation center

She wants to end her life and is requesting that the one thing that's keeping her alive, her pacemaker, be disconnected. The top priority of the doctors, nurses, social worker, and ethics committee is to make sure that nonmaleficence is not being implemented while considering Margie's right to make her own decision about wanting to β†’

Niccolo machiavelli: about liberal countries

In Machiavelli's opinion, the best political strategy to govern such principalities or cities would be establishing the system of strict control of the ruler and making new colonies obey the laws which were already existing in the empire. However, the Roman Empire was following another tactic: in such colonies of the Romans as Numantia, Capua β†’

World civilization notes

This Judaeo-Christian Old Testament is captured in the book of Genesis 2: 6-7 in which it is written ' But there went up a mist from the earth and watered the whole face of the ground.' And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath β†’

Tristan gonzales

The first person that comes to mind when I hear the word integrity is Nick Carraway from the movie and the novel " the Great Gatsby'. Nick Carraway as a narrator is honest and reliable because he explains all the Judgments from characters in general and is unbiased in doing so, he presents original plots β†’

Market based accounting research impacts

Over the past three decades, a significant amount of research in market-based accounting research has emerged to evaluate the usefulness of accounting data to investors and the association between the accounting numbers and security return. Examine the role of market-based accounting research and the importance of disclosure of accounting information on capital markets Examine how β†’

The dotcom bubble and the stock market fall in 2000-2001

In that testimony he tried to explain the causes of the recent financial and economic crisis to the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission, highlighting the vulnerabilities in different sectors of economics. To sum up, experts claim that flaws in evaluating the perspectives of new technologies in the 90ies caused the dotcom bubble burst in 2000, while β†’

Negative impacts

The response to the problems outlined Lies In enabling output to continue to grow while minimizing growth in inputs of materials and energy, and they can support the establishment of institutions meeting the standards in monitoring the development of environment related In affecting trade, identify gaps In normative laws and regulations and other policies which β†’

History of beverages/soft drink

It was the first very successful method of keeping the bubbles in the bottle. Automatic Production of Glass Bottles In 1899, the first patent was issued for a glass-blowing machine for the automatic production of glass bottles.

Related literature-inventory system

This is true even of stand-alone systems that are not integrated with other areas of the business, but many analysts indicate that productivity and hence profitability gains that are garnered through use of automated systems can be increased even more when a business integrates its inventory control systems with other systems such as accounting and β†’

Three branches of government

The legislative branch, one of the three branches of government, is made up of two groups- the Senate and the House of Representatives. The head of the House of Representatives is called the Speaker of the House.

A little about me

Livelihood of the people often sung to go with the movement of workers such as the kalusan, soliranin or the mambayu, a Kalinga rice-pounding song; the verbal jousts/games like the duplo popular during wakes. Other folk songs are the drinking songs sung during carousals like the tagay; dirges and lamentations extolling the deeds of the β†’

Chapter 16 the goblet of fire

I had no idea he was still at school!" As they recrossed the entrance hall with the rest of the Hogwarts students heading for the Great Hall, Harry saw Lee Jordan jumping up and down on the soles of his feet to get a better look at the back of Krum's head. When all the β†’

Why there should be prayer in public school

Nicholson Why there should be prayer in public school Interestingly, the same reason why prayers are banned in public schools is actually the same reason why prayers should be allowed in public schools. Inhibition of prayers in public schools would be a violation of the First Amendment.

The host prologue: inserted

As the whispers of the Healing students buzzed in the far corner of the operation room, his lips pressed together into a tight line. But not enough for Fords Deep Waters, who was a true Healer to the core of his being.

