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Annotated bibliography for scope of nursing practice

5, 195-197 This article has been helpful in collecting and gathering useful information related to the topic of nursing practices as the main focus of this article is to describe the standards and scope of nursing practices. 9, 403-409 This article has been helpful in collecting and gathering useful information related to the topic of β†’

Docosahexaenoic acid and periodontitis in adults

The strengths of the study included verified adherence, consistency in outcomes and control procedures which were predominant throughout the study. The purpose of the study was to provide another option for treating periodontitis.

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Innovation and strategic management annotated bibliography

And on the down side, the study also showed that when every executive in a business is not in line with a new idea, the business can suffer significant drawbacks with the new ideas brought on the table. There are many examples of both the upside and downside for businesses when executives are in line β†’

Analysis of methodological issues

Yong, P & Bryan, K. This article also reveals much of low context communication as well as interpersonal sensitivity in both the Asian and European American students.

Women and their race in usa media

Women and their Race in the USA Media Outline: Women and their Race in the USA Media Introduction a. Portrayal of Women in the Popular Media.

Annotated bibliography on emergency preparedness in higher education

The focus of this annotated bibliography is on planning, warnings, crisis management, and activities that are designed to minimize the effects of disasters at higher education institutions. This book supports the need for all institutions of higher education to have a practiced emergency preparedness plan.

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Gendered representation of body image

In reviewing Goffman's gender analysis, he established that the image of women, in 1991 magazine advertisements, did not significantly change from the image of women, in 1979 magazine advertisements. This is as a result of the differences, in the socio-cultural expectations, for both males and females.

Infulence of particpation in strategic change; resistance, organization commitment and goal achievement

The study asserts that a negative relationship exists between resistance towards change and participation and that compatibility of change objectives with the culture of the organization and the change recipients' goals, moderates the negative effects of participation. Influence of participation in strategic change: Resistance, organizational commitment and change goal achievement.

Implementation of politcal power strategy

The first thing that must change in the course of making a company change is the attitude of the people or workers. For any change to be effective, the highest levels of administration must be sure that the change is necessary and the " top floor" must have a plan in place for initiating the β†’

The impect of sox and its implications in the financial sector

Ettredge, Chan Li, and Lili Sun The Impact of SOX Section 404 Internal Control Quality Assessment on Audit Delay in the SOX Era. Summary: Covering another aspect of the internal control of audit and accrual quality, this study provides us with facts that deficiencies and weaknesses in internal control have been the main reasons behind β†’

Origins of america’s civil war

USA: Oxford University Press, 2005 This is a comprehensive book that covers the history of the Southern states in detail from the first people that settled here to the modern-day. It illustrates some of the deeper meanings and feelings behind the Georgia state flag, as well as the attitudes of the people that live in β†’

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Constructivism and problem based learning

HealthMED 4, 591-594 However, in the light of above mentioned source, constructivism is an ideal methodology, while instructing medical students, because in this field problem based method could result in disastrous ramifications, without proper understanding of the medical knowledge. However, the technique of problem-based teaching is ideal in commerce and military sciences.

Annotated bibliography: domestic violence in children

The research study is based on domestic violence in children and also the effects of domestic violence is a point of research. The increasing number of domestic violence is a huge problem for the current time, in this situation, the study report may be helpful to evaluate a clear picture about the impact of the β†’

Head start early education program

Dean asserts that the Head Start Early Education Program deals with the provision of early childhood education, nutrition, and parent involvement services to children as well as families with low income. In this regard, Garces, Thomas, and Currie examine the long-term effects of the Head Start Education program.

High-quality education should not be exclusive to the rich: annotated bibliography

This research will focus on low-income students and the ways in which their academic performance is connected to the type of education they receive and the financial status of their families. This research would aid in writing the research paper because it provides a foundation of knowledge of ESSA and NCLB, both centered around the β†’

Science and faith annotated bibliography

The Frontiers of Science and Faith: Examining Questions from the Big Bang to the End of the Universe. Science and the Study of God: A Mutuality Model for Theology and Science, Wm.B.

Innovation and strategic management

Moreover, though the study of the role of innovation in the strategic management, the article tries to emancipate the people regarding the need to embrace innovations in a bid to boost the business and at the same time reduce the ease of carrying out business with the aid of information technology tools for instance computers. β†’

Apa citations and references

In John E.B. Contemporary Pediatrics August 2001 v18 p65 APA CODE: Green, M, Sullivan, Paula D.and Eichberg, Carolyn G.

