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Annotated bibliography: positive psychology and education

According to the Handbook of Positive Psychology in schools, positive peer support networks such as SWPBS aid in bringing together school communities to foster a positive, safe, and supportive learning cultures which in turn improves a child's emotional, social, and behavioural well being. A meta analysis was conducted by Seligman et al.with the aim of β†’

Annotated bibliography: effect of exercise on motor skills and cognition of pre-adolescents

Could exercise and activity levels of children affect not only obesity risk and general health, but also development of motor skills and cognitive function? Adaptation and Retention of a Perceptual-Motor Task in Children: Effects of a Single Bout of Intense Endurance Exercise.

Annotated bibliography on enhanced oil recovery

CO2 of required quantity is injected in the fractures made in the reservoir which will prompt increment in the permeability of Oil and the oil will achieve the surface. Sometimes CO2 and Water are alternately injected in a cyclic process for periods of time and this process is known as CO2 water-alternating-gas process and once β†’

Understanding whiteness or white identity

James A banks in his article " The historical reconstruction of knowledge about race: Implications of transformative teaching" examines how the race was constructed and reconstructed between 19th century and 1940's, and he also focuses on significance of racial construction in transformative teaching. In this article, Banks discusses that racial knowledge is influenced by social, β†’

What factors should determine the action to take if an incident arises in which an employee does not have the authority to make a decision, but delayed action could enhance the problem

The writer puts the welfare of the patient, while making all the decisions that should be made regardless of the level of authority of the employee. For instance, in a case where there is a fire break out and an employee has to choose between the safety of a person and the safety of the β†’

Marilynne robinsons housekeeping

The plot fringe is tied to the rail of bridges which goes over the lake, the dark and damp woods which surround the town, and the ties to the lake. According to Teaching Thomas, the quality of the story is added by the location and the geography.

Annotated bibliography on sex estimation strategies

Overall, there are several ways to determine the sex of unknown remains in the field of forensic anthropology and depending on the specific case and funds available, a forensic anthropologist can choose their preferred method with regards to credibility. Throughout this study, the mean of the pubic angle, length of the symphysis pubis, width of β†’

Annotated bibliography: portrayal of women in the media

New Zealand while on top of the world in terms of women's political resources are represented as instances of the trivialisation and condemnation, and continue to occur, in some cases, trivial media portrayals of women employed by the public relations strategies for political gain. To the extent that these are three of the four women β†’

Trends in supply chain management

The Role of Logistics and Supply Chain Management in Determining the Competitiveness of a Peripheral Economy. With reference to the topic at hand, this sources is relevant as it provided in-depth data regarding the effects of market trends on the marketability of the logistics and supply chain industry.

Cold war and decolonization

The issues reflect on interactions and associations that existed between various countries around the world in the era of the Cold War. On the other hand, the former communist bloc are said to have played an important role in the decolonization process in different parts of the world.

Economics: annotated bibliography

The anonymity axiom is used to evaluate the income distribution between the rich and the poor. Nothing else is measured in this part of the analysis to see how income is distributed among the population.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using technology at school

The article titled From the University to the Elementary Classroom: Students Experiences in Learning to Integrate Technology in Instruction was authored by Brown along with other researchers and this research was conducted in order to identify methods through which instructors can implement technological advancement in different aspect of teaching such as preparing curriculum and creating β†’

Classical vs modern globalization

Natalie Radovanovic in an article on " International Finance in the period of globalization: current trends" discussed the current practices of financial institutions including IMF and World Bank. Truman presented his views on " Globalization and the International Financial System.

Women who have won the nobel prize after 1993

It has discussed the history of women who have won the Nobel Peace Prize, therefore, the book is in relevance with my topic. The article is utilized from Ebscohost and has discussed the Nobel Peace Prize winners for 2011.

Annotated bibliography on burnout among young athletes

Psychology of Sport & Exercise Retrieved November 1, 2018, from The article discusses the coach-athlete relationship, and how this affects burnout in young athletes. The article showed how it is not the sport in which aids the athlete's burnout, but the coach who influences the athletes attitudes towards the sport.