Is tribology approaching its golden age? grand challenges in engineering education and tribological research

The availability of a subject is strongly associated with its complexity, and the complexity of the mechanics and physics of interfaces is notoriously high. The difference between them is in the availability of models used to describe them: For the basics of mechanics of materials students only need proficiency in analysis of one variable and β†’

Tea shop

Introduction In recognition of the great albeit highly varied demand for tea in this parts of the country, this plan seeks to describe the strategies that will be used to ensure the success of the tea shop that falls within the highly competitivefoodbusiness market. The Mission of the tea shop will be to provide the β†’

Language development and reading disabilities

A series of research have always been carried out to develop and identify the key factors that can facilitate language development in the bid of curbing reading disabilities. Of all the suggestions on language development, the recent research by Adriana and Anne tend to be the best because it explored language development in a natural β†’

Study feedback

There was a description of the people involved with the client's life and their role and involvement with the client and the client'sanxietydisorder was clearly stated. And more importantly, the self-assessment of the client was stated on the client's profile.

Congressional earmarks

This project is a humiliation to the people of Alaska and the U.S. Some people view the bridge as an object of national ridicule and a symbol of the fiscal irresponsibility of many in Congress toward the money entrusted to them by the taxpayers.

Problems facing by warwick town

In the event of a Danish onslaught all the work forces from the country could garner together in the local burh. The palace stimulated the growing of the town because the fort provided a market for the towns goods.

Augustine medical case

The Hosworth-Climator is a product very similar to the Bair Hugger Patient Warming System and it is predicted that this product could be distributed in the United States next year. The system is comprised of two components: the heater/blower unit, and the plastic blankets.

Federalism and separation of power

With cognisance to the American democratic structure, the constitution provides for separation of powers by stipulating the functions of the various arms of government and also the jurisdiction of the different tiers of government, whereby the executive cannot meddle in the affairs of the legislature and vice-versa. The first stage of the bill is the β†’

Points about a crafting business

This is entrepreneurial in the sense that it involves looking to the future and seeing things before they are actually present. Another reason this is considered a battlefield is that organizations are competing to win the same thing, namely the consumer dollar.

Florence nightingale

Florence really did not neglect God's call to her and this really demonstrated the passionate side of her. Florence is a good leader because she is understanding to the other nurses and all of them will really follow her orders.

The tuskegee syphilis research study

People in today's society are also more aware of the researches that are taking place to not allow this type of study to be conducted. I think that in order for this type of experiment not to happen again we, as the public, should step up to the researchers that are wanting to perform this β†’

The advantages and disadvantages of technology

We cannot escape from the absolute need of technology in our daily life. The use of technology has made our life comfortable.

Red handed

I was nine and I remember feeling, no, knowing that I had forgotten something. What was it, the thing that I had forgotten?

Sociology & suicide

I also discuss the sociological perspectives of the variations in suicide rates that Durkheim's theory is able to explain. The type of work the person does and if they are depended on by others for their work can push these people to suicide.

Interviewing and observational strategies

The first stage in the interview and observation process is centered on the establishment of rapport with the client, as well as structuring. These stages rely heavily on listening and observation on the part of the interviewer, and will help us to gauge the wants and needs of the client so that the process may β†’

People in the long house

This article " People of the Long House" is about the life of the Iroquois people. Hiawatha was sick of all the killing and the cannibalism.

Chapter 4 – primary research findings

For this reason, each question will be analyzed, each under the specific theme it addresses, and a further discussion of the analyzed questions given in relation to the literature review in the discussion section Remarks: From this point forward, the CEO and the Vice President are the used names to represent Firm A and β†’

Expectations gap in auditing

This is realized when the role of external auditors is compared to the expectations of the general public and various user groups regarding outcomes and the process of the external audit. After viewing the above arguments and prescriptions, expectation gap in auditing can be said to be the difference between the auditor's actual performance and β†’

Khmer new year in cambodia

The majority of the Cambodians are still farmers and Khmer New Year marks the end of the harvest season when farmers enjoy the fruits of their labor and relax before the start of the rainy season. The history of the Khmer New Year is closely connected to the seven signs of the zodiac for the β†’

Me against the media

The few students who have actually done the reading chuckle because they know that today's class is about the pervasiveness of consumerism in popularcultureand in the schools. But this is no easy task, and activists would be well advised to work on the issue of Generation Y and consumerism.