Annotated bibliography: muhammad ali draft refusal

This Journal article describes Muhammad Ali's interview and how, due to discriminations and prejudice, his various appeals and suits in the Supreme Court and the court of appeal were defeated. This book talks of the career and life of Muhammad Ali as a boxing champion.

Relationship between emotional intelligence and acdemic achievement: annotated bibliography

Thus the aim was to examine the effect of EI using MSCEIT on continuous assessments and final exam results of first and final year medical students in Malaysia. The aim of the present study was to analyse the predictive validity of cognitive ability and emotional intelligence on the scholastic achievement in a sample of Italian β†’

Migration and economic/media development – 2

Naerssen and other authors in this book explore the topic of migration, transnationalism, remittances and knowledge transfer. The authors of this book explore the effects of migration in fostering international relations and global integration.

Annotated bibliography on masculinity in world literature

The second part of the article gives a compare and contrast with explanations as to why the women in Achebe's novel differ from those in Nigerian female writers' who focus more on female characters in their novels and whose purpose it is to counter the notion of masculinity. In contrast to literature that maintains that β†’

Dick’s sporting goods annotated bibliography

Retrieved from commerce-retail-sales-2022-amazon-2017-8 Business Insider describes how the rise of e-commerce will be a threat to brick and mortar retailers who will see a decline of foot traffic in their stores and declining store sales which will all lead to more store closures. The article also mentions Dick's Sporting Goods, explaining that retailers like β†’

Linguistic examples of hypercorrection

Linguistic examples of hypercorrection of Linguistic examples of hypercorrection The two websites I have searched out on the Internet that are related to my topic are WiseGeek and Interesting Thing of the Day. Along with the grammatical error, which cause to hypercorrection, the use of personal pronoun and the occurrence of the preposition at the β†’

Annotated bibliography on the stonewall riots

The source that i have choosen provides information on the topic that i have choosen describes and tells what the Stonewall Riot was and how it began, as well as the affect that it had on the gay community. Something else that was interesting was how the movment was viewed as an achievement of gay β†’

Celebrating thanksgiving in america

The source relies on several primary sources to bring to life the events that led to the institution of the last Thursday of November as a public holiday and national day of celebration. Barton notes that Thanksgiving Day traces its history to the arrival of the pilgrims from England to the New England.

Problems publlic schools face across the nation

In the documentary, " Hard times at Frederick Douglass High school," it is emotional, disturbing, and depressing to watch as video unfolds the challenges that public schools in America are facing. For the success of American public schools, it is the duty of the parents, students, and administrators to restructure the educational system of America β†’

Educatiional outreach programs

Retrieved August 28, 2011 from The credibility of the authors is in the fact that they are pharmacy practitioners who have expertise and professional knowledge on the issue of drugs and its effects. Retrieved August 26, 2011 from The writer is an educationist with several years of practical experience in pedagogy and andragogy.

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The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Blood on the Moon: The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln.

Annotated bibliography. adoption facts

References Adoption Facts - Adoption - Overview of adoption in the United States.

Annotated bibliography on the opiod crisis

The main purpose of the article is briefly highlighting the increasing opioid epidemic and the toll it is starting to take, but more importantly reveal solutions to the issue. The purpose of this article is to explain the history of how the opioid crisis started in the early 1990s, then how it snowballed from there.

So mexicans are taking jobs from americans

In respect to developing the argumentative essay, Gutierrez and Meier's book is instrumental in supplementing historical information on experience of Mexican immigrants in the US. The Take Our Jobs: And 20 other Myths about Immigration.

The global burden of diabetes

The researchers from the University of Sheffield appreciate the importance of diabetes prevention in reducing morbidity and mortality, and in this study, they collect data from national policy documents in the UK to determine the persons charged with preventing diabetes. The findings ascertain the effectiveness of physical activity in preventing type 2 diabetes through the β†’

Annotated bibliography the relationship between online games and it players

This book was found through the Gleeson Library online catalog when I searched the keywords: " Korea," " gaming," and " culture". This book was also found through the Gleeson Library online catalog when I searched the keywords: " Korea," " gaming," and " culture".