Treatments for alcoholism

The strategies to enable the treatment of recurring alcohol dependence and the role of health care to effect delivery of treatment.DATA. According to the article there is a new approach to treatment of alcoholism problem through a community based primary care for detoxification of the people in alcohol and drug use.

Annotated bibliography: changes to job stability and performance

In conclusion, the study suggested that organizations should consider the age of employees and the kind of change one desires to produce to maximize job performance. Stability and change of job performance across the career span.

Annotated bibliography

In the article Understanding holistic leadership: A collaborative inquiry, Mankey put into consideration the holistic leadership concept through research means, the collaborative inquiry. Tice asserted that holistic leadership is a full participation synthesis model, and leadership development oriented theories that build up on the holistic ideology.

Annotated bibliography: mental health issues in prison

Some of these gaps include not knowing how mental health services are used with the juveniles and families and lack of knowledge of the course of the mental health disorders. Mental disorder and victimization in prison: Examining the role of mental health treatment.

Annotated bibliography on differentiated instruction in the classroom

However, other key findings include a summary of areas that need further investigation such as the impact of differentiated instruction on teacher efficacy, the teacher's response to adopting a new model, the differences between differentiation and tracking and the impact of teaching experience on the teacher's ability to differentiate instruction. A key finding in the β†’

Annotated bibliography – sex differences in jealousy

Sex drive, attachment avoidance and being the victim of a past sexual infidelity was shown to be a significant predictor of higher sexual jealousy in both sexes, but with men in particular. Sex differences in jealousy: The moderating influence of infidelity experience and sexual orientation of the infidelity.

Annotated bibliography on learning and teaching

The book describes standardized testing as being outdated in this era, and it calls for an educational program that caters to the needs of all students. Consequently, this book is practical to both teachers and educational reformist as it not only highlights the problems in the existing educational testing programs, but it also recommends alternatives β†’

Why is gibran still famous until now

The author assesses how the trend has changed over the years in coherence with the change in relations between America and the Middle East. The author acknowledges the capability of Arabs to adapt to different environments This article will help in determining the origins of Khalil Gibran and other Arab writers from his time.

Annotated bibliography on psychology theorists

Thesis and Scope: Liu examined his 1926 paper and his previous works, The Curriculum and How to Make a Curriculum, and The Curriculum of Modern Education to look for continuity of theory. 528549 The purpose of this article is to remember Ralph Tyler's contributions to education and curriculum design.

Migration and economic/media development – 4

The work explains the reasons for migration with respect to the positive and negative impacts that faces countries of emigration and immigration The authenticity of the research is pegged on the consistency of the findings to those of other researchers in the differing economic blocks and the reliance of the work by commission for study β†’

Aannotated bibliography example

The chapter commences by providing a deeper assessment of the history of the Boehm's curve that provides a vertical scale representation ratio for the statistical section of software engineering. The research provides a deeper assessment of the possible changes, amendments, and alterations that are important in software engineering.

Modeling spatial economic impacts of an earthquake

This book basically discusses the scientific analysis of the earthquakes from the geological point of view and attempt to outline the various scientific tools and methods available that can be utilized to study the various impacts of earthquakes on the society. This webpage also discusses the societal impact of earthquakes including discussing how society and β†’

Annotated bibliography on business ethics

A deep researcher was implemented based on an ethical climate questionnaire to see the relationship and interaction between ethical climate and work engagement. In general, this is not a broad research on ethics, it focuses only on the relationship between ethical climate and work engagement.

Christianity–gospels vs. old testament

Dennis Hinks posts a very well-described online journal article found at for people to learn the true meaning behind the whole idea of being a Christian and how the Bible is God's Holy Word that this religion does follow as well as what this religion does and does not recognize, how scripture is one β†’

Interstate agencies: the port authoritys birth and operation

The New York port authority: An interstate agency to develop the facilities of the greatest harbor in the world. In this book, Galvin seeks to outline the impact of the constitutional provision on business and economic environment in the United States, especially in New York.

In what ways are the concepts of trauma and memory central to the historical development of psychoanalytic ideas

Ways through which the concepts of trauma and memory central to the historical development of psychoanalytic ideas s: What is psychotherapy Historical development? Apart from being a therapy, psychoanalysis is a technique of comprehending the mental functioning as well as the steps of growth and development.