Research literature of showing resilience

The biological and neurological mechanisms on mental health as they relate to Crisis experience involve the reptilian brain, the limbic system, the neo cortex, and the amygdala. One of the most important things is the recognition of our own strengths and ways in which we can use those frequently.

Marginal utility and pricing strategy

From point A to point B there is a total utility increase of 5 units, meaning the marginal utility is 5 units as well. Draw a marginal utility curve corresponding to the total utility curve depicted in Problem 20-9.

Lost sales forecast

48 May 2.32 2.39 2.57 2. 37 July 2.13 2.27 2.40 2.

Approaches to research in art therapy using imaging technologies

In the profession of art therapy, art making is an integral part of treatment and takes place in the context of a facilitative/therapeutic relationship with a trained art therapist. In the field of art therapy, art making occurs in the context of a facilitative/therapeutic relationship with a trained art therapist and is considered reparative and β†’

Adulthood by nikki giovanni

It has small towns there and so Just by this we can figure out that girl is not from a richfamilyor the next line it says " sitting on the doctors porches with post dawn pre debs". It describes how the place where girl lives has people, who have not much t do and β†’

Research college essay

Plus, the product is great because she is very confident to sell the Attic insurance and tactful off." If I can covey the message to the people very well, It Is the most satisfied for me. Once, the Usually, in order to ensure the buyer is listening, she will follow the flow of the customer β†’

Jim morrison as the byronic hero

In this paper I am going to describe in what way Jim Morrison projects the majority of the characteristics of the Byronic Hero. Thorsley, the influential researcher of the Romanticism, gives the following account of the Byronic Hero: "...the Byronic Hero is the one protagonist who in stature and in temperament best represents the [heroic] β†’

A mystery note

She did not have time for the pain; she had a Spanish test first thing and with a bit of luck she would be able to catch the early bus to school so she could fit in a bit of revision before class. Amber managed to squeeze in a few minutes of revision before the β†’

Invertebrate questions true/false indicate

Which part of the squid shown in Figure 27-3 is the foot? a.A c.C b.B d.D. In the earthworm shown in Figure 27-4, what part is analogous to the stomach in humans? a.A c.C b.B d.

Top gun

Frank Dully, and relating it to the characters of the movie by identifying theirpersonalitytraits of naval aviator described in the Dully Article " The Life Style Keys to Flight Deck Performance of the Naval Aviator." As mentioned above, this movie portrait around the character Maverick. As Dully mentioned, the first ingredient of a naval aviator β†’

Morality and law

However, it is considered by the vast majority of the world to be a legal drug, which is to say that it is legal for those of established age to buy, sell, and use alcohol. In the nations where it is legal, it would be assumed that this is so due to the moral tolerance β†’

Benefits of gardening

Gardening is a hobby for many people. When you have a garden of flowers the fragrance that come from the flowers and the different beautiful colours are a real treat in the morning.

Why does mankind seem so incurably religious

There is a lot of influential reasoning that can attribute to religion because some of it is man-made and the other is a divine revelation. Religion goes beyond facts in the form of faith which has a connection to the facts.

Getting away with torture

Contrary to the efforts of the administration to pass this abuse off as the spontaneous misconduct of a few low-level soldiers, ample evidence demonstrates that it reflects policy decisions taken at the highest levels of the U.S.government. The creation of regulated exceptions to the absolute prohibition of torture and mistreatment, as suggested by several academics, β†’

Applying an exposome-wide (exwas) approach to cancer research

The exposome, first introduced in 2005 by Wild addresses the limitations of traditional research approaches by applying a systems approach for considering the relationships between external exposures and internal genetic, epigenetic, and exposomic factors in the onset and progression of disease. ExWAS supports both data driven and hypothesis driven approaches and the application of combinatorial β†’


Using a unique, physical attribute of your body, such as your fingerprint or iris, to effortlessly identify and verify that you are who you claim to e, is the best and easiest solution in the market today. A fingerprint scanner system has two basic Jobs it needs to get an image of your inger, and β†’