Annotated bibliography: nursing care of patient with stroke

Demonstrating an understanding of the chosen articles with the use of additional literatures to analyse identify and explore learning and how it will influence the nursing care of patient with stroke. Nursing Standard, 26, 42-46 The aim of the article was to encourage nurses to identify the frequency and causes of malnutrition and dehydration, consider β†’

Annotated bibliography of precision agriculture

By using spatial data collected by researchers and veterinarians, they were able to input the data into GIS software and create maps to display the data and the area it was collected in. By using the data collected by instances of dogs with chronic pulmonary disease in the area of Philadelphia, they were able to β†’

Mass incarceration, the new jim crow law

Martin elaborates on the genesis and etiology of racial segregation in the college and competitive college sports. Levy analyzes the history of racial discrimination in sports and the eventual acceptance of colored people in its participation Tischauser, Leslie Vincent.

Gun control: right to handgun ownership

By a 5 to 4 ruling, the Court found a constitutional right exists for an individual to have a loaded firearm in the home for the purpose of self-defense. Therefore, the ruling was the beginning of litigation throughout the country regarding whether the Second Amendment protected the right of gun ownership from state and local β†’

On contemporary urban planning

This book caters largely to professional planners as it emphasizes the importance of complexity in planning, clarifies many of the concepts and theories, presents examples on planning and complexity, and proposes new ideas and methods for planning. Planning the good community: New urbanism and practice.

Anxiety in medically ill children

The focus of the article is on anxiety which is a common reaction but targets medically ill children as the scope of the research. The impact of sickness and its contribution to Anxiety disorder is the subject of the article.

Media and the construction of crime: annotated bibliography

Therefore, because he killed his daughter, contrary to his belief that he is a victim of the Criminal Justice system, the author of the article believes that what Robert Latimer did was criminal and thus he should not be forgiven for that crime. Jessica and her legal counsel, on the other hand, argue that the β†’

Segregation in the public schools in chicago

The schools in Chicago areas as compared to those in the metro regions are some of the most segregated schools in the country. This article is an example of the segregation of white kids and their discrimination in public schools as opposed to the usual African American children being discriminated against.

An annotated bibliography on multi-cultural education

In his article, he gives a definition of Multicultural Education, and gives examples of the pros and cons of Multicultural Education. The Scope of Multicultural Education.

Annotated bibliography on convection tourism

In the end, they found that one of the biggest influences was the closeness to the site was to the participants. 1300/j143v03n01_02 In Huo's study, he wanted to see how planners choose their destination from a sample of 6 major Asian cities The test group came from the CMP Conclave, which is the industry's only β†’

Law of world trade organization

In this regard, such agreement can be recognised as the Agreement on the Application of Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures, which focuses on regulating the adoption and the usage of measures by the members of WTO, towards ensuring food safety and safeguarding the health of the humans, plants as well as animals from varied diseases. World β†’

Corporate social responsibility and the tobacco industry: philip morris

Responding to the legitimacy problems of big tobacco: An Analysis of the " People of Philip Morris" image advertising campaign. This article will aid in the identification of communication problems specific to the tobacco industry, particularly to Philip Morris.

Reforming america’s health care system – consumer-driven health care and money-saving solutions – implications for providers, payers, and policy-makers

Overall, the book is a highly informative source of understanding the weaknesses and strength of the American healthcare system and the benefits provided by the system to the American citizens. Overall, the book is a useful and significant source of acquiring a detailed understanding of the current practice of the healthcare system and its impacts β†’

Annotated bibliography on domenec m 2003 the challenge of humanistic management journal of business

The article therefore introduces the aspect of targeting humans to ensure efficiency in production processes. This article fits in the management research as it gives a comprehensive assessment with regard to the feasibility of previous management aspects which have over time influenced the management of enterprises. Journal of Applied Management and Entrepreneurship, 16 , 60-78. β†’

Assessment annotated bibliography

Averagely, the mean of the ages of the respondents was 41. Research or survey questions included legal status of the drug marijuana to the adult population, what possible effects could occur from the legalization of drugs and the effectiveness of methods used to prevent substance use. On results there was β†’

Contaminants in surface water and groundwater

13-14.Web. This paper discusses the sources of pollutants and their identification in rivers and streams across the United States. Water pollution factsheet Environmental pollution, 2010.1.Web. As an organization, WWF's mission is to decrease the impact of human activities on nature and reduce pollution.