For book parenting after divorce

In this research Parkinson et al.tried to figure out the perception of the adolescents regarding the parenting arrangement fairness, division of assets and support of child after the breakup of their parents. In this research Ottaway conducted a literature review on the intimate relationships of those individuals whose parents experienced a divorce.

From world war to waldheim

The purpose of the study was for healthcare ethics." The majority of the essays examine the intersection of social ethics and bioethics in terms of the influence of culture, political theory, and legislation on the valuing of life, but they rarely relate these topics to healthcare ethics in particular. The authors compared parent-perceived communication behaviors β†’

Foster care higher education

Primarily, the study was a look at the experiences of students in university who were in care by authorities until their age of emancipation. The focus was on how foster care can be a good motivation and exposure for the youth in foster care to aim at achieving tertiary education.

The virgin suicides, the crying of lot 49, detroit – an american autopsy – life full of scandals and misfortunes

The paper " The Virgin Suicides, The Crying of Lot 49, Detroit, An American Autopsy - Life Full of Scandals and Misfortunes" is a perfect example of an annotated bibliography on literature. The town is broken due to a long period of war.

Teaching competency in schools | annotated bibliography

There was a significant negative correlation between the self perception of language teachers and teaching competency.there was a significant positive relationship between teachers' teaching competency and liking of their pupils of their teaching behaviour. There was no difference between the teaching competency and job satisfaction of the teachers on the basis of locus of control.

English annotated bibliography

This article will help me see both the negative and positive effect the media has on the people, so I may find useful information from this citation. This article talks about disordered eating, and how it is linked to body shapes and images presented in the mass media.

Wireless and new technology

In the study, Islam and Doyle focused on the advantages brought about by the use of wireless technology specifically the mobile SMS in communication among the developing countries, specifically one of the poorest countries which are Bangladesh. The results of the article contributed in the determination that the applications of wireless technology are not limited β†’

Uncertainty reduction theory annotated bibliography

How does age coincide with computer mediated communication? -Are different styles of computer mediated communication dependent on geographical location? * Key Terms: Uncertainty Reduction, Asynchronous Communication, Interrogative Strategies, Question Typologies, Content Analysis * Thesis: Results suggest that the interrogative strategies we engage in to achieve interpersonal connectedness are sometimes different in computer-mediated communication and a β†’

Annotated bibliography on the impact of tourism

For example, the economic impact of the tourism is the major positive impact on the economy of tourist attracting country. The tourists also cause the pollution in the environment which is the major impact of tourism in the Hunter Valley and the associated areas.

Annotated bibliography: swetman security service homeland security threat preparedness assessment

This scholarly journal article addressed the results of survey research conducted by Kiki Caruson, an assistant professor and McKnight Fellow in the Department of Government and International Affairs at the University of South Florida, and Susan A. MacManus, a Distinguished University Professor of Public Administration and Political Science in the Department of Government and International β†’

Standardized reading assessments

The CAT/5, or California Achievement Test 5th Edition, is a nationally acknowledged standardized test that is applicable, not just for the grades K-6, but all the way up to the 12th grade. STAR Reading assessment testing, as presented by the Renaissance Learning site, is a program of testing that claims to include the newest in-depth β†’

Annotated bibliography

Furthermore, Barnes-Mauthe et al focus on the formulation of diverse network frameworks and the inferences for collaborative management because of the impact of ethnic diversity in a common-pool resource system. Esposito focuses on the positive influence of cultural diversity in the workplace.

Example of medical marijuana and legalization annotated bibliography

Cohen reviews the status of medical marijuana and discusses the need to make the regulatory status consistent. On the limits of supremacy: Medical marijuana and the states' overlooked power to legalize federal crime.