Intersubjectivity and interaction as crucial for understanding the moral role of shame: a critique of tosca-based shame research

In recent years, a view on two key moral emotions, shame and guilt, seems to be establishing itself in some sectors of psychology, based mainly on the research of Tangney and Dearing and their " Test of Self-Conscious Affect". Tangney and Dearing's definitions of shame and guilt rely on a clear separation between self and β†’

Discuss the impact of the u.s. occupation and the immediate conditions of the dominican republic’s political and economic condit

Occupation on the Immediate Political and Economic Conditions of the Dominican Republic The 20th history of the Dominican Republic was heavily influenced by the nation's interaction with the USA, which left a significant imprint upon the development of the nation. The refusal of the Dominican government led to the direct intervention of the USA, with β†’

Discretionary fiscal policy

The effect of time lags in discretionary fiscal policy in the economic growth and development by the congress and the president captures a broad economic phenomenon. However, a problem exists in estimating the most appropriate economic periods between the upswings and the downswings which the congress and the president is to apply such policies.

Comparitive study between euripides’ alcestis and hippolytus

In the play Aphrodite the goddess of love, is angry with Hippolytus because of his devotion to Artemis, the goddess of chastity and hunting. In Alcestis The entry of the chorus, or the " parodos" sequence, follows: a chorus of fifteen men of Pherae, led by a " coryphaeus", enter the orchestra of the theatre.

Does it pay off

HSBC developed and delivered many value added products and services like launching mobile banking and secure net payments for merchants in 1999, the creation of and which was designed to create a common presentation of all HSBC's services at any time anywhere to any of its customers was the crown jewel of the β†’

Luxury watches

S, specifically the brand positioning of Rolex as compared to the their competitors Omega and Breitling. By analyzing the jewelry industry, target segment, direct competition, and the strengths and weaknesses in Rolex's company and brand, this report provides recommendations for Rolex that will help to reposition the brand to recapture market share in the β†’

Writing a great research paper

If you were not assigned a topic, consider these strategies for exploring various facets of your subject in order to focus on a topic: #1. Your topic should not be so narrow that only a handful of books or articles have been written about it.

Eve teasing in pakistan

Purpose To highlight the alarming condition of eve teasing in the main commercial areas of Lahore, namely the gulberg Liberty market and the H and Y block markets of DHA. To study the existence of eve teasing in major commercial areas of our society To find out various kinds of eve teasing acts that the β†’

Human trafficking in the united states and is human trafficking related or associated to poverty

Running Head: HUMAN TRAFFICKING IN THE UNITED S Human trafficking in the United s and is Human trafficking related or associated to poverty?[Author's Name][Institution's Name] Human trafficking in the United States and is Human trafficking related or associated to poverty? The purpose of the research is to identify factors of poverty and their relationship with β†’

How does malvolio connect to disguise and deceit in act 2 scene 5?

In the beginning of this scene we see that Malvolio is playing a role in the same way Olivia and Orsino were earlier in the play. This is the last aspect of deception that connects to Malvolio in Act II Scene VI.

The utilization of organic waste materials for biofuel production

This paper will attempt to determine the different potential impacts of the second generation biofuel on the society compare to the first generation biofuel and what would be the possible outcome if this was continuously used. To the future researchers, these topic is a great thing to research on, maybe they could research on how β†’

Gloria anzaldua’s aztlan: the homeland

Anzaldua refers to the Aztlan, the borderlands between the United States and Mexico encompassing parts of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California, as a " vague and undetermined place created by the emotional residue of an unnatural boundary...the prohibited and forbidden are its inhabitants...the squint-eyed, the perverse, the queer, the troublesome". I find the author's β†’

Culture of research and development departments

The number of processes, products, and services that a firm produces in collaboration with the customers also services as a KPI for the R&D department. The department is also involved in increasing the efficiency of the production line to meet the output expectations of the organization, as well as ensuring that the products and services β†’

Boxing as a metaphor

Salamo managed to survive the Holocaust for he won enough fights during the " boxing contests." The title of the movie was dubbed as " The Triumph of the Spirit." Where did the concept of triumph become evident in the film? Boxing appeared to be a manifestation of the cruelty and brutality that happened in β†’

Memo to ceo

The Administrator is responsible for the implementation of the Board's policy in the daily operations of the hospital. The staff team approach works to identify all of the patient's medical conditions, devise he administrator is the liaison between the Governing Board and the rest of the organization.