Should the government impose stricter guidelines on how much students can borrow in student loans

In addition, it will enhance the understanding of benefits of loans to the students. Lucas, Deborah. This book will be important in understanding how the gaps in laws are making it hard for the student and the government to recover from the loans.

On the book damned by chuck palahniuk

Although the book is a collaboration that focuses on Novels and articles by Chuck Palahniuk, it is very comprehensive on any work done by Palahniuk. 29th November 2012. In this website, the author of the article ' Chuck Palahniuk's Damned: Damned if you do' Justine Jordan comprehensively review the Palahniuk's ' Dammed' giving a picture β†’

Information security risk assessment framework

Supervisor: Information Security Risk Assessment Framework and Metrics in the South Australia Real Estate Sector Australian Prudential Regulation Authority Prudential Practice Guide: PPG 234- Management of security risk in information and information technology. The act recognized the importance of information security to economic and national security interests of U.S.

Gender, work and organization

This article only concentrates on America marginalizing other countries. Doing, Undoing, or Redoing Gender? : Learning from the Workplace Experiences of Transpeople by Catherine Connell This article outlines the way of and impact of doing transgender and its repercussion for the experience of and transformation of gender imbalance at work. The writer only limits β†’

Globalization and the rise of precarious employment

There are things that ought to be considered in the mode and way of communication in the line of employment as far as the communication of the workers in the place of employment is concerned. It also focuses on the economic and academic life of American society. Zajda, Joseph." GLOBALIZATION AND NEO-LIBERALISM AS EDUCATIONAL POLICY β†’

The relationship between oxidative stress and apoptosis in plants

In this article, the authors unravel that from a previous intense research, they deduced that EADs boost induction of oxidative stress in MCF-7 cells that results to cell death since a pre-treatment with antioxidants such as ascorbic acid significantly reduces the extract cytotoxicity. The article is purely qualitative research that was done to establish the β†’

Free annotated bibliography on leadership development and organizational change

Annual Review of Sociology, 21, 217-236. The purpose of the article is to describe how and why organizations change, as well as the consequences of this change. The aim of the article is to understand managerial leadership and to suggest further research of value.

Graphic design impact on fashion

The crucial developments of graphic design in the bigger area of fashion are well articulated and the reader can really appreciate what design is doing to fashion. It is appropriate as it looks also at the plight of women in the field of design and fashion. Rick Poynor." No More Rules: Graphic Design and Postmodernism".

The death penalty in america

In this book, Adam Hugo presents a candid discussion on the controversies surrounding the death penalty in the USA. Print. Here, the authors present an argument about the issue of the death penalty in the country.

Organization development- see description for topics

Implementing Change Powerfully and Successfully. This article covers the eight-step change model that John Kotter, a renowned change expert established including creating urgency, forming a powerful coalition, creating a vision for change, communicating the vision, eliminating the obstacles, creation of short term wins, building on the change and adopting the change in the corporate culture. β†’

Backpack tourism annotated bibliography example

In their opinion, this form of tourism is gaining prominence because of the benefits it offers both to the backpackers themselves, host governments and the local populations. This benefits the local producers. Conclusively, these youth are beneficial to the host countries in that they positively contribute to the development of β†’

Annotated bibliography on communities and schools

The article is concluded with the illustration of the possible solution that is in the nature of social change among the community, schools and generally among all the involved parties and indicates that this would clearly and properly address the issue. Warren M.R., Hong S., Rubin C.L., and Uy P.S.,. It also gives the details β†’

Annotated bibliography on nursing

1136/ebn.1.2.38. The emergence of evidence based nursing has given the perception that it is new, however, this article by three leading authorities on evidence based nursing asserts that it is not entirely new. Drawing on administrative data spanning multiple years, which were variously analyzed, this article concludes that there is little evidence to indicate that β†’

Annotated bibliography

Patricia Anderson and Kristin Butcher document trends in children's obesity and examine the possible underlying causes of the obesity epidemic. In particular, they examine changes in the food market, in the built environment, in schools and child care settings, and in the role of parents - paying attention to the timing of these changes.