For intellectual property rights

Discussion Paper #423, Research Seminar in International Economics, School of Public Policy, Univ.of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan The author argued that the international theory of comparative advantage in trading is an applied benefit-cost analysis. Intellectual property is defined as creations of the mind and preservation of authorship on inventions, literatures, arts, movies, symbols, names, images, β†’

Annotated bibliography on engineering an image smoking and the youth market

This trend reversal holds ominous consequences for the health of the younger generation and for the economy, as health care costs for tobacco-related illnesses are expected to rise in relation to the upsurge in tobacco use. Part of the industry's rationale is that young people are less likely to be as informed of the dangers β†’

Bio for award recommendation

In addition to the provision of these operational systems, I am tasked with the provision of written documentation such as maintenance reports, engineering surveys and memoranda to give an analysis on services performed and planned. Due to my extensive travelling, I have become well versed in the Foreign Affairs Manual and Handbook to smoothen my β†’

Annotate we dare not postpone action by cct

To the extent that we do not listen in love, our influence in society is limited to " a weak, ineffectual voice with an uncertain sound" We confess that we often prefer stability to upheaval, even when upheaval is the necessary precondition for the establishment of justice. We proclaim that, while our context today is β†’

Annotated bibliography on attachment based therapy

The intervention strategies focused on teaching the caregivers to respond more sensitively to the infants while the mothers were taught to adopt new attachment based feeding techniques. The journal focuses its attention on the impacts of the exposure on a child's development and the likelihood of a child suffering psychologically.

Annotated bibliography on brown valarie us homicides suicide rates varry by groups the nations health n pag

This article examines the statistical data of the United States regarding suicides while also explaining some of the possible causes. It ends with some of the state legislations that have been put in place to combat the problem of suicide in the US and how they have been effective.

Internal communication in businesses annotated bibliography sample

Berger illustrates a broad field of employee communications comprising: channels and methods of employee communications, the history and the evolution of internal communications' changing practices as well as the significant issues currently. The author highlights the importance of understanding the various roles of the employees and creating effective communication.

5 african amereican nurse leaders annoniated biblography

She studied nursing in Lincoln Hospital and Home school of Nursing, where she graduated in 1905. Later on, she was to become a consultant for the National Nursing Council for War Services, a position which enabled her to help lift the color ban in the American navy and army.

Jesse owens annotated bibliography

It shows how he had to quit running because he tookmoneyto run but even though his career in running was over he was forced to do plenty of other jobs. He was a speaker for the Republican candidate and was good enough to start his own public relations firm.

Cyber security, network and computer systems administrators, and computer programmer

This article describes the trends in the field of information technology as well as the reasoning for the current increase in the cyber-security field. Human errors and violations in computer and information security: The viewpoint of network administrators and security specialists.

Annotated bibliography on rape and how it affects future relationships

In one of the examples the author notes that, rape victims have been found to avoid companies of people of the opposite sex, for example if one was attacked by a person of the other sex. In his findings, the author says that victims of rape were found to be more anxious than the control β†’

Minorities are unfairly targeted by law enforcement

The next-to-last chapter is titled " Racial Profiling Has a Heavy Social Cost" and the final chapter is " Racial Profiling Undermines the U.S. The book is useful because of the wide range of issues it covers within the subject of racial profiling.

Diversity in law enforcement

The focus of the research article was to identify as well as conduct and analysis of the number of people belonging to different races and working in law enforcement agencies and to identify the various strategies that are being used by these agencies in order to attract as well as hire individuals belonging to different β†’

Leadership in a correctional environment

This article investigates leadership skills and qualities of nursing professionals involved in the criminal justice system with the view to effecting change in service provision and engendering a culture of empowerment in the offender healthcare setting. These leadership practices are employed in prison systems and other core areas of the criminal justice system to expose β†’

Tips for dealing with workplace conflict

Retrieved from The main idea of this source is diversity in the workplace and how to insure that it is respected and promoted. This source is very important for the construction of this paper, as the articles found in this magazine will supply us with a lot of information.

Training and employee development

Training and worker development are basically functions of the training department that is under the human resource. The fundamental aim of training is to develop the capacity to realize and accomplish a company's aims.

Annotated bibliography

It only makes sense that the article is supportive of the cord blood banking industry but surprisingly the article distinguishes between public and private cord blood banking. I will use information from this article to speak about the differences between public and private cord blood banking and to expound on the positives of public cord β†’

The raise of the settler economy in africa annotated bibliography

In this topic I will want to explore the pertinent issues that characterized the rise of the settler economy in Africa and their effects in shaping the later African economy. Though the author has succeeded in showing the success of the settler economy in Africa by showing the case study of Kenya and Rhodesia, it β†’

A describing the human life cycle annotated bibliography examples

The Art of Being Human" examines the topic of life affirmation by breaking down issues such as life and death and exploring them through the arts. In " The Seasons of a Man's Life ", Levinson takes a look at the history of life affirmation and its relationship to the human life cycle.

Annotated bibliography

The article provides the main facts of the abortion pill. The article gives facts about the differences in the public opinion and the political opinion about abortions.

Annotated bibliography: drunk driving

This article is good in that it makes you think about all the situations and look outside of the box. The driver of the car already had a number of drunken driving issues in the past.

The american revolution – war for independence

It is a relevant piece of literature and the address is a useful speech to the history of America. It is useful to analysts and lovers of history in retelling the antiracism evolution.

Annotated bibliography for scope of nursing practice

5, 195-197 This article has been helpful in collecting and gathering useful information related to the topic of nursing practices as the main focus of this article is to describe the standards and scope of nursing practices. 9, 403-409 This article has been helpful in collecting and gathering useful information related to the topic of β†’

Docosahexaenoic acid and periodontitis in adults

The strengths of the study included verified adherence, consistency in outcomes and control procedures which were predominant throughout the study. The purpose of the study was to provide another option for treating periodontitis.

Innovation and strategic management annotated bibliography

And on the down side, the study also showed that when every executive in a business is not in line with a new idea, the business can suffer significant drawbacks with the new ideas brought on the table. There are many examples of both the upside and downside for businesses when executives are in line β†’

Analysis of methodological issues

Yong, P & Bryan, K. This article also reveals much of low context communication as well as interpersonal sensitivity in both the Asian and European American students.

Women and their race in usa media

Women and their Race in the USA Media Outline: Women and their Race in the USA Media Introduction a. Portrayal of Women in the Popular Media.

Annotated bibliography on emergency preparedness in higher education

The focus of this annotated bibliography is on planning, warnings, crisis management, and activities that are designed to minimize the effects of disasters at higher education institutions. This book supports the need for all institutions of higher education to have a practiced emergency preparedness plan.

Gendered representation of body image

In reviewing Goffman's gender analysis, he established that the image of women, in 1991 magazine advertisements, did not significantly change from the image of women, in 1979 magazine advertisements. This is as a result of the differences, in the socio-cultural expectations, for both males and females.

Infulence of particpation in strategic change; resistance, organization commitment and goal achievement

The study asserts that a negative relationship exists between resistance towards change and participation and that compatibility of change objectives with the culture of the organization and the change recipients' goals, moderates the negative effects of participation. Influence of participation in strategic change: Resistance, organizational commitment and change goal achievement.

Implementation of politcal power strategy

The first thing that must change in the course of making a company change is the attitude of the people or workers. For any change to be effective, the highest levels of administration must be sure that the change is necessary and the " top floor" must have a plan in place for initiating the β†’

The impect of sox and its implications in the financial sector

Ettredge, Chan Li, and Lili Sun The Impact of SOX Section 404 Internal Control Quality Assessment on Audit Delay in the SOX Era. Summary: Covering another aspect of the internal control of audit and accrual quality, this study provides us with facts that deficiencies and weaknesses in internal control have been the main reasons behind β†’

Origins of america’s civil war

USA: Oxford University Press, 2005 This is a comprehensive book that covers the history of the Southern states in detail from the first people that settled here to the modern-day. It illustrates some of the deeper meanings and feelings behind the Georgia state flag, as well as the attitudes of the people that live in β†’

Constructivism and problem based learning

HealthMED 4, 591-594 However, in the light of above mentioned source, constructivism is an ideal methodology, while instructing medical students, because in this field problem based method could result in disastrous ramifications, without proper understanding of the medical knowledge. However, the technique of problem-based teaching is ideal in commerce and military sciences.

Annotated bibliography: domestic violence in children

The research study is based on domestic violence in children and also the effects of domestic violence is a point of research. The increasing number of domestic violence is a huge problem for the current time, in this situation, the study report may be helpful to evaluate a clear picture about the impact of the β†’

Head start early education program

Dean asserts that the Head Start Early Education Program deals with the provision of early childhood education, nutrition, and parent involvement services to children as well as families with low income. In this regard, Garces, Thomas, and Currie examine the long-term effects of the Head Start Education program.

High-quality education should not be exclusive to the rich: annotated bibliography

This research will focus on low-income students and the ways in which their academic performance is connected to the type of education they receive and the financial status of their families. This research would aid in writing the research paper because it provides a foundation of knowledge of ESSA and NCLB, both centered around the β†’

Science and faith annotated bibliography

The Frontiers of Science and Faith: Examining Questions from the Big Bang to the End of the Universe. Science and the Study of God: A Mutuality Model for Theology and Science, Wm.B.

Innovation and strategic management

Moreover, though the study of the role of innovation in the strategic management, the article tries to emancipate the people regarding the need to embrace innovations in a bid to boost the business and at the same time reduce the ease of carrying out business with the aid of information technology tools for instance computers. β†’

Apa citations and references

In John E.B. Contemporary Pediatrics August 2001 v18 p65 APA CODE: Green, M, Sullivan, Paula D.and Eichberg, Carolyn G.

Annotated bibliography: muhammad ali draft refusal

This Journal article describes Muhammad Ali's interview and how, due to discriminations and prejudice, his various appeals and suits in the Supreme Court and the court of appeal were defeated. This book talks of the career and life of Muhammad Ali as a boxing champion.

Relationship between emotional intelligence and acdemic achievement: annotated bibliography

Thus the aim was to examine the effect of EI using MSCEIT on continuous assessments and final exam results of first and final year medical students in Malaysia. The aim of the present study was to analyse the predictive validity of cognitive ability and emotional intelligence on the scholastic achievement in a sample of Italian β†’

Migration and economic/media development – 2

Naerssen and other authors in this book explore the topic of migration, transnationalism, remittances and knowledge transfer. The authors of this book explore the effects of migration in fostering international relations and global integration.

Annotated bibliography on masculinity in world literature

The second part of the article gives a compare and contrast with explanations as to why the women in Achebe's novel differ from those in Nigerian female writers' who focus more on female characters in their novels and whose purpose it is to counter the notion of masculinity. In contrast to literature that maintains that β†’

Dick’s sporting goods annotated bibliography

Retrieved from commerce-retail-sales-2022-amazon-2017-8 Business Insider describes how the rise of e-commerce will be a threat to brick and mortar retailers who will see a decline of foot traffic in their stores and declining store sales which will all lead to more store closures. The article also mentions Dick's Sporting Goods, explaining that retailers like β†’

Linguistic examples of hypercorrection

Linguistic examples of hypercorrection of Linguistic examples of hypercorrection The two websites I have searched out on the Internet that are related to my topic are WiseGeek and Interesting Thing of the Day. Along with the grammatical error, which cause to hypercorrection, the use of personal pronoun and the occurrence of the preposition at the β†’

Annotated bibliography on the stonewall riots

The source that i have choosen provides information on the topic that i have choosen describes and tells what the Stonewall Riot was and how it began, as well as the affect that it had on the gay community. Something else that was interesting was how the movment was viewed as an achievement of gay β†’

Celebrating thanksgiving in america

The source relies on several primary sources to bring to life the events that led to the institution of the last Thursday of November as a public holiday and national day of celebration. Barton notes that Thanksgiving Day traces its history to the arrival of the pilgrims from England to the New England.

Problems publlic schools face across the nation

In the documentary, " Hard times at Frederick Douglass High school," it is emotional, disturbing, and depressing to watch as video unfolds the challenges that public schools in America are facing. For the success of American public schools, it is the duty of the parents, students, and administrators to restructure the educational system of America β†’

Educatiional outreach programs

Retrieved August 28, 2011 from The credibility of the authors is in the fact that they are pharmacy practitioners who have expertise and professional knowledge on the issue of drugs and its effects. Retrieved August 26, 2011 from The writer is an educationist with several years of practical experience in pedagogy and andragogy.