George gittoes

On the work, the boy's ears are distorted, expressing the impossibility of closing them now and not listening to the lies he is immersed in. He has a great deal of passion for art and humanity to be an eyewitness to the suffrage of mankind throughout the world is carried in his work.

On turning ten billy collins

In his early ages, he attended Archbishop Stepinac High School in White Plains and received a B.A.from the college of the Holy Cross in 1963 and received his M.A.and PhD in English from the University of California, Riverside. Billy Collins has been called " The most popular poet in America" by the New York Times.

Karl marx’s theory

The theory of Karl Marx as regards society and how it should move and organize itself is contrary to the view that all the members of the community must collaborate and contribute to the greater and common good. This is due to the fact that for purposes of subsistence, one class must necessarily dominate all β†’

Historical problems

Wilson's chief goal was to have the treaty provide for the formation of a League of Nations. Unable and perhaps unwilling to reach an agreement with Wilson, Lodge used his power and position to ensure the defeat of the treaty and prevent American participation in the League of Nations.

Patriot act, pros and cons

The Patriot Act was signed into law by President Bush in response to the tragedy of the events of 9/11. This report explains the issues that warranted this law, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of the Patriot Act of 2001.

The country ecuador

The capital of Ecuador is Quito. The government of Ecuador is a unitary republic.

Star government

The rising cost of energy will be a new challenge for SMEs In their quest to stay ahead of the curve in Increasingly competitive markets. It is also about being more productive in using your energy or getting more out of the energy that you are using," he said.

The american enlightenment

The ideas of John Locke and the Enlightenment Period caused a few philosophers and people who were outspoken about freedoms and rights to shape the American government. This is the theory that as citizens it is the citizen's duty to rid yourself of the government if the government is unfair towards the citizens.

Accomplishing your rite of passage

In the story, " Through the Tunnel," Jerry chose his rite of passage after he saw the older boys swimming through the tunnel and wanted to prove that he was as cool as them. When it comes time for Temas to fight the lion, he is circled by his tribe trying to prove his passage β†’

Medication: the health of america

The plan requires a group of employees; a group that is responsible for the statistical data of the number and location of elderly and their homes and another group responsible for distributing the devices to the houses. The benefits of the lifefone lie in its importance in reminding elderly to take their medication as well β†’

American religion: the puritans and the quakers

In those years, the queen was tasked with stabilizing the country and decided that to do this, England had to have a comprehensive Church that could accommodate the views of both the Protestants and the conservative Catholics. It was in 1620 that the ship the Mayflower docked and the first Puritans came to settle in β†’

Financial engineering

Financial innovation is a process to adapt existing financial instruments and processes and to develop new one so as to enable financial market participants to cope more effectively with the changing world. Financial Engineering refers to the bundling and unbundling of securities.

Health promotion of the older adult

While my father put a lot ofstresson the importance of the physical asps CT of health, encouraging an active lifestyle and proper nutrition, my mother taught the IM parlance of coping skills and positive environments. Hernandez stated that prior to the loss of her husband, she often prepared her own meals, whereas now she relies β†’

Ang buhay ng isang bayani (the life of a hero)

Although he existed with a better lifeand belongs to a middle classfamily, it was clear for him how Filipino people suffered from the hands of the Spaniards who ruled the country in his time. His works emphasized how the Church treated the people, the experiences of the Filipino people and the law implemented by the β†’