Running head: the effects of hypertension

On the social capital theory application it involve many members in medical research community to create the networks, norms, and trust needed to cooperate in social situations with trust and reciprocity to complete the study. The research study applied the Health Belief Model for the patients about the state of their health and to take β†’

Annotated bibliography on the color purple by alice walker

The life of Alice Walker is juxtaposed to the main character of her novel the color purple making the story of the novel relatively the same as her personal life when she was young. I reviewed this resource through Google search engine. The reason why the novel is a woman β†’

Scholarly and journalism of vivienne westwood

Vivienne Westwood claims being vegetarian can cure the disabled: People in wheelchairs have recovered from this diet.[online] Retrieved from: [Accessed: 24 Mar 2014]. The article titled (Vivienne Westwood claims being vegetarian can cure the disabled: People in wheelchairs have recovered from this diet) has been authored by Jenn Selby and in this article the β†’

Abstracts annotated bibliography examples

However, the results point to the benefits of face-to-face interaction for inexperienced staff, and the benefits of the speed and manageability of e-learning for busy, more experienced staff. Aim The aim of the study was to determine the attitudes towards and use of e-learning among academic staff in nursing and midwifery.

Annotated bibliography

The program was addressed as " Google Streetview"." Civil-rights advocates" alleged that Google forced rules upon what one could broadcast or search on the Web. Therefore, the newly designed program had quickly failed amidst the campaigners. The " router owners" did not know that any of this information was being compiled at β†’

Amy reinfenrath cheaters cost social security billions the oregian 2008 annotated bibliography

The author identifies the main reason as to why the reviews by the social security administrations is overdue is because of the lack of funding to carry out the same. This is a very significant source as it identifies the existence of abuse of the social security disability and the major reason as to why β†’

Annotated bibliography on surveillance cameras

There is no doubt that privacy is compromised in the name of security. There are alternative ways of tracking criminals when privacy is of paramount importance. I have a strong conviction that surveillance has reduced the shooting of children in the Chicago area.

Annotated bibliography on the effectiveness of implementing blogs in reading classroom for adult english learners

They also showed that the blog-based activities that were most useful in learning were the previewing tasks of other students and the feedback they provided; the receipt of comments; and the reading of others' blogs. Literacy Research and Instruction, 50, 68-88. This article described the results of a study that β†’

Egypt: before and after the revolution

Annotated Bibliography: Egypt: Before and After the Revolution Topic: Egypt's Revolution Thesis: The Egyptian Revolution is not a product of overnight mobilization, but of decades of political repression and socio-economic problems, and so after it, the country continues to grapple with various social, economic, and political issues. al-Bishri, Tariq." Understanding Egypts Revolution". I will also β†’

Consumer behaviour annotated bibliography

The main limitation of the article is that the research focused on one industry only , where brand loyalty is easier to determine. The main limitation of the article is that the research focused on one industry only , where brand loyalty is easier to determine.

How african americans are portrayed in the media annotated bibliography examples

This article provides an insight on the media effects to the races and most evident the black as athlete by examining the limitations of the current theories about the same. The findings show that many of the directors are aware of the lack of context in crime coverage and that people of color are taking β†’

Annotated bibliography on damage to the fetus of a pregnant woman alcohol and cigarettes

The main focus of the article is analysis of anthropometric measurements, which were made in order to understand peculiarities of smoking effects on the development of the fetus and nutrition. At the time when some researchers stress on nutritional peculiarities of smoking and non-smoking mothers, the others are convinced in

Newberger vs. pokrass annotated bibliography

It is presumed that the element that caused the accident was under the control of the defendant and the accident occurred because of the careless Act. Newberger warned Pokrass that the aircraft was about to crash and Pokrass said he knew that.

Midwiferey ducth birth model annotated bibliography examples

De Vries illustrates the history of childbirth in the Netherlands empathizing the importance of home delivery in Dutch society. De Vries highlights that midwives in the Netherlands are some of the best educated midwives in the world as they are trained in a 4 year program that prepares them to practice β†’

Race relations annotated bibliography

The Journal of American History 4 : 1233-1263. In the wake of the Civil Rights Movement, Hall examines the ways in which the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s has been used to further political and ideological causes. American Journal of Sociology 6 : 1661-1693. Robnett analyses the β†’

Annotated bibliography

The FDA has taken action and put restrictions on the use of the antibiotics cephalosporins in animals to avoid forcing doctors to use different human antibiotics that will have a lesser effect and greater side effects. This will cause the farmers to get a veterinary inspection of the animals and a prescription for antibiotics if β